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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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live from colorado's newschannel, this is cbs 4 news. this is the news for a number -- a victorious day for a denver police officer who almost lost his life in the line of duty. officer john at vinson is -- john atkinson. 20 months ago, he was critically injured by a
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he seated back up in blue and walked back to work. andrea florez is on the scene. >> reporter: i think a lot of people have been waiting for him. it is a day that denver police officer thought would never come. going back to work after an accident at this intersection nearly 2 years ago almost coin minimize me of the first day of the academy, years ago, starting out.>> reporter: he is back to work for the first time in nearly 2 years. in december 2014, the officer was escorting east high school students during a protest when he was almost killed by a driver, suffering a seizure.
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be alive. >> there are certain things i do not have any control over. nerves and arteries and my eyesight. >> now, he says the hardest part of coming back is realizing how much change he has undergone. >> from the day of my incident, things have nationally changed in the police world and the law enforcement world and there's a lot of things i need to get caught up on.>> reporter: he to go. his road to recovery is far from over.'s goal is to one way -- one day be back on the streets with his brothers and sisters in blue.>> if i could click my heels and be back, i would do it in a heartbeat i miss that every single day. >> reporter: the officer has created a nonprofit organization during his recovery and next month, they will host their second annual
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others suffering serious injuries on the job and you can find that on our website, >> you can find out more about his organization. developing now, the hunt continues for a man who fired shots in edgewater. also, stealing an suv and crashing into another vehicle near sloan lake with a crash near 20th and strengthen. the stolen suv apparently slammed into this car which sent it into a fence and almost into a home owned by molly fenton. >> i heard a very loud bang and i knew right away. it sounded like it was right outside of my window. i feel very lucky that it did not go through the house here.
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very lucky and was glad the guys in it were able to be fine and walk away. putt there were three men in the car and got out managing to suspect -- managing to grab the suspect wiggled out of their grasp. the suspect also lost his shoe when they escaped. as we brace for the more potential form of violent weather coming our way today, hailstones stil morning from highway 36 to 72nd avenue your whitney is in colorado center and the question is, could we see another round of storms today? we could also get more rainfall and help. -- hail. nothing terrible. as we look at the satellite and radar, we do have a little bit of thunderstorm activities.
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looking at the future cast, we do have disk -- we do have a chance for scattered showers. it may not roll down town but up into the foothills and eastern plains. you may get some heavy rain along with small hail. not huge help but you make it a lot of it. on storms persist and even though it is not showing up in the denver area, the potential is still out there. 60 60 in boulder. low 70s in the planes and 75 in burlington. the three in avon and aspen. 82 and grand junction -- in grand junction. most of the afternoon, we will be on the dry side and we do have a chance of storms coming in this afternoon. we will talk about that in just a moment. accu so much. we're used to the morning shift. campaign 2016. the mexican president invited both presidential candidates
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a big speech on immigration. chris boswell has the latest.>> reporter: donald trump is heading to mexico to meet with the mexican president. the president extended an invitation to the republican nominee and explained why your i believe in dialogue to promote mexico's interest and to protect mexicans here many mexicans are not happy about his visit. the former first lady tweeted, although they have invited you, know here -- not welcome. he says mexico will not renegotiate nafta or pay to build trends wall. >> a big speech on immigration.>> reporter: trump is scheduled to clarify his stance on immigration tonight in phoenix after stopping his rhetoric about deportation forces rounding up 11 amending
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immigrants. >> at our best, the united states is the global force for freedom, justice and human dignity. >> reporter: the state department announced that some of the emails recovered from her private email server contain approximately 30 documents that may be related to the benghazi attack that killed four americans. the fbi is expected to publicly investigation of hillary clinton's private email server. the lingering questions about her email has dragged clinton's favorability rating to its lowest point in college life -- to its lowest point. >> another thought on clayton. she said she was surprised by trump's visit saying trump has been publicly disparaging to mexican immigrants in the entire nation for years and years and years. the pentagon is working to confirm the death of a top isis
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he was killed. also carrying out an airstrike in the same area, isis is losing territory in that area and says he was inspecting operations when killed your he persistently called for attacks on the west. >> an update on the deadly attack at two dogs on their owners. the docks killed the woman and now we know that those dogs have been euthanized complaints. susan shaw died at the dogs -- as the dogs attacked her and they door in her garage -- and the door in her garage. apparently, trying to pull dogs off of her. neighbors are stunned. >> that pretty much blew me away. i just cannot hardly believe that your >> eight years ago, the owner was ticketed for having dogs that got out of the yard and apparently scared a different
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swiss authorities have found the remains of an extreme scare from boulder. harrison was speeds -- speed- racing when the group loss side of him. his body was spotted by a helicopter crew last thursday. the family did give a statement saying they were deeply saddened . >> coming up next, rain lashes to the gulf coast and what the governor is saying about the possibility of dangerous weather. >> just how did that baseball tryout
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right now, tropical storm hermine has just formed. already prompting tropical storm warnings for the gulf coast. heavy rain is already falling in the tampa bay area as that storm heads to the coast dangerous conditions. >> hopefully, this will be the worst weather would get this year but we're going to have storm surge, rain and flooding and we had the potential of tornadoes and we're going to have ripped parents. >> that storm is expected to dump 15 inches of rain before moving through to georgia. this would be the second storm to hit the states in a week. of course, we have one turning near hawaii, as well.
