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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  August 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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for donald trump. >> they're going to be gone. tell be over! >> he vowed to deport millions of illegal immigrants in his speech on immigration to date. >> their days have run out. >> this comes the same day that trump met with the mexican president. >> in phoenix he laid out the 10-point policy on immigration. stab bush is here to break it down. his supporters have been complaining his softening his stance. not anymore obviously. >> a outraged by the last couple of weeks. tonight he tried to put fierce to bed. there was a lot to touch here. he laid out a lanthat does not include a path to citizenship and returned to the tone that launched his campaign. >> and mexico will pay for the wall. >> they don't know it yet but they're gonna pay for it. >> reporter: trump's plan called for 5,000 more border
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force, and rounding up millions of illegal immigrants on day 1. >> their days have run out in this country. the crime will stop. they're going to be gone. >> reporter: the republican nominee says he'll track immigrants and block millions of tax dollars from going to sanctuary cities. >> reporter: he repeated calls fo immigrants and suspending all immigrants coming from syria and libia. speech followed a meeting with the mexican president that took a more civil tone. an embarrassing disagreement between the two over trump's signature policy. >> we didn't discuss payment of the wall. >> reporter: hours after the event, the mexican president tweeted a different story. "at the start of the conversation
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clear that mexico will not pay for the wall." trump has not responded to that yet. after his appearance with the mexican president, hillary clinton's campaign released a statement saying not only did trump weaken his stance, he lied about it. clinton herself also went after trump during a campaign stop. >> dropping in on our neighbor farris few hours, and then flying not how it works. >> reporter: clinton slammed trump's approach to diplomacy during a speech to the american legion. >> you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. you do it by putting in the slow, hard work of building relationships. >> reporter: the campaign put together a list of every tweet trump has ever written about
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friend" was one. and slamming its "totally corrupt government" in another. clinton says you can't spend a year blasting an ally and expect a good relationship. >> people have to get to know that they can count on you. that you won't say one thing one day and something totally different the next. >> clinton's campaign tweeting this after the trump speech. "we north going to criminalize, profile, rou million people." you can follow the 21sts and turns in the campaign and get analysis from our political specialist shaun boyd on three denver police officers are recovering after trying arrest a man with several warrants that. man is now dead. jeff todd was on the scene earlier. >> reporter: she wouldn't tell
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but she said that he had come to this house for shelter. but friends and family knew he was in trouble. so did police. they surrounded the house, expecting him to run. we're told he allegedly fled out of the back window and down the street. he encountered police and shots were fired. >> he was in trouble. he had been in trouble previously. there was a warrant out for him. >> reporter: a neighbor told us he came home around 11:30 this morning and saw surrounding the home. the suspects had five felony warrants and eluded police the last time they tried to apprehend him. >> the residents let the officers in and stated the individual they were looking for was in the rear of the house. they approached that particular part of the house. the individual fled, ran out of the the rear window. >> reporter: the chase led into the street. >> the individual apparently was fighting the officer for the
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several shots were fired striking the individual. >> reporter: police haven't said who the suspect is. >> we had to get him off street because he was a danger, obviously. and it's gonna be hard not to have him around. and i hope the officers that were harmed are gonna be okay. >> reporter: two at least officers were taken to the hospital but all three of those officers life-threatening injuries. this man stole a gun and a black suv from wheat ridge, drove to edgewater, started firing a gun. when police arrived he took off, crashed into another car which went through a fence. the suv thief managed to escape. a chaotic scene on the
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officers surround a man with a comoof. he was taken into custody. this comes hours after the city announced a new plan to fight the rampant drug use along the bike path and in all denver parks. karen morfitt joining us now. how's the safety program gonna be rolled out? >> reporter: starting this weekend for the next six months, you'll likely start seeing fires along this path, and in some of denver c drug activity, you will be suspended from using that park. many question how something like this will be enforced. >> reporter: drug use is rampant in many denver park, but the epicenter is the cherry creek bike path. >> i worry about stepping on a needle. >> reporter: much of the illegal activity is done in
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paraphernalia littering trails, worrying bikeers and joggers. now the city is taking additional steps. >> it's a 180-day temporary directive that will suspend people from the park that are engaged in illegal drug activity >> reporter: under newt directive, anyone caught involved in illegal drug activity in denver parks or along the trail will be immediately suspended from the area for 90 days. >> when they come out, have full responders with them so much those people are actually educated and have the background and the resources to get to people to help them with their addiction. >> reporter: while most agree the city has good intentions, the skrn how it will be done. >> proactive, maybe, but it'd be hard to enforce, i think. >> reporter: illegal drug activity can include anything from distribution to consuming, and it does include marijuana.
