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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  September 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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hermine hits the florida coast overnight it's now moving inland as a tropical storm but it's causing a lot of damage. we could be in for more storms of our own. we could see hail later on. we get our first look from copter424 this morning. it's friday and we're approaching the labor day holiday weekend. thanks for joining us, i'm britt moreno and alan is off starting
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good morning, off to a mellow start now. clear skies and cloud cover. rain in parts of the state so let's look at what's going on outside. heavier rainfall now as you head towards glenwood springs. the rifle area starting to ease up but plenty of rain out there and scattered showers moving into our central mountain areas. we are starting to get more rain across the state and we'll talk about our chances h in just a moment. normally you might be eating breakfast this morning but you're going to wait until later because we have the taste of colorado going on downtown. look at the road closures we have around civic center park. they will be in place tuesday morning. breaking overnight, hermine is now a tropical storm after making land fall in florida's big bend area as a hurricane. right now we're looking at a
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and there you see the waves surging towards the coast there. the wind blowing these trees here you see how fierce the wind is. rain has been lashing communities tearing down trees and causing heavy flooding there. don champion has the latest from the florida panhandle. hurricane hermine hit florida's panhandle making land fall overnight. people tried to enjoy the scene before the board walk was inon dated with water. >> this is life threatening. >> reporter: earlier in the day the state's governor warned people to take the storm seriously as hermine shredded roads and hit the gulf coast.
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apalachicola. >> it's nerve wracking. >> others boarded up their businesses and got out. >> for the safety of our employees and business as well, we are going to close up. >> reporter: as the hurricane moves through, massive storm surge washed ashore debris in boats like the one behind me. hundreds of residents were told to evacuate ahead of the storm. >> my wife wants to get her valuables out and some stuff from irreplaceable. >> some still chose to ride it out. >> my property will likely not flood but neighbors around me will. >> reporter: florida had not been hit by a hurricane in over a decade. don champion, cbs4 news. here's a look at doppler 4,000. hurricane lester remains on track to affect the islands in hawaii this weekend.
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serious problems from the first storm named madeline. still a lot of questions on a deadly shooting at a marijuana grow house. detectives spent yesterday afternoon executing a search warrant at a home along 76th avenue. this is just about two blocks away from a crime scene at kwif is street. sote today on a neighbor's front lawn. it was a result of the shooting invasion at a marijuana grow house. they shot one of the suspects attempting to steal some plants. police aren't saying anything else about possible arrests. we're working to learn what caused a natural gas explosion in winter park. this happened yesterday on fur droif. medics took one person to the
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and traffic now. good morning, starting off with heavy rainfall on the western slope. here in the denver area on the dry side but clouds near colorado springs and fog along the way. from rifle through glenwood springs, heavy rainfall through vail. bigger chance of storms here across the denver area a with heavy rainfall. they do look to clear in time for activities tonight. the rockies are playing in town and taste of colorado so this should clear but there could be wet weather before that so it could be messy. 63 in denver and boulder. 55 in von. 53 in aspen and for your hour by hour forecast, a stray shower flowing through denver and a chance of storms coming in after 1:00 or 2:00.
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it's loading up in the usual places. it's friday out there but this is a look at i-25 past alameda there and it's just headlights and taillights. we're used to that this time of day. we're taking a look downtown. taste of colorado, some roads are blocked off and ready to serve you in a different way with food for taste of colorado in place until tuesday morning just before the morning commute. here we are across the denver metro area. that's a lot of green on this map. you see that alonghe parker road and speeds into the 40s and 50s both directions. if you're getting in your car get traffic from our partners and cbs4 weather together every ten minutes at koa news radio. samsung is suspending sales of the galaxy note seven smartphone because of battery explosions.
