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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  September 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm MDT

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sacrifices. >> reporter: while trump campaigns in virginia and north carolina, hillary clinton went to florida for a rally in tampa. all three are battleground states being hotly contested. >> reporter: the latest battleground tracker shows clinton is winning nearly every state. but the race is far from settled. >> you look at this lead, it's fragile because you have a frontrunner who >> reporter: military and veterans' issues will continue to be a key topic as hillary clinton and donald trump appear at a veterans' hosted forum in prime time tomorrow night. don cheatel novembers denver today campaigning for hillary clinton. the east high school grad was on the 16th
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an update on the highlands neighborhood. a stabbing inside of a popular restaurant there. mead street station on 32nd and laurel. a customer stabbed a server. one person did go to the hospital brock turner registered today at the green county sheriff's office in ohio. he was released four days away from a california jail. he served half of his 6-month sentence for sexual assault on an unconscious woman. today in miami, special trucks sprayed for zika with a new formula.
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organic bacteria called b, 1. >> bti attacks the larva of the mosquito, getting into their gut and making so they can't process food and can't develop. >> the stronger insecticide is controversial. it is banned from the european union. some say it's dangerous for women. the commissioner calling on miami dade county to stop using it all together. ole their photo of travis rudolph sitting with beau paski went viral. he was sitting alone until rudolph sat with him. now everyone wants to sit with him at school! >> i'm a superstar!
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yet! yesterday he invited bo to meet the entire team. one man's idea of giving back is almost unbelievable. why he decided to donate a kidney to someone he never met. >> and nothing going on in denver right now. you can see mostly clear, a partly cloudy sky. here in adams, arapahoe, rather, a couple showers and thunderstorms.
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two colorado strangers are connected for life. in april, one gave the other a kidney. their story is even more unusual because they didn't even meet until months after the transplant. >> extremely picky. >> reporter: burt is a fencing champion, international businessman, sailor, and grandpa. >> i was excited to meet this
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self-explode, active with his two grown sons. this is just the third time the two men have met. but they are closer than brothers. >> reporter: in june of 2015, his kid niece were failing. >> i could not go down the hill working anymore. >> reporter: brad had two healthy kid niece, and a burning >> i decided i wanted to do something now. to help someone. >> reporter: the two were paired up at porter adventist hospital. >> age, tissue typing, size match too, they seemed like a great match. >> reporter: the men didn't meet until three months after
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>> it has made me aware ever how special life it. >> reporter: strangers now friends with a bond boost hip and in the heart. >> kathy walsh reporting. find out how you can be an organ donor by visiting and we have a slight chance for rain showers tonight!
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a suspend chlorine bomb dropd the chlorine fell into a crowded neighborhood. 80 civilians taken to the hospital to be treated for breathing issues. some of those injured included young children. the two leaders have been expected to meet today in laos canceled the meeting following his remarks. when asked to respond, president obama chose
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colorful statements in the past, so clearly he's a colorful guy. >> he is known for unusually crass comments, including cursing the pope and using homophobic slur to describe the u.s. ambassador to the philippines. the preliminary report was just released today and found the emirates pilot tried to take off a touchdown. he already began raising the landing gear when the plane hit the ground. the crash did kill a firefighter. hundreds of flights out of cabo san lucas were canceled as hurricane newton made landfall. winds reached up to 90 miles an hour. newton expected to make a
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wednesday. it's been busy! >> let's go to cabo. [ laughter ] >> it's hurricane season, people! >> i know! >> really. we have had both east and west coast, hurricanes around. no problems for us. here in denver, partly cloudy skies, a pretty nice evening after a pretty nice day, and certainly cooler than the 93 degrees yesterday. showers and storms off to the east of us, the county, washington county. showers and thunderstorms, nothing very heavy. they are heavy to the south. thunderstorm warning until 6:45, one till 7:45. we put this in motion, showers and thunderstorms out east, nothing in the western half of colorado. and they all leave a few hanging around, northeastern colorado, maybe a little fog. a couple over the southeast tomorrow. this moisture is that from the
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friday, everything is gonna, 3:00 pm. not a cloud in the sky! and all the storms have moved off to the east. here's what's left of hermine, west at 7, moving back toward the coast. still some showers along the coast. and this is so it is moving north northwest, starting to turn to the north, and then we'll push all that moisture up into new mexico especially. here is neuronews director here at cbs4. he is staying at cabo san lucas. there their is the picture he sent, and he said this saturday roof of restaurant blown off the restaurant and onto the balcony above it. that's what you get.
