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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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happy monday and thank you for joining us. i am britt moreno and thank you for joining us on cbs 4 morning news . in just a few hours, peyton manning both announce his retirement from the broncos.
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democrats have often supported corporate welfare.>> reporter: the democrats go toe to toe in a debate from flint michigan. we will have the highs and lows straight ahead. the city of denver looking to change the way that people set up a homeless camp. why we could soon see some moving out. before we begin our coverage on peyton manning's departure, let's get a first look at the forecast with lauren whitney who is in the weather center. it is 38 and burlington and 36 in avon. 37 in grand junction. looking at satellite radar, we have snow and rain on the
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northwestern corner. we have moisture that is desperately needed and it is good to see that it is here. here across the front range and eastern plains, it is drive. there is a chance for rain and snow later in the day for us. winter weather advisories and winter storm warning's for us. we are going to be talking about fire drainage or. -- fire danger. some areas could get rain as early as 11:00 a.m. today. we will spend the afternoon in the 40s and it will get windy as the storms moved through. trouble spots out there. i want to show you us -- u.s.- six and sheridan. -- u.s.-6 and sheridan. there's a suitcase blocking the road at i-25 and 225. there is a stall at cedar and raritan. somebody on the way to the
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peyton manning will make his retirement official. he leaves the game on top after winning his second super bowl. this is the final pass he will throw in his hall of fame career.>> he looks right and throws right and throws to fowler. the conversion is good.>> bennie fowler tweeted this yesterday. it is official. i caught the last pass, wow, what a blessing. manning gets to go out on top, similar to what happened when john elway won back-to-back super bowls. now there will be quite the crowd covering the retirement announcement. jamie leary is live at the broncos facility with a preview. good morning.>> reporter: good morning.
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nfl fans and of course to colorado. he was the first player to successfully take to nfl teams to the super bowl and of course this morning he will make the announcement and let the world know how much the game means to him as he makes his farewell. he will be remembered for many things, especially the way the quarterbacks play the game. he will be remembered for passing and touchdowns and also for pet -- poking fun at himself whether it was during a saturday night live fix -- during saturday night live or during a commercial. this is how we responded. >> i would like to be known as a good teammates for all the players i played with. i worked hard to be a good teammate and having good relationships with teammates is important to me. also having the respect of the coaches that i have played for
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players that i have played against. that is important to me. also that i love football very much in i was have.>> reporter: payton -- peyton allegedly sent a text message to all teammates when he made the decision. he wanted to make sure they heard from him first and foremost. jamie leary, cbs 4 news. >> this is a quote. man, i am just in all with 18. glad to have friendship forever. love you and will miss you. then there was this one to peyton manning on retiring. we will carry the press conference live from the broncos facility on we will also have reaction throughout the day at noon,
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the democratic debate was in flint, michigan. during the debate yesterday, both candidates talked about the water crisis in flint and how they would work to regain the trust of the public. here is karen.>> reporter: the city has been under a sterile -- a federal state of emergency since january. it is the backdrop of the meeting of the democratic candidates on the stage. hillary clinton and bernie sanders discussed how they would handle the crisis and regain the trust of the people. >> everything has to be double checked and triple check to regain your trust and to hold those who are responsible for fixing the pipes and delivering the clean water which, as you said, you bathe in it, drink it
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>> of state government for whatever reason refuses to act, children in america should not be poisoned. federal government comes in and federal government acts.>> reporter: with the departure of thousands of jobs over seas, the city was left hollow. that is a big topic as well as the bailout of the auto industry. >> secretary clinton supported just about every one of these disastrous bailout agreements. a cost is 800,000 jobs nationwide and tens of you stash >> you have to make hard of responsibility. the senator stood on the floor and said we have to get this money released. i went with them and barack
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if everybody voted the way that he did, i believe the auto industry would have collapsed taking 4 million jobs with it.>> reporter: bernie sanders was protecting a member of the main democratic caucuses. his main when of the weekend. michigan goes to the polls on tuesday. michigan has 147 delegates. former president jimmy carter says he no longer needs cancer treatment. he made the announcement while teaching sunday school yesterday. carter was diagnosed with melanoma last august and thought he only had weeks to live. after several forms of treatment, he was declared cancer free and now he will in those treatments. happening today. -- happening today, the city of denver will post flyers for the homeless to move their belongings off the park -- off the sidewalks.
