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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  September 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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a disturbing case of child abuse in longmont. a mother and father are under arrest after their son went to the hospital. >> she blind and has autism. he weighed just 88 pounds. a good thing authorities stepped in when they did. >> reporter: you can definitely say that. according to court documents, the teen was so malnourished when he was brought in, that he was near death. a judge is advised david hall of his charges this afternoon here at the boulder county jail. investigators say hall and his wife claim they thought they had their -- their son, rather, just
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relatives and being a picky eater. 52-year-old vanessa hall had nothing to say to our camera outside of a preliminary hearing at the boulder county jail. she is out of custody on a $100,000 bond after police arrested her and her husband, david hall on felony charges of child abuse and neglect. here their autistic and blind son alleged leed endured months if not years of abuse in their 17-year-old weighed 88 pounds, had bed sores, pneumonia, and was malnourished. the boy hadn't seen a doctor or gone to school in eight years since the family moved here from georgia. >> really shocked about it. >> reporter: he never saw any indication of poor conscience or neglect. but the achd tells a different story. a boy who survived on seven to eight sodas
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worth of chips or crackers, a boy who used a jug next to his bed for his bathroom needs. one physician described his condition as of that of a concentration camp survivor. detective matthew cage says the week-long investigation was difficult even for police. >> reporter: we're human as well. and it's tough to investigate a case like this. even as a police officer. it's a tough case. >> reporter: the judge set hall's bond appearances set here on friday at 1:30. his wife's first court appearance will be here on september 20th. donald trump jr. campaigns for his dad here in colorado on a day trump promised to boost
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his son was talking to sperse men here about getting a republican in the white house. >> sean boyd talked with him, and a lot of people are wondering if and when donald is going to come back to colorado. >> his son says soon. donald trump has only made one appearance here. we talked about his father league back and forth on mass deportation. >> you can't start a good faith negotiation with someone essentially committing a crime or perpetrating a fraud to get in there. he's not against immigrants. i'm the son of an immigrant. he is the son of an immigrant. but those people went through a process. they're here. there is damage that's been done with illegal immigration in this country.
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latin communities jobs, it's driven down wages, it's made it difficult for those people to surmount some of the incredible hurdles they face in the inner cities. >> trump junior is talking to sportsmen and fundraising. he told me the military in colorado is a huge component of his dad's support here and says without a doubt trump will be back. >> why hasn't he made more an aggressive play for this state? >> well, i think he'll be here. he's obviously focused on a l of places. colorado is a place near and dear to my heart. i lived here for 18 months after graduating from college. i grew up coming here the holidays with my family. it's an important state furs. >> trump jr. says the upcoming debate is significant and we
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himself. he also weighed in on the ballot nosh raise the minimum wage, saying while it's a state issue, raising it too fast is disastrous and would leave business to do automation. what he thinks a better solution is tonight at 10:00, and what he thinks of drilling on federal lands in colorado. another controversial topic. >> we've seen the latest polls ha but they're not giving up. >> absolutely not. we also expect to see trump's daughter in the coming days. three men behind bars accused of kidnapping the son of a lakewood business owner and holding him for ransom. the arrests come after a 6-day investigation. tom mustin has been on this case all day for
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>> reporter: he was dragged violently out of this christal disappear beat then captivity. >> reporter: lakewood a police chief detailed the bizarre kidnapping of andreas flores pareddes. >> it was a major investigation with hundreds of law enforcement officers involve the. >> reporter: august 30th, four men ak-47, stormed into this adult store on alameda. the men called his father who lives at this lakewood home, demanding $500,000 for his son's safe return. a neighbor couldn't believe the family had been targeted. >> really nice, a lot of family gatherings. a lot of cars, always nice new cars. >> reporter: a father, zapadda owns this store in lakewood.
