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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  March 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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,, ,, good morning. thanks for joining us this morning. so we are hoping it will calm down today after a windy wednesday. state patrol took this picture of a truck in larimer county. you can see the wind sheered the sides right off. >> we are in colorado's weather center right now. so we are hoping it is going to calm down.
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the flag is barely blowing out there. it is still windy in some spots. gusts at 47 miles per hour winds there. as we head on into the denver area you can see it is so much calmer than yesterday, not even getting readings in some areas. it will be a bit windy. black hawk -- the overall trend is for calmer winds but there will be windy spots. significantly colder. 25 in denver, 32 in boulder, 25 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. 28 in meeker. a few clouds. overalmostly sunny. 68 around noon and 65 by 2:00
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let's check in and check on the morning drive. >> no big projects to get in our way. this is a look at i-70 and yosemite. take a look out here. a lot of green out there from c 470 to i-70. breaking overnight three suspects want until connection with the craigslist shooting are in custody. police found them last night near sloans lake. they tried to pull the driver of the car over. the driver kept ongoing and that's when officers did a pit maneuver.
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lakewood near 26th and pierce. the victim is expected to be okay. a shake-up just a week after a man kill add deputy and wounded two others. it happened as they served an eviction notice and mark worth who lost his home to forclosure. it killed nate carrigan. we learned the under sheriff is now on leave. a sergeant was demoted and is now resigned. senior sergeant resigned. the demotion was relate today his oversight and handling of the eviction incident. the sheriff declined to provide
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he said he believed he was a scapegoat. also they placed on paid administrative leave. they say there was a problems with the way gore. it was a result of a series of events and administrate actions that were done. we have been unable to reach them. developing now a stand off at a denver home. a man reportedly barged in on a bible study. they were able to make a daring escape. karen talked to the women about this incredibly scary situation. >> it says to be thankful in all circumstances. >> reporter: that was the message they were trying to
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study took an unexpected turn. >> i kind of heard someone messing with my door. i went to dead bolt it. >> not a minute later a loud banging window. >> i said we have to get into the bathroom. we heard his footsteps in the house. they knew they couldn't hide in the bathroom for long and worked out a plan to get out of the home. >> we were talking in fragmented. it was like window, door, stairs. >> they waited until the footsteps moved upstairs and then made a break for the door. >> he wasn't going to be able to get to us in time to do anything to us. >> they were immediately greeted by police but it would be another three hours before s.w.a.t. could walk the man out of their home and place him into custody. tonight after having time to reflect their credit their
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>> it feels like something much bigger than us that got us out. it was very very very scary. >> the stand off ended peacefully and no one was hurt. that's the good news. police have not identified a suspect. new fallout after coloradans turned out. nearly 122,000 people turned out across the state to support their favorite candidate made for long lines. it has lawmakers pushing to bring back colorado's presidential primary. >> sit probably time to figure out whether or not we can do a parallel system that has caucuses that go on as well as presidential primaries. >> many unaffiliated voters make up the largest voter group. our caucuses only alaw
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of course that's cost. the g. o. p. candidates are facing off in another debate tonight. one will not be there. ben carson said he is not taking part and he doesn't see political path forward for his campaign. he is not confirmed he is dropping out. despite the feud the campaign says he'll be there. the search far credit -- for a credit card thief. police believe two days later he stole another card from a woman's wallet. the thief apparently used the stolen cards at several locations in the metro area. let's go to money watch right now. big companies are backing the decision not to break into a suspected terrorist iphone. >> jill is live on the floor at the new york stock exchange. i see too many people at dinner
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>> i do. >> reporter: some incentive to prevent that. we'll start with oil prices. they are continuing to rebound. it's sending energy stocks higher. dow jones inching back up to the 17,000 mark. nasdaq finished 13 points higher. new york times reports facebook, google and yahoo are expected to file briefs today that would back apple as it fights a judge's order. sports authority filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. there were plans to close about 140 stores and two distribution centers. they say they don't need as
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are shopping online. electronic cigarettes are now banned on airplanes. chick-fil-a is giving ice cream to customers who put away their cell phones while they eat. some will seven a cell phone coop where customers can put their phone. could you do it for free ice cream? >> definitely. >> it's not me i tell you. >> yeah. he is giving new meaning with handle with care. he rescued a toddler he found on a street. >> reporter: people drive this road like it's a racetrack. in the middle of speeding traffic he saw a toddler wearing nothing but a diaper and tee shirt. >> it was probably like say 15 seconds.