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instances of this happening. samsung has sold than a million note seven smartphones since the product's launch a month ago. preseason is over for the broncos after a loss to the cardinals but now the focus turns to thursday's game against the panthers in denver and the final roster is due tomorrow. paxton lynch got solid practice in arizona last night. watch him run it all the way the broncos couldn't hold the lead. the team lost 38-17 but it's only preseason, right? you can find the full analysis on denver's biggest labor day weekend party kicks off today. a taste of colorado runs all weekend and sure to make downtown busy but very delicious place. shawn chitnis is live from civic center park with a look at
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this gets started as they put the finishing touches on here to get ready for taste of colorado. public transportation is highly encouraged by organizers so you don't have to deal with the craziness outside of this venue. those major streets you're used to are closed and crews have been busy as of yesterday and overnight making sure they are ready to go h well as colfax 13th and 14th avenues. some streets already closed so light rail lines will get you here and drop you off at stations in walking distance of the festival. others take you to union station and you take the 16th street mall right over here and there's also bus routes with stops nearby. for more information head to the website they have here at taste
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it's a four day event free to show up and you can buy tickets for food and drinks and that gets underway in just a few hours starting at 11:30. civic center park will stay a busy place next week. the nfl is hosting a two day fan festival to celebrate the broncos super bowl victory and help kick off the regular season. kick off village is open wednesday and thuda includes free fan activities and even a free concert. that should be fun. the cu buffs are looking to defend their title against the cu rams. the rocky mountain show down kicks off tonight at 6:00 at sports authority field. fans are hoping for another exciting game. the rams force the game ins ot last year but cu's kicker missed
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tonight's game is not the only competition. some lucky students get the chance to win free tuition. can you imagine? two people from each university will attempt to consideration a 20-yard field goal for $5,000 and they got the opportunity through a special drawing. the contest is on the field during the break between the third and fourth quarter so look out for that. up next on the cbs4 news, colin kaepernick was not the only one national anthem. which football player joined him. an airline mix up sends a
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welcome back everyone.
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to the world's most vulnerable regions. africa and the pacific region have mosquitos capable of carrying zika which has been linked to severe birth defects. india and indonesia and china may be at a greater risk of outbreak. they have found the zika virus in trapped mosquitos for the first time. three mosquitos from miami beach tested positive. the state's agricultural chief disappointing but not surprising. the number of nontravel related cases of zika is now 47. 6:14, time for weather and traffic and we start with a live look outside. good morning, a beautiful view from our look out mountain camera. a mixture of clouds and clear skies starting the day making for a nice sunrise. we'll see that stick around for a while today and a chance of rain coming in later on.
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scattered showers from durango up through grand junction up to parts of the northwestern corner. the eastern plains on the dry side and there's still fog out there, not as bad as yesterday. we do have heavier pockets between rifle and glenwood springs. scattered towards pena and idaho springs to the western slope will be rainy with scattered showers towards walden a mountain national park. here in denver we're dry and could get a shower or two this morning. a better chance this afternoon and with storms this afternoon our chance for severe weather is up a bit. we could get hail and intense rainfall as well. taking a look at futurecast, the heavy stuff will stay to the west but we could get a quick shower rolling through this morning and a chance for more storms coming in later this afternoon and evening but by
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possible with storms and heavy rainfall. skies clearing overnight tonight and tomorrow morning waking up to sunshine in denver and a chance for rain still in the high country and could get isolated storms rolling through the denver area in the afternoon and evening hours. still some small hail and heavy rain. 55 in avon and 62 in grand junction and 64 in burlington. fairly mellowem collins and 69 for eagle and aspen and gunnison. 83 in grand junction. for your five day forecast in the upper 80s. monday should be nice, hot and sunny and dry. let's check in with joel. take a look from copter4 as you travel at i-25 and c-470 this morning. still some volume out there on the roadways but nothing slowing you down. that's what we see across the
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we want to take you downtown. look at these tents set up. they're ready to serve you food for a taste of colorado but you see they're on top of the roads there with road closures in and around civic center. these are in place until after the evening commute on monday and then into tuesday morning just before the morning commute. you see the purple there along colfax, that means it's closed. be aware of that. a lot of events going on as you head downtown. colorado rockies playing. southbound along i-25 a great drive at c-470. slowing as you come out of the hills along the approach to c-470. here we are from the east. parker road in the northbound direction out to i-225 speeds in the 40s and speeds into the 60s southbound at i-225. an update on our economy this morning.
