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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  September 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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hit-and-run at 19th and chestnut. dpd tweeted out the pedestrian hit is in serious condition. we're working to gther information from the scene. the entire intersection is blocked off. you see the heavy police presence there. we have a tough drive across the denver metro area downtown as the taste of colorado is going on. that has led to road closures including broadway and colfax as well blocked off in both directions. it's just a tough drive around there. let's turn things over t day forecast. >> clear skies and fog into our north eastern corner of the state. other than that, off to a beautiful start. we'll talk about the heat and fire danger coming up. back to you kelly. evacuation notices are in place of a quickly growing fire in larimer county. 30 structures are being threatened. shawn chitnis is live outside the larimer county sheriff's
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details. we're expecting to get additional updates this morning -- even from shawn this morning. sounds like we're having difficulty getting his live shot underway this morning. so we'll bring you the latest with that in just a moment. a reminder of how dry it's been out there recently. the search continues for a wanted man for the murder of a woman in westminster. investigators found a woman now an arrest warrant has been issued for 31-year old jared strenge. a criminal history includes domestic violence. no details yet about the victim in the case. all eyes on tropical storm hermine this holiday. while it's not as bad as forecasted, it could still hit the east coast with dangerous
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north point beach, new jersey. >> reporter: hermine continued to whip up dangerous waves along the atlantic coast overnight. this video shows the storm's forceful winds tossing a cruise ship from side to side sunday confining passengers to their cabins. as the storm churned off shore, many beach goers from virginia to the jersey shore were forced to stay out of the water. >> when you see the red flag, it's a precautions. >> reporter: residents living along the water began pulling boats in and prepared for the worst. >> i locked up everything in the garage and packed a to go bag and i'm ready. >> reporter: many beaches remain closed today amid concerns hermine could regain strength and trigger life threatening rip tides and flooding. with memory of superstorm sandy still fresh, authorities in parts of connecticut say they're prepared to open shelters in
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on hand and supplies where residents can take a nice, warm shower. >> reporter: chris christie has declared a state of emergency in several could beties. >> it would be much too late if the storm was tracking west to not use the assets rfrnths it could linger around the east coast for days. hena daniels, cbs news. hermine is being blamed for the deaths of two people, one in carolina. to the latest now on a douglas county deputy shot in the line of duty. this morning detective dan bright is still in critical condition. the department says doctors are seeing promising results in his treatment and he's responding to stimulus. the department released this picture of detective bright shot when officers responded to reports of a suicidal man near parker middle school. the man continued to fire
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community is now rallying behind the detective and his family. >> we just want to show support. >> reporter: support from the owner of a little coffee shop in parker. >> if you ask, people will give. >> reporter: the customers are lending a hand thank you so much. >> reporter: wesley heard the devastating news of a douglas county deputy at this time critical injured in friday's shoot out and knew he had to help. >> it's heartbreaking. it's any community in the world. >> reporter: every purchase at the coffee cabin next sunday september 11th will go to the family of detective dan bright. the rampage at an elementary school was the topic of sermons on sunday and also the sacrifice of law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to intervene. >> it makes you feel proud that there are people out there willing to step in harm's way for us. >> reporter: he says the give
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first responders who serve and protect day in and day out. >> this is a little thing compared to what we could be doing as a country. we need to give back to these people and show them support and let them know that we're behind them 100%. >> that was melissa garcia reporting. the fundraiser starts this sunday at 7:30 a.m. at the coffee cabin in ponderosa. you can also donate online. the link website, 55 in boulder and 56 in denver. 46 in aspen and 66 in grand junction. our weather watchers up early for us. 32 in brekenridge. it's a starry night and cold crisp morning for sure right at freezing there. taking a look at satellite and radar, skies are clear and red flag warnings today from garfield county down south into
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country and down south for douglas and lincoln counties. humidity levels are dropping and there's a lot of dry vegetation out there so be extra careful. i know a lot of people outside barbecuing today and going for a hike. be cautious out there. in the low 90s and hot throughout the afternoon and it will be windy. let's check in with joel. good morning, we're continuing to follow the situation downtown. a hit-and-run accident and the person in 19th and chestnut. that entire intersection is blocked as police continue their investigation. we're waiting for more information and will pass it along to you as we get it. you see the purple at colfax, taste of colorado closures are in place tomorrow morning at 6:00. if you do have to head to work, this is your constellation prize, look at all that green. evacuation notices in place ahead of a quickly growing wildfire in larimer county.