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>> reporter: it was like a scene from a movie. he blocked the toddler from traffic and went into the street to get her from safety. >> i thought i would get over there because she could dart out in the milling of the road -- middle of the road. >> reporter: they learned the toddler was under the care of her grandfather who left her in front of a tv and went to a different room. the two-year-old walked right out the front door. she is back with her parents tonight. >> it is mind blowing but i'm glad she is safe and back with her mom. >> reporter: then he you went back to work. this mail route has been his for nearly five years. you spent your days going up to the same front doors it is easy to see why he felt like it is
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>> he is the leo in our community. it is 25 degrees in denver. still ahead, right here in colorado. we'll give you a behind ,,
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,, ,, right now lockheed martin testing for the next space flight. meaning you may hear something like rockets going off. mark taylor takes us inside where engineers are working on the next frontier. >> it has gone further into space than any other in more than 40 years. it is back here on earth and
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in december of 2014 the world watched as oh ryan tested the waters of deep space travel before successfully landing in the ocean. that same spacecraft is in littleton. scientists are cruise it to take us even further. >> it is design today go all the way to mars and back. >> reporter: they are using it to test the effects each rocket launch has on the capsule and eventually the astronauts inside. >> the speakers you see will recreate the same sound pressure and noise that the rocket would when it was launching. >> reporter: future missionings will require rockets more powerful than other and they make future nasa missions cheaper. oh ryan is planned to take
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those working on orion now right here at home. >> projects like this inspire kid to want to do jobs like this. >> we are trying to get a manned mission to mars. >> the next flight will be an unmanned mission to circle the moon and then they will send a manned mission to lunar orbit in 2013. they have a tentive date somewhere around 15 years out. >> let's get a check of the forecast. we are off to a much calmer start to the date. it is fairly gusty in some areas. winds about 53 miles per hour. winds are about 15 to 22 miles per hour. it is gusty and a bit windy in the foothills at times today. man it got wicked out there yesterday. taking a look at wind speeds. the winds are about 53 miles
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so temperatures thanks to those little bit of weakening winds. it is 28 in fort collins and the high country and 34 in leadville and 34 over in grand junction. as we look at our satellite and radar not much for us this morning. we do have a little bit of cloud cover. taking a look 60 by noon and 65 heading to 2:00 and then 61 by 5:00 again. quick look at your forecast. 66 degrees today and 60 tomorrow, windy and then 65 on saturday. sunday mild during the day and chance of rain in the evening hours. quick look at our futurecast. we may have a few more clouds into the afternoon and evening. a few more clouds do build. we may have some to start the day on friday. winds pick up and we have a few
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on friday. temperatures are up from yesterday. 66 in denver, 65 in greeley. it is in the 40s and 50s in the mountains today. it is 52 in eagle and 63 over in grand junction. how is your morning drive shaking up so far? >> not too bad. this is i-25 and 110th. typically we are seeing cones out this direction. barely a car out there and no cones to get in your way. we are seeing this story across the denver area. the winds have been tracking for us effecting the drive. it is still closed and then you have highway 40 to highway 103 as well. here is erick with your morning sports. kobe bryant's final act in
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curtain call. he started the game, only scored five points because he only played 11 minutes. his shoulder acted up and he called it a night. laker fans wanted much more. [chanting] >> so without kobeoe on the floor somebody had to take over. hello augustine. the prayer that is answered. he scored 22 points in the fourth quarter. they say good-bye to public enmy number one. >> we are having these really nasty play off battles. to have that ovation and to be able to have a good time with him on the sideline is fun. >> i use to root against him but i really think i will miss him. avs host the panthers later
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,, welcome back. winds are about 12 to 30 miles per hour. expect that to stick around throughout the morning hours. than yesterday. 27 in greeley and 25 out at d. eastern plains. it is 34 over in grand junction. morning. we will stay dry. may have a few more clouds evening. it will be fairly mild outside.
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weekend coming up in just a moment. let's check back in now with joel. >> this is a look at i-25 and 110th. nothing is going to slow you down. the cones all off to the express lanes. it is 62 miles per hour for the average speed. >> thank you. it has been called the internet. a new web site offers hackers a road map right into your home. >> reporter: an office, a bedroom. we are looking through web cams and people have no idea we are watching. >> literally thousands of people could be staring into your home and you no knowledge of it. >> reporter: they want consumers to know this the rap pant. >> bad guys are getting access to home based cameras and getting pictures of people
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wearing no clothes and then threatening to publish them on the internet unless they get paid a ransome. it is transforming the internet. >> reporter: it is more than web cams. any device connected to the web cam is vulnerable. tanks to planes, to cars, buildings, to banks to prisons. >> you name it he has probably hacked it. the colorado man is paid to expose security threatings. his new focus all of the internet connected devices popping up in our homes bike internet tvs, security systems or even refrigerators. >> it is an easy way into your
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hack into a sprinkler system, thermostat or device could be a headache. >> game over all because we have the other. >> reporter: there are simple steps we can take to keep the hackers out of our appliances and banned from our baby monitors. the most important thing set a unique password. >> the password is admin password. if you change it to anything else it prevents a majority of the bad guys. >> it is more than setting a password. >> reporter: they say tech manufacturers need to beef up security. the maker of the search engine says by identified insecure devices it has lead to the
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critical infrastructure in the united states. lot of people talking about the people versus o. j. simpson. if you saw last night's episode there was an important phone call between two of the characters. we decided to give it a little mix on the show last night. >> hello. >> it's me. >> what? that's terrible. >> we talked this afternoon if you're comfortable with that. >> oh, my god.
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>> you know, i am. i can't believe this. >> and now it's on us. [ music ] . >> you can catch an all new episode,,
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,, ,, ,, ,, ,, after trying brookside chocolate, people talk
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love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. good morning everyone. welcome to the cbs4 morning news. >> reporter: overnight denver police apprehend three people in connection to a craigslist shooting. we have video of that arrest right around the corner.


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