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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  August 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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an update on what's happening at dia as delta airlines tries to recover from a crippling power outage that this travelers parked from around the world. >> let's look at copter 4 ahead the sunrise. we're keeping the heat today. dave is talking about afternoon thunderstorms that could crop up. good morning, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. i love the look at the sunrise. happening this thursday, first pre-season day, good morning. >> the sun came up. itas and orange this morning. sunrise is at 6:05 this morning. 65 degrees now. got a good looking tuesday on the way. it will be toasty. check it out. 77 by 9:00 a.m. should be 90 at noon with building clouds and then by 2:00 p.m. we should have a high of 94. warmer than the 91 we had yesterday. we'll have isolated thunderstorms pop today. it will be later in developing probably after 3:00 today. that should help to cool things off. joel, we have a
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few moments. >> i like the sound of that. take a look, we have federal loading up in the northbound direction. there's an accident at 10th. that's causing delays and the roadway is blocked off at logan and third as police investigate an incident. you can't access logan passed third. here's a resident of the englewood federal prison in littleton, but a federal judge will 14-year prison sentence of former governor blagojevich. jaime leary is live to update us. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, britt. this is a big deal for the former governor. his defense team will ask a federal judge today to have his sentence reduced from 14 to 5 years. he's already served more than 4.
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blagojevich waiving to people and making a stop at a local restaurant just before headed to federal prison to serve time on his original sentence. a federal appeal's court ordered a new sentencing after it threw out five of his 18 counts of corruption last year. his wife recently wrote a letter to the judge pleading for his early release and also backing him more than 100 people testifying about what a modeled prisoner he has been. he sta a prosecute ares are asking for his full 14-year prison sentence to be reinstated saying he hasn't accepted responsibility for his crime. if a judge goes for his favor, his release could be immediate. jaime leary, cbs4 morning news. >> jaime, thank you. some delta customers may try and fly out of dia after a
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airports. we're not seeing major issues at dia. delta cancelled 700 flights yesterday. the company says its systems are running today. it's telling people to check their flight status. employees are handing out refunds and travel vouchers. heart break this morning after two young sisters 3 and 5 and a 17-year old girl drowned in a pueblo swimming pool. evidence tragedy. it happened yesterday afternoon in a mobile home called the pueblo grand village. there wasn't a life guard on duty. police believes the 17-year old was watching the sisters. officials tried to revive the girls, but it was too late. no fowl play suspected. we wind up to 60 :04 this morning. dave aguilera to talk about your day. >> clear and 65. here's the
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to get you going here. cloudy by noon and you see the green blogs on there, those are showers and thunderstorms. there's a 10% chance. not everyone is going to see rain today, but everyone is going to see hot today. 95 in greeley. 94 in bias. upper 80 s in castle rock and 94 in denver. coming up on thursday, the meteor shower will peak on saturday night. so that would be about 1:00 a.m. on thursday and maybe 2:00 a.m. on friday if you want to check out good looking meteors this week. >> that's just as we're getting ready to wake up in the morning. looking from copter 4 travelling right over i 70 and i-225 this morning. as you're making your way through denver, it's going to load up. that's apart of the drive this morning. looking across the denver-metro area, eastbound along i-270, southbound as you make your way on the approach to i-70 itself
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time of day, southbound along i-225 as well. let me take you to trouble spots. police are continuing their investigation, logan blocked off at third. there's an earlier accident at 10th and federal. the lanes cleared out of the way, but that is still in the way of traffic there. it's going to cause delays for you. if you're getting in your car, you can turn on our partners, 850 am and and weather together. people may notice a lot of officers on site today and tomorrow for a shooter exercise training. 50 responders are going to participate. the training and exercise is going to last all day, but should finish by 5:00. clinton is in florida and trump in florida. trump pitched his sale's tax plan in detroit
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big cuts for corporations, hostility towards federal regulation and support of fossil fuels. >> my plan will reduce the current number of brackets from 7 to 3 and dramatically stream line the process. >> clinton is going to offer up her own plan during a speech in detroit today. but it will be on thursday. she goes after trump saying his plan is the same. >> trickled down economics does not help >> clinton is now being sued by the parents of two americans killed in the 2012 benghazi attack. they say her so-called extreme carelessness with her e mail led to their son's death. clinton's campaign responded saying she has been cleared by wrong doing in nine investigators. senator suzanne revealed she's not voting for
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would be dangerous to the security. trump criticized -- we're learning about plans for denver police to collect racial data during traffic stops. robert white says he would like the program in place by the end of the year. he says the information would likely come from suspicious traffic and pedestrian stops. chief white says his goal is to determine whether or not there's any racial bias within the department. >> hopefully t profiling. if it does show favorable, then we have a responsibility to correct it and i'm 100% in correcting it. >> chief white says there's no plan right now on how officers are going to collect the information. more to come on that. right now members of this broomfield church hopes clear surveillance will help catch a
