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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  September 6, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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good morning. >> i am alan gionet. good to have you with us this morning. a former police officer accused of selling fake broncos care will be back in court today. -- here -- gear will be back in court today. a man involved in a shootout with police.
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the president of the philippines said about president obama and now he regrets it. >> live from colorado's newschannel this is cbs4 morning news. >> first are look at the forecast. >> lauren whitney is in the colorado weather center this morning. we understand it will be a little bit cooler today. >> temperatures about 13 degrees cooler than yesterday with the chance for some of the bigger thunderstorms with larger health and damaging winds are biggest threat. goes easy to the point that will break this down in just a moment. with a taste of colorado happening this weekend we have some foreclosures and that should be done at 6:00 this morning. we will see this on colfax in both directions. he is a former colorado
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of ripping people off by selling knockoff broncos gear. shawn chitnis is live. >> reporter: it all happened here at the mile high flea market with tens of thousands of gear seized by federal agents in one day inside the flea market. david hendrickson who was accused of selling fake broncos gear along with men. it includes jerseys, hats, and rings. it was falsely marked as official merchandise. they also sold fake gear for other college teams in the area. here are the mile high flea market they are accused of buying more than 868 86 $8000 data $868,000 here from --
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is expected to be in court at 8:30 am this morning. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> thanks, shawn . a man was wanted for several tank robberies and has now been captured -- bank robberies and has now been captured. karen morfitt has the latest. >> reporter: shawn scott's robbery spree came >> are officers attempted to make contact with the individual and shots were fired . >> reporter: they identified scott as a suspect in five bank robbery's this summer. -- bank robberies this summer. he demanded money and then left on his bicycle hitting three more times in june. that is when the fbi spoke with
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>> reporter: scott hit last month prompting a crimestoppers bolton. bill sherman said it was one of his drivers who spotted scott near third and osage. >> the police were already behind somebody else. from my understanding, there was shots fired. >> reporter: we spoke with a driver who knows scott personally and immediately called it in. opened fire -- scott opened fire. >> that was karen morfitt reporting. scott was taken to the hospital for a pinnacle condition. we have learned he was not shot . it is time now for weather and traffic every ten minutes and we have lauren with the latest. >> we have some fog in the foothills to the eastern plains
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state. also into parts of our southeastern corner. you can see leaving the came in area getting closer to springfield we had some lightning and then down into san juan we have some snow and moderate rainfall. on the other side of the state parts of the western slope from moffat county close to telluride we do expect gusty winds been concerns remaining high. 63 in denver and 70 in burlington. 33 in leadville and 66 in grand junction. 56 degrees in parker and taking look at our bus stop forecast italy fairly mild with temperatures in the 50s and cloud cover as well. let's check in with joel hillan
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commute. we have something going on around jewel with breach maintenance work -- bridge maintenance work. southbound come into town is looking great and just a six minute try from brighton to denver -- drive from brighton to denver. president obama is on his last tour of asia. the new leader of the philippines is learning it not easy to take back profane insults. here is reid bennion with the latest. >> who is he? >> reporter: president rodrigo duterte slamming president obama monday after officials previously said obama would confront the president about his handling of drug dealers including a wave of killings.
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>> reporter: he also used profanity saying he would swear at obama if they met. >> i have seen some of those colorful statements in the past, and clearly he is a colorful guy. >> reporter: the white house scheduled -- canceled his meeting. rodrigo duterte said he regrets the comments came across as a personal attack. that is not the only tension during the final asia tour. there was also awkward moments with vladimir putin. >> typically the tone of our meetings are candid and blunt and businesslike. this one was no different. >> reporter: he also addressed the failure of the two nations to bring about a negotiation with syria. >> we are not there yet. >> reporter: i am reid bennion
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-- is gone. the alpine slide has been taken down. it was a highlight in heritage square with the park closing last october. yesterday the slide was taken down. some smaller rides to remain open. the broncos and the badgers get together. can you call this a rematch? women.
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regular medical checkups are recommended for pregnant
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care is important. health specials kathy walsh has more on the new program targeting mothers-to-be. >> reporter: the inner city health center in denver offers medical services for the underserved. the 34-year-old is pregnant with her third child. this time around she is also getting oral care. >> healthy mouths >> reporter: the checker teeth and gums every three months. >> you told me it is important for my babies. >> reporter: report -- according to the american dental association gum disease increases the risk of preterm delivery and low birthrate. yet 40% of pregnant women don't receive oral care.
