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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  September 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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a block later, the driver crashed. >> i hit my head, but it's gone now. so it's great. a little dizzy afterward. but i'm snapping out of it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: after the crash, man seen here with the mohawk stole a white dodge pickup truck and drove off. more breaking news coming in from roxboro park. a small grass fire sending up an burned so far. cbs4 first to report on the arrest of three men for kidnapping a man and holding him captive for five days. the kidnappers demanded a ransom from the victim's family.
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and was dragged outside at gunpoint. the victim is okay but there are a lot of questions. the chief dealsed the bizarre incident. >> this was a major investigation with honest of law enforcement officers involved >> reporter: august 30th, four men dressed in black, stormed on alameda. the men grabbed him and called his father, demanding $500,000 for his son's safe return. the neighbor couldn't believe the family had been targeted. >> they seemed really nice, a lot of family gatherings, a lot of cars, always nice new cars. >> reporter: and a father owns this tacos junior snore lakewood. he dropped off $200,000 to the captors at the
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during captivity was freed a few days ago. the f.b.i., lakewood police, and west metro s.w.a.t. teams used cellphone data and dna to realist these suspects at different locations. >> there was minimal risk to the officers, to the suspects, to the general public. >> reporter: this man is still on the run. court documents show his family had a dispute with the victim over horses at the victim's ranch. the allege he had planned the kidnapping for years. police would not comment on any possible drug connection. as the search for a violent criminal continues, trevor says his family is on alert. >> just want to make sure that our house is locked up and squared away. >> reporter: sources have confirmed the suspect and the kidnapping victim and three of the four suspects are undocumented immigrants include the man still on the loose.
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if you have any information, call crime stoppers. we also have a complete news conference from investigators on this case on our website. a longmonth couple is accused of abusing their child. >> the 17-year-old son weighed only 88 pounds and was in very before a judge this afternoon. >> reporter: they did, and is another came theer join him. a -- here to join him. a judge advised david hall of the charges this afternoon at the boulder county jail. the teen was near death when he arrived at children's hospital after passing out in the shower when his parents claim they thought he just had the flu and blamed his low weight on having skinny
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>> reporter: 52-year-old vanessa hull had nothing to say to our camera outside of a preliminary hearing at the boulder county jail. she's out of custody on a $100,000 bond after police arrested her and her husband david hall on felony charges of child abuse and neglect. at this mobile home in long mont, their autistic and blind son allegedly endurd months if not years of abuse in their care. he weighed 88 pounds, had bed source, pneumonia, and was severely malnourished. he hadn't seen a doctor or gone to school in eight years since the family move leader from georgia. >> i was really shocked. >> reporter: the next door neighbor says he never saw any indication of poor conditions or neglect. but the arrest warrant affidavit tells a different story. a boy who survived on 500
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next to his bed for his bathroom needs. one described his condition as of that of a concentration camp survivor. the week-long investigate was difficult, even for police. >> we're human as well, and it's tough to investigate a case like this, even as a police officer. it's a tough case. >> reporter: and the judge is here today set david hall's bond at $50,000. she still in custod
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really quiet, peaceful spot. >> the restaurant should be back open tomorrow. the owner plans to put together some sort of an event to raise funds for the victim. the very latest as we await a verdict and trial of at man accused of killing paige birgfeld. that mother from grand junction disappeared in 2007. her rem five years later. lester jones is on trial for the murder of birgfeld, who also worked as an escort. matt kroschel was the only reporter there. and the jurors had another question today. >> reporter: they did. we just watched the jury actually leave the courthouse for the evening.
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evidence to be brought into the jury room. they asked for the full 7.5 interrogation tape of lester jones. and they wanted to be able to revie that, play it back and look at all that information. the defense team objected. >> there's really no unfair and i don't see the need to impose any restrictions on the jury's access to the defendant's videotaped statement. >> reporter: this was nearly a month-long trial. and a lot of information for the jury to be pouring over, so it's no surprise it's taking them a long time to go through their notes and is look for this information. a lot of folks
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on the western slope and across the country. national media attention on this case since 2007. matt kroschel, cbs4. new developments in the gold king mine spill. there's a super fund site. the epa-triggered spill. the designation cleared the away for millions of dollars to clean up sites. it's taken months to negotiate the superfund designation. locals fear it might hurt tourism. donald trumped and hillary clinton are scheduled to participate in a forum focusing on national security tonight. >> the republican nominee got a head start spelling out his plans for the military. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: donald trump laid out his plans for protect the
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office, i will ask my generals to present to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy isis. >> reporter: trump says he wants to spend billions to beef up the military, increasing troops, navy ships, and fighter planes. >> we want to deter, avoid, and is prevent conflict through our military strength. >> reporter: both trump and hillary clinton will participate in a commander in they're expected to talk about the military and national security. >> >> reporter: clinton was not on the campaign trail but slammed trump for not supporting those who serve in the military. >> his whole campaign has been one long insult to all those who have worn the uniform. >> reporter: she's the first democratic candidate the paper
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decades. >> i talk with donald trump jr. at 6:00 about why we haven't seen his father campaign more in colorado. >> why hasn't he made more of an graefb play for this state -- aggressive play for this state? >> what he thinks of the election in colorado. there was a pilot's big wi national cemetery. who stepped up to help her family accomplish that. >> very sick when he arrived. grizzly is getting a lot better! >> high clouds drifting across the state. that's the hurricane that we had down there! lots of moisture coming along with it.
