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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  August 9, 2016 12:37am-1:15am MDT

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developing tonight, a summertime tragedy in southern colorado. investigators want to know how to young sisters and a teenager died in the swimming pool. by the time emergency crews arrived, it was too late to save them. jeff todd has been getting new information for us and it's
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babysitting the younger girls. >> reporter: police say they don't have a lot of information to go off of. all evidence is pointing to a horrible tragedy. just after 2 pm, pueblo police responded to this pool at a trailer park on the north end up rob lowe. esign at the pool says no lifeguard on duty. >> typically, at these complexes, it's swim at your own risk. >> reporter: five and seven- ar pool. also in the pool, their babysitter. officers and good samaritans in the area tried to administer cpr but weren't able to revive any of the girls. >> she is taking it really too hard because you never think this can happen in your own community and it's just shocking. nothing like this has ever happened before. this has always been safe. there is always a bunch of people in there.
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the investigation isn't over but this is a situation others can learn from. >> you always need to use caution. be with a responsible person who knows how to swim. don't ever swim alone. >> reporter: there were other people in the area who called 911. police say foul play is not believed to be a factor in this case. we had a number of small fires in the metro copter4 flew over this one. the rocky mountain arsenal burned inside the refuge. south metro firefighters worked quickly to protect homes near parker. brush fire burned e-470 near jordan road. we did have scattered storms but they have really fizzled out.>> reporter: for tomorrow, we could easily see thunderstorms in denver, especially in the afternoon. they marched east out of the
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it's good we're getting moisture but on the other half of that coin, we still have dry brush and vegetation that could add to the fire danger tomorrow. storms were electrical. this was about 3:30 pm when we came across a slew of cloud to ground lightning strikes. that can easily start a grass fire, especially given the generally dry vegetation under the areas that haven't picked up moisture. lightening mobile the primary threat and maybe heavy rain in places and the possibility of small hail. the details in north forecast in a few minutes. justin mcafee, cbs4 news. new video of a woman caught on a surveillance camera stealing from a church. we see her take a laptop from the faith baptist church in broomfield on saturday. if you think you might recognize this woman, call police in britain --
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thornton. this was last tuesday. his shirt has a school and the words tap out. the thief got away with cash. an effort to increase police accountability. the denver police department will begin collecting racial data during traffic stops. still a lot of questions about how this would work. >> reporter: right now, there is not a system in information but the chief says he hopes to collect the data by the end of the year. he tends climate between police and minorities across the country is prompting the denver police department to try something new tech >> this has certainly gotten our attention. >> reporter: denver police chief robert white says he would like officers to start
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how it will work is still unclear. he says the information would likely come from suspicious traffic and pedestrian stops. >> it has to be done through technology. the officer can simply get back into his car and hopefully through his computer, click the box to say this is where, why and this is the race of the individual and how long they were stopped. >> reporter: he effort to be as nonintrusive as possible, his initial thought is to let the officer determine the race of the individual. the ultimate goal would be to determine if there is racial bias within the department. >> if we're not showing favorability, we have a responsibility to correct it. >> reporter: because there isn't currently a system in place for how they would do this, the chief couldn't give
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the chief also said he wasn't sure if they would require a third party to review the data that came back. to the latest on that computer glitch that caused all kinds of problems with delta flyers. at least half of all flights were canceled after a power outage knocked out the computer systems worldwide including out at dia. >> what has delta told you so far? >> not it might happen today or it might not. you are free to buy another ticket and they will refund your ticket. >> they are still struggling to clear the backlog of stranded passengers. they are said to be offering travel vouchers and refunds. we're learning more about the crash that killed a woman in the ironman boulder over the weekend.
