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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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,, ,, live from viewhouse centennial, this is xfinity monday live. brought to you by xfinity, on system. tv and internet together like never before. now, your host, mark haas.
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hello, can welcome to xfinity monday live, hanging out at the viewhouse centennial. on a leap day, february 29th. a rare extra day in february. as march gets near. excited to have broncos safety david bruton here with us tonight, thanks for coming down. >> no problem. >> calendar turns to march tomorrow and march is when the nfl off season really geared up, you are a free agent. how are you feeling right now, do you have any expectations for how this will play snout. >> i have no real expectations, you know, i'm generally excited. i'm really excited about the opportunity to see what's going on out there, what the broncos are willing to offer, you know, it's a lot different than the last three years when i was just a special teamss guy and you know, i knew i was staying here in denver, but now there's potential suters who needs safeties and i feel like i play extremely well. >> did you have -- probably your best year, 49 tackles, a sack, two interception, stepped in when you did, showed that you could be a staert.
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approach this, what's the biggest priority for you? >> i feel at this point in time in my career, you know, money, but also, you know, playing time, for sure. you know, i don't want to just be a backup for the rest of my career, i've shown i'm able to play, i was able to play in college, that's why i was drafted and you know, there's something about me, that's why i'm here 7 years in the league. i feel like i should be able to get an opportunity somewhere. somehow. >> and the broncos right now, have two starting safeties, so the reality is you're going to there. is it tough when you've been with a team so long, the fans love you, you won a super bowl. i mean, that's just the business of the nfl, though? >> yeah, for sure. it definitely is, you know, it's going to be tough if i have to leave, for sure. my home is here, i love denver, i love everything about it. the fan base. football team, how pat b. had
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and manages the team, it's amazing, it's first class organization for sure. so it definitely be tough if i have to. >> could the broncos put an offer on a table that could convince you to stay? >> yeah, yeah, there's always, you know, always a chance for me to stay. i'm not ruling anything out for sure. i just know that i don't want to be on a special teems like deal or anything like that. i feel like i've shown i'm more than that, towards the end of last year and this year. >> for this to really heat up, you're going to get an update week? >> i'll get an update, speaking at the combine, they met with a few teams there, so i should get an idea, here shortly, and come march 7th, you know, i'll officially -- free agent or unemployed or hoffer you want to say it. definitely be fun to see how things pan out. >> and you are not the only one
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coors light cold hard facts this week, the broncos have 26 total free agents. 17 are unrestricted. and 11 are defense free agents. you're going to have to make tough decisions. i think we all expected tomorrow, the franchise tag is going to go on to vonn mill e he's obviously at the top of the list, the franchise tag, any opinion on it? >> honestly, 15 million a year, 14, i wouldn't be -- another year to showcase what he can do and he hits the bank again. so you know, it will be great, however it pan out for sure. >> this defense was so good this year, and there's a lot of you fwies up for it. you want a chance to start. is it going to be interesting to see how this plays out? >> for sure, you know, a lot of guys know that, you know, without this defense, we wouldn't be where we are, you know, true testament that
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and you know, we are very close group, you know, second dare linebackers, d-line, a very physical group and shown the capabilities to make plans and win games, it's going to be tough to leave if we have to, i know for sure that we would love to stay, but it's a business and got to do the best for your family. >> you guys are close. do you talk during this process? are you in touch with danny and brennan or a thing where everybody has to do their own thing. >> i've talked to danny, pete marsh, all of the db's, we cht chat so it's -- chitchat so, again, we're a close group, interested to see how things pan out for sure. >> a group that won the super bowl, going to talk about that coming up. monday live at the viewhouse, brought to you by xfinity, how tough it is keeping up with your favorite teamss and the latest games, make it simple, track live stats and scores right on your tv with the x 1 sports app from xfinity. all right. we need to take a break. up next, we will talk about
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it was like for david to have to watch if the sideline. we'll be right back. ,, ,,
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and welcome back to xfinity monday live. the silver bullet vip experience, enter at, the winner gets a table up front, get autographed things, cold drinks and the good food all from coors light. we are hanging out tonight with broncos safety david bruton. your season ended after the pittsburgh game. you're healthy, right? >> for sure. >> how tough was that to not be able to finish the year out? >> extremely tough. the time hi invested in the team and my efforts throughout the season and making plays. it was extremely tough to go through the post-season and the super bowl, very emotionally draining on me for sure. >> broncos to make the decision to put you on ir, a business decision, i guess, but by the bowl, you felt like you could have played? >> i could have played by the afc championship game, i know that.