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loud will have a rally tomorrow morning. let's get a check at the bus stop -- of the best -- a check of the bus stop forecast.>> it should be in the 40s and pretty nice on the way home with a chance of showers. there are still chain restrictions in place as you get up to vail pass. if you are about to get in your car, you can turn on our news partners at koa news radio on 850 am and 94.1 fm . you can
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and across the state. this is a live look from broncos headquarters as the sports world it's ready for the he will announces resignation from the nfl this morning. we hope to learn what his is next -- what his next adventure will be as he leaves the nfl on cbs 4 morning news healthwatch. the city is joining ranks with health officials in mexico on the zika virus. getting a firsthand look at how they are responding to the situation. more than 100 cases are reported there and the evidence between the virus and birth defects is growing. new efforts to combat concussions on the football field to -- has had an unexpected side effect. there has been a spect and
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ankle and thighs. older people may be dancing their way to better heart health. four months of latin dancing twice a week help put spring back in the step of many women who are over 65. a little chalk talk -- cha-cha and salsa goes a long way. lauren. let's look outside this morning where temperatures are 45 in denver and 32 in greeley. 38 in burlington. 26 and leadville and 36 at avon. 37 at grand junction. it has been gusty in southern colorado. not too bad in denver and the foothills. later as though showers come through, we have a chance for the wind to crank up. on the plains, the wind will get strong and there will be a red flag warning from 11:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
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hour and humidity below 10% in some areas. a high wind warning on one side of the state and snow on the other side of the state. it is starting to move a bit more into the central and northern mountains. we will see the snow stick around pretty much all day today. in denver, it takes a little while to get the rain and there's a 50% chance of showers later today. by lunchtime, mainly to the west and the northern and central mountains. we could have -- it could take longer in denver where we could get hasti showers in the afternoon and evening. some thunderstorms may start popping up and get bigger in the northwest -- northeast. by tomorrow morning, there will be cloud cover and a chance for more snow tomorrow afternoon and evening, but mainly that will stay in the mountains and across the front range we expect to say drive. we have winter storm warnings
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we are looking at 5-10 inches of snow except in the grand mesa area where it is 8-16 inches of snow. 55 in greeley and 60s and 70s out east. in the mountains mid to upper 30s and then 50s to the west. this is the only shot of moisture here in denver this week, so we will take is much as we can get. 52 tomorrow and then we warm up quickly to the 60s and 70s to end the week. let's check in with joel. a nice drive at i-25 and university. there is a trouble spot southbound at i-25 and 225 where lane is blocked due to a suitcase in the roadway. hopefully the person does not get all the way to dia before realizing that or they blame the airline for losing their luggage. that would probably happen to me. a great drive until you get to vail pass. staying -- train restrictions
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east of their at the eisenhower -- there, at the eisenhower tunnel's, things are looking better. a horse at the ski jordan races at leadville had to be put down after a fall on saturday. race organizers are asking if enough is being done to keep the animals safe.>> reporter: this is a crowdpleaser. it is a rodeo and part race. leadville is known for the biggest race down the course. there are skis behind a quarter pours -- quarter horse with a 35 foot rope. let's face it, it is wild.>> --
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this year something went wrong. >> yesterday, a worse went down toward the end. >> reporter: organizer suspended racing for the rest of the day and the horse had to be euthanized with a broken leg.>> it is a tragedy, but is part of going down the hill and the race course. we have never had this happen before.>> reporter: before the officials allow the competition to happen again today, they'd came out to make sure the snow was not too soft. >> yesterday the soft pick -- the snow became soft at the end and i posted the race.>> reporter: for racers, the dangers to the horses& >> i care about them. we were not have this if it was not for them.>> reporter: to themselves, as any extreme
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,, ,, welcome back. there are several rounds of rain headed toward california. we have to hour and 19 minute delays at san francisco. they will be -- two our two hour and 19 minute delays at san francisco. oklahoma could see large hail and damaging wind.
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side of the country is fairly drive. the wait time at dia is about 15 minutes and all lots are open. let's check in with joel. looking at the -- the cdot camera, this -- things look pretty good. slowing down at i-25 and u.s. 36. inbound on pena boulevard is green and at the posted speeds. the markets are looking to keep up gains from last week. a major announcement for amazon users. here is hannah daniels with the money watch report. the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9% with employer added 242,000 jobs. airbnb
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diversity, david king [ null ] -- the third who held as -- david king the third who held a similar job. for the first time in almost a decade, cosco is raising entry-level wages. workers will earn at least $13 or $13.15 -- $.50 per hour which is up to compete against a tighter labor market. that is the cbs money watch report. for more, you can log onto . hillary clinton and bernie sanders at the democratic debate here in michigan. i will have the highlights coming up. this wasn't the decision that was expected, or at least what most peyton manning fans hope for.
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top just like john elway did years ago. in a statement, when you look at everything that peyton manning has accomplished, it is fortunate that we had him on our team. he was everything that we thought he was and more. not only for the football team, but for the community. peyton manning was a player that guys wanted to play with. he rewrote the record books for quarterbacks and change the way the game is played. he has been knocked for his lack of postseason success, but he had a 14-13 record in the playoffs and two super bowl rings. he will be remembered for the josie made and his commercials as well as appearances on saturday night live. this is where peyton manning said he hopes he is remembered or most.
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a really good teammate for all the players i have played with. i have worked hard to be a good teammate and having members. also having the respect of the coaches that i played for and played against and the players that i played against. i think that is important to also just that i love football very much and i always have.>> reporter: his retirement conference is scheduled today and you can watch it right here
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welcome back to cbs 4 morning news. it is 5:28 on this monday morning. this is a live look at lucky at sports authority field. a big day of -- a big day across denver and really for all football fans. the sports world is getting ready to say goodbye to peyton manning. this morning he will announce his resignation from the nfl and we hope to learn what his next adventure will be after he leaves the nfl on top. many teammates are paying tribute to him. this is from brock osweiler, the man likely to step into the role as the new broncos quarterback. i will be forever grateful for the four seasons that payton and i share together in denver. i'm a better football player
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i congratulate him on a hall of fame career and i wish them continued success in the future. we will have more reaction ahead right here on cbs 4. first, let's get to the forecast. lauren, the work week is here. the work week is here. we have snow in the high country. we need the snow. across the front range, we are drive for now, but showers could roll through this afternoon and evening. it is 34 in fort collins and greeley and 38 in burlington. 34 in craig. on the other side of the state, not much moisture today. red flag warning start at 11:00 a.m. today with low humidity and gusty wind. dry conditions bring out fire danger. hour-by-hour, we are dry through noon today. a chance for afternoon and evening showers. they will not bring too much rain, but we will take that we can get.


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