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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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but they could be an ignition point for that fire. still investigating how it started. a mrlth in custody after her 7-year-old daughter drowned in a swimming pool. she told deputies she left the child home alone with her little sister. >> and she said she needed to get away from them for a while. it happened at an apartment complex near florida and parker road. mel iszia divorce -- >> reporter: a 6-year-old and 7-year-old little girl who live in that apartment unit, according to authorities, were left home alone. a resident found one of them lying facedown in the water. >> devastating >> reporter: the pool at country club villas where he lived turned into a shallow grave. >> my grandkid's about her age.
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>> reporter: after hearing a scream, tiffany newton ran outside and began cpr. but it was too late. >> i felt horrible because i probably could have done something sooner. [ crying ] >> reporter: first responders unable to resuscitate her, and she died at a nearby hospital. investigators say her mother claims to have been shopping at walmart when her daughter drowned. she told police that her daughter couldn't swim. she was >> it's heartbreaking >> reporter: the sheriff's spokeswoman says the death comes as a tragic reminder for parents. >> keep an eye on your child. it only takes a small amount of water for a child to drown. >> reporter: she also has a criminal case of leaving a child unattended from 2014 where she
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a crash this morning, about 5:30 am on the western frontage road between highway 50. highway 52, rather. no word on charges in the accident. on i-25, a possible case of road rage. an uber driver says another driver fired gun at him. that shooting happened near 20th in joins us live to talk about where this started. did the driver have any passengers with him? >> reporter: luckily no. the uber driver was alone when he was shot at early this morning. police believe this may have been a case of road rage. now they have other uber drivers thinking twice about their
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but things happen, i gotta keep going on >> reporter: kenneth has been picking up passengers with uber for less than a year. news that a denver driver was the target of a random shooting friday had him on edge. >> the later it gets, the more crazy people come out. >> reporter: it all started just before 3:00 when an, you berp driver pulled up beside him and started shooting.s pulled over right away. >> reporter: denver police chose not to chase the car. the uber driver did but gave up when speeds reached close to 130 miles per hour. northglen and thornton police picked up the chase. they deployed stop sticks end the chase. officers there arrested two people. drivers have the right to deny a ride if
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kenneth is not going to let this stop him. >> i can't get scared. this is how i make my business. >> reporter: uber tells us they're thankful nobody was hurt. denver police have yet to release the identity of the suspect. an update in the deaths of three girls who drowned in a pueblo swimming pool earlier this week. reports say the investigators still trying to figure out what led to the drowns. people in sterling, colorado, shocked by the arrest of a former fire chief and his wife. curtis and hope vogue ler are accused of stealing more than $120,000 from the city of sterling between 2010 and 2015. he left sterling in april to take over as cheese of the fire department in eagle. an investigation in sterling
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records and missing firefighting equipment. a cross-country jetblue flight finally arrived in sacramento california this morning, following a real scare in the air. dozens were hurt when flight 429 hit extreme turbulence. jetblue passengers were sthfl to land -- thankful to land safely following a mid-air scare. severe turbulence and dropped. >> i went flying in the air and my laptop was flying up in the air. >> i was buckled in, but the lady next to me was starting to fly. and the guys behind us, you could see where the overhead compartment craned. >> reporter: the flight left sacramento about 5:30 pm. because of the turbulence, they were diverted to rapids city
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>> reporter: passenger eileen lynch is an emergency room nurse. she and a doctor on board helped other passengers. >> we both went to the back of the plane. and the three stewardesses were injured. another young child was injured. several people hit their heads. >> reporter: 150 people were on board. the 22 passengers and two crew member who is went to released. this is the news in campaign 2016. hillary clinton has released her 2015 tax return. the documents show a $3.6 million tax bill. the campaign also released a video pressuring to donald trump to make his tax forms public.