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from the faith baptist church on emerald street. the video shows her taking the computer saturday and she walks out the door. new video about what they're doing about mosquitos in larimer county. they were spraying in hopes of reducing spread of the west nile virus. they plan to spray tomorrow. doctors have diagnosed more coloradans with west nile. there's 8 cases in colorado and 3 in larimer. there's the state reported 100 cases of west nile last year including three deaths. there's a live look at rio looking at the water. a gorgeous shot. there's a lot of testimony tee seats at -- there's a
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the rugby competition drew a few spectators and some say the tickets are too high. tickets are going for $300 bucks in u.s. dollars and some fans don't mind. >> it's great. i feel safe and i haven't seen a mosquito in 2 days. >> the international committee is hoping the stadiums may fill up with people who have the olympics on their bucket list. the brazilian police say they have arrested 40 people hundreds of counterfeit tickets. here's a look at the medal standing. the united states has 19 including five gold. the u.s. women's soccer team faces columbia today. it includes colorado locals mallory and lindsay. 6:09. temperatures at 68. we have details on the deadly water slide in kansas.
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-- how long before we see talib
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there's good info for bicyclist at the jeffco saf fair coming up this weekend. children can learn from the experts here. the officers on the roads. they'll handout bike helmets and giving other help. >> we always have bicycles brought out by the golden optimist club. they want the officers and people to find needy children who can take the bikes home at the end of the day. >> a really nice of the optimist club to do that. jeffco safety fair comes on saturday, august 13th. and you can find
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going to okay. if you're getting up, we do weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the fours and a gorgeous start to the day. dave. >> look at that shot there. run to your tv and check it out. beautiful shot from our library cam. the clear skies, let the sun shine in. this was a look at the big thunderstorms out over the eastern plains. you can see clouds. that is an indicator of some severe weatheh that's a good shot there. here's a shot from roxborough park from nugget fans 67 before the storms that rolled in about noon started to hit. we had beautiful blue sky and another shot of the clouds from crown hill in jefferson county. that's a good thunderstorm. we head up to nickel-sized hail around perry park and south of castle rock yesterday. ranger ben sent that in. the storms had a lot of lightning is the of
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61 in boulder. 707 in -- 70 in grand junction. 66 in telluride. berry has 59 degrees this morning. satellite and radar together. mostly clear over the denver-metro area, and in the central mountains. we've had a few thunderstorms and showers down near telluride and thick fog out in the counties near yuma through kit carson and some of those areas, there's a until 9:00 a.m. for those areas in ray and burlington. the hardest hit out there. it's pretty thick. site lines are short out there as you head into kansas. future cast into the afternoon, thunderstorms firing up by 2:00 in the mountains and moving over the plains. after 3:00, we could have storms in the denver-metro area continue through the evening hours, there's a slight chance the storms in morgan county up into logan county and part of weld county into nebraska could be
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1 inch diameter. 90s and 80s on the eastern plains with 70s and 80s in the mountains. 91 some be the high in grand junction today. our high should be 94. a little warmer today. isolated storms this afternoon. isolated storms tomorrow afternoon with 92, but look at the trending downward temperatures here. by the time we get into friday, saturday, close to 80 degrees and joel we have a better chance of actually seeing some rain. friday might all the focus on this vehicle. you can see the front end damage. this is shut down, logan between second and third in both directions there. and they're hoping to get that car picked up and moved out of the way and hopefully the investigation can end shortly. all those folks that are there in the homes are trapped in by this as the investigation continues. for everybody else trying to get through that area, logan inaccessible at third and logan. tenth and federal, watch
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denver-metro area and look at the slowing as you make your way in and out of downtown passed i-70. eastbound along 270, westbound along i-70, southbound along i-225 still looking good. c-470, nice and wide open. 2285 as it turns into hamden looking great. the slower speeds, eastbound along i-270 as you make your way through commerce city. speeds dipping into the 40s and 30s westbound along i-76. guys. >> joel, thank you for that a big data breach involving credit cards and hula is winding down. hanna daniels is live for us. good morning, hanna. >>reporter: good morning, britt. crude oil prices sent energy stocks higher, but falling. the major stock index here on wall street finished yesterday. the
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8. oracle micro has been hacked. they're used at retailers around the world. a computer security blogger says macro was breached. it's unclear what data was -- no more tree tv on hula. hu will, a was a free site by advertisers, but itas online tv service to go against cable. the free episode will be gone but available through yahoo. hula say few people watch episodes. it has 12 million subscribers who pay for the original programming. excuse me. and you can get more green from orange and yellow when it comes to selling your car. a study shows the colors holds their retail value the best.