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74 in buena vista. northwest arvada had 77: same in lone tree. 80 in almowsa. 77 and 83 right now. look at this from howardamosa. 77 and 83 right now. look at this from howard. temperatures tonight, mostly if the 50s and 60s eastern plains, 40s west. and tomorrow, 70s, 80s, still 90s over southeastern colorado. 60s and 70s mounlt. out west -- mountains. out west temperatures in the 80s. denver forecast for tonight, isolated storm, a little fog overnight. 56 and 55. then for tomorrow, looks like we'll see skies begin to clear. lots of sunshine. it.s in the lower 80s -- temperatures in the lower 80s, and for the next several days, we'll stay in the 80s. cool front on friday,
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the 80s. >> we'll cross our fingers we'll get a little moisture from the hurricane. >> doesn't look like it's gonna happen. [ laughter ] calwood education center needs your help during the day of service. it was hardhit by the 2013 flooding it & needs volunteers to move logs, build a fence, create flash piles and do road repairs. for 34 years, they have been offering nature and mountain education to kids, including students low-income school. >> they're immersed in nature, they're here for three days, they stay overnight. we feed them, we select the tea beforehand and design the program that will fit the needs of this kid. >> you can sign up to help during xcel energy's day of service from our website. more scrutiny for a pharmaceutical company under fire for raise little price of a
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for just 70 dollars a month for one year. speed may not be available in your area.
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energy companies brought the markets up today. a number
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labor day holiday. the dow gained 46. nasdaq groou 26. new developments on the investigation into the maker of epipens. they are life-saving treatments for allergic reactions. no's attorney general -- new york's attorney general is looking into whether mylan violated antitrust program has provided 700,000 free injectors. there is an update in the case of a former fox news channel anchor who accused the chief executive of sexual harassment. they settled the lawsuit with the network for $20 million. he is no longer with fox.
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a glitch caused delays but did not cancel flights. in some cases, they were handing out paper tickets. british airways encouraged passengers to check in online before to avoid delays. there is a type of housing aimed at millennials that trades privacy for social connections. chris martinez shows us just how it works. >> reporter:a, a, renovated loft, she calls the future of housing. >> people are stlairg sharing their economy, homes. >> reporter: a residence design forward people on vacation or staying in the area on a temporary basis. it's part of a movement toward co-living, more buildings are popping up around the nation with a dorm-like atmosphere. this one in new york offers modern amenities where
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exercise together. >> reporter: it is a no frills version of the same concept. a stay costs $50 a night >> reporter: that includes a bed, tv, and storage area. what's missing is privacy. every pod is wide-open to encourage interaction. >> a little privacy, gain a whole lot of socialability, or collision as we call it here >> reporter: those collisions come in common areas like the shared kitchen. millennial sammy burckhardt and emma greenspan became friends stayinge. it's fun. i feel like it brings us closer. >> there's a lot more value to the experience than having ownership over something >> reporter: right now pod share is only in l.a. but they hope to stretch the model beyond
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i'm matt kroschel in grand junction where the end of day 1 of jury deliberations in the paige birgfeld homicide trial began. lester jones charged in her death. in 2007 she disappeared. the remains found in 2011, and is lester jones, one of paige's clients from a hidden life where she was an escort is the jury asked several questions today, including asking the judge to bring in additional pieces of information, including phone calls into the jury box. we have no idea how long this may take. >> reporter: stan bush, more than a month after motorcyclists shut down a stretch of i-25, denver police have made the first arrests, and more may be coming. it happened during an
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motorcyclists who had been killed on the road, but it really caused a headache for drivers. two of the three men arrested had their motorcycles seized. none are denver area residents. >> reporter: i'm rick salinger in westminster. one of the 130 itt technical institute campuses around the country have shut down. college is blaming the federal government. the career colleges have been under fire over job placement problems. money came in large part from federal grants to students. the government. ed more money from the schools to back it up. >> beautiful night tonight. >> beautiful night, and the next several day, if you don't want the moisture, it's gonna be just about perfect. 83 on wednesday, 87 on thursday. and a surge comes through.
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saturday, 87 sunday, and partly cloudy skies all the way. >> thanks for joining us on colorado's news channel.
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previously on ncis... jacob scott, former mi6, caught selling u.s. nuclear intel to russia. at mi6, he functioned at the highest level of security, until we got a tip from the cia. jacob scott's out for blood. yeah? whose? he said ncis killed his wife. the stolen file-- put it up. boss, this is a hit list? where would he start, gibbs? the top. fornell: the man who ordered the whole damn thing-- tom morrow.
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(phone ringing) (silenced gunshot) (ringing continues) woman: sir, you can't go in there. no, i'm going in! sir! emt: pulse is erratic. blood pressure's dropping. gibbs: tobias, can you hear me? nurse: 30 ccs of etomidate. a hundred of succinylcholine. prep him for surgery. is he going to be okay? he lost a lot of blood. we'll do what we can. wait, wait. i have a friend, dr. cyril taft. he's out of the country right now, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... but maybe he can help. you'll... you need to prepare yourself. prepare myself? for what? hey. give me a sitrep. former mi6 chief terdei's body's been secured. got a bolo out on jacob scott over the entire tri-state area. where's dinozzo? mcgee: he just got back from russia. he's on his way from the airport. how's fornell? (sighs) we need to find his daughter. tony: i got her. she's still in school. agents are bringing her in now, but, uh, she doesn't know anything yet. she just lost one parent, she can't lose another. gibbs: you and that mi6 officer reeves were tracking scott in moscow.
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jacob must've slipped back into the states somehow. what's our next move, boss? we're gonna find jacob scott. and we're gonna kill him. ? ? boss, pulled a fingerprint off the back window. jacob scott was here. i talked to a colleague at the hospital. fornell is still in surgery. how's he doing? well, i wish i had good news. the best i can offer is


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