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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  August 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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hi, everybody. good to have you. 4:30. this is the news on cbs , friday the 19th of august. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. it's exciting it's friday. let's find out about the friday's forecast and the weekend forecast. chris >> you probably noticed a gust of wind in the afternoon and the cooler temperatures you can feel them outside. rain has been disappointing and a few storms and a handful of sprinkles in the denver area hardly reaching the ground. in southern colorado there's light showers. way up in montana, there's a good dose of heavy rain as a disturbance tracks on the dakota and that's going to send cold
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and storms. we had rainfall yesterday from some of our weather watchers of the bob in greenwood springs got a tenth of an inch. the totals on the light side. the biggest story is the temperatures well into the 50s and a few places like boulder hanging onto the 50s. a chill in the air. today's weather story by far cloudy and cooler. maybe a few peeks of sunshine here and there, and joel, we'll pop up a few and storms later today. >> change is in the air. look from our cbs4 mouse trap cam. look at the cars on the road. we have an accident as you're traveling at 104th and colorado. on highway, a pretty standard commute this morning. britt, you can expect to see delays along c-470 and between king carol and 285 as they continue their repaving work. we have breaking news out of
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james says he'll make a $10,800,000 payment involving that robbery scandal and he can leave rio. swimming officials are blaming ryan lochte. two americans swimmers detained in brazil are headed back to the u.s. jimmy testified before a brazile overnight. teammates headed back to the u.s. under a cloud brazilian authorities released surveillance video and it shows the swimmers being confirmed by armed security guards after vandalizing a gas station. police in rio could charge the men for falsely reporting a crime. rye's attorney says he's not aware of police charges and no matter what happened at the gas station, they were robbed by people with a gun appearing to
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united states -- or made to the ukraine was pinned up pending the release of hostages. it delayed the payment to iran for several hour to quote retain maximum leverage to ensure the release of americans held in iran. here's kenneth craig. >>reporter: the state departmene $400 million cash payment the government made to iran came along with a catch. iran wouldn't get the money until the prisoners were freed. >> we were waiting until american citizens were released. >> the four freed americans were reporter jason rezin and u.s. marine, american businessman ratolla and pastor said. republicans in the presidential nominee donald trump had been critical of the obama
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but we did. he lied about the hostages. >> they insist the money was not held ransom. they said it was owed to iran 35 years ago. they waited until the americans left iran on january 17th before handing over the money. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> the state department maintains that money was owed back to i kwipt deal made with the former shaw before he was over throwed in the 1970s. denver police want to talk to these two women about an attempted murder. they believe the women have information on a shooting outside of an aurora 7-eleven in may. no one was hurt, but investigators linked the weapons used to unsolved violent crimes in the metro
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ya -- a war is responsible for the deaths of 400,000 people. rick salinger talked with the man from the city of aleppo where this boy was injured. >> they're images that make this touch hearts. 5-year old was taken away from a building. this boy is not crying or perhaps part of it what happened to him is apart of the daily routine. we reached a syrian man from the media center. >> these pictures are so moving that i understand this is not common. >> this is very common.