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candidate made two stops in pennsylvania. he blamed the media for not understanding he was being sarcastic when he referred to clinton and obama as the founders of isis. >> but not that sarcastic to be honest with you! >> he says his comments were not to be taken seriously. the broncos kicked off their preseason by beating up on the one of cornerbacks seemed to nail down the starting job. >> all three got a chance to shine. >> no one so good that this is gonna be an easy decision for gary kubiak. summer mini-camp, 11 training practices, and now the preseason game. and the competition too close to call. each played a quarter last night
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looked sharp. the only thing his night lacked was a touchdown pass. afterward, gary kubiak said he's not ready to name a starter for the next preseason game. so back to work and back to the competition tomorrow. >> just keep improving. keep improving and having fun out there. we're having a great time. we got a great squad. >> not too much differently. kind of do what i've stay within myself and the plays will come. we're a pretty good team. whoever is pulling the trigger back there. guys are gonna step up and make plays. >> how about that denver defense? we'll talk about that at 6:00. >> playing the bears always helps. [ laughter ] a koom down today. and dave is already tracking the weekend. >> weekend is look good!
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a few thunderstorms south of the city. coming up, i'll let you know if those will make it into town tonight. and how the thunderstorm outlook looks for the weekend. >> anger in boulder after a young man convicted of rape get nose prison time. why the victim says she would go through court procedures again despite the outcome. >> another accident in an amusement park. >> an unwelcomed visitor gets feisty! >> reporter: a battle of the pot initiatives. petition signatures are turned in on two
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new details from a rape sflm boulder whose case has outrage someday people and gotten national attention. the student will not serve any prison time. the victim's statement to the court says she would go through the process all over again and called the criminal case rapist not perpetrate again,." >> wilkerson will call the boulder county jail home for two years. a jury found him guilty of felony sexual assault. >> reporter: prosecutors wanted prison for 22-year-old austin wilkerson. a jury found the former university of colorado student guilty of raping a half
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he told her friends he'd take care of her. >> this defendant had truly earned a sentence in the department of corrections. >> reporter: the judge is sentenced him to 20 years probation. >> there's a lot of old oh, boor him, we don't want to ruin his life. it was a one-time thing, and we're forgetting this wasn't something that happened to the perpetrator. >> reporter: victim's advocate franklin says judges take into greater account future. wilkerson was a handler for cu's football program. earlier this year, stanford university student brock turner was convicted of rape but also avoided prison time. >> we've seen where it's a person's color or they're not an athlete or they aren't in college. and they don't seem to be as worthy of that mercy. >> reporter: despite the outcome, prosecutors thanked the victim for being brave enough to
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through her courage has kept the community safer by speaking out and preventing future victims in her own way. and that's something that we're very proud of too. >> reporter: lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. >> the victim added in her statement that the most remarkable part of the process is then meeting the most brilliant and encouraging people she's ever known. a former prosecutor explains why despite the criticism she doesn't consider this sentence to be after falling -- boy in the hospital after falling off a roller coaster in pennsylvania. he was riding one of the old wooden roller coasters built in 1938 it. does not have seatbelts. but it does have one of those old fashioned lap bars. dhrts say -- authorities sate child fell about 12 feet onto the tracks. >> the boy was conscious while are being treated -- while being
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the investigation. this is the third accident in the u.s. this week involving kids hurt on amusement park rides. wrong rers trying to remove an angry -- wranglers trying to remove an angry gator in texas. the animal was not having it. even broke their pole. they eventually got the alligator under control and returned it to the wild. he those choke colars. [ laughter ] >> i know you've had that problem. >> oh, yeah! we got him out making a trail of chicken nuggets to the driveway. [ laughter ] >> here's a look at the doppler, bullseye around colorado spring, monument hill. just blossoming up here. 1-inch diameter hail, just that side of the black forest there. from