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declined 22% compared to other cars which saw a 30% depreciation. the reason the colors are more rare and sought out, gold was ranked as the worst color to maintain. britt. >> hanna, you know what, in broncos country, i can see the orange colors doing well. but it's surprising for the rest of the nation. thanks for the update. case in florida. they're from palm beach, but travelled to miami dade county. zika can cause birth defects in babies if the mother is infected during pregnancy. how did it happen? the big question. we have new information on how that 10-year old boy was killed at a kansas city water park. he died from a neck injury at the end of the ride. police say caleb schwab
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at the schli, terbahn water back. two women in the last had facial injuries. the slide's harness was not working properly earlier in the day. that slide remains closed there as they try and figure it out. big flames and giant flames from a fire burning in san bernardino, california. thousands ofe homes and hundreds of firefighters on it. they're trying to stop flames burning over -- the fiery erupted sunday and tripled in size in less than 24 hours and it was only 6% contained as of last night. the broncos have their first depth chart out. here's what we know. mark sanchez and trevor are listed as co-number ones. broncos insider romi bean is talking about that in our next
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michael spender here with an update on aquib talib. >>reporter: he's back, talib back on the training camp. he could face discipline from the shooting incident that occurred in dallas. pending that discipline, gary kubiak thinks he could be ready against north carolina. yesterday was talib's first practice. he could be on the von miller plan where he works a little more and everyday. but talib and his teammates excited he's at least back out on the practice field. >> the love around the building, man, from the rookies to john elway have been great since june 5th. all the text messages and the calls and the welcome backs today, it was a bunch of love. i felt it. >> having my brother back out there just -- the morale he brings and the leadership and the energy. we need it on days like this when guys are sluggish
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were sluggish off the off day. we wanted to come out here today with more energy. >> broncos back at practice at 9:30 this morning and the first president season game thursday
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well, hue
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everyone. good to have you here this morning. your travelled forecast if you're going anywhere across the nation. we have areas that will have thunderstorms. essentially the storms towards nashville and dc and miami. a good chance of thunderstorms. i don't think they'll be severe, but you may get wet with temperatures in the 80s. later in the afternoon from north eastern colorado into the deferral cotoes las vegas 104. in denver, joel, we're looking at 94 for our high temperature is above normal for this time of year, but late day storms may come our way. looking from copter 4 southbound coming into town. it's slow going. a crawl. you're going to use the brake s all the way down passed -- this is i-76 getting down into town, if you happen to head out to the airport along i-70, plenty of company on the drive. you can see it slowdown eastbound along
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good morning, everyone. 6:30 here on the clock and a live look outside from our mile high camera shows the start to a hot day. that sun of course, revealing that, but it's going to give way to possible s >> yeah, you can get that heating, dave, you get energy that can end up in thunderstorms. >> heating and moisture. that's all you need. and you'll get going and we'll have that today. i have sunshine on my shoulders this morning. every camera showing a big, bright, orange orb in the sky. it will warm us up. 65 degrees now. as we look at the satellite and radar together here, you can see we've had some clearing skies overnight.
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eastern colorado. a little dense fog way down into burlington until 9:00. that will be thick out there. but the break down for denver looks like this today. lots of sunshine this morning. 77 degrees by 9:00. we zoom up to 90 degrees with building clouds and then we have a chance of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon, most likely after 3:00 today. look at that high though. it's going to be a hot one. 94 degrees this afternoon. a little warmer than that 9 1 we had yesterday -- warmer than the 91 we had y traffic. are your eyeballs tired or relaxing. >> we have trouble going on downtown. to the top there, you've got road work on pecos. it's not on i-70, but it's right near i-70. you've got an accident tenth and federal and another one on logan. that's blocked off logan between second and third making a mess for the drive. britt. joel, thank you. delta airlines say people
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recover from that big computer outage yesterday. it caused -- people were waiting and stuck in airports. right now we're not seeing major airports at denver international airport, but the airline is 250 more flight was cancelled around the globe today. it's telling people to check their flight status and employees are handing out refunds and travel vouchers. more than 1,000 people spent of tokyo because of the computer shut down. flights are back on today but people dealing with delays. you're going to have an easier time -- tonight is the grand opening for the kipling street underpass. it's right near 56th place. that under pass extends the creek regional trail opening ahead of the g-line trail and the transient station there as well. a lot of excite about the overpass.