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clearly marked safety lean and swerved into the road when she was hit by a truck along highway 36. >> there was still debris and rescue vehicles. blood on the highway. >> all of us are heartbroken. >> ellen hart competed in more than 100 triathlons and thinks the boulder course was exceptionally safe. the driver of the truck did stop. a local woman has started a charity to help families hit by tragedy. we were invited to be with one of those families at a special moment. lauren dispirito live with the new story. >> reporter: this white ghost bike not only memorializes nancy fitzgerald's husband but also serves as a reminder and inspiration to do good and help
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family, the last seven months have been their most difficult. >> this person has three severe brain injuries. the most severe is the loss of oxygen. >> reporter: her five-year-old son was hit by a car while crossing the street. his life will never be the same. >> this changed our lives forever. >> reporter: if there is anyone who knows patrick's family. patrick was hit while biking home from work. he passed away within days. now, fitzgerald is keeping his memory alive by paying kindness forward. >> the most important thing you can ever do is give back. i'm excited to turn something so awful into something that is
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>>reporter: through the fitzgerald charity, the family now has two new vehicles. one to reliably get to and from work and another to fit the whole family. >> i am so excited to go somewhere as a whole family. >> reporter: a burden lifted for a family dealing with so much. fitzgerald also says her organization lifetime warranties on those two vehicles and is providing the family with a year of counseling to help them move forward. widening lowood, lauren dispirito cbs news. we have new information about the plane of skydivers that caught fire outside of colorado springs yesterday. the airplane likely hit a bird, causing the engine to catch fire. the airplane was much lower
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they had to make an emergency jump. no one was hurt. new information on a deadly accident on a massive waterslide. the questions after a boy died of a neck injury. and this is all a misunderstanding. by a car full of tourists didn't know police wanted them to stop. why hillary clinton mocked
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there is new information about the death of a little boy in kansas city. police have released the cause
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how the accident happened. >> we honestly don't know what has happened. that's why a full investigation is necessary. >> reporter: officials have not released all the details of caleb schwab's death, only saying he died of a neck injury and was found near the world's tallest waterslide. two women next to him suffered facial injuries. the ride had a bl used roller coaster calculations to design the ride but that didn't translate so they had to tear down half of it. the opening was delayed again when a raft filled with sandbags launched off the track. >> our rights are inspected by an outside party at the start.
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admission day for state lawmakers. scott schwab and wife michelle issued a statement saying "as we try to mend our home with caleb no longer with us, we are confident -- comforted by knowing he knew jesus and we will see him another day." there is also a question about whether caleb was even old enough to be on the ride. the previous restriction was 14 and caleb was 10. a car chase ended up being a misunderstanding. san diego police tried to stop an suv. the vehicle stopped in the middle of the freeway before taking off and then eventually pulling off to the shoulder. turns out it was a family of tourists from china who realized they needed to pull over. turning to campaign 2016, donald trump trying to get his campaign back on track. the businessman unveiled his vision for the nation's economy, which includes specifics his supporters and critics have been asking for. >> reporter: donald trump used
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message. >> these reforms will offer the biggest tax revolution since the reagan tax reform. >> reporter: trump scrapped his original tax plan and unveiled a less expensive one drafted by house republicans. it would have three income tax brackets. 12, 25, and 33%. he is also calling for full deductions of childcare expenses . >> no one will gain more than w . >>reporter: hillary clinton pledged to help small businesses grow. she called trump's plan a repackaging of trickle-down economics. >> i intend to make the wealthy pay their share to rebuild the economy.>> reporter: she also criticized the 13 white men on the economic team.
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for the nation's economy in detroit on thursday. today, 50 republican former national security officials signed an open letter opposing donald trump, saying he would be the most reckless president in u.s. history. trump responded by blaming them for the rise of isis. new video. an 18-year-old gymnast somersaulting between rocks in norway, more than 1000 feet above water. because he was secured but said he was afraid of his mom's reaction. we spotted this elk in evergreen wearing an accessory. it had a child's basketball hoop stuck around its neck. officers say they are going to look for the elk and try to help it out. colorado has seen some rain but not in denver. some
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nothing in denver. the northeastern corner, persistent storms. these are beginning to die down. these are moving to portions of kansas, still holding together. the only place we have a severe thunderstorm warning is for the northeastern until 10:15 pm. from a about north dakota through south dakota, eastern colorado down to new mexico, a line of showers an tomorrow, we start with sunny skies and clouds moving. scattered storms around here. 5:00 might see a storm moves through but not much to count on for denver. wednesday, a greater chance for storms. even david -- they don't last long. thursday, a cold front coming through. we may see more rain around here.
