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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  September 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm MDT

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copter 4 is over a wildfire where emergency crews are evacuating homes. this fire is burning near county road 59 and starwood trail never livermore. that's not far from the colorado/wyoming border in larimer county. firefighters estimate the fire at 200 acres.
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creek subdivision and on the east side of county road 59 between cherokee park road and the state line. we are told at least two engine air tankers have been called in to help battle that fire. investigators believe it was sparked by lightning. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we will keep you posted. firefighters have been busy this afternoon with another fire, this one near deer trail along i-70 east of denver. crews from several agencies are helping with this fire off highway 40. we haven't heard structures lost or evacuations. no word on what started that fire. we're on the storm watch tonight. the weather is always a big factor with how fire crews battle those fires. >> some areas have already seen rain. tonight we could see more showers across the front range. meteorologist dave aguilera is in the weather center. any showers in the forecast? >> there are a few showers but the showers are very small, and a lot of it is just not making it to the ground. so the wind and the lightning are what is really getting going this afternoon. we take a look at the weather
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per-hour gusts of wind are getting some of these fires going today. you can see now 30-mile-per- hour gusts in morrison, 29 in greenwood village, 37 in centennial. so they are really kicking up. it's a combination of the jet stream and the thunderstorms. high base thunderstorms when you get dry and hot weather down on the ground. some of these storms tend to create quite a bit in the way of gusty winds. here is the doppler 4000 for denver. let's take that full and i can show where you the storms are going. we have had a storms go through the denver metro area. close to the city, the one that's producing rain is up in greeley. this one has rain, lightning, even small hail embedded, up to half an inch in diameter hail, probably pea to marble size in some locations. then another big storm is going through fort morgan. look at all the lightning. there's wind sheer with that one. that will create some hail. but the severe thunderstorm warnings have been out in eastern colorado.
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there's a storm up there that could have ping-pong-ball-size hail and up to 60-mile-per-hour winds. we've already had up to ping- pong-ball-size hail from holyoke, alvin, even down in -- even down in idalia. some folks are really rocking and rolling this afternoon, but at the moment over denver it's windy here in town but the sun for the taste of colorado. and although their hair is messed up a little bit, they're pretty safe for the moment. >> at least as they have a turkey leg. >> there you go. hold on to that baby. >> thanks dave. developing now the investigation is on after a woman is found shot to death inside van apartment in westminster. the crime scene is near 70th place and stewart. >> police were called to the apartment complex late last
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at the scene. we understand police just finished serving a washington. >> reporter: exactly. investigators just left. we did see them going in and out of two apartments on the main floor. this one, though, is where neighbors say the shooting occurred late last night. now, according to westminster police they were called to this area around 11:00 for reports of an injured person. now when they got here they did find a woman in her 30s had been shot. police are now looking for a jared michael strange. he is homicide. we did just get a photo of hit. he is described as 5' 11", 215 pounds. he has brown hair and hazel eyes. he has several warrants out for his arrest. right now police are saying he should be considered dangerous. right now police are not releasing any information about the victim involved in this case, but again we should -- we will have more information on the suspect as well as this investigation coming up on cbs4
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>> thank you karen. the latest on a douglas county sheriff's deputy shot and critically injured. the department released this picture of detective dan bright. doctors tell us they are seeing promising results in his treatment, which is great news. the detective was shot when he responded to reports of a suicidal man near parker middle school. the man was killed after continuing to fire. melissa garcia is live in parker. a lot of folks are stepping up to help out deputy. >> reporter: and, tom, this is one of the local businesses stepping up to help and to raise money for detective dan bright. right in front you can see that sign there that says pray. well, his wife today acknowledging prayer in helping him fight for his life. the fund-raiser here doesn't even start until next sunday, and already we've seen people coming by, opening up their hearts and their wallets. >> we have the greatest people in the world here. and we just want to show support. >> reporter: support from the