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a woman who flew during world war ii gets her final wish. she was buried at arlington national cemetery. the government had banned the wasps from burial at arlington, but her family fought hard to change that! they got help from m mcsally, the first in combat. >> these women were amazing pioneers. and is they opened up doors for women like me to become military pilots. this is personal for me. >> personal for many. elane was one of about 1,000 women who earned pilots' wings and flew noncombat missions in world war ii. a sick dog is getting
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dialysis and more! >> his owners call grizzly a fighter. he's been getting treatment you don't hear about for dogs. he's become a regular at the veterinary teaching hospital at colorado state university o. this day, he looks well. but he's been a very sick pup. >> i took him out to go to the bathroom, and he basically black. >> reporter: that was about three weeks ago. he and his fiancee erica wushed to ccircumstance -- rushed to ccircumstance u where they learned their dog was dying. >> his body was attacking his own red blood cells >> reporter: the tame was age to filter -- team was able to filter his blood but his kidneys had shut down. >> i was happy to existed that dialysis existed and there was something we could do. >> reporter: the big dog knows
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wait patiently for a machine to fix his problem. >> we do think that his kidneys are starting to recover >> reporter: they're starting to see the old grizzly. but they need $22,000 for medical bills. >> we maxed out our credit card, we blew through every savings that we had. >> reporter: they even ask forward help. dog lovers have now donated through a go fund me page, all rooting for grizzly to looking encouraging for grizzly! and she very lucky to live near csu. >> what a beautiful dog! >> isn't he something else? [ laughter ] >> another warm day today, and is not much in the way of moisture. just high clouds, and that is from newton, that hurricane! you can see the clouds spreading with all that
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at this hour. that's about as close as it gets to denver, then everything moves to the east. saturday, noon, not a drop of rain or a cloud in the sky! a great weekend ahead. sunday sunny too, but even warmer. dry too, red flag warning for the higher mountain valleys. you can se tomorrow, until 8:00 in the evening. here's that stationary front. and that moisture is just tracking up all along that front into the great lakes region, we're on the warm side of the front. but it is keeping the moisture away from colorado. tropical storm newton right now, winds at 35 miles an hour. it is moving north northeast at 18
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where we started. the record 95, and 34. this is just how cold it can get this time of year. that was from 1929. 85 and 26 right now. east wind, 13% humidity. this is pikes peak, looking to the east. and you can almost see the curvature of the earth! great shot. fall colors near echo lake. scott norman bringing you a waterfall there. and this is from joanne, buena vista sunset. mostly 50s, 60s for the eastern plains. out west, temperatures in the 40s and 50s, and tomorrow another warm one around here with 80s and 90s for the eastern plains. mostly 70s for the mountains. and out west, temperatures also in the 80s to the low 90s.
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for tonight, look for clearing skies, lows right in the low to mid-50s. same for tomorrow. another warm one with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. and is for the next several days, a bumpy ride! down to 75 on friday, steady back to 79 on saturday. look at upper 80s on sunday before the next cold front! down again on monday to 73. and forecast for tonight shows a colder front coming in next week! >> thanks are changing! a lot with the panthers. the game also kicked off the nfl's regular season, officially. and to celebrate, the league has set up a kickoff in civic center park. it's open tonight till 8:00 and starting at 10:00 am tomorrow leading up to the game. some elementary school kids also got to help kick off the nfl regular season today. american idol winner jordan sparks joined carl mech len
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-- mecklenburg and some of the
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klenburg, and some of the broncos -- mecklenburg and some of the broncos cheerleaders in arvada. saernsd has been honest about wanting a new contract and
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thomas and sanders are locked down for the near futurenders has been honest about wanting a new contract and today he got it. thomas and sanders are locked down for the near future. emotions high, even higher tomorrow considering it's the first game sin the super bowl. but games like this, the broncos are at their best. >> t emotional. they pay the price all week long, trust them, let them play. if they're not talk a little bit, something is wrong. >> you gotta contain it, you gotta keep them down because it's gonna be going so fast in the beginning. but we gotta get them to calm down and play ball. the panthers are coming into tomorrow's game with a chip
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they beat the panthers in super bowl 50 of course. but according to trevoftin that is not the. >> we're a great defense just like them, this is a whole new season from 2016. it's all about showing we are, we'll be fine. >> i think they'll have a little bit of a chip. we'll theki late-inning lead yesterday. they lost to the giants 3-2. usually it would be easy to point at the bullpen. but there was plenty of blame yesterday! this error by descalso allowing buster posey to advance to second. he would later score the go-ahead run. and after the game, descalso really let one get away.
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times, just throwing error, and it cost us the game. >> a chance 2013 series tonight. >> nice when they don't hide in the training room. >> i know.
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>> a little cool-down, another warmup, and a little cool-down! 87, 75, 79, 88, and back down to 73 degrees. the only chance for showers, income monday! >> beautiful night out at the stadium tomorrow night.
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>> why colorado is harvesting hemp. captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: channeling his inner reagan. >> peace through strength. >> peace through strength. >> pelley: trump lays out his foreign policy and draws fire from clinton. also tonight, a public backlash delays mosquito spraying as the zika virus spreads. apple rolls out a new iphone. why hard core apple fans are i- rate. and a world war ii veteran wins her final battle. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. s >> pelley: 62 days now before the election.


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