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hena daniels is live on the floor at the new york stock exchange. siri and i have a relationship. >> she's a friend of mine. i use her every day. the monthly jobs report is out later this morning and showing numbers for august could make it more likely the fed will decide to raise interest rates this year, possibly even this month. yesterday stocks on wall recovered. energy companies lost ground as oil prices slipped for the fourth day in a row. the dow jones gained 18 points and the nasdaq gained 13 and right now futures are pointing down. campbell soup said it lost $81 million in the last quarter. they were counting on the fresh products to boost its bottom line as americans crave more
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unit fell 5%. more americans hitting the road this weekend. holiday travel is up 10% from last year. a majority of those are driving but plane travel is also at 6% and where are americans headed? the usual destinations and beach trips and city getaways and lake escapes and national parks. this is what we were talking about earlier this morning. apple unveils changes in its new mobile operating ste with your apps by simply using your voice. users can ask siri to book a ride or read texts or search photos. >> i wish siri wouldn't hate on me so much. sounds like she's very intelligent and listens to most people. >> she gets a little sarcastic sometimes. >> i know. i ask her a question and she do you not doesn't know what i'm talking about.
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that for sure. a falcon rocket exploded this morning and crews are trying to figure out what caused the major mishap. flames shot into the air yesterday during a prelaunch engine test. no one is hurt but the explosion destroyed a satellite that would have spread internet service in africa. the launch pad is off limits right now. we are less than 70 days to the election and donald trump is standing by his stance on from some hispanic conservatives. hillary clinton is off today. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick in the news again refusing to stand for the national anthem. he took a knee but so did his teammate eric reid. it happened in san diego last night during the preseason game. the crowd wasn't happy. >> he's getting heavy boos here.
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message we're sending isn't lost with the action that's coming along with it. >> colin kaepernick is protesting what he calls oppression of minorities in america. some nfl insiders speculate the
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no major delays. wait times at dia. longer today thanks to the holiday weekend. make sure you go early so you don't miss your flight. we are watching the remnants of hermine making their way into georgia now. really heavy rainfall and still have storm surge in some spots. sunday it should be shooting off into the ocean but really intense rainfall and flash flooding and we could see severe weather in terms of tornados and big storms in georgia and up the carolinas and already seeing a ton of rain in the area. let's check in with joel. they have reopened i-25 at meadows parkway where they have been doing work. look at that new ramp. that's nice. much better drive for folks making their way into town. here we are along dia along pena boulevard. the drive times coincide with that eastbound as you travel
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i-225 speeds into the 50s and then the rail line, no delays as you make your way on the a-line and b-line. a new york mother panics when her five year old son did not arrive as scheduled on a plane at jfk airport. the airline put the child on a wrong flight. turns out her sons was hundreds of miles away in boston because of a jetblue airlines mix up. she spent three hours waiting for her son dominican republic on august 17th. hours passed before jetblue connected her with her son. >> i am not going to leave without my son and i'm crazy about him. >> her son arrived back at jfk later that day. the mix up is under investigation now. jetblue has apologized to the
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flight vouchers which they declined. if you're just joining us this friday morning, 63 in denver and we're getting you ready for the long labor day weekend. coming up next, hermine is now a tropical storm raking over the inland portion of florida. it hit florida as a hurricane earlier this morning and we'll show you the flooding after the break. a strange flying object now
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wrath of hurricane hermine breaking overnight. she's weakened to a tropical storm in florida but the hurricane made land fall in the big bend area. the storm pushed into the panhandle bringing forceful winds at 80 miles per hour. we're looking out to the big weekend. good morning, i'm up here on the roof top where it's nice outside in denver at the moment. there's rain in some parts of the state. we have clouds and clear skies and feels nice out here in the
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telluride and up into parts of the foothills. dry for now but there's fog mixed in there. we'll talk about the rest of the day coming up in a moment. let's check in with joel. good morning, taking a look at pictures from our library cam. this weekend it will be tents for a taste of colorado so expect road closures in and around civic center park. come fax is part of that and they will be in place befor morning commute on tuesday morning. closing arguments are set for today in grand junction in the murder trial of a woman living a seemingly double life. page birgfeld disappeared in 2007 and her body was not discovered until seven years later. she was a married woman with children but also an escort.