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before even pregame warmup, wind out there and running around, doing beat ball drills, with no pain. so i understand why they did it. you know, t.j. was hurt, omar was hurt and i had the worst injury of all, all four of us, so i understand why. >>reporter: what was the super bowl then like for you, that you wanted to be out there, your team is still in the biggest game, was it a little bit of mixed emotions? >> bittersweet for sure, i wouldn't take back anything that happened this year, you know, honestly, everything happened for a reason, and i was out there with my guys, throughout most of the season, and even during that super bowl, you know, i had my head set on, listening to the coach, what was going on, and still, happy and celebrating with those guys because again i was part of that team. >> to see that defensive game plan, you were part of the preparation, to then see it execute sod well, on the head set, that was that -- you didn't want to be watching, but was it fun to watch the guys.
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know, we had a fun defense all season. you know, and the fact that our defense was able to, you know, control this number ones of, high powers of, such a manner, you know, engs treatmently foun to watch, for sure frng you do your work off the field, year round, but sit the off season, do you have time to be involved with bruton's books, a club connect at aurora, bringing books to a third grade class? >> oh, yeah, that was a lot of fun. you know, to actually open up the first colorado club connect here, we have a strong there. they don't see me as a football player, but as an avid reed e the fact that we're able -- reader, the fact that we're able to bring readers and tutors and audio listening system and the whole area for them to be engageed with reading, and parents being able to keep track of what their kids progress is throughout the whole year, free subscription for them, it's amazing, the changes that we can
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to turn things around from starting in april of last year to already having a club connect out. >> to see like a direct impact, is that exciting? >> yeah, you know, everybody comes to me, like, it's great that you were nominated for the windsor white award, the peyton manning award, but those are great, don't get me wrong, prestigious awards, but the biggest thing was seeing the impact that's made oon the kids immediately and how happy they are and how enthusiastic they are about learning. >> this great that you do, we'll have more coming up, for now, back to the cbs4 studios. a colorado teenager has a disease so rare, it took 16 years to diagnose. coming up, we'll tell you about
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developing now, the most
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permanent birth control. assure, is a tiny coil designed to block the tubes and stop pregnancy, last fall, we introduced you to a group colorado women who say that the device gave them migraine, back and pelvic pain. the fda has reefd thousands of similar complaints from women and doctors, its decision today requires the maker of essure bayor, to study complications from the device. but the women we talked to say the agencies move is not enough. they want the device off the market. on this rare day, leap day, colorado is joining in on an international campaign, to recognize rare diseases. jenny ruble, has -- it's an incurable brain disorder with 1200 cases snoun in the world. >> i was hard the to come home and do home work and then having
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you for not being at the level that they were at. >> there are some 7,000 known rare disease, families hope with the rareness, there will be more support for research. the dalai lama has reskujed his visit to colorado, supposed to be in colorado last october but he cancelled this trip because of health issues. that has been rescheduled to june 123rd. tickets are not for sale yet. more information about the dalai lama's visit will be announced in the coming months. there's now an easier way for cyclists to get to bould e the final laz of the u.s. 36 bike way will be opening tomorrow. the bike lanes are a part of a major improvement. opened just last june. now, the last stretch of the bike way into boulder will be with ready for cyclists. time to check in with ed greene, ed, we've got some cycling weather.