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this specific photo or video was viral. it's something we're used to, to be honest. >> quickly the image of little iran sitting in the ambulance is a call to action. the modern day version of a political cartoon. this says the real -- >> what happened as a this. >> agencies and individuals who want to adopt the kid, they thought he lost his parents. and other offers to the whole family. >> the boy's parents are believed to survive the air attack by government russian forces. little iran is expected to be okay at least physically. >> rick salinger reporting. iran was released from a
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united nation ceasefire, but so far that has not happened. this morning, we're waiting for labor department numbers to see if the markets could finish in positive or record territory during the week. >> jill wagner. >>reporter: the markets could finish. the dow raised 23 and the nasdaq 11. harley davidson stop selling a device that regulators say caused access pollution. super tuners were sold since 2008. they up the performance, but increased air pollution to higher than allowed levels. americans using more cell phone data. t-mobile announced unlimited data for 7 bucks a month. sprint slashes
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their plan saying there's no more overcharges. ryan lochte biggest endorsement deals could be in jeopardy. she's in hot water after -- ralph lauren is an olympic sponsor and said they're monitoring the situation and others say it could make them think about getting involved. let's go to live pictures. this is new york new jersey. >> what a bad crash. we'll take you to this appears to be two new jersey transit buses that t-boned here. we're getting these pictures, so at this point we don't know if anybody was onboard or hurt. from the pictures, it looks like a severe accident. the entire intersection looks closed down. >> on the outside of the shop -- we do understand there's people getting attended to there, but these buses, that's a very
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one must have been doing a pretty reason speed in order to create that kind of damage. but we're working right now to find out how many people might be hurt. this is in the streets of new york which are closed in if you have been to new york before. these are not wide broad streets in a lot of areas of town. what a bus crash this morning. we're hoping everybody is okay. we'll check back in as we get morede they had been splitting the reps 50/50 all camp long. gary kubiak wants to make sure they have the name number of throws during the game. kubiak says both will play roughly a quarter and a half on saturday. the coach would like to name a season starter next week, but he's not committing to it. both quarterbacks say their plan
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pre-season game. >> just operate and leave the group and like we have been saying all along, not to turn the ball over and put it into the end zone. >> just to continue to improve. take the coaching we have gotten during the week and clean up mistakes we've had against san fran and play well and move the team down the field. you know the drill. >> you can keep up with the defending superbowl with the help of the cool down has arrived. 57 degrees in denver. in the broncos, miller starting to get into football shape. do you think he might be ready to go with all the money he's being paid. >>[singing]
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welcome back. in our cbs4 morning news health watch -- excuse me. a possible link between gallstones and another serious disease. patients with a history of gallstone disease may be at higher risk for coronary heart disease. research in the journal of the american the two illnesses share diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol. drugs may project a patient's kidneys. researchers in the nederland studied rg2 inhibitors. the drug slowed kidney function. there is a new warning about the
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pointers. researchers found the green lasers were the most dangerous and the strongest. that can cause cat trophic damage to the eyes. there's a total number of cases in the city to 35. health officials there were considering naming miami beach a zika transmission zone. so far they haven't done that. many worry that's a huge blow to billion a year tourism industry. active tran missions are still in wind wood florida to the north of miami. officials are urging people living in that area to spray themselves and their clothing with mosquito repellent. time for weather and traffic. it is the friday forecast with chris. >> good morning. the cooler air is here. we're feeling it out there this morning. a lot of 50s and 40s. 55 in denver at the airport. 60s in the
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temperatures in the higher elevations. 37 in leadville. randy moss has 47 in confer . 36 with a smidge of light rain out there. doppler 4000 tracking light rain showers here and there. mostly sprinkles. we hopefully get more today. from north denver to fort collins, moderate drought has developed. i know everyone in this area is hoping today's front is a drought buster. it's not. here's a future cast. we'll have a this morning, and maybe even a few peaks of sunshine. starting at noon, we're going to watch cooler air come from the north. as it does, it will kick up showers and storms late afternoon into the early evening. we can't guarantee everybody will get one, but where they pop, heavy rain is possible. as we roll into the overnight hours, it clears out. we may wake up with cloud cover tomorrow and we'll get back to sunshine.
