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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  September 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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>> reporter: supporters said they were trying to raise awareness for motorcycle safety. denver police didn't see it that way. those posted videos helped lead investigators to three arrests so far. two men were from colorado springs. another from pueblo. two have hospitalized and three men are facing up there to face charges. essentially it was a tremendous
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highway. it could have caused accidents into downtown and blocked emergency crews from getting to injured people on the roadway as well. >> it's frustrating, and it's a scary thought to think that people can be on that roadway and be injured and we would have to go after something a lot more severe than people m stunts, like a fatality or other injuries involved. >> reporter: the iti finished. police are continuing to look for people who are involved in shutting down the highway. they're also looking for production crews that were out there filming this which led to the investigation. at the end of this, everyone who is involved in shutting down the highway, they could face charges charges.
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to arrest a funnel tief in aurora. but the suspect was not -- fugitive in aroar abut suspect was not hit. urora, but suspect was not hit. >> reporter: sean scott was on the run for months. it was his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend who was on the job when he spotted him. and it was after one truck driver's call that
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he makes a first appearance before a judge tuesday morning. a tow truck driver spotted him monday and called cops. the driver says in the arrest affidavit that scott pointed a gun at him and police fired back. no one was hurt. scott known as the bicycle bandit. that's how he allegedly got away after robbing banks. the banks were near bike paths. he is now facing attempt attempted murder of a police officer, and robbery. and there are now five people who have suspective orders -- who have restraining order so scott can't contact them. the latest on a fire near the colorado/wyoming border. lightning sparked this one near livermore. there were no change overnight. 60% contained.
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in that area. they'll be lifted tomorrow 9:00 am. developing tonight, another well known for-profit college has shut down. itt technical institute, 130 campuses around the country. that includes two that were right here in the denver metro area. one on ilif, and one at the boulder turnpike. rick salinge has more on the issues facing these colleges. >> reporter: this is similar in the past with westwood college which shut its doors earlier this year. now it is itt technical institute, which is closed down, leaving 35,000 students across the country without the classes and 8,000 people out of work. the doors of this long-running career college are now closed. its tv commercials lured students and
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>> we're edcares helping people build a foundation for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: the aurora campus was in this building at i-25 and illif. this young man had been counting on itt to launch his future in computers. >> came to denver to start over. and came to itt tech to go to school. and i found out this morning that they closed without even e-mailing. >> reporter: itt is blaming its closure on government, which demanded that it put more money in the bank to cover federal grants that pay for students' education. >> pretty much all of their money was federal tax dollars that students were handing over to them. and they were not getting the job done! they were not producing graduates, they were not producing job-ready graduates. >> reporter: criticisms of itt were similar to those other for-profit colleges, heavy recruiting of students for courses and degrees that often didn't turn into expected jobs.
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>> i'm a vet. so i was going to school using the gi bill. i'm shocked that i'm not gonna be able to go to school, get education, because they're closed. >> reporter: itt says tsz focus now is helping tens of thousands of displace students with other educational options. on that subject, the colorado department of higher education says that about 300 students were impacte and agreements in place with nine other institutions to accept transfer and credits. a deadly crash from the morning news today. one pickup truck hit another from behind. driver who maven speeding died
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the interstate close forward hours causing massive backups. this is the news on the campaign trail today. the top-2 presidential candidates focused on the military during rallies this afternoon. hillary clinton and donald trump campaigned in southern battleground states. shaun boyd is at our campaign desk tonight. the candidates going after support from veterans. >> that's ahead of an initial security forum tomorrow. with terrorism and policy at issue, both candidate best position to keep the nation safe. donald trump made his latest pitch to the commander in chief at a rally in virginia. >> we're going to solve the isis problem. but we have to also get back and solve it big league and strongly and swiftly. but we have to get back to rebuilding our country >> reporter: savabeach and the surrounding communities host more than a dozen military facilities. this morning the
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admirals endorsing him. >> i think we're up to 89. >> reporter: hillary clinton says more military and intelligence officers trust her to be president. her campaign unveiled a new ad showing wounded veterans listening to trump's sayings. >> i've made a lot of sacrifices. i've had tremendous successful >> reporter: clinton is winning nearly every battleground state in play. only iowa is considered a from settled. >> if you look at this, it's fragile sxhshg is it's fragile because -- and it's fragile because you have a female who sunpopular. >> reporter: the first lady and michelle obama will campaign in
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>> why there will be no charges in connection with this case. flu shot season approaching, doctors make a big announcement on what is the best vaccine for your kids. >> and a couple of small thunderstorms out to the east, the heavier stuff down to the south. a couple of thunderstorm warnings to 5:00, and all ofth >> meet a man who decided to donate a kidney and a grateful strange who are got it. >> >> reporter: seeing an electric bill spike after getting a new meter. at 6:00, what we found and how we helped fix the
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new developments surround the remain was a young boy who
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today a man led investigators to the remains and confessed to killing him. the boy's mother spoke about her son. >> what i really wanted to say today is, about jacob, he's taught us all how to live, how to love. how to be fair, how to be kind. he speaks to the world that he knew, that we all believe in. and it is a world worth fighting for. his legacy will >> the suspect's dna matched dna in another child abduction case. nasal sprays are not enough to protect your kids from the flu. that has doctors preparing