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in parker. >> if you ask, people will give. >> reporter: and the customers who are lending a havened. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: wesley heard the devastating news of a douglas county deputy critically injured in friday's shoot-out and knew he had to help. >> it is heartbreaking. i mean, you know, we all -- it's any community. it's any community in the world. >> reporter: every indictment of every purchase at the coffee cabin next sunday, september 11th, will go to the family of detective dan bright. the violent rampage near an elementach of sermons across parker on sunday, and also the sacrifice of the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to intervene. >> it makes you feel proud there are people out there who are willing to step in harm's way and do that for us. >> reporter: he says the gift back is but a small token for the first responders who save, seven, and protect day in and day out. >> what i am doing is just a little thing compared to what we could be doing as a country. we need to get back to these
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support and we need to let them know that we're behind them 100%. >> reporter: and again that fund-raiser will be here at the coffee cabin on parker and ponderosa drive next sunday, september 11th from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. all of the product and even the taxes the owner said is going to come out of his own pocket. you can also make a donation to the family of detective dan bright directly. we have a link-up to his benefit account on our just go to under links and info. we're live in parker, melissa garcia, cbs4 news. >> great to see the community stepping up there. happening now, hermine continues to stir up trouble along the east coast. tonight the storm may become a hurricane once again. >> the heavy rains headed out to sea but as wendy gillette reports from belmar, new jersey, that threat isn't over. >> reporter: the dog days of summer are still hanging around
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lingering a few hundred miles offshore. the storm is bringing crashing waves to the jersey shore, and as far south as virginia. only perfect conditions for surfers. >> oh, you can be up to your knees, and if a wave knocks you off your feet and you get caught in a rip, you can be in trouble. >> reporter: that's why it is a red flag day warning of the dangers. lifeguards are patrolling the beach along with uniformed police officers. swimming is not allowed. edgar rive his five-year-old daughter sophia to wade up to her knees. >> due feel the pull of the water? >> you do. you actually feel it. you've got to be careful. >> reporter: the storm could also cause severe beach erosion. workers in belmar built these sand berms. the storm has tracked east improving the forecast. >> it could wobble back west or wobble further east. all those things will decide
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>> reporter: hermine is now expected to hang offshore until as long as wednesday. high tides sunday night and monday morning could cause the most problems because of storm surge, erasing the summer fun. we have an update on the effort by denver police to fight drug use in city parks and along bike paths. park users have asked the city to do something about the problem for years. starting last week anyone caught selling, buying, or using drugs can be suspended from the park to see if people are noticing a difference. >> reporter: denver park users say they're already seeing a difference in some of their favorite areas. >> i have been running up here for the last three years. it certainly seems different. that's for sure. >> reporter: on friday the city began enforcing a sweeping measure to clean up drug trafficking use, banning people from parks for 90 days if they're caught using drugs there. >> i do think it has been
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little bit aggressively on the bike path. >> reporter: the ban order comes after more than 3500 needles were collected out in the open in denver parks just this year. the effort is trying to address a problem that has become a near permanent black eye for the city. drug use in some of the city's parks like the cherry creek trail and commons park has become so rampant many people avoid the areas altogether. natalie blogs about the state of denver's parks. >> there normally would have been a lot of dealers, so i think that's better, but if you look at the trash and debris, that's still there. >> reporter: the new program looks at people using drugs and also give treatment options for addiction. the aclu has criticized the program. park users say they still don't expect the cleanup to last forever. >> more intense efforts need to be made to help the problem at its root cause instead of
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and it's gone. >> reporter: stan bush, cbs4 news. we have a sad update on a beloved elephant at the denver zoo. the asian elephant dolly has been euthanized. she had been in declining health. the zoo believes dolly was at least 50 years old. she was born in southeast asia and transferred to the zoo in 1990. the zoo still has three other asian elephants. coming up on cbs4 news at 5:00, nearly two decades after her death mother teresa is declared a sign. >> it will be a life changer for me. >> a freak injury at the ballpark exacerbated her exhaustion. how this woman is hoping a new surgery will help her sleep. it's dry and breezy right now in denver. there is your shot of the taste of colorado downtown. a lot of people enjoying the nice weather here. not the case in northeastern colorado. there's a severe thunderstorm warning for a big area up there. i will show you who has had
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from ping-pong-ball-size hail coming up. and we continue to follow breaking news tonight. right now fire crews are battling at least two new wildfires along the front range. this fire is burning near the colorado/wyoming border and it has led to homes being evacuate. so far it has burned 200 acres.