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school in commerce city. crews holding a ground breaking ceremony for a school number 12. the school is supposed to ease over crowding at existing commerce elementary schools. that ceremony on landmark drive at 9:30 this morning. will luck to kids going back to school. aurora schools go back tomorrow and cherry creek thursday and douglas schools and aurora are head for day two today. we hope you like your teachers. >> good people have been evacuated as tropical storm javier is turning near mexico baca peninsula. take a look at the images. it was causing big waves. the storm has weakened, but continues on a southerly track. it's time for weather and traffic. let's start with javier because this could impact colorado. >> it could. not effecting us
6:34 am
track the tropics and see where the storm is. we're over the baca. the storm hit the tip. now it's weakened to what we call a tropical depression. winds down to 50 miles-an-hour. here's what happens now, it gets over open water. we -- it's a bigelow pressure by the time we get to wednesday. as we look at the future cast forecast, it shows colorado by the time we get to wednesday. the southern stretch of the state could have rains coming wednesday afternoon and wednesday night from javier. watch out for that. right now, we're mostly clear across the state. 52 in steamboat. 57 in colorado springs. ed team is our weather watcher down in alamosa and 58 degrees. burlington and ray, yuma, those
6:35 am
advisory until 9:00 a.m. this morning. look out if you're headed into kansas this morning. it should start to clear up wednesday the sun heats the atmosphere up. as the atmosphere heats us -- they should pull out over the eastern plains. most likely after 3:00, but they could continue on a spotty basis until the early part of the evening. if there's severe weather and the best chance is from morgan logan county, weld county into nebraska, so we'll have to watch out for hail storms forming. that's late in the day. temperatures, 90s and 80s down low. and 70s and 80s in the mountains. sunshine early and isolated storms in the afternoon with 94 for the high today. it's going to be a hot one. 92 tomorrow. more storms late, but the general trend is temperatures cooling off by friday and saturday, close to
6:36 am
80 degrees and a much better chance of showers and thunderstorms to finish the week. >> i like the trend. i think we're travelling along santa fe as you get to 285 or hamden. that drive loads up in the northbound direction as you make your way across the train tracks by the old cinderella city and then it's slow. speeds dipping into the 40s. 120th to i-70 is a 13-minute drive. speeds in the 40s as well. eastbound along u.s. 36, eastbound along i-270 into the westbound along i-76. we're across the denver-metro area, slowing southbound along i-225 be along c-470. the usual spot and as i was calling before the triangle of trouble, so we've got road work going on pecos that will cause problems near pecos and 44. not on i-70. there's an accident at tenth and federal. that was an injury accident. and police continues their investigation. second and third is shut down at logan.
6:37 am
as you make your way downtown. drivers could face delays today and tomorrow in the fort collins area. u.s. 287 and north shield and union pacific railway is going to finish its tracks. it's going to stay mostly blocked until 8:00 tomorrow. >> thank you very much. we have an accident that has one -- >> this is happening right downtown and pretty -- a pretty busy area. third and logan. shawn chitnis is there. we know you're just getting to the scene. are you able to learn anything, see anything? >>reporter: britt, we can get a sense of what's happening based on what we see on the north end of that intersection. this is third and logan behind me. you can see a few patrol cars by the intersection. i can see one more in the distance. crime scene investigators on scene. they continue to work this location, and then just in the distance, i can see one suv
6:38 am
like that's the car they're investigating which is a stabbing. denver police say the stabbing could be self inflected and the wounds this man has could be something he did to him self. he has been transported to a hospital and he's getting treated. it's unclear how he got stabbed. as for the closures, this is third and logan north side and going down to second so heading south on logan, that road is closed and that's where the car is located and they're working that scene. the north on logan passed third towards 4th, you can get on from 2nd. part of that street is -- apart of that street is open. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> the morning drive could be effected in this area. thank you for that. we have news statistics that proves dia is in fact a busy place this year. you may know this. the airport reports the
6:39 am
the busiest 6 months in its history. workers recorded more than 27 million passengers year to date passenger traffic at dia is 6.8% higher than last year. a heads up to those in aeg county. fire crews are going do are to door in hard horn as apart of a training exercise. they're practicing for a wild fiery vac weighs. the training lasting from 10:00 to 1:00 this afternoon. it's getting bigger. the company is buying the largest ski area in america. british columbia hosted the 2010 vancouver winter olympics. this deal will leave veil resorts as owner of 4 of the 5 largest north american resorts. it means skiers will be able to board as well.