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threatened shawn chitnis is live outside the larimer county sheriff's office this morning. what's the latest? >>reporter: joel, that combination of dry conditions as well as winds is making this fire quite the challenge and having it grow so quickly to 300 acres and only 10% contained. this morning the number of people fighting the fire will double in size to 100 so talk a look at some of the conditions we saw yesterday with smoke throughout the sky jt the fire and those in the area talking about the winds being so strong as well. there have been evacuation notices going out but primarily to people, not actual homes. there are 30 structures that are threatened and of course the conditions are continuing to be a challenge for those crews. we were able to talk to a group of people leaving their homes, not because they had been evacuated but just because they were concerned with the
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it's people's property and you hate to see a fire on somebody's place. >> reporter: and at this point crews are saying lightning is likely the cause of the fire. we hope to learn more about conditions and how they are fighting the fire at a briefing at 9:00 a.m. live in larimer county, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> we'll be there and bring you the latest on the news at noon. an update from the zoo this morning, dali an aging asian elephant has been euthanized. she was at least 50 years old and born in sought east asia and transferred to the denver zoo in 1990. the zoo still has three other asian elephants. a chance for those who can't afford a trip to the dentist a chance for free dental care.
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complete exams with x-rays. there are four locations and you can find them by checking out the links in the info section at 55 degrees and it's 5:38 on this labor day. coming up, after being hit by a foul ball a woman suffering
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exercise can reduce health problems with people with copd. they were 10% less likely to develop anxiety and 15% to become depressed. in a study involving more than 300,000 people researchers found young adult men admitd to the hospital with asthma were usually underweight as children while young adult women were a woman from high lands ranch had surgery recently to help her breathe at night. she's tried other ways of correcting sleep apnea but a freak baseball injury has made them too painful. she has a tongue pacemaker. kathy walsh has more. >> i'm watching the game and never saw it coming. >> reporter: it was a foul ball
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after the speeding baseball smacked her in the face. she needed stitched and had broken bones belong her eye. >> it left me with nerve damage and nerve problems in my face that started happening years later. >> reporter: she often feels sharp pain in her right cheek at the top of her gum. it's created new issues for an old problem. >> i do not get good sleep and it's gotten worse. >> reporter: she has severe obstructive she can't tolerate a c-pap mask and a custom mouthpiece is uncomfortable. >> it fits up here and rubs right against the area that is sore. >> reporter: but dianne is hoping she's found a way to finally sleep. it's called inspire, a sort of tongue pacemaker implanted ntd chest and sends mild pulses to the tounge to move it out of the
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the 90-minute surgery at pooter valley hospital in fort collins. >> it will be a life changer for me. >> she's hoping for new energy to keep up with grand kids and hit a rockies game later, all thanks to a good night's sleep. it takes a month before they can cal late the device. they will turn it on at night with a remote and turn it off in the morning. goip, off to a clear start here in denver and clear skies the eastern plains and other than that it's quiet. let's look at temperatures, 66 in grand junction and 54 in meeker and 73 in gunnison and 35 in leadville. 55 in denver and 66 in lamar and 67 in burlington. satellite and radar quiet. we do have some fog in the far north eastern plains and red flag warnings in place starting at noon for the western slope
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mountain valley areas. fire danger is elevated today as winds start to pick up and we see humidity levels plummet so it's really dry out there and a lot of dry vegetation so be exkra cautious with your holiday fun plans out soid. dry side throughout most of the morning hours. a chance of thunderstorms and rain showers that are rolling through from the the san louis valley up into parts of the southeast and moving to kansas andra morning. more fog tomorrow morning in the north eastern plains and isolated thunderstorms are possible from denver to the eastern plains and could see heavy rainfall mixed in. they are isolated throughout the western slope staying on the dry and hot side. 92 in denver and 93 as you head towards burlington. almost 100 in the south eastern corner. 72 in frisco and 85 in grand junction. here in denver looking at 92 degrees.