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we have some breaking news tonight. some homeowners near the colorado/wyoming border near larimer county have been evacuated as a wildfire grows near the mill creek subdivision near livermore in the area of county road 59 and starwood trail. that fire is at least 200 acres
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information as it comes in. screw happening tomorrow a chance to get free dental care for families who can't afford a trip to the dentist. the fifth annual labor of love event runs from 8:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow. the company will offer free dental care including teeth cleanings, cavity filling and a complete exam with x-rays. there are four locations. find those locations by checking out the links and info section of a woman from highlands ranch had surgery recently to he she has tried other ways of correcting sleep apnea but a freak baseball injury has made those too painful. now she has what some call a tongue pacemaker. i'm watching the game and i didn't ever see it coming. i didn't have time to duck. >> it was a todd helton foul ball. june 18th, 2011. this was diane shay about 10 days after the speeding baseball smacked her in the face. diane needed stitches.
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problems in my face. it sort of started happening years later. >> diane says she often feels sharp pain in her right cheek at the top of her gum. that pain has created new issues for an old problem. >> i did not get good sleep, and it's gotten worse over the last five years. >> diane has severe obstructive sleep apnea. she says she can't tolerate a cpap mouth. a custom mouthpiece >> it fits up here, and it rubs rate against the area that is sore. >> but diane is hoping she has found a way to finally sleep. it's called inspire. a sort of tongue pacemaker. it is implanted in the chest and sends mild pulses to the tongue to move it out of the airway. >> it actually sends a little zip. >> the doctor will do the surgery in fort collins. >> it will be a life changer
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grandkids and maybe later hit a rockies game, all thanks toe a good night's sleep. it takes about a month before they actually activate and calibrate that inspire device. day an will turn it on at night with a handheld remote and turn it off in the morning. >> that is really pretty amazing. let's check in with meteorologist dave aguilera. we're on storm watch. we know those storm crews in larimer could use that moisture. >> there's not much in the way of moisture unfortunately. kind of just a few gusty storms to the northeast and down to the southeast but not a lot of green. green would be good because we need the rain. in denver we had some gusty storms move through, a lot of wind, a few sprinkles of rain and some lightning. that's it. what is making it to the ground are these fast moving storms that just came through the greeley area. also up at altitude there is a strong jest that is kicking these along.
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the greeley area. there's a lot of wind sheer showing up. you see those arrows that are swirling. there might be a little turn in some of the clouds up there. we're watching that one carefully. no tornadoes reported yet but hail is really like well some of these storms. severe thunderstorm warning for this one going through phillips and sedgwick county until 5:30. we've already seen house windows broken out with the hail near julesburg as they have golf ball size golf ball size hail in holyoke and al vicinity. that's not it. in fort morgan they have had over half inch diameter hail. golf ball size hail in kimble, idalia as well picking up big hailstones. denver is not included in the severe thunderstorm watch. we will probably just see the wind kicking up.
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today. 87 downtown. another day of above-normal temperatures. 82 out there now. the wind is kicking up. it is out of the southwest at 25. but we have seen gusts up over 35 miles per hour out of some of these storms. jim bruce up in risk canyon had over a quarter of an inch of rain. larry in brush got almost three- quarters of an inch of rain from those storms yesterday. tomorrow morning we will clear out, mostly sunny. by after the southeast but almost the entire state will be high and dry. so a very dry and sunny labor day for a lot of folks tomorrow. there is a slight chance we could see some severe thunderstorms here in the extreme northeast corner of the state. now for tonight, we could have some gusty storms early. partly cloudy otherwise and breezy. we will be in the 50s for the overnight low. your labor day forecast, breezy at times. we will be near 90 again tomorrow. a hot holiday weekend still going on. as we look ahead, we cool off a
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and wednesday, maybe some isolated storms tuesday, then thursday and friday we keep it in the 80s. but overall, with the exception of some of these storms that are here and there a drying trend for a lot of folks over the next several days. >> we have the broncos at home on thursday. >> i think it will be a good night. temperatures not too bad. no storms in the forecast. >> it will be good. >> thank you dave. coming up in sports, speaking of the broncos they're now preparing for a familiar foe. >> coach gary kubiak talks >> coach gary kubiak talks about the su , don't. i'll just tell you: clean, renewable energy. cool, right? fact is, xcel energy is the nation's number one provider of wind energy, and has been for over a decade. whoa! that's wind for ya. ? wind, wind, wind, wiiind. ? when it comes to clean energy, we're always delivering. xcel energy.