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it could grow to strong or severe limits. we'll watch it. here's the cool down. mostly 70s on the eastern plains. a few 80s in the southeast. 60s and 70s up high. very warm on the western slope where you did not feel this front on the west side of the rockies near 90 and grand junction. 5-day forecast. unsettled today. joel, cooler. hopefully a few scattered storms for your lawn. tomorrow we dry out and we're back to where we should be for this time of year with getting highso mid-and upper 80s. >> no 90s, that's a good sign. and no 60s. looking from our tech center cam in the northbound direction of i-25, you may see delays. you have all of this cone stuff going on along the right shoulder. all week it pushed you to the far left lane. you're probably used to it. it extends passed yale. along c-470, there's a nice wide open drive despite the road work
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104th and colorado has been moved move out of the way. families can check out free wifi. >> internet is the most commonly used. customers in denver locked 670,000 hours of computer time last year, but they'll be able to do it from the comfort of their home. battled with arthritis since she was an infant. getting around could take effort especially her trip to the library. >> the only way i can get around is by bus. >> you can imagine how happy she was to hear about a new program launched by denver public library which offers free, unlimited high speed internet through the hot spots and they can be checked out like a book. >> you get the kit and it has everything you need. when you get home, you can quickly and
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>> the library has 50 hot spots available at 5 branches. gonzalez and here at hadley. computer ownership and internet use in colorado is the highest in the nation and some people are getting left behind. >> it's not a fixed income -- if you have lost your job, and you have to make cuts in your budget so you may not have the ability to do the searchs from home. >> janine says it's making a er on the internet at home and follow my church because my church live streams the seromon and i'll be -- they skype sermon. i can skype my friend without making it to the library. >> within minutes of offering these hot spots they were gone.
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in denver, cbs news. you're -- we found this out because of a new commercial which features the superbowl mvp doing singing and dancing. >> ? just start me. when i'm rushing the passion and tackling the streams of mine ? ? >> ? my rating is 99 ? >> it's humorous, but he can dance. it was put into one fantastic routine set to the tune of justin bieber. he said he had 40 minutes to learn the routine compared to five-days of hours of dancing with "dancing with the stars." at broncos practice, i saw
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he hit him in the shoulder pads. it was one of several fights at the broncos practice. trevor will start for the broncos on saturday, but sanchez will get equal reps. collin kaepernick will not play. he's nursing a sore shoulder. there must have been bruised egos because the fights kept happening until kubiak stopped practice and gave his players a choice. >> i told them do you practice now or come back tonight. we were too busy with other stuff, personal agendas instead of practicing football. so they settled down. >> broncos and 49ers 7:00 p.m. saturday night. have a good weekend.
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the latest interview between a csn and donald trump, an attorney for him has gone viral and spin off interesting internet mims. here's jenna mos. >>reporter: a guy like who was playing first base. >> who was on first. >> why are you asking me. i don't know. >> imagine that in slow motion. in exchange between cnn breanna and trump attorney michael has become a classic. >> you're down. >> so true. >> it would make sense -- >> says who? >> most of them. all of them. >> that led to an awkward 5 seconds of silence. >> says who? >> polls. i just told you i answered your question. >> okay. which polls? >> all of them. >> i watched it five times. it's hypnotic. hosted 1 person.
4:56 am
>> which polls? >> all of them >> that ended up on mock america great again. but the big take away seems to be -- >> says who. >> #sayswho became a fame. the aftermath of the interview, you're fired says who? who else says who. either trump's attorney was in denial about the polls -- >> or doing his best impression of an owl. >> the knock-knock jokes. >> knock-knock. >> who is there? >> says. >> says who? >> the polls. all of them. #all ofthem picked up steam. you're losing this race. >> says who? >> the clocks. >> which clocks. >> all of them. >> there was a poll says who against all of them. all of them won by a landslide.
4:57 am
trump's attorney told yahoo news, i think i have unravelled her. let's take a poll on that. >> which polls? >> why are you asking me, i don't know. >> jenny moos. we have our concert calendar. >> saturday is going to be a live day for live denver area. ? [ music ] ? ? >> first off we the journey brothers. add red rock, it's the stream band from colorado and they're sharing their bill with the finest rock bands in the world. that's at red rock on saturday night. there's a lot of music happening saturday
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good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. we're following breaking news out of new jersey where two buses have collided here. five people are injured. we're watching what's happening here, and we'll update you on that. >> we'reng that. take a close look at this. snow in the mountains, and it's still summer. it's colorado folks. the changes we can see in the weather as we head into the weekend. >> u.s. swimming officials are blaming lochte for a lack of judgment. when officials say the story of a robbery was made up. and rocky ford rumble in full swing. we'll tell you why


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