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of colorado or rockies game, it will be hot so stay hydrated with plenty of sunscreen. isolated storms possible today and warmer to end the week and very dry for the next several days. let's check in with joel, good morning. following a traffic alert this morning. breaking news out of denver at 19th and chestnut. live pictures coming in. you can see the police tape up. that means that completely blocked off. dpd telling us the pedestrian is hit and in serious condition. we're working to gather more information and we'll bring it to you as we get it this morning. the hit-and-run at 19th and chestnut. taste of colorado and those closures in place through the day today and until 6:00 tomorrow morning. so it will affect the first half of the morning commute. we take a look across the denver area -- look at all that green we have. look at these drive times as you
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speeds into the 60s at the airport. it's easily one of the most iconic and coveted roles in "phantom of the opera". >> it's even more special thanks to new wrinkles in this show. >> reporter: ? [ music ] ? ? . >> reporter: there are aspects of the the "phantom of the opera" that are classically the show is here. >> reporter: yet there are changes in this new production. >> it's faster pace. it's a fast paced show and scary. it's dark but still very funny. sort of has it all which is why this show has lasted so long. >> reporter: the phantom himself, can he change? >> one huge change is the phantom is captured much younger
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and christine has to make is more believable and harder. >> reporter: while the phantom does remain the phantom, the idea of what is possible in staging the show has changed. a few more thrills and more of a focus on the character of the phantom himself who just wants what we all want. >> i believe that there's so much sympathy for the phantom and i think that his story is super relevant today on a sad, bullied into submission to the point of violence. >> reporter: still in terms of drama, there's only one way this can end -- the person playing the phantom is -- that's the high point of the show. >> my favorite point is at the end when it all comes unravelled for him. >> reporter: which is key for the music and drama. by the end of the show you care about it and continue to be
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time. i'm critic at large, greg moody for cbs4 news. the phantom of the opera is there at the stage at the buel theater september 11th head to for tickets. scientists naming a newly discovered species of fish after president obama. it's the only fish known to live exclusively off the hawaiien coast. scientists wanted toor president after he signed an order making the marine sanctuary the largest in the world. it has a blue dorsal on the fin much like president obama's campaign logo. jackie chan is getting an hon nar oscar. he's being honored for a distinctive international career and being a true pioneer.
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in more than 32 national films. he's achieved success due to "rush hour" and "rumble in the bronx". denver life magazine's designer show house has gas fireplaces and an upstairs laundry room and full living space in the basement, this 19 '30s tudor feels like it built today. >> we're always looking to give this house a look to the future without losing the character. it has the character of the old house but it looks luke a new house. >> so if you're looking for inspiration in your own home, the designer show house is open for touring starting september 10th, that's saturday
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tickets are $20 but benefits denver habitat of humanity. go to for more information. we still need volunteers for clearing weeds, clearing trash and painting over graffiti for the denver day of service. >> extreme community make overis about bringing in value tiers and denver residents together to say how can we be goodgh improvement projects. >> so meet your neighbors for a few hours on this saturday
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good morning, if you're up early with us, 55 in denver and 67 in burlington and 75 in la junta and 35 in leadville and 66 in grand junction. north west of fort collins, 56 degrees. our weather watcher says it's a
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north eastern corner. hot and temperatures are getting into the low 90s today with mostly sunny skies so we're talking about fire danger in a bit. joel is still tracking the drive. it's been a tough commute downtown. this accident we have been following. this is a hit-and-run accident 19th and chestnut. you can see the police tape and that intersection is blocked off by the police presence along there as they continue the investigation. we understand from denver police that thees is in serious condition. again, that investigation continues as we continue to gether information and we'll pass it along. you can see the purple line along colfax where there's delays and another side street accident coming in. that's where the trouble spots are isolated today. if you're about to get in your
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news radio at 94.1 fm. tonight comedy central is airing the roast of rob lowe. peyton manning is among the roasters. lowe tweeted a few years ago peyton manning wasn't returning to the nfl and he was sure to remind him. >> he's a workhorse. if they ever stop casting you in sitcoms look on the bright side -- you tried to take the air out of retirement announcement so fast you can probably brady's ball boy. >> burn. you can't be a part of a roast without getting roasted yourself. >> peyton looks like a football player has evolved to football players no longer needing helmets. [ laughter ] seriously, i love your work. especially when i saw you in the
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roasted tonight on comedy central. i've seen some clips of this and probably not a good idea for the kids. >> set your dvr and watch it later. time now is 5:57 and 55 degrees outside. still ahead on the cbs4 morning news. >> reporter: i'm shawn chitnis live in larimer county where the fire is growing in size. i'll have a live update coming denver, what we know about the scene at 19th and chestnut next. a fire causes closures in the high country. why the clean up is going through the morning hours.
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. ael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities know what's best for our kids. and our communities ? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless.
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for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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it's scary. it's people's properties and you hate to see a fire at somebody's place. >> a fire in larimer county forces people from homes. first a live look outside. fire crews not getting much relief today. we're keeping an eye on a warm labor day forecast. good morning, i'm kelly werthmann. >> and i'm joelil there and expecting another dry day for colorado. very dry for us today. south of denver and parts of the high country and western slope, we're getting gusty and humidity levels are dropping today. plus there is dry vegetation around so be extra careful with your holiday plans outside. this is the news breaking out of denver this morning.


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