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eric joins us with sports. seems like just yesterday the broncos were winning the super bowl. now it is time to defend. >> the last month has been full of meaningless football. any coach will tell you that. but not any more. leave it to wade phillips to sum what broncos country is thinking. it's time. time for the broncos to defend their super bowl championship. it is time for trevor siemian to take his first meaningful snaps in the nfl.
5:25 pm
offensive line to run the ball the way gary kubiak wants to. it is time for the defense to pressure the quarterback and stop the run and create those timely turnovers and score every once in awhile. it is time to start the 2016 season against the same team the broncos beat in the super bowl. it is time for the rematch. >> you let all that go. it is a new team, a new year, a new season. we're studying what they've done this year. i'm sure they're doing the same thing. we've got to this time around. we don't talk about that at all to be honest. >> extra be trigger shy playing quarterback. especially with our group. the players we have. so i have a good opportunity to get those guys involved with ct or emanuel, whoever it is. >> touchdown denver!
5:26 pm
on our shoulder each year. the fact that we are the dog, or that everybody is counting us out already, that's going to add more fall to the fire. >> vegas has the broncos at three and a half point underdogs against carolina. so the wise guys have their concerns. but what about you? what concerns you most about the 2016 broncos? tweet mark or i, and we will show the best on "autonation all access" tonight. nothing concerns the pitching to the tune of over seven runs a game. they upped their average today against jon gray. it started off as a rare pitching duel in the 4th. tony wolters is going to single home nolan arenado. and that gives the rockies a 2- 1 lead. the game stayed that way until the 7th. sock extra teeth breito matches a jon gray fastball.
5:27 pm
arizona scored four. in the 8th, brandon drury adds on as arizona feasts on rockies pitching again, the final 8-4. with the playoffs looking more and more like a pipe dream that doesn't mean the rockies haven't improved this season. they have, thanks to a core of young players who have hit the ground running in the big leagues. no one more so than rookie outfielder david dahl. >> the pitch is hit to the right side and threw for hit. david dahl's 17th in a row. >> do you realize when you're going through that, hey, man, i'm making history right now? >> you're going back to a record that is 75 years old. >> i really didn't think a lot about it. i saw it on twitter a lot, people talking about it, but i didn't think much about it except for like the last game where i had a chance to break the record. and so then i was in the box. i wanted to get a hit, so i swung at like every pitch.
5:28 pm
chance to break it. never would have thought i would start out like that, but pretty awesome. >> is it hard for you to believe that you've been in the major leagues less than two months? >> it's pretty crazy just to think a little over a month ago i was still in the minor leagues, especially like even less than two months ago i was in aa on like a long road trip. it's still pretty crazy. >> tonight's centurylink poll question asks, which rockies rookie do you like david dahl, jon gray, tyler anderson or trevor story? tough decision. you can vet at third round of the deutsche bank championship today, and rory mcilroy finally put it all together. this is his approach on the 18th from 210 yards away. almost jars it for a double eagle. rory shot a 66 in his nine under par, six shots behind the leader, paul kasey, the english man a model of consistency.
