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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  September 2, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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friday, september 2nd. we have breaking news from overnight. hurricane hermine makes land fall in florida. the latest on the storm coming up. the latest on the investigation of a shooting death in an adams county neighborhood. happy friday, everyone. starting a long labor day weekend. hope your coffee is morning joining us. lauren is tracking the forecast. good morning, off to a rainy start and thunderstorms rolling through the western slope. a nice slow moving system in that direction. we'll talk about storm chances in denver coming up. there's a lot happening today. rocky mountain show down plus the taste of colorado. joel, what's it like on the
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affecting broadway, cherokee, all the usual streets. on top of that we have the rocky mountain show down and rockies downtown. taking public transportation is a good idea. that's a good point, thank you. hurricane hermine makes land fall in florida overnight and brought 80 miles per hour winds and heavy rains. it's been downgraded to a tropical storm but still packing a punch. hermine is the first hurricane to hit florida in decade. it was a category one when it made land fall in the panhandle area. hundreds and thousands are without power and the storm is moving across florida and is expected to churn up the atlantic coast. >> let's think about what we're doing. we can rebuild a home. we can rebuild a business but we cannot rebuild your life. >> hermine is pushing through
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potential of torrential rain and deadly flooding. we could learn more about a murder investigation today. it had a crime scene spanning several blocks. the trouble started yesterday morning with reports of a shooting at 76th and queavis. >> reporter: detectives spent thursday afternoon executing a search warrant on this home along 76th avenue where a sign posted on as a warning or threat." if you're found here tonight you will be found here tomorrow." it's two blocks away from a crime scene where hours earlier neighbors discovered a man's body on a homeowner's front lawn. >> i feel scared for my safety. i live here with my daughter and i come in late at night sometimes. >> reporter: neighbors watched with concerns as adams county
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hours. >> there's so much violence in the world anyways as it is. it makes me concerned it could happen to anybody, anywhere. >> sources say the man found on a neighbor's front lawn was shot to death and that that shooting was the result of a home invasion of a marijuana grow house. those sources also say a person inside the home shot one of the suspects attempting investigators continue to mark evidence throughout the day. >> they picked up a lot of information, whatever they needed, and bagged it all up. >> police are looking for at least one person of interest in this case. police are also investigating a brutal stabbing inside a family dollar store in adams county. it was less than a mile from that scene near 70th and pecos.
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he stayed inside the score and surveillance cameras were rolling which helped deputies pinpoint the suspect to the crime. we could learn the identities of the suspect or victims today. time for weather and traffic this morning. waking up to rain on the western slope and kind of easing out of the south western area here in denver on the dry side. there's some heavy rain around carbondale now and getting closer to the rifle junction. delta starting to pick up more and we see this move towards aspen and leadville starting to develop and slowly chugging that direction to the east as we head more into the morning hours. 64 in denver and burlington. 45 in leadville and 61 in grand junction. for your bus stop forecast this morning, fairly mild and clouds out there and temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s. good morning, a great drive across the denver metro area
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picked up and moved out of the way. southbound coming down into town, you have some company but nothing slowing you down or cause you to disengage the cruise control. speeds into the 60s, nine minutes from broomfield to denver. both directions traveling through commerce city looking great. ongoing construction on smith road south of i-70 and slowing along c-470 as they do paving center in through the bridges, we see slowing due to cones but nothing to be seen there. we have new details about this crash at a denver dry cleaner. the store will likely reopen this morning after an suv barrelled into the impressive cleaners at hamden and yosemite. the driver is a customer who thought his car was in park but it wasn't. when he tried to hit the break,
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plowed through the front entrance. >> perfect timing. no customers in the store. all my employees were working in the back. no one got injured. the driver sustained minor injuries. >> the owner says he's busy before the labor day holiday. new information about the driver who crashed into a daycare in aurora on wednesday. officers say the man had been involved in a hit-and-run and was apparently speeding away from police when he lost control and crashed into this happened on yale and parker. two children and an employee had minor injuries. benson is facing charges including reckless driving and driving under the influence of drugs. an update to a story we shared with you. parker police were looking for a good samaritan who helped them out this weekend during a deadly crash. he helped victims on the scene and directed traffic.