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against certain sprays. the spray was pop urm because it was not painful -- popular. two colorado strangers connected for life. one gave the other a kidney. their story is more unusual. >> this living donor wasn't giving to a friend or family member. he just anyone. and the two men who connected are both characters! outgoing, charming, and grateful. >> extremely picky. >> reporter: burt is a fencing champion, international businessman, sailor, and grandpa. >> i was excited to meet this person. >> reporter: brad davis is 58, a former administrator, now self-employed, active with his two grown sons. this is just the
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brothers. >> reporter: kidney disease killed burt's mother and grandmother in. june his kid niece were failing. >> i couldn't get down the hill working anymore. >> reporter: brad had two healthy kidneys and a burning desire to give one of them away. >> i decided i wanted to do something now to help someone. >> rte hospital. >> in terms of age, tissue typing, size match too, they seemed like a great match. >> reporter: the men didn't leave until three months after transplant surgery. >> if i had three or four i'd do it again. it has made me more aware of highway special life
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friends with a bond above the hip and in the heart. >> both are recovering well. hurricane newton slammed into 2 resorts along baja california this morning. residents and tourists stranded in cabo. forecasters expect newton to dump 8 to 12 inches of rain in the region. there are no reports of people killed or missing in the storm. what happen >> moisture flow from newton just pushing into southeastern colorado. a couple of storm warnings, and a stationary front. cooler behind it. 90s yesterday, low 80s today. here's what's left of hermine, 50 miles
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pushing in from massachusetts, to long island, connecticut, the coast new jersey. they're still getting rain from it. and here is hurricane newton, 75 miles an hour, category 1, north northwest at 18. starting to turn a little to the north. pushing that moisture through to mexico into southeastern sections of the state. that's our news director right here! this is the roof restaurant that was blown off the restaurant onto the balcony above the restaurant! there you are. sorry, boss. as we look at our satellite and radar, we do have a couple of storms trying to get going out east. not a lot of speed limit for those. the moisture is down here. moisture till 5:30, and one till 7:00, and heavier storms. we are seeing a lot of rain, in extreme southeastern sections of the state, and there's the hurricane
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the red flag warning that goes until 6:00 tonight as we roll the hour by hour forecast, heavier storms over the southeast move out, and this continues from that hurricane moisture. and this is at 3:00 am on thursday morning, plenty. clouds around here, maybe a little misty or rainy conditions down southeast. and a couple of storms push over in the southeast, and skies clear, rolling into friday. lots of sunshine around here. 9:00 am on friday, setting the stage for a pretty nice weekend. 84 downtown, vista -- buena vista, 74 degrees, 77 in arvad alone tree in denver, 78 and 84, east 14 for the winds with a falling barometer. for tomorrow, 70s, 80s, 90s over the south ooeflt.
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mountains. 80s west. denver forecast for tonight, isolated storm, clouds could develop late, 56 and 55. and for tomorrow, decreasing clouds, fair and warm, back in the lower 80s. and for the next several day, 87 on thursday, another cold front, 77 on friday. near-perfect weekend, 80 on saturday, 87 sunday. plenty of sunshine! >> just beautiful. there are still some oppoun energy's day of service. outdoor education to inner city students for 34 years, still recovering from the 2013 flood. >> they're actually going to build a fence from the aspens we have on the property. parks and wildlife are protecting the aspen so we're partnering with
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>> xcel energy's day of service this is saturday from 8:00 to 11:00 am. sign up on the how long will gary kubiak give his,, over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers.
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ill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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what made peyton manning effective last year warrant
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necessarily his arm strength. his brain, his football mind, second to none. he was famous for his ability to change place on the line of scrimmage. we probably won't see much of that from trevor siemian. he said taken just one regular season snap in the nfl. but we will see some of that on thursday night. >> we have to give him freedom. we gotta let him play. when you're hall-of-famer, that package may be bigger. but trevor is a smart kid that's correct one of the reasons he's got himself in this position too. he's able to handle a lot. and we're gonna help him and try to keep him in that situation. >> players don't want to hear about this gaming a rematch of super bowl 50. but there is no doubt it's on the minds of the
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>> any team that went to the super bowl and lost, some guys have a chip on their shortly. we're gonna have a chip on our shoulder as well. a lot of people say we didn't deserve the super bowl so we're gonna go on out and play our best. 383 yards of total offense by himself. that's more than the entire colorado state team has. don't expect all that success to go to their heads. >> definitely not cocky. i think after being in the program for three years, where you're in a lot of close games or not winning game, you get into this
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any up. and that's definitely the mindset of this team this week. we don't want to give any games away. >> certainly a great start for cu. now we're waiting to see what happens. >> just win, baby. [ laughter ]
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>> warmup for the weekend.
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than doubled after she signed up for a saves program. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the candidates come out swinging. >> once again donald trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be our president. >> putin looks at hillary clinton and he smiles. boy, would he like to see her. >> pelley: as the fall campaign begins, we'll size up the battlu in the battleground states. also tonight, a confession in the abduction and murder of anuc 11 year old 27 years ago. >> it's incredibly painful to know his last days, last hours, last minutes. >> pelley: a sexual harassmentle suit against former fox news chief roger ailes is settled with an apology from the company and a reported $20 million.


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