5:29 pm
finally, at the u.s. open, a lob shot here with a purpose. to give himself time to tie his shoe. i've never seen that. obviously he needed a little bit more air time, or maybe he needed some velcro instead of laces. i've never seen a tennis player do that before. did he win the match and he is on to the semi finals. >> very casual. getting back to the broncos, they're three and a half point underdogs at home? >> at home to panthers. i think it's all because of the quarterback situation. some time to make a statement. >> no one nationally thinks that trevor siemian is going to get it done. >> they're going to make us believers thursday. a fast moving wildfire is burning in larimer county. about 200 acres burned so far. homeowners in the mill creek subdivision have been told to evacuate. we will have an update. also, the tiny nunn who
5:30 pm
unwanted was canonized today. a look at the celebration of now st. theresa next. now st. theresa next. how a colorado mothe,, as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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we're following breaking news. copter 4 is over a wildfire that is forcing the evacuation of several homes. firefighters tell us 200 acres have burned. the fire is burning near county road 59 and starwood trail. that's not far from the colorado/wyoming border in larimer county. hoev creek subdivision, also on the east side of county road 59 between cherokee park road and the state line. at least two engine air tankers are helping the fight. lightning is blamed for starting the fire. we do have crews on the way to the scene. we will keep you updated. also, firefighters are battling a fire in arapahoe county. that fire is burning near deer trail east of denver. firefighters from several agencies brought in equipment to help with that fire off highway 40. no word on the cause of that blaze. we have got a storm watch
5:34 pm
severe weather. >> let's check in with meteorologist dave aguilera. hopefully the firefighters can get some of that moisture. >> lightning is the big problem. let's take you to doppler 4000 here. you can see there is not a lot. although up to the northeast, a little down to the southeast. but in that area where you are talking about up here in larimer county there were thunderstorms with lightning that fired up. a few of those went through denver. not much lightning and not much rain but we did see some gusty winds up to nearly 40 miles per hour. here is a closer look now that larimer county area up there. you can see a lot of lightning popping through there. let's pull that map back over here. through there into weld county and now pushing out towards morgan county. the one severe thunderstorm that we have going on right now at least the one that is wrnd on is this one that went through morgan county just moments ago. it is a warning until 6:15 for hill rose, marino, sterling out there. and this guy is showing some good signs of wind sheer here. i would not be surprised if you
5:35 pm
it moves closer and closer to the sterling area. the one that did drop ping-pong- ball-size hail is moving out towards oglala in nebraska. in julesburg windows were broken out of houses, also holyoke and alvin. until 10:00 tonight that whole area is under a severe thunderstorm watch as these storms get rocking and rolling. denver is not in that but we could still see one little tonight. but at least over the metro area most of us will stay dry. we'll get windy but we will stay dry. >> it is that time of year. >> indeed. new developments now about the woman known as the saint of the gutters. applause erupted in st. peter's square today as pope francis declared mother teresa st. theresa. the canonization comes 19 years
5:36 pm
define blessed teresa of calcutta to be a saint. >> reporter: there was a crowd of more than 100,000 under a clear blue sky. the pope described mother teresa as a defender of the unborn, the sir, and the abandoned. in calcutta, india people watched the ceremony canonizing the woman who cared for the poorest of others gathered around her tomb adorned with a single candle. among the faithful they say it only confirms what they already believe. >> when you think of mother teresa what comes to mind? >> i think -- i don't know if active quote right, but she said light one drop of water in the ocean. if you do one small thing, it just ripples out where it causes massive change.
5:37 pm
her mercy goes beyond borders. (s:reporter the so-called saint of the gutters was awarded the prize for her work with calcutta's poor and sick. two miracles were attributed to mother teresa in order to reach sainthood. she's credited with curing a tumor-stricken calcutta woman, and for the recovery of a brazilian man suffering from a potentially deadly brain >> she died in 1997 at the age of 87. on the campaign for president, the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows democrat hillary clinton leading republican donald trump in many competitive states. that includes an eight-point lead in pennsylvania. also a two-point lead in 13 states including arizona. that's where trump delivered last week's immigration speech. arizona's republican senator jeff flake has refused to
5:38 pm
