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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  August 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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this is cbs for news at noon. right now a woman in florida is dead. police stations surrounded by crime tape after an officer shot her during a citizens training exercise.
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calls this death of the 73-year- old a horrible accident. the thing that is especially - - especially hard to explain is how she was shot in error more than once. david has the explanation. >> reporter: it happened before 17 - - 7:00 p.m. mary was among 35 people who were taking part in the eight week citizen police academy. were randomly select did in the scenario and in the - - in that first scenario, mary milton was mistakenly struck with a live round. >> she was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead. her son gave a statement saying this is a devastating time for us, my mother was a saint, such a tremendous loss of the most
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for everyone involved. >> reporter: she was shot several times, according to a photographer who was covering the event for the charlotte son. milton was active in the community, volunteering as a board member for her library group. >> the officer is on paid administrative leave. one of the questions people are asking is why was a real gun the police department said that she was well known in the community, this was a small community and everyone here knew her on a first name basis - - a first name basis. we have more information about a 10-year-old boy who died on the world's tallest water slide in kansas. caleb schwab was decapitated at
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the ride will be closed for the season. two people have said nylon shoulder straps came loose and the investigation into how he died is far from over. south metro fire tweeted out a video of a fire yesterday evening. it is believed that a lightning strike started that fire in a tree last night and it start a small brush fire. and dave is in the weather center right now. we've been dry, but look at those clouds. >> despite having thunderstorms here and there, there are areas that are crispy and some of those fires have taken off. and we are still hot, thank goodness these clouds are
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commerce city, 88 in wheat ridge, 91 in louisville. here is the moisture that is coming in, with a break of sunshine this morning with more moisture and monsoon flow, leftovers from javier, the tropical storm in the baja, that will get our thunderstorms going this afternoon and we are picking up some echoes with some sprinkles trying to get going from conifer into morrison and that is where the first round of storms will develop in the course of the afternoon and on the cast you can see very spotty in nature, isolated under storms, a 20% chance today. and tomorrow and thursday and friday, a dramatic change in the weather, there is some cooling coming and some really good moisture in the next couple of days, we will outline that for you in a couple minutes. >> and both residential candidates are under fire
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music - - revealed e-mails and donald trump for off-the-cuff comments. craig boswell has that fallout. >> if she gets to pick her judges, there there's nothing that you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, may be there is. i don't know. >> trump insists this was not a call for violence against hillary clinton. he said that they must organize and get out and vote. > me a break. >> they say it is further proof that it is a - - that he is unfit to leave - - unfit to lead. >> one in five republicans say that he should drop out of the presidential race. and clinton is not without her own problems, problems, a new
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link. one e-mail from several - - secretary clinton's chief of staff shows a favor and another wanted to connect one of the top donors to someone with influence in lebanon. and many have considered her dishonest. but she is still leading by an average of eight polls. >> her. >> neither of the e-mails involve the secretary, she says. >> here in colorado, our office is verifying signatures for ballot initiatives and they say they ended up with a lot of empty boxes after scanning the anti- fracking petitions. >> it is unusual. other measures that were turned in, they were scanned by our
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original boxes to be sent down to the state agency to be checked. and they may have had five boxes left over. it may not mean anything or it may mean something. >> they posted a video on facebook when they dropped off petitions on monday and each addition needs 98,000 signatures. the initiative 75 would give cities and counties more control in oil and gas regulations and initiative 78 would increase the size of setbacks. we will see which one will make it onto the ballot come september 7th. and you can find more news on our websites. you will find our stories and reality checks as well as a list of election resources.
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colorado for 70 where the traffic regularly bottlenecks and we are talking about this area right down here, we will bring you down right here between interstate 25 all the way over to wadsworth, where we are talking about an expansion of lanes and the realigning of some curbs and bridges. jamie is with us today, she is along the stretch near c4 70. all of this. >> it does not look like it right now, it is free-flowing but this is looking bad, this is the express lanes project and the goal is to ease congestion for the last stretch of this road that is not meant to see as much traffic as it currently does. >> there has been explosive growth and 100,000 vehicles per day here, it is flowing nicely
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can break down every day and $275 billion will help us to widen the highway and add express lanes in each direction. >> the project will cost to $76 million, paid through federal, state, and local funding. douglas county is stepping up for a big chunk of that price tag and residents will be bearing the bond - - the brunt of construction headaches. eventually you will see express lanes between interstate 25 and wadsworth. officials broke ground on the project today. and when it does begin, brace yourself for temporary traffic pain. >> other people use more derogatory terms. people will bear with us and we
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minimize disruption and keep people safe. if you have your eye on the future, it will look better and have greater capacity with less congestion. >> the project is set to begin in september and should wrap up by 2019. and many residents have been vocally against this project in its - - in the entirety of some locals have file to stop this altogether. cbs news. >> we will be looking for that tonight. and new developments, this morning we noticed the similarities in photos from a robbery and a us bank in aurora. authorities say they think it is the same man. you can see a bandage on his arm and surveillance photos
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tattoos on his upper left arm. we know who will start tomorrow for the broncos, what the coach says the entire team needs for this game.