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their 90-day suspension could face fines or one year in jail. of course the city says depending on how the trial goes, it could become a permanent ordinance. the owner of a daycare in aurora talks to us about the moment a car came crashing into the building. that vehicle almost completely inside, leaving piles ever debris. two children and a staff member went to the hospital with minor injuries. >> and the car came right into the same thing. >> this started as a hit and run at parker and yale. police
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some officerss call this the worst crash they've ever seen. lauren dispirito has more on pleat from police. >> reporter: when a wrong-way driver caused a 6-vehicle crash down the road here, the scene was chaotic. several people helped out. one man in particular police say went above and beyond to keep first sponzers safe. and tonight >> in 18 years i haven't seen a crash of that magnitude. >> reporter: when the commander got to the scene of a horrific crash, she knew she needed to shut down the southbound lanes immediately. what she didn't know was who could help her do it. >> i knew i was gonna need additional resources, and all those resources were tied up on the accident. >> reporter: as paramedics and firefighters tried to reach
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and beyond. he agreed to drive her down the road to the center of the crash. >> i hopped into the front seat, saw these two cute boys in the backseat, and is i said hello! and down we went. >> reporter: then by helping her redirect traffic. she hopes by sharing the story of selflessness, they can meet again. >> i would like to personally take the time to thank him and his family for goingey that enabled the first responders to remain on-scene. >> reporter: the commander also wants to give this man a special chief's award for what he did that day. if you know him or how to get in touch withim, police in parker would like to hear from you. a terrifying close encounter with a bear. >> he was that close.
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>> and a wild wild confrontation with police. [ cursing ] [ yelling ] >> why the driver ran down the officer. >> the naked man who crashed a girl's senior pictures. >> and bracing for hermine. >> weechd persistent showers over central colorado. that's prompted a for chaffey county. and you are headed for hawaii? so are these guys! >> the wroikz rookie shows us how to celebrate a birthday in
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more than five decades in cuba from the u.s. took off today. that plane carried dozen dozens. about 300 flights a week. frontier, united and southwest are among the airlines our government has selected to operate routes to havana. -- close for comfort! a man sitting on her porch found herself face-to-face with this bear! she managed to record the
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>> i look up and there was this huge black bear. at this point he was so close to me, i was afraid to move. he was that close that i felt his breath. he was a foot away from me. when it came to my face and his face. >> sanders stayed worried that startling the bear would create more issues. >> anything could happen. so i do feel very fortunate. >> she snapped a photo and texted it to her son upstairs saying help me. >> i thought she was messing with me. i thought she got a new app or something.
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the bear walked away slowly. >> wildlife officers came over with a trap and removed the bear. new video of an officer escaping a scary situation in georgia. the woman takes off, dragging him, and is running over his legs. the officer makes it back to his carnd she faces several charges. a handful of cars are burned but the bigger story is no one was hurt after one car crashed into a gas pump. farmington, connecticut. a driver accidentally backs into the pump at the station, knocking it over onto the other vehicle and setting them both on fire. a woman and a man rushed in to save two young children inside. >> i heard explosions. and i
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one of the firemen who was first on duty came in today, he's a regular customer, and he said those are the tires. you heard the tires, right? that was the explosion. >> in all five cars were damaged. the gas station clerk gets a lot of credit for quickly hitting the emergency shutoff. forecasters issued a hurricane warning for tropical storm hermine storm, about 350 miles from tampa. it is expected to reach landfall tomorrow, as much as 15 inch was rain already fallen. the governor declared a state of emergency for dozens today. storms out east, drier today! >> we didn't see anything in denver. and we've gotta clear skies as you can see in. chaffey county, we have a flood advisory until 12:15. they have had some pretty good rains down there, 0.30 to over an inch of rain. so
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that continues but is slowly drying out. those will end as the evening goes on. then a few isolated showers thunderstorm. another quiet day around here. friday, a good line of storms, 3:00 in the afternoon. some of these will be severe, right over denver and off to the eastern plains. saturday, 6:00 pm, lots of rain spreading over. sunday, and your holiday coming up. lots of rain over the south. watching hermine down here, it has strengthened, up to 50 miles an hour. moving north northeast at 8 miles an hour it.