immigrants. >> that's not clear at all. some people, as he said it was hardening, some say softening. i say it was just confusing. >> meanwhile clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state still concerns voters. 46% say her answers about the usage are getting less believable. the latest now on quite a scare for 15 boy scouts in san francisco. the kids and an adult chaperone were on ta flipped over in the san francisco bay. the u.s. coast guard and marine police responded to the scene after the crew of a ferry reported seeing the boaters in the water. all were wearing life jackets and many of the kids were clinging to the boat. >> it looks like they're all doing fine. when kids especially are out in the water, your fear is hypothermia. we don't know what they inhaled or ingested as far as the water and saltwater and so forth. so they are going to be checked out by physicians. >> now, some of the scouts also
5:39 pm
>> boy, they are so lucky. well, colorado is receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from the federal government to fight the heroin and opioid epidemic. 11 states are targeted because they have some of the highest rates of people being treated. >> we talked with a mother who lost her son to the drugs and has made it her mission to save lives. >> i don't think that if he truly knew and understood what that heroin would have done to him, i don't think he would have taken it. >> reporter: 17-year-old matt got hook months. and in just four months he was gone. >> my way of dealing with matt's death was to try to save another parent or another kid from going through what my family went through. >> reporter: chris lazarus is inviting you to her annual 5k run. every dollar raised helps educates families and schools about drugs and addiction. now more than ever drug investigators say there is a
5:40 pm
we are taking pounds of heroin off the street at a time. so sts heroin at a level that i have never seen before. >> reporter: cops blame it on preparation drug abuse. heroin is cheaper, easier to find, and some even say the new drug culture of colorado naturally invites heroin to our front door. but the numbers are just plain sobering. in five years the dea says heroin overdoses increased 350% in colorado, mostly among people under 24 years old. it is happening to matt. it is happening to kids that you know. >> i have seen a lot of top athletes die from heroin overdoses. kids that you would look at and never in a million years think that they were using. it's kind of like a wildfire. when it starts, if you don't jump on it and you don't put it out, it's going to spread. >> jennifer brice reporting. now, the goal of this foundation called epic is to educate families about
5:41 pm
the 5k run will happen sunday, september 18th. go to the links and info section of to register or donate. well, it is one of the most popular musicals from the last few decades. >> now it is back on stage here in denver. coming up, we will meet the man
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happening now this holiday weekend plenty of food and fun still being served down at the taste of colorado. attracting large crowds at civic center park. blues traveler will be in concert tonight at 7:30. a reminder, some roads around the capitol are closed for the event. the taste of colorado is open tomorrow as well from 10:30 until 8:00 tomorrow night. >> turkey legs all around, cathy. >> there we go. it is easily one of the most iconic and coveted roles in musical theater, playing the phantom in phantom of the opera. >> but for chris mann it is even more special thanks to
5:45 pm
classic show. here's critic at large greg moody. ? in all your fantasies you always knew ? >> reporter: there are aspects of "the phantom of the opera" that are simply and so very classically phantom. >> all that we know and love about the show is here. >> reporter: and yet there are changes in this new production. >> it is a faster pace. it's a fast-paced show, and it's scary. it's a dark show. it's still very funny. it sort why this show has lasted so long. >> reporter: but the phantom himself, can he change? >> one huge change is the phantom is cast much younger in our production so that the trio is more similarly aged so that that choice between the phantom and ralph is a little bit more believable. >> reporter: while the phantom does remain the phantom the idea of what is possible has changed. there are technical improvements, a few more
5:46 pm
the character of the phantom himself, who just wants what we all want. >> i believe that there's so much sympathy for the phantom, and i think that his story is super relevant today on a kind of sad real level is that this is a man who has been bullied into submission to the point of violence. >> reporter: still, in terms of drama, there is only one way this can end. with the person playing the phantom, that is the high pointf is at the end when it all comes unraveled for him. >> reporter: which is key fore the music, the drama, the appeal of the phantom. by the end of this show you really do care about him and continue to be drawn into his story time after time. i'm critic at large greg moody for cbs4 news. >> thank you, greg. "the phantom of the opera" is on stage now at the buell theater. cathy loved it. it runs through september 11th.