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he was charged with murder and kidnapping. sports authority executives will collect bonuses despite a bankruptcy that left 14,000 people out of work. a federal bankruptcy watchdog tried to stop the bonuses calling them unfair. a judge ruled the executives can collect bonuses for handing tough negotiation sessions with liquidators. foodies get to dine in center taste of colorado. the only caveat here is that people have to deal with some street closures if they want to go to this event. yeah, the biggest challenge is going to be getting here. once you're here you will have a great time. we are watching them put the finishing touches here on this edge of civic center park. they have been working overnight getting ready for this event. there are road closures apart
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that's going to include streets like lincoln and broadway as well as the other direction 13th and 14th avenues as well as colfax. coming up at 6:45 we're going to talk about different ways you can get here and public transportation and tools available to help you plan your trip and figure out how best to get to a taste of colorado. . lauren, you have visitor in the weather watchers program. >> i do, our junior weather watcher here andrew with us. tell us how old you are. >> i am nine years old. >> so you're a big weather fan, what's your favorite phenomenon? >> some interesting ones are hurricanes and tornados but my favorite would be blizzards.
6:35 am
well. we might not get snow today but we could get rain. see how heavy the rain is there now? want to talk about it? >> so as you see we have some rainstorms moving up here and then some of them in the middle they get lighter and then they move over here and get heavier. >> that's exactly what is going on now. heavy rain moving in but not quite here in denver yet. let's talk about the futurecast because we may >> so, if you see all of these it seems like we have linked storms throughout the state and we have some heavier ones down towards colorado springs in monument and limon but the ones that are really getting the storms are limon, yuma and if you saw that glitch, sterling was also getting them. >> yes, eastern plains getting big storms this afternoon with
6:36 am
temperatures. it was nice on the roof top. >> yes, it was. >> tell us about temperatures across the state? >> one of the highest temperature are 70 for casper and the lowest ones are 45 -- denver is over in this area here and it's about 60. >> yeah, about 60 degrees. that's exactly right. let's do the b today so it should be nice. >> at the bus stop kids will be waiting so we want to let them know what temperature it will be. if they're unprepared they won't be left in the freezing cold. >> so it should be nice, at 60 degrees. but there's a chance for rain so bring your umbrella with you today. andrew, i know you wanted to give a shout out to your classmates. >> hello nor quest.
6:37 am
i think you will be a future meteorologist. >> thank you. if you're interested in being a junior weather watcher and you're between the ages of 6 and 12 sign up on and you may get to be on tv with me and be our junior weather watcher. how can you follow up andrew? >> i wish i had pet of the week here with me to follow up with drive coming from the east. take a look at these drive times as you make your way down into town. southbound along i-25 in the tech center speeds dipping in the 20s now. a taste of colorado is going on downtown meaning road closures for folks in place downtown. they will be in place before tuesday morning. that includes these roads along here. shawn chitnis is coming up here in ten minutes to talk about all
6:38 am
can get into downtown this weekend with the rocky mountain show down and the rockies are playing downtown and taste of colorado. you get south just past i-70 and it's slowing down westbound along i-76 as well. let's take a look at those drive times. i-270 speeds into the 30s and 40s. that was a tough act to follow. that junior weather watcher is adorable. the jonbenet ramsey murder case is attention once again. reporterings have been asking for interviews with december marking the 20th anniversary of her death. >> the boulder police department is committed to seeking justice for jonbenet ramsey. we have not and will not give up. >> this video was released yesterday and they say they have interviewed a thousand people in
6:39 am
samples. cbs4 is airing an interview with dr. phil on jonbenet ramsey's brother, john burke who was only nine years old at the time of the murder. sotomeyor spent time in colorado springs in denver yesterday. a big balloon from google is in kit carson county after a journey from nevada. w test flight. here's video of the research team developing this technology. it's neat. google hopes to use the balloon to beam internet access to underserved areas of the world. coming up next, samsung, do you have one of these phones? they are issuing a recall for exploding batteries. and the special honor from the broncos to members of the military in colorado. thanks to all of them for what
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morning. a lot of cloud cover again. here's michael spencer with morning sports. let the countdown begin. six days until the official nfl season begins here in denver. for the guys on the bubble, last meant a whole lot. we also got to see paxton lynch. the starters getting a break and the defense hanging probably enjoying what they saw from the rookie. he finds jordan taylor and the guy they call "sunshine" does the rest. second half lynch rolling out and finding taylor again, a three yard td capping off a 94 yard drive. then in the fourth one mistake of the night, a pick six for arizona, lynch finishes the night 13 of 22 and 214 yards and
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interception. all eyes on the september 8th opener against carolina.