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income patients have equipment and dental hygienist like karina added to their healthcare team. >> when mother is healthy, there is great potential she will teach her children had to have a healthy life. >> reporter: the colorado foundation funds the project. allison is the senior program officer. >> we just past 12,000 patient visits. we will -- passed patient visits. we will hopefully surpass that number. >> reporter: in a familiar and commitment setting. kathy walsh, cbs4 news. >> reporter: tropical weather has people boarded up in case hurricane newton takes aim. the civil protection department has made 3700 shelters. officials are also warning tourists about possible flash
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newton could be over the seven end of the baja region later -- southern region later this morning. we are off to a mellow start with a chance for potentially heavy rainfall later today. looking at the satellite and radar, skies are clear with some cloud cover in the denver area. down to the southeastern corner stronger lines of lightning getting closer to telluride. in a little bit more activity to the southeastern corner with the potential for thunderstorms to produce these hail and winds. looking at your futurecast for today it is mostly sunny with overcast conditions and a few breaks on the western side of
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this afternoon we have a chance of a few thunderstorms firing up. maybe not until the commute home do we see these storms in the denver area out to the eastern plains. ex-pat cloudy skies tomorrow morning -- expect clouds tomorrow morning and for the most part it will be much more dry tomorrow and for the next several days. dry conditions mean high fire danger and that is the case into the central valley areas along with humidity dropping below 15%. we start off with 63 in denver and 61 in denver. 33 in leadville and 37 in kennison. the high today is 80 in denver with 87 at burlington. plenty of 70s in the high country and 80s to the west.
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70s on friday. let's check in with joel . we lost some road sensor data. oh here it is, that is good. we have an accident on a jewel and some bridge work on sheridan underneath i-70. that will last for the next little bit. we'v you can see this purple line underneath denver. that is colfax as you get to civic center park. we've had some pretty good drive times but i want to take you up into the high country. cdot is closing the highway leading to mount evans today. they typically closed the day
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the road from echo lake to summit lake will stay open. >> such a disappointment when they close that. >> people are angry about what vandals did to a national -- natural treasure. this group shows people destroying an iconic rock feature. the group pulled on the duckbill rock in oregon. what they did fo >> for me it defines what the pacific city is. that is what everybody takes a picture of and now they can only see it through a memory. >> the witnesses confronted the vandals who said they destroyed it because it was a safety hazard. the witnesses did not buy it. technicians are working at
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doing with delays and long lines. overnight problems plagued air travel in the us. this morning we don't see any issues in or out of denver but in europe passengers are complaining about the wait times and the check-in. they stem from a recent upgrade
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,, ? the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time.
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this week the credit reporting industry will be making changes. >> business analyst joe straus winter is here to tell us how
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slusher one -- jill schlesinger is her to tell us how the changes might affect us. >> reporter: the three main credit reporting agencies agri- plex, experian and trans union -- equifax, experian, and trans union collaborated. the report your score. even if you don't need to borrow money credit reports being used on broader circumstances. lenders use them to research potential tenants and in some states it is legal for perspective employers to check your credit. >> what changes are occurring as a result of the settlement? >> reporter: the biggest one that came as a result of a campaign by the consumer
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facilitate the quick removal of errors from your report. usually it would take forever to get that change may. the other one has to do with medical debt. the agencies will have to wait 180 days before adding any medical debt information to consumer credit reports. think about this. over half of all debt that is sitting on a credit report from medical expenses. affects 43 million americans. this is a major improvement and when those medical debts are paid by an insurance company, they have to be removed soon after. put that in contrast with other delinquencies that will often stayed on your report for up to seven years. for more on this important change including the factors that will determine your score,
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>> all of that sounds good. do you see any holes in it? you seem to work around it last time. >> reporter: this is so interesting because there cannot be any holes because the settlement itself really dictated that the companies had to spend a ton of money to put in place the procedures that would address the issues. previously they said we would now they have to commit time, energy, and resources. all of the advocate i speak with say this could be a positive change for the industry at large. >> thank you very much. it is time now for weather and traffic every ten minutes. lauren? >> we do have a cold front swing into colorado and the chance for severe weather over minnesota into wisconsin and
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eastern side of colorado. as you head toward the mid- atlantic there is remnants of hermine and it is warm and muggy in that direction. then we have our hurricane newton and is much cooler in the desert southwest today with the chance for rain in those areas and flooding as well. al toward los angeles also in the northern rockies some rain and snow could be seen today. taking a look at the drive to the airport i really think you are going to like this drive. it is looking great along i-225. now too late -- note -- no
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>> president obama gets an apology after the president from the philippines coming up. >> time now for the colorado hyundai dealers sports break. >> you may have heard the broncos are starting a guy pay the name of trevor siemian thursday. all of the off-season questions were about who would take the starting job. until last week siemian , paxton lynch, and the practice. he is now getting more work with the ones which is good for the guys around him like emmanuel sanders. >> now we are going through individual periods and quarterbacks just waiting around cbs4 game that chemistry . so it is definitely good now that we have are starting quarterback we can work on that and hopefully transition.
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the pregame of last year's regular-season games and now working in the training camps. >> certainly looking forward to seeing those guys. a big day for the rockies. >> this has been your colorado hyundai dealer sports break sponsored by your colorado hyundai dealers with 100,000 reasons why you should switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs . that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. live from colorado's newschannel. this is cbs4 morning news. >> this is the news on cbs4
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we hope you had a good labor day weekend i am alan gionet. >> and i am kelly werthmann . let's check the forecast with lauren whitney . >> we have fire danger remaining high in parts of the state. jackson and grand county in the lower valley areas and into the high country from moffat county down to the south. today we still expect to see some gusty winds frame and low humidity with dry vegetation at this way. right now let's check in with joel . we are showing a case of colorado -- taste of colorado. it will be 30 minutes before we see these closures lifted. you can see a long colfax that purple affecting lincoln and 14th, 15th, and 16th. this morning a former coral


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