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stationary front. this cold air behind it, that will start to push down and sweep over colorado but it's still a couple weeks away. down across the south, showers and thunderstorms all the way into the southeast. 910 dia, 640 and 630 is where we started. 1050 is the warmest temperature we ever had in 1878. 490 in 740 at both locations now. we have a rising barometer. you can see roxboro state park on a beautiful morning. the clouds thickened and the rain came. take a look at this. a black bear in the south platte. temperatures tonight, mostly in
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tomorrow, 80s, 90s and near 1000. 70s for the mountains. out west, 80s and 90s. tonight, clear skies, low 60s by morning and for tomorrow, an isolated storm and back into the low 90s. one more day of heat within 890 reading on wednesday. then we slipped in the mid to lower 80s for the weekend. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. keeping it dry. of vail results is buying up the largest ski area in north america four $1 billion. the 2010 vancouver olympics was hosted there. vail will be the owner of four of the five biggest north american resorts. that also means skiers with
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at whistler as well. >> we have been epic passholders for maybe six or eight years and have really enjoyed it. >> they are going to eventually i guess run every resort in north america. if that happens, i guess we will late mc. >> the canadian government still has to sign off on the deal. vail resorts will not be offering the epic castile until the 2017-2018 season. school student are holding an art show to remember cole sukle as he was killed while riding his bicycle. friends sold paintings to raise money for a memorial for him. >> it's been difficult but drawing this art has helped us. >> it says take what you love most about cole and become and so you can move on.
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buying one of their paintings, we have posted a link on our website. we want to hear from you if you have a news tip.
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after losing the manchester day to miami, the rockies went back below 500 and things were only going to get were
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are against leaders. to hear and to on the road, john elway taking a break to catch the game. nolan arenado doing what he does best. he has now homered the last two games. speaking of no one being nolan, who needs a glove when you can just their hand it? some kind of talent. problem is, the rockies got rockies up 3-1. a two-run single to andrews and texas ties things that three. texas would take a 4 -3 lead. the long faces in the dugout as those two guys just sit there and ponder what went wrong. aqib talib is back on the
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he could still face discipline for the shooting incident in dallas but pending discipline, gary kubiak thinks he could be ready for the season opener against carolina. kubiak says he will be on the von miller play were here takes -- where he takes a little extra time every day. >> from the rockies to john elway, all it takes is welcome back. a bunch of love i heard today. >> just that morale he brings. we need that, especially on days like this. last week, we were really sluggish. we wanted to make sure you came out with a lot more and -- energy. how many td passes will they give up this year?
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most people thinking they will be around that number this season. the official depth chart released today and we still know nothing about who is the number one quarterback because the team listed trevor simeon gutman and mark sanchez. gary kubiak says he still hasn't decided who will start thursday. both guys know it's not important who starts but who plays the best. >> i think it's anxious to get going. we are going to next time, you just can't wait for the game. >> practice is one thing but you've got to do your job when it matters. it's a good opportunity for all of us. carry over some of the things we have been working on. check this out. thistles lebron james -- this is lebron james in italy.
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with. that's zach kroenke. he could become a free agent next summer, something to keep your eye on.
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we are officially one month away from the season opener for the denver broncos and we still do not know who their starting quarterback will passes from brandon stokely was our guest tonight on xfinity monday live. the sooner they choose a starter, the better off they will be. >> it means to be sooner rather than later. i think going into the third preseason game, you will see kubiak named the starter. you need to know who that guy is going to be. all be flip-flopping, that guy
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three, you got to have that come to an end. >> you get the feeling we will know a lot thursday in chicago. >> brandon has had some
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what do you have for us tonight? >> what you see is a little bit of a sky from fred bruno. this is my kind of sunset. >> [ laughter ] >> that's what you want to see. a remarkably clear shot. >> maybe somebody else took it.
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hollywood, it's "comics unleashed," with your host, byron allen. tonight byron welcomes michael colier! craig nash! ranger smith! and sarah tiana! and now, little mr. sunshine, byron allen! [ cheers ] >> woo! yeah! there you go. all right. thank you, thank you. that was very kind of you. welcome to "comics unleashed," where the comedians go wild.


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