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breaking overnight, hurricane hermine lashes parts of florida's panhandle with heavy rain. streets are under water and trees fell on to streets and tens and thousands of people
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hermine is now a tropical storm but the danger is not over and one thing to note is that the hurricane did hit as a hurricane, not a tropical storm and florida has managed to escape a hurricane for some 11 years and i just checked with the national hurricane center, winds have downgraded to 70 miles per hour but lauren, i'm here in the weather center with you because it's so serious for florida and all the people there. if you can tell us where this thing is heading next. >> it's in parts of georgia bringing them a ton bringing intense rainfall to parts of tampa and swinging up towards charleston. it's going to keep moving up the coast for the next 48 hours so moving into the carolinas and part of virginia as well and they're looking at flooding conditions and severe weather potentially associated with that as well. we're looking at several inches of rain and tornados mixed in there as well along with severe thunderstorms. really bad out that direction.
6:46 am
weather today with hail and heavy rainfall here in denver and out east into the plains including fort collins and parts of pass pass county. we may get a quick rain shower this morning in denver and a chance for more thunderstorms rolling back in this afternoon and evening. let's check in with joel, good morning. a traffic alert we're following this morning. i want to take you to these images of helicopter 4. this is the northbound direction of i-25 blocking the left lane and left shoulder and looks like it may be blocking off a this is right on the approach to i-270 in the northbound direction. you can see the one car to the left shoulder as well. southbound speeds into the 50s and 30s really slowing things down. in the northbound direction we're starting to see back ups to i-70 because of that this
6:47 am
weekend for taste of colorado. denver's biggest labor day weekend party. crews were setting everything up yesterday. shawn chitnis is live out there this morning from civic center park. at last a lot of road closures out there, how do you get into downtown? >>reporter: those closures already in place and it's getting tougher as we get close tore the start of the event. there are options to get avoid parking and traffic travels. organizers pushing people to use public transportation to make your way here to civic center park over the weekend and the four days of the ent. they have been working overnight we have seen major streets closed in the other direction colfax well as 13th and 14th avenues so one of the options is to use light rail. several lines are coming to stations near this place so you can walk over to the festival.
6:48 am
then you can take the 16th street mall ride to get over here. bus routes also an option so to get an idea of what all is available, make a plan for yourself, head to the website for this event, a taste of and more information is there and you can figure out what is best for you. that website is a taste of it's a free four day event for you to get here. once you arrive you buy tickets for foods and drinks and underway starting at 11:30. live in down denver, shawn chitnis cbs4 news. you can also visit to look at our interactive traffic maps as traffic is surely going to pick up this labor day weekend. happening today people will remember the 14-year old killed but a driver in denver. a memorial sign is planned here. the ceremony is happening here
6:49 am
yale and madison. 81-year old pa tricia livingston hit and killed back in july and she also died from injuries sustained later on. the ceremony is set to start shortly before 3:30. the owner of this denver dry cleaners hopes to reopen sometime today after this terrible crash. an suv barrelled into the impressive cleaners at hamden and yosemite yesterday. the driver thought his car was in park but apparentlyt accidentally and plowed through the front entrance. perfect timing, no customers in the store. all my employees were working in the back. no one got injured. the driver sustained minor injuries. >> police are not saying whether the driver is going to face any charges. we are working to learn more about a deadly shooting that may have started as a home invasion at a marijuana grow house. detective ts spent yesterday afternoon executing a search
6:50 am
this is just about two blocks away from a different crime scene. neighbors discovered a man's body on a homeowner's front lawn hours earlier. neighbors watched as adams county deputies combed the area for hours. >> there's so much violence in the world anyway as it is. since i live right here it makes me concerned. it could happen to anybody any time, anywhere. sources tell cbs4 the man lawn was shot to death and the shooting was a result of a home invasion of a marijuana grow house. those sources also say a person inside the home shot one of the suspects attempting to steal marijuana plants. breaking overnight, samsung is recalling the galaxy note seven smartphone after reports of the battery exploding while charging. customers who already bought the note can exchange them for new