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-- up to marble-sized hail. and is quite a bit of lightning in el paso county as well. most of it staying south of castle rock. dry air over the northern part of the state here. just a little convection along the palmer ridge. cooler air still settling in east of the rockies. we're watching this high now moving out of nevada into utah today. that will slide in for the weekend. and warm the temperatures up a little tomorrow, and even a little more still have enough moisture where there's just a smartering, a spotting of slsed thunderstorms in the afternoon -- isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon for colorado. about a 10% chance or less of seeing storms in the afternoon in the denver metro area. high today, 83 degrees in the airport. same thing downtown. below normal for this time of year. normal is 88. the record 100 degrees set an along time ago when jim was born, 1876. can you read that? [ laughter ]
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right now, 80 degrees in downtown denver. east northeast wind at 12 miles per hour, humidity awfully dry. dave pullman, 84 degrees in west arvada. our weather watcher there. i hope you saw the meteor shower. tonight you can see some of them. they won't b night. after 1:00 am is the best viewing when the moon sets. georgian clouds -- overnight clouds again, 80s still across the east. 90s and 80s out west. 70s and 80s in the high country. a slight chance over the south side of town. castle rock further south, another thunderstorm. and we do have
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mostly sunny, isolated storms late tomorrow. we should be a little warmer, in the middle 80s, and looking ahead, a little warmer still on sunday. mostly sunny skies, 88. 90 on monday. generally near normal highs. and just kind of a smij of a chance of a storm. >> for 140, i feel pretty good. [ laughter ] >> you look great! [ laughter ] the jefferson d.a.'s safety information for you. crash cars in a driver safety experience. and a boat for discussing boating safety. >> we're gonna have a helicopter out there for the first time, and that should be a lot of fun. >> the safety sfrr tomorrow -- fair is tomorrow. from 9:00 to 1:00 at countying fairground. >> kerry johnson and his team
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we all know the broncos' defense dominated last year. >> why you'll be able to count
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y22xqy yi0y it sure was fun to see the broncos beat up on your team. [ laughter ] >> and the defense, even better. put as much or little
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out there last night, they dominated the bears' offense. the starters, second team, and guys we've never heard of, combined to shut out the bears. sacking chicago's q.b. seven times, including a safety. and allowing just 130 yards of total offense. and the game doesn't count, but it seems like the broncos should be able to count on their defense again in 2016. >> whatever you put out on the field innab nfl game is a statement. i think w today that we're gonna be a pretty good team. and we have a bunch of guys that are capable of getting the job done. >> we're always gonna have people who say what we can or cannot do. we don't listen to those things. we come out, practice, work together, do what we did tonight in the game. reserve safety susended two games as punishment from his dui arrest in february. hoo can
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preseason. the question will be if the broncos. to add him to the roster after week 2. not a lot to make this -- not a lock to make this team. sweden defeated the u.s. women's soccer team in a shootout in the quarterfinals, ending the first olympics for pugh and duran. rockies get a much-needed win in texas yesterday. cargo had a basesin the 8th. they did lose another player to injury, mark reynolds, out six weeks with a broken bone in his wrist. they called up ben paulsen to take his spot. >> nine or ten years to never have a serious injury, and time catches up but i guess. >> you're not in the lineup, you can still help the team.
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check out this minor league double play. double play after a double deflection! [ laughter ] >> off the pitcher, the umpire, the shortstop, and goes off the pitcher's back, little umpire's foot, and turn two! perfectly executed. [ laughter ]
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. the '80s are back for a while. 85 tomorrow. isolated storms. 88, plain old sunny sunday. >> good looking weekend!
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denver. we'll hear fro captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: deep trouble in the deep south. flooding threatens lives along the gulf coast. >> i just told him, you know, don't panic. i'm here for you. i'm going to get you out of these waters. i'm going to rescue you." >> pelley: also tonight. >> go home to momma. and your momma is voting for trump! >> pelley: the road to the white house. r >> pelley: we'll show you how tough. the amazing simones, the gymnast and the swimmer. >> she just kind of blows the rest of the world out of the water. >> pelley: she's talking about the gymnast. >> pelley: and steve hartman, at summer camp. >> the kids who come here share one exceptional bond. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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