6:40 am
probably maybe, six, seven, 8 years and have enjoyed it. excited about the expansion of vail. >> they're going to run every -- >> the canadian government has to sign off on the deal so vail won't offer the deal to was letter until the 2017-2018 season. a group of friends working together to honor a 14-year old killed after getting hit car. a car hit cole sukle and the 81-year old driver who hit him died later. the friends gathered to sell paintings they made in his honor. each painting has a special message. >> it says take what you loved most about cole and become it. so that he can live on in all of us. >> it's still tough to take.
6:41 am
create something special in cole's name. they're working on that. you can visit if you're interested in buying a painting. >> great work by those kids. coming up next, have you heard about this, three children fall from a ferris wheel in tennessee. and broncos insider romi bean getting ready to join us in studio. she'll talk about the quarterback situation. ,,
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narrator: 2010. short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six years later... reporter: the global fight against zika begins here, at the cdc's research center in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to lead the fight against zika, for colorado and america. i'm michael bennet
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? ? the pharmacy you trust... because cvs pharmacy... is now at target. welcome back. and good morning. here is a look at our cameras here for you as we scan the skies. look at that.
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have severe clearing in locations this morning. here comes the city and we're at 65 degrees right now. it's nice out there. but as we go through the afternoon, take a look at the future cast. there's a lot of sun this morning and the sun is going to stick around for quite some time. what we're looking at until noon, we may not see the clouds build up. after 3:00, the green b the storms will be isolated around the area and hit and miss. if you're lucky enough to get a shower, you're in business out there. highs today, they're going to zoom up to 94 in fort collins. 91 in boulder today. upper 80s in castle rock and 94 -- we hope the green blog passes by. pictures coming from copter
6:46 am
don't forget the sun glasses and slowing across the system. we have the triangle of trouble there. pecos, we've got slowing due to road workout to 44th this morning. not on i-70 itself, but federal and tenth, there's an earlier injury accident and there's police activity, britt, that has closed off southbound logan between second and third. >> it's busy. a bad crash happened, a possible stabbing. logan. the area like joel said is shut down and the side streets do get busy, but shawn chitnis worked his way to the scene. shawn, good morning, what can you tell us? >>reporter: britt, good morning. we've been getting closer to where this is happened. this is third and logan. i can see the small suv being towed away. let's look what was happened
6:47 am
accident, but it's unclear where and who else might be involved. we can see the front corner of the passenger side have some significant damage. the tire has come off completely. so that gives us a sense of what may have happened. denver police are investigating the scene with logan closed off in the southbound direction and crime scene investigators here. the man inside doesav self-inflicted knife wound. he was taken to a hospital and he's getting treated for the injuries, but it's unclear what his condition is. the car being towed away, so hopefully denver police able to wrap up their investigation and open up this street soon, but for now, a portion of logan heading southbound between third and second is still closed off. live in denver, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> shawn, thanks very much. the best known inmates in
6:48 am
14-year prison sentence can be cut by a judge. let's go to jaime leary to find out the latest. people keeping an eye on this ruling, jaime. >>reporter: they are, alan because this resentencing, if the judge rules in blagojevich could mean a release from prison. they're asking his sentence being cut from 14 to 5 years and than 4. a very social blagojevich waiving to people and making a stop at a local restaurant just before he headed here in federal prison to serve time on his original sentence. a federal appeal's court ordered that today's new sentencing hearing after they threw out five of his 18 counts of the last year -- his wife wrote a letter to the judge pleading for
6:49 am
testified about how much of a model prisoner he has been. and he started a jailhouse rock band. prosecutors want his 14-year sentence to be reinstated because they say he hasn't taken responsibility for his crimes. he's going to appear video conferences because transferring him from here to chicago will take 2 weeks. live from the federal detention center, jaime leary. >> jaime, thank you. we could learn the two of the two young children and the teenager who drowned. it happened at the pueblo grand village. police say two sisters ages 3 and 5 and a 17-year old girl who was watching them all drowned. there was no life guard on duty. offices and neighbors tried to revive the children, but it was too late. police in greenville,
6:50 am