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we have it all weekend long and into the weekend, look at doppler 4,000, we have snow and rain in the foothill area, the hooij ridge builds in -- high pressure ridge builds in and you can see it diving the snow into the midwest, however, just getting clipped over northeastern colorado, so we've seen a little snow in the mountains, rain showers out east. 63 and 64 were the highs today after lows of 38 and 79. norms are 50 and 72. looking at single digits and teens for the high country. teens, 20s out west. for tomorrow, cooler, 50s over the eastern plains, 40s and 50s out west. your forecast for tonight, partly cloudy, decreasing winds, 30 and 28 the overnight lows, tomorrow, partly sunny, we'll be in the mid #50s for the next several days, back in the 60s we go. we stay there right sfwoo and through -- into and through weekend ahead. denver's parking enforcement division may be setting people
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here's a preview of what cbs4 investigator brian maass found. >> he parked in a legal space. if ed the meter and still got a $25 ticket. >> i think the rules are flawed and they need to be looked at. >>reporter: we found a problem citywide that some believe the is setting drives up for failure. >> is it entrapment? fund raising? >>reporter: that's what we wondered. why are drivers following directions, then finding tickets on that are cars? >> don you think these signs are misleading? >> brian tell uss why a lot of from hydrant headaches. coming up tonight at 10:00. right now, we're going to send it back to mark and david centennial. >> david was telling me he gets too many parking tickets so we'll work on that this off season. it is time for riddle me this, brought to you by your colorado land rover retailers and the land rover discovery sport, a q and a session with our guests, the questions come from the
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get to it. from jim, what's your favorite olympic sport? >> oh, man, the 400 for sure, the 400 and the 200. >> michael johnson fan? >> michael johnson and then my cousin tyson gay, as well. i support him. >> you like the track and field. >> yes. >> when you were younger, who was the player that you liked and did you try to emulate anybody. >> there were a lot of players to lieshgs but walter peyton was one, and ronnie lott and those were guys i tried to be like, whether playing in the back yord or playing on the football field. >> a usc guy. >> i didn't try to be exactly like him. yeah. >> i went to usc, we discussed the issues there. do you think you will win back-to-back super bowl free safety you stay with the broncos? do you think there's a chance for this team to repeat? >> i think so for sure, we did it with a great defense and if
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sure. >> what other position would you >> probably linebacker. you know, recruted me to change into a linebacker and then this year i was in the box a lot, you know, especially on second and long, passing situations, and things of that nature. and feel like i played well in the box as well. right there. >> with wade, was there a lot of this year? >> yeah, the fact that me, stu, helped us disguise stuff and me not always being the guy in the or stu. a lot of fun to be able to coordinate that after he made the play call. >> and everyone loves wade. that was the this week's riddle me this, brought to you by your colorado land recover retailers, next week, join us here at the viewhouse, coming up, we were talking about college, we're going to talk about the nfl
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we will. you're watching xfinity monday live from viewhouse centennial [ applause ] . come celebrate denver's dining scene at viewhouse centennial for denver restaurant week 2016, specials until sunday march 6th. viewhouse is going all out, this is a mouth watering four course dinner menu, featuring special dishes, $30 a guest. they've got local -- monday live at the viewhouse, brought to you by xfinity, get recommendations and more. we will have a few more minutes
6:56 pm, as we wrap up here on cbs4, and as our food gets cold, we're going to talk about the combine, going on this weekend, so much attention to it now. we couldn't find video of your -- we did find video of being interviewed there. what did you remember about your combine experience? >> i remember how much i hate i had it. it was a meat market, and the biggest interview of my life to this point and you know, i just remember how much emphasis was put on that combine for sure. >> what was some of the weirdest questions? >> i wasn't asked that many weird question, the one question i remember was sam garns, the safety coach, asking me you know, how much do you weigh? around 230. he was like, how fast do you think you run your 40? i was like 4.3, 4.4, he said, fo, you're going to run 4-6, 4.7. i give him crap.
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>> we're going to head over to the but david, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> enjoy the off season. >> have a good night. [ applause ] . live from the viewhouse centennial, this has been xfinity monday live, brought to you by xfinity on the x 1 entertainment operating system. tv and internet ,, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our
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