5:47 pm
>> yes. a few storms but plenty of sunshine, too. >> up next, dave is back with
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5:49 pm
screw welcome back to cbs4 news at 5:00. a pretty shot of the city. 82 degrees and blue skies but
5:50 pm
about a tornado warning. >> do you see that storm in the distance? that is the big thunderstorm that we're looking at. nothing happening in denver but a big storm south of sterling. tornado warning now in the hillrose, marino, and sterling areas. we are seeing rotation. law enforcement on the ground have seen some funnel clouds develop out of this storm situation. so if you live anywhere in these counties out here, logan, morgan, washington, you nt take your tornado precautions. this could be a dangerous storm. there are two elements with this storm. the southern one, where there may be a tornado, and also there is another one just north of there. and that is the one that is going to hit sterling up there. also, there could be golf ball size hail. this tornado warning is until 6:15 in extreme eastern colorado. there is a wider look for you. here's fort morgan, brush. fort morgan saw hail already. it is heading into northeastern
5:51 pm
situation. earlier we had severe storms near holyoke. that's pulling out. there is a good swath of wind and lightning that went through greeley. now that has fallen apart. but these are some big storms. in the meantime denver is drying out a little bit. we are seeing some gusty winds from time to time. but the storms we had earlier are pulling out so we are going to see partly cloudy skies most likely for the remainder of the night here. there is a severe thunderstorm watch in that general area where everything is blossoming up until we could see some big storms out of that. here is the reason why. as you look at the weather map there is a big trough of low pressure over california. we are seeing the jet roll right through colorado. that is helping to lift up the storms. it is also bringing in heat that is providing another lift to the storms that are developing around here today. so tonight these storms will get out of here. they are really fast moving storms. by tomorrow morning maybe some clouds and fog in northeastern colorado. otherwise, mostly sunny across
5:52 pm
the southeast, maybe in the northeast, but most of the state should have a dry labor day holliday the way things are looking. there is a slight chance tomorrow we could see some severe storms again in northeastern colorado. if that happens that will be the fourth day in a row that we have seen that develop out there. tonight we will be in the 40s and 30s in the mountains, 50s and 60s down low. highs tomorrow, you can see where the heat is in the east. 90s, 80s, and upper pueblo. we could still see a gusty storm. not much rain in the next hour or so. otherwise partly cloudy tonight and breezy. the low tonight in the 50s. and for labor day tomorrow near 90 again, mostly sunny, breezy from time to time. and then looking ahead we will keep the 80s rolling, but a little dip in the temperature on tuesday and wednesday. we might see isolated storms late tuesday but a lot of sunshine as the 80s roll on through friday for the first full week of 70. things are looking pretty good. >> very steady there, dave.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
we continue following breaking news in larimer county. a fast moving brushfire has burned at least 200 acres. homes have been evacuated as air tankers work to put out those flames. we have a crew on the scene and we will bring you the very latest tonight at 10:00. >> and dave, you have fires and are also watching severe weather. >> yes, a tornado warning in eastern colorado near hillrose,
5:56 pm
that's a big storm and law enforcement has sighted some funnel clouds in that storm, and there could be golf ball size hail as 60 to 70-mile-per- hour winds out of that. you can see that if that's not enough there is a lot of lightning with that as well. so do be careful if you live out in that area and are watching us this afternoon.
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know what's in this box? well, in case your crystal ball is broken, here's a hint. safe, reliable energy, for starters. but there's also a commitment to this community. see, at xcel energy this is our hometown. so, we're not just about making a living here, we're about living here. aw, i wish i had wings. in our community, we're always delivering. xcel energy. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> sharyn alfonsi: you've probably been warned to be careful about what you say and do on your phone. do i need to connect this? >> yes. >> alfonsi: okay. but after you see what we found, you won't need to be warned again. >> so, are you connected?
5:59 pm
and more importantly i have all the credit cards associated with that account. >> the president of the united states called me on my cell phone. so if the hackers were listening in, they would know that phone conversation. and that is immensely troubling. >> alfonsi: is everything hackable? >> yes. we live in a world where we can't trust the technology that we use. >> my failure to say something can only be described as cowardice. i was a coward. >> whitaker: that's former prosecutor marty stroud apologizing for sending an innocent man to death row for 30 years. in 2014, glenn ford was finally exonerated and released by the district attorney, who still defends the system. have you no compassion for what mr. ford has been through? >> well, you don't know me at all, do you? but you have no problem asking that question. >> whitaker: no, i am asking because i am seeking an answer. >> i'm not in the compassion
6:00 pm
>> stahl: security is tight at the large hadron collider. you need an iris scan to get inside. >> thank you. you have been identified. >> ...power, cooling... >> stahl: the entire complex is buried deep underground. >> this is the detector right here. >> stahl: it's believed to be the largest and most complex machine mankind has ever created. the things it's searching for sound like they're straight out of science fiction. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm bill whitaker. >> i'm sharyn alfonsi. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories, tonight on "60 minutes." >> this portion of "60 minutes" is sponsored by the lincoln summer invitation. e,


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