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called police. yesterday daniel receives visited the parker police department and caught up with the commander he helped on saturday. he will be honored with a special chief's award next spring. it is going to be a busy labor day weekend and if you venture to downtown denver you could see several several events. one is taste of colorado. and you're a foody shawn,? >>reporter: yes, i'm going to be down here ready to go. they see half a million people every year so you want to prepare for the crowd especially getting here by public transportation, driving by car may not be the best option.
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already closed off and crews have been working overnight and have been since yesterday to get ready for this portion of lincoln, broadway and bannic closed along with colfax 13th and 14th avenues. those streets already closed in some sections right now. there are several light rail lines that will be dropping you off at stations within walking distance of the festival. you can also take other rail lines to union station and take the 16th street mall ride to to the taste of colorado. so with all your options using public transportation, go to taste of kol a taste of you buy tickets to get food and drinks. it starts later today beginning at 11:30. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. thank you so much. a dna expert is discredited in a
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how this man is defending himself. new cars aren't flying off the lot like they used to and
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a courtroom questions the expertise of a dna expert. he's testified in several high profile criminal cases across the country. during a trial in denver he was discredited. karen morfitt has the story. >> reporter: forensic scientists and wife selma have shared their expert opinion on dna in numerous cases from casey
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timothy masters. >> they want to find something. >> reporter: they're now defending their reputation after a denver district attorney questioning in the trial led to him being discredited by a judge he was offered as a dna expert and he admitted that he really had never done this work. >> reporter: the district attorney says he exaggerated his qualifications in the trained himself -- -- netherlands. >> he's willing to say anything for a dollar and that's what i find disturbing. >> reporter: this is an acreditations from the american society of criminal directors. he says the da isn't telling the whole story and believes it's about more than just one case.
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justice. >> reporter: what do you mean? >> if they made a mistake we do the dna but there are other cases and it could happen that we find a mistake. they have also worked on the jonbenet ramsey case and their findings helped eliminate the ramseys as suspects. it's time now for a check on weather and traffic. 5:14 on the clock. here's lauren with the friday forecast. good morning, a dry start out to the west there's heavy rainfall coming down. let's zoom in near the rifle area and glenn springs, the rain is really coming down. you'll hit some of this in the glenwood canyon. not quite in vail just yet. up near walden and steamboat springs, light rain as well.
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its way to the east. these are slow movers. by lunchtime, maybe rain in the denver area but most likely in the foothills at this point. we do have a chance of this rain heading our direction quickly after that. could start to see storms develop in denver and heavier rainfall down into the south and hopefully the storms skirt out quickly. a lot of stuff is going on in denver tonight. heavier rainfall out on the evening hours and they should clear into the evening as well. overnight tonight skies clear and tomorrow morning waking up to scattered clouds and sunshine and the chance of more rain coming through although very isolated mainly to the north and west. temperatures today 64 in denver and 63 as we head towards boulder. 45 in leadville and 61 in grand junction. temperatures later today fairly
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71 in limon. 69 in eagle and 84 in grand junction. if you're planning your day today, morning hours have cloud cover and a chance for rain coming in quickly after the lunch hour and then hopefully skirting out of here quickly and looks luke it will. for your five day forecast tomorrow, 88 degrees and drier on sunday and monday. let's check in with joel. good morning, seeing a few more cars on the roadway but nothing slowing you down. it looks like you're getting to the point where you here is the drive southbound coming down into town. thornton to denver, nine minutes and great in both directions. here's our cbs4 library cam. you can see the street closures we have in place for the taste of colorado affecting these roadways along here. you got cherokee and broadway as well as a portion of colfax in place all weekend long up until tuesday morning just before the
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metro area. the earlier slowing along c-470 looks like it's been moved out of the way along i-25. the ongoing road work out to parker and on smith just south of i-70. the closures are a pras to pay for cool events happening. thank you so much. today closing arguments are set in the page burke field murder trial. lester jones is charged with first degree murder and kidnapping. an expert witness testified there should be about the case against jones. >> . >> all the police reports are centered around very heavily mr. jones. >> reporter: natasha powers has a paycheck signed by lester jones' defense team and her testimony is powerful chipping away and raising questions about this entire case. >> with the initial investigator
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reviewed the entire case file and testified there were major missteps made. the sheriff's office focused so much investigation on lester jones while evidence was missed that could have helped better eliminate other potential suspects other suspects, for example, mr. livingston who did have an appoint with page between 9:00 and 10:00, why not talk to his
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investors hoping to end the week with gains and new car sales aren't what they used to be. here's marly hall with our money watch. >> reporter: a drop in new car and truck sales last month. volkswagon sales dropped 9% and ford was down 8%. toyota and nissan also have losses. industry analysts expect growth. the dow sadded 18 points thursday and the nasdaq gained 13. u.s. productivity fell more than expected in the april to june quarter. productivity declined at an annual rate of 4.6%. it marked the third straight period of declines. head phones maker has announced the company's first pair of truly wireless ear buds.