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hurricane season. >> thankfully, they are not major hurricanes heading to florida. but they are back to back in hawaii. the sun is out and it is beautiful here in denver. fairly mild outside and we have really thick fog outside to the eastern plains and that has core temperatures on the cooler side. even at dia. where we had visibility down to -- where we had visibility down. is net lovely -- lovely. you can see thin clouds and a little bit of green. there are a few showers starting to pop up in the southwestern corner. south of the ridgeway area. as we zoom out to the eastern plains, you can see that we have scattered showers and thunderstorm activity. all the way down to burlington and north of cheyenne wells. we have recovered pockets of heavy rainfall and a little bit
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to kansas and nebraska. take a look at what is happening to the southwest. we do have a monsoonal flow and we are tapping into all of that moisture so if you do get a storm, that pocket of heat is helping but we may still have some heavier rainfall and these could be some slower moving storms for us and you may get decent rainfall out of them, as well. looking to the futurecast, you could still have some heavy rainfall to the up, the potential is out there for us to have a couple of storms. and you may get him small hail extent as well. and we do have some rain in the southwestern corner. overnight tonight, there could be some rain out there down to the south tomorrow morning. maybe, some more fog to the planes and we're looking at a chance of more rain tomorrow mainly to the west. isolated storms to the eastern
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west. take a look at our temperatures. it is nice outside and the fog and the cloud cover really help to prevent us from warming up to much. 68 in boulder. 72 in the market and the high country, 75 in steamboat. 73 in aspen and 82 in grand junction. we're looking to hit 80 here. 80 in sterling. in the mountains, 77 degrees in eagle and 78 in aspen. for the rest of the day, partly sunny and mostly sunny skies. we do have a our way. for your five day forecast, a little bit warmer in the mid to upper 80s and we will stay there throughout the rest of the week work isolated storm chances across the denver area. and elevated chance comes in on saturday but send it looks to be a dry day for us with moderate temperatures. >> you can keep track of everything lauren is talking about with our free cbs4 whether on the weather app putting radar right into the palm of your hands.
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app store. >> developed now. we're waiting to hear if that tim tebow tryout will work out for a new career for him. the rockies are just one of the teams take the -- checking him out if he hit eight home runs in batting practice and his gold, make the roster as an outfielder -- his goal was to make the roster as an outfielder . >> there has been two things i love the most in sports. one was playing quarterback having 10 other guys looking at you and depending on you to win a game and then, to hit a baseball. specifically, those two things and the second hardest decision i ever made was to give up baseball to go to the university of florida and play for all. back if you are a -- football. one problem seems to be his growing it has left a little to be desired. about 40 teams have checked them out. >> coming up, why you need to be aware of more than what your tone indicates when talking to your dogs.
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today but we are down at this hour. for the news you need when
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dog owners, take man's best friend really does understand what you are saying. so say some scientists. and carrion -- hungarian researchers have discovered they understand more than the tone of your voice. the scan was done on a group of dogs trained to lie still for seven minutes. they wore headphones and listened to different raises and they sort of understand what the person is saying and
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>> this study indicates that your intuition is positive that the rest of your -- your voice is positive but it doesn't jive with what you are saying with your voice. our wednesday's child is a boy with big goals and even a bigger heart he is a batman fan but it seems that he also ha >> reporter: do you like superheroes? >> i only like batman. >> reporter: what is it about batman that you like? the cool car?>> yes. >> reporter: what else mist >> robin's car your -- robin's car. >> reporter: champion spirit unbridled when he practices
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the art of karate for some 40 years. >> have good self-control. would you agree with that? yes sir or no, sir? >> yes, sir. >> that's see if you can be still for five minutes. >> reporter: a 10-year-old that likes to play with other kids and on this day -- learning new things? show me what you learn today that is scary. and that snap kick, how do you do that! how do you do it so well? >> these will keep you out of a fight 100% of the time. >> reporter: the 10-year-old like to ride his bike, study astronomy and go to school. >> what is your favorite subject in school?
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fractions. >> i am so impressed! >> reporter: he is most passionate about karate and how excited he gets when he nails a move. >> that was even better that time! you are going to be a good black help one day, i can see it! >> reporter: you can find out more about jamie or any of the children looking for adopted families. 303-755-or 656 or 800 - 4 51- 5246 and you will find all of the information 800 - 4 51-5246 and you will find all of the >> new at noon, firefighters around colorado are preparing to fill the boot for muscular dystrophy. firefighters gathered at the state capital for the kickoff to the annual event and it is something they have done for more than 60 years. the international firefighters
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hundred $83 million for the cause so be sure to look for the signs in the streets through labor day weekend and have that change readier in your hand to toss into the boot . >> and final check of the forecast is coming up. if you have a news tip or story idea, we want to hear from you. call 303 call 303863 call 303-
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here's a strange one. april says ashley is obsessed with her twin daughters posting pictures of them on social media as if she were her own. >> you have claimed my girls as your own girls and it has to stop. i am sick of it. yes, you have your have ruined our lives for four years. and that is why i am getting to the bottom of it. i am sick of it. >> doctor phil dives into those accusations tonight at four. quick action saves the lives of two kids after a car backs into
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on fire. the video is incredible and you will see it coming up at five. lauren is back with the final check of the forecast and it seems like we need to bring our cars into the garage if we can. >> we already have some thunderstorms popping up.
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? >> eric: look, you're angry with quinn, and you have reason to be. i-i understand that. i'm not discounting your feelings. >> steffy: i think you are. >> eric: no. i'm wondering if there's more to it. i told her what would happen if she didn't leave you alone. >> eric: i don't think you left your husband to get back at his mother. >> steffy: i left because i couldn't take it anymore. quinn won't stop, so i can't have any connection to her. >> eric: steffy, quinn lives with me. she works at forrester. now, living apart from wyatt is not gonna get her out of your life. so, i have to ask again.


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