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the day off for the broncos, they get ready for tomorrow night's preseason game. mark sanchez is going to be the starting quarterback for that game and lynch gets his chance in the third and in the fourth. the coach says that the prayers are going to be - - the players are going to be ready to knock somebody else around. >> over the last 13 days, they been looking for a chance to play. i other. the been going at each other for a long time. and it's just the way we work. >> the - - miller says physically he is good but is not quite right mentally yet. but he's not the one that he remembers yet. i hope that the money will help
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the chicago forecast tomorrow. you will have a high of 92. the heat index will make it feel like 100 degrees. and it is a night game, it will probably be in the 80s but it is still hot and muggy. >> i feel for those guys. it will feel better here in town, look at the current shot, clouds are starting to build on the west side of town. a little boost around to the east. th 92 degrees in downtown denver and later tonight i hope these clouds will go out. it will peak tomorrow night. you can see it tonight and the peak will happen tomorrow and some of the astronomical forecasters are saying this may be one of the better ones that we had in quite some time. look at this after the moonset,
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want to stay up late. and let's take a look now and see what we have going on around the area for temperatures, most of our temperatures are warming into the nineties, 92 downtown, other areas are popping up even hotter than that. the wind is calm, the humidity is at 15%, and check out joey jordan. and there is is some of the clouds coming in at the moment. you can see those clouds better on the satellite and on the radar. showers and thunderstorms are out west and you are seeing some lightning bolt coming out of summit county. that is where our moisture flow is coming from and i'm looking for that to happen after 2:00. we could have some gusts of wind and quite a bit of lightning as well when that moves through. and we see some monsoon flow
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it was once tropical storm javier, it was feeding some moisture as well. high-pressure is still involved with us and back up here, there is a station upfront with the cool area coming through on friday and some of those readings are in the 70s. we are at 92. and the high today isolated storms, 88 tomorrow, look at friday, dropping down to 82 degrees with a real good chance of bona fide moisture adding to those showers and those thunderstorms leading us into what should be a relatively cool weekend with temperatures near 82 degrees saturday and sunday. >> and for more information just searched in our app store.
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a a consumer alert about how much the average american spends to go to work. when it comes to commuting and gettin need for work, employees spend about $3300. >> people think about their jobs and what they get in their paycheck and they need to think more broadly about what it costs to earn a paycheck, the cost of getting to work, this clothes, daycare, pet care, it all adds up. >> you can save as much as $50
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to work and likes to tinker. >> it is a chore, sometimes a pain, many of us push around the carpet cleaner when it is a must. but not seth. >> i love it. >> our wednesdays child tells us tidying up is fun. >> i love i love cleaning, i like electronics, i robots. >> i will put this down for you. >> just when i thought he could not get cooler. >> seth loves learning how vacuums work. he is intelligent and he is caring. >> i want to be a fireman. i like helping people. >> i i think you have to be brave.
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aware. >> i'm always working to get better. >> do you have a lot to say in class or are you quiet? >> i have a lot to say. >> we've introduced you to him before when working on science experiments. his hope for a family and a brighter future remains strong as ever. >> fame, i'm not picky. >> what will get you what you need, but he? >> education. >> it turns out it can also cleanse the soul. >> he can probably get a little bit of help vacuuming. that kid is awesome and needs a
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the adoption exchange.
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top golf appears to be hit in the met - - a hit in the metro area. and the number of west nile cases growing in colorado as boulder county reports a case this update at 5:00. >> i thought i would flash the future cast at you, across the state we will have isolated thunderstorms. the best chance is in the west and down in southern colorado. and we will get lightning and wind from those, watch out for that. you can see where the heat is across the eastern plains, and the 90-degree temperatures are popping up. 70s in the mountains, 89 in
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rest of the forecast looks like this, we change the page tomorrow, 80 degrees for the high, 80s with isolated thunderstorms, a bigger change comes with a cold front on friday, 82 and a better chance of getting some rain with showers and thunderstorms and a
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? >> katie: what would i want with bill's shares of forrester? what on earth would i do with them? >> ridge: you would sell them. >> katie: ahh. >> ridge: cash them in. >> katie: well, i can't really imagine he'd give that up without a fight. >> brooke: yeah, i don't think he would, either. >> katie: annoying you is one of his greatest pastimes. >> ridge: well, then, we will get rid of his favorite pastime. we'll take him to court. make him give it up. >> katie: ?we?? being you, me, and brooke? >> brooke: katie wants to avoid a court battle. >> ridge: because she doesn't think she can win. with you and me testifying, she can. >> bill: [ sighs ] >> justin: yes? no? >> bill: not a word since katie left. >> justin: maybe she's having an attorney look the settlement over. >> bill: the more likely scenario is brooke is pitching one more time to save the


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