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sport and can monitor your heart rate. they go on sale next month with a price tag of 249 dollars. log gone to cbs money, in new york, i'm marly hall. the 6th annual day of service is coming up on september 10th. now is the time to pick a project and sign up. xcel energy has set up many projects. they need fill every project. >> there are 165 communities here in colorado. we wanted to work with nonprofits bring in volunteers, family and employees and kids and let's come together and figure out how to improve colorado. you can help. day of service is saturday september 10th. sign up for a project by going to the day of service page at
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it's a fun day. >> i'm looking forward to it, it is fun. no major delays across the country. dia wait time is up 30 minutes. make sure you go early for the holiday weekend. hermine is making its way up the coast and it's going to be a very wet weekend up in that area. it should clear by friday or saturday but they will see a lot of rain. mild in the midwest with the 70s an in the triple digits. here we are in the tech center. you will have company on the drive but nothing slowing you down too bad. drive time is looking great and that's what we see along parker road. just a four minute drive from mississippi out to i-70. no delays on the a-line or b-line. while you were sleeping hurricane hermine makes land
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most concerned with right now. fans have mixed reaction to san francisco 49ers quarterback refusal to stand for the national anthem. i'm chris martinez in san diego, california with that story coming up. in just six days the 2016 nfl season will officially kick off here in denver. the broncos going to have roster decisions to make between now and then. for those guys on the lot. it also meant we got to see a whole lot of paxton lynch for starters getting the season off. he finds jordan taylor and the guy they call "sunshine" will do the rest. second half lynch is finding taylor again for a three yard td
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drive. lynch finished the night, 13-22 and 2 touchdowns and one interception. the broncos fall 38-17 but now all eyes turning to carolina. the rockies back in action today starting a three game series with arizona later tonight.
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. good morning, everyone. we are in the heart of hurricane season now and that extends until october and right now we're showing you a live look at the east coast. this is off the coast of florida
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mexico and violent waves surging towards shore. hurricane hermine packed winds of 89 miles per hour and causing devastation there. thousands without power this morning. the hurricane has been reduced to a tropical storm but it's chugging inland. we're watching this as well as another storm across hawaii. we'll bring you those stories in just a moment. thanks for joining us here on cbs4. we're looking out tohe day weekend. i'm britt moreno. let's get a check on the forecast with lauren. we're happy about friday lauren. >> we're heading towards a holiday weekend. for a lot of folks it's a three day weekend. we're waking up to heavy rainfall on the western slope. these are over the glenwood springs area near cedar ridge. scattered showers up into larimer county. we'll talk about the storms and
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moment. it's a food frenzy downtown this weekend. around civic center park some roads are already closed and the road closures will be in place until tuesday morning. we have the rockies game. i would use public transportation. thank you for that. back to the hurricane now. hurricane hermine made land fall along florida's big bend area. it's been downgraded to a tropical storm but it was a category 1 storm when it brought the 80 miles per hour winds on shore. it was the first hurricane to hit florida in 11 years. don champion has the latest. >> reporter: hurricane hermine plum led parts of florida's panhandle with heavy rain and forceful winds shortly before making land fall overnight in


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