6:51 am
100-0000 of million of these two week months ago. the labor department says the unemployment rate stayed at 4.9% for the third straight month. job gains slowed across major industries and employers cut workers in manufacturing construction and mining. san francisco 49ers colin kaepernick is m again holding his ground he refused to stand for the national anthem before last night's game against the chargers. teammates safety eric reid joined him and some people erupted in boos as he took the field to start the game. there were mixed emotions in the stands. >> colin kaepernick, don't ever disrespect my flag or country or anyone in the service. >> he's speaking up and taking a
6:52 am
acknowledging something that is repressed in this country and has been for a long time . colin kaepernick addressed his protests over racism after the game. we wanted to make sure the message that we're trying to send isn't lost with the action that is coming along with it. >> last month colin kaepernick also wore these, they're socks with pictures of pigs wearing police uniforms. some nfl insiders speculate the 49ers may cut colin kaepernick from the team because of the protesting but because of his performance on the field. new this morning, special memories for some colorado military members despite the broncos loss. a group got a chance to participate in a fantasy draft at the broncos stadium last night. the opportunity came from a special contest. they needed a nomination for the event. michael casper was among the people selected but he has been
6:53 am
casper watched via skype. >> it's hard to be here in his place. when i'm here i know how much he would be geeking out to be here. these are his dreams and we were here in colorado last year and didn't have any kind of experiences or opportunities like this. it's kind of ironic that's it's all happening while he's away. >> what a sweet moment. casper says this is the second time he h broncos contest. he says he was thankful to participate in the draft from overseas and a big thank you to the men and woman who serve our nation. two big festivals this weekend. coloradans have a big option for music. there's a lot of incredible live music for you outdoors for labor day weekend in denver.
6:54 am
center park. free performance from blue's traveller also more music on the stage. the riot fest is happening at the national stage. bands with cool names like death cab for cutie and more, the riot fest at theat complex. find out about these shows and a lot of live music this weekend. go to another reason why denver is a great city. 6:54 on the clock here and happy labor day weekend to everyone. >> we're in for a good one too. we have a chance for rain to kick it off today. let's take a look at satellite and radar and heavy in parts of the west coast now. eastern plains you're on the dry
6:55 am
we have had heavy rainfall close to marble all morning long the last couple of hours. intense rain that way but clearing more near grand junction. we're filling in more as you head towards leadville and idaho springs. rain into walden and steam boat springs as well as light rain up near red feather lakes. looking at our chance for severe weather today, it's shifted more out to the eastern plains so does cover parts of the eastern plains heavy rain are the biggest threats from storms so you could get intense hail and heavy rainfall so flooding may be a concern. futurecast we may get a couple of quick showers later this morning here in the denver area and we ease up and more storms coming in throughout the afternoon and should clear in time for festivities tonight. there could be wet conditions on the roads and the sidewalks from these storms rolling through and again tonight in the eastern plains could get bigger thunderstorms.
6:56 am
64 in burlington. 83 in denver and 82 as we head towards greeley and 79 in burlington. 88 degrees tomorrow and isolated storms are possible and drier as we head towards sunday. traffic alert we're following northbound along i-25 blocking off the left two lanes on the approach to i-76 you can see a couple cars involved there and heavy police presence and whole front end of that car -- yeah, it's totalled out there this morning. bad news for them and drivers heading in behind it. we're seeing back ups back to i-70 running slowly as well along i-76. you get along i-70 over i-25, take a look at a broader picture. it's not as bad as it typically is on a weekday because it's friday and we have a holiday. not as much red on this but closures in place downtown for taste of colorado.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, second 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? hermine hammers the southeast after making landfall overnight 80-mile-an-hour winds and destructive storm surge pound the coast. hermine's next move will impact millions. plus, new fears that hermine could help the zika virus spread farther and faster. for the first time, mosquitoes have been found carrying the virus inside the mainland united states. and a luxury cruise liner making history this morning in canada's treacherous northwest passage. an ice breaker, two hospitals,


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