fell 30 to 40 feet from a ferris wheel were responsive in answering questions. the oldest of the three was a 16-year old. witnesses say the basket they were in appeared to get caught in the wheel as it made a circle and tipped over and the children spilled out. new information this morning about what killed that boy at a water park slide in kansas. caleb sch injury. there's a drop including one 17-stories high. two adult female riders who were not related to caleb were in the last with him. they had minor facial injuries. they were treated at the hospital after the accident. cnn is reported some guest say the slides harness was not working properly earlier in the day. this is the news in campaign 2016. the presidential
6:51 am
hillary clinton will spend time in florida. donald trump in north carolina. the republican nominee faces a growing list of republicans who say they're not going to vote for him. including senator suzanne collins from main. meantime the parents of soldiers killed there was an sal salmonella outbreak. three of the coloradans who got sick were hospitalize and they're expected to recover. the sprouts were distributed to restaurants and not sold in grocery stores. just a couple of days out from the broncos big pre-season game against the bears and this qb race is tighter than ever
6:52 am
that of course. so romi bean is in studio. we have a lot to talk about. take it away. >>reporter: the pre-season gamey , but we don't have a starting quarterback. necessarily. >> we got a couple. >> we got a couple. >> how about now? >> yes. >> but two quarterbacks, both number one. >> okay. >> so the broncos released their first depth chart of the pre-season. sanchez and -- they were listed as co-number. he's not ready -- kook ac says he's not ready to make a decision -- kubiak says he's not ready to make a decision >> yoo asking me if i would do something different from a quarterback situation, i think
6:53 am
matter of when we decide who is going to work as the guy. i'm not ready to get there yet. we need to keep going and we have this game, but we have competitive practices coming up in san francisco, so we're going to keep plugging. >> the two practices with the 49ers on the 17 and 18th are bench marked. those two practices plus the pre-season game against the bears and the 49ers will essentially give kubiak enough information make the call. and that would mean all signs point to the broncos naming a starting quarterback before their third pre-season game which is august 22nd against the rams. cornerback talib returned to practice monday. he took part in the first part of monday's practice and he'll be -- kubiak says there's a possibility talib could play against the rams in the pre-season game.
6:54 am
in the opening season. each -- he has dech at any timely made the most of talib's absence. >> what are we going to need for the quarterbacks to win the starting job? what does he want to see on thursday? >> kubiak has been on the quarterbacks and the rate of play. he wants them to speed up in the had you had and how fast -- and how fast they get down the huddle. trevor has been edging up in the race. that's going to be a difference under kubiak. >> romi, thank you so much. >> i'm have my mic on next time. >> it's happens all the time. >> i always wanted to shock us. you can hear more from romi on
6:55 am
every ten minutes. dave aguilar here. >> we're going to have heat going on. here's our mountain camera view from i-70 and evergreen parkway. we're going to be shocked by the temperature this afternoon. we're going to be way above normal. not near the record temperature. i don't know if you saw the picture from shannon lukens. taking good scenery pictures and found this little pony out there enjoying the day. great sth and that turns into thunderstorms. as far as our temperatures go this morning, we're seeing lots of 60s and 50s showing up. grand junction already at 70 degrees. heather jones, our newer weather watcher in aurora is coming at 61 degrees. satellite and radar together, we have fog in yuma county and that's prompted a dense fog advisory through 9:00
6:56 am
atmosphere out there in the eastern plains. during the course of the day, we'll see thunderstorms fire up in the mountains first and then pull out over the eastern plains here for us. between 3:00 and 7:00, we could have some pretty good thunderstorms going on around the city. the forecast for us today, more of the same. when isolated thunderstorms popping up with a high of 94 today. cooling down, joel, by the time we get to friday, we from copter 4 and talking about -- southbound along i-225, more the of the same. there's road work going on. on pay conot effecting -- it's not effecting traffic. southbound logan is closed between second and third. northbound does remain open.
6:57 am
it's equally miserable.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
? good morning. it is tuesday, august 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a restrained donald trump promises big tax cuts but he faces new opposition from senior republican senator and gop security experts. >> three girlsuffe three girls suffer serious injuries after being tossed from a ferris wheel. one said it was like watching water being poured from a glass. >> a worldwide computer outage. technology problems that plague the entire airline industry. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds.


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