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now a tropical storm. and they're seeing showers and thunderstorms right now. behind it, a category 4! 130 mile an hour winds with this storm system. it's heading the same way and may go just slightly to the north of temperature still they'll see a lot of strong winds and rain. around here today, 82 and 80, close to the norm of 84. 51 and 54 is where we s 66 and 63 right now. southeast 15 with the wind, 73% humidity. this from mark from downtown denver. last night, look at that lightning strike. this morning they had some fog. early morning fog in deer trail. and they've got some snow higher up. temperature it
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60s. 50s and 60s out west. and tomorrow like today, 70s and 80s over the eastern plains. 70s for the mountains. 80s to 90 degrees to the west. the denver forecast for tonight, isolated storms, clearing skies. 57 and 56. for tomorrow, increasing clouds, only a few isolated storms, mid-80s. and then for the next several days, in the mid to upper 80s for friday into saturday. sunday we dry occupant monday, lbd, -- labor day, in the 80s and mostly dry vm a high school senior in oregon got way more than she bargained for in her senior picture shoot. a man showed up in the background naked. he was in the river with his dog. though one knows why. the teenager got a good laugh out of the whole thing and shared the pictures on twitter. no surprise, they have been retweeted nearly 50,000 times. it is the cafeteria picture
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what makes it so special? the man on the left is a florida state football player. the boy on the right has autism. usually he eats lunch alone. wide receiver travis rudolph visited the high school yesterday and noticed he was sitting by himself. >> i saw him by himself and i was, like, can i have a seat and eat with you? he's, like, sure ynot? we started off with a good conversation. >> he said sup dude. >> someone nearby took this his mother sthard on facebook and she wrote this is one day i didn't have to worry
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a week ago, steven cardullo wasn't in the major leagues. there was a time when he probably thought he would never guys don't usually get called when they're 28 years old! but he did. nolan arenado with the r.b.i. double. dj lemahieu on his horse, hufrling around through first. rockies it up 1-0. the first homer of his major league career. rockies win
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>> his whole story is really special. it really is. hit that pinch hit homer on his birthday, i told him, you're having quite a week. it's feel-good stuff. he's a great kid. >> what a special feeling. i definitely think it was for my birthday, my first major league feeling. >> there's more! game 2 at coors field in the 1st! cardullo, bases loaded, a grand slam! that is how you celebrate in true birthday fashion! rockies going up 5-1. in the 7th, nolan arenado with a 2-run shot. rockies up 8-2! you guessed it. the bullpen, can you tell by the long face from walt weiss, comes on, and ottavino with the bases loaded two, outs,
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dodgers 10-8. ottavino can't believe, neither can we. dodgers win game 2. the rockies still at least win the series. and they have a habit of doing that, playing well against the good teams. so your word in the centurylink poll question tonight for the rockies beating a 1st place team, 55% of you frustrated! we feel ya. less than two months before the season opener, and the avs this is bednar's first nhl coaching job. last year he led the lake erie monsters to the cup. he's hoping those experiences will translate to his first network hl job. >> i'm a fan of patrick roy,
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-- this is me coming in, me as a coach and as a person temperature doesn't matter who i'm following or who's following me. am i gonna come in here with a job review and get this team together. this guy hopped around the court nord get a picture. hopefully got a good one because he was quickly escorted out. at least -- you making a change in time for friday's rocky mountain
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the rocky mountain showdown sure to be high energy that.
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including the head coach. he admitted he has to act a little differently now. >> gotta keep my composure and encourage the guys to let this keep playing. sometimes i lost my composure over the years it. really didn't matter when he was innit press box and i was yelling. the only people that could hear, i think he just frard me. [ laughter ] they couldn't repeat to the guy what i just said, so -- [ laughter ] >> head coach, you can't keep anything secret. [ laughter ]
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>> it's a picture from grand lake. he captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: is this real or is it in my head? >> hey, stephen. thanks for having me on your show tonight. >> stephen: am i having you on?


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