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captors at the family ranch in commerce city. his son who had been beaten was freed a few days ago. the f.b.i., lakewood police, and west metro s.w.a.t. teams used cellphone data and dna to rest these suspects at different locations. >> there was minimal risk to the officer, to the suspects, to the general public. >> reporter: this man is still on the run. his family had a dispute with the victim over horses at the documents allege zamorra planned the kidnapping for years. as the search continue, his family is on alert. >> we've made sure that our house is locked up and squared away. >> reporter: the suspects are under investigation, including the man still on the loose
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armed and extremely dangerous. and if you have any information, call crime stoppers or lakewood police. tom mustin, cbs4 news. sheriff deputies are searching for a man who led them on a high-speed chase through weld county this morning. gerald haven sped away in a stolen suv, going 100 miles an hour. crews called off the chase when he got too dangerous for other drivers. he has been spotted in evans and greeley. the latest on a stabbing in a highlands neighborhood. police were talking with staff members at mead street station after an attacker stabbed a customer in the throat. and that attacker is still on the loose. >> it's just been a crazy twourdz. crazy this happened right here. but you're concerned about where the person is, and what's gonna happen. but my concern at this point is for the
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>> that victim is still in the hospital. the owner plans to put together some sort of an event to raise money for the treatment. the restaurant should be back open tomorrow. new developments in the runaway cost to build a new v.a. hospital in aurora. a house panel issued a subpoena demanding the v.a. give up details on how it spent the money. it's cost nearly $1.7 billion to build the hospital, that is triple earlier estimates, and it's nowhere close to >> i believe this committee and the american people are entitled to review all the documents associated with aurora aib and to draw their own conclusions as to what went wrong and who should be held accountable. as far as this project is concerned. >> kaufman says the d.a. has
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officials no longer with the department. some of them got bonuses. the v.a. says making the documents public could have a chilling effect on future internal investigations. right now the state is celebrating its first certified grown hemp seeds! colorado's agriculture department is the first in the country to produce that domestic product. matt kroschel checking in on the western slope, a massive ground. >> reporter: the colorado department of agriculture has been working for years to come up with a hemp seed that will qualify as hemp and not marijuana. the state is showing off their hemp harv est in the grand valley here today. under the program, see thes produced and conditioned will be issued as cda certified c-tas through the seed growers' association. and is after planting sflaerts five lobes across colorado, the cda officials were able to harvest the first crop, taking
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testing. why is all this important? because the u.s. congressional research committee says there are more than 25,000 uses for hemp, including health food and fiber. >> i think the economics in colorado are in play. it's an emerging industry, and a lot more to be determined in the coming years. >> reporter: once the seeds are tested, farmers can make sure they're planting the right crop. we're live in grand junction, matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain newsroom. look for changes at your local albertson's store, they're undergoing facelifts and will emerge under the new name, safeway. nine albertsons stores will become safeways, including
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a lost wedding ring makes its way back to the rightful owner. the surprising place firefighters found that keepsake. >> and things are heating up at civic center park. >> and high clouds east state means lots of moisture in the air from that hurricane, and you can see here, a little storm
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a ring is back with its owner after it accidentallywo boot! a couple lost it while donating to the fill the boot campaign. it was hixed in with loose change in the car's ash tray. the couple told the fire department they had been looking for the ring for a week! the campaign raised $19,000 this year. coming together to honor
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the attack. there will abe concert featuring john fogerty. michael hancock talked about what makes it so important. >> it is time to remind everyone to remain vij land, aware, and that we still have terrorist threats all over this world. and that we should stay away. but also celebrate those men and women in uniform every day to protect this nation, and who respond for us locally. police, fire paramedics. >> we have all that information online. the nfl is kicking off a new season right here in denver. >> it is all free, booths and activity, a lot of fun for the
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autographs and pictures with football legends. >> so far it's been great! got my picture taken with the lom bared trophy. soaking up the feeling around here, it's wonderful! >> great atmosphere. >> everything wraps up tomorrow afternoon with three performances by ditious bentley and one public. the big concert gets going at 4:30. highlights and locker room interviews after the game at 10:00. >> and they'll have all 50 super bowl rings out there too. >> wow! >> kickoff tomorrow, 80 degrees, sunny sky, just beautiful. high clouds around here. lincoln county, just a little storm in the last hour
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moisture from newton working its way to the south of colorado. going up into the great lakes region. you'll see a popup on the eastern plains this evening, that's about it. saturday, 5:00, sunny skies across the state. a few scattered showers over the southern and southwestern mountains. that's for the mountain high valleys, 8:00 thursday! yesterday 87, today 88 degrees. well above normal for this time of year. a tropical storm at 45 miles an hour, moving north northeast at 18. and most of the moisture
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southeastern border. 52 and 57 were the lows. above those, 95 and 34, the record lows. and from our weather watcher in bailey, 75, 79 in
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to upper 80s once again. and for the next several days, cool-down on friday. here comes the weekend, here comes
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agent -- free agent after this season. the broncos now have both sanders and thomas under contract through the 2019 season. those guys set to be on the field tomorrow night against carolina. for a pair of veteran wide receivers that, should be easy money.
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sometimes the young guys want to prove themselves and make a name for themselves. >> i'd be a little nervous, a little butterflies in my stomach but i'm excited. this is my first regular season game. i get a chance to go against some great talent, showcase my tal own thursday night, national tv. so i'm excited. worry about is benny fowler. the broncos have ruled him out for tomorrow. he's been dealing with an elbow injury. what is your prediction for tomorrow night! broncos win big? close? lose big? tiger woods hopes to return to golf next month. hopes. me hasn't played in a tournament in -- he hasn't played in a tournament in more than a year
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he hasn't been tiger in quite sometime. he had two back surgeries in 2015 and admitted he still has work to do as you can see there. is >> i don't expect too much from him. it's hard to say that because i don't know how long he's been out of the game. for a while. but it's always tough to come of the greatest of all time. it's difficult to get that sharpness back. football players often lead big men on campus but more so when they win. there's nothing like being on campus when the football team is doing well. even the football players are taking note of how excite campus is after friday's victory. >> after the game, i heard
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football players. i don't think we've ever had that before. i wasn't there but i heard that a couple guys were going to that. i think a lot of people are excited. a cool moment at foothills high school in california. one of their senior cheerleaders was recently diagnosed with leukemia. the football team walked out on the field this weekend, stopped and put an orange rose at her feet. oran awareness. >> oh, my gosh! [ laughter ] >> it started at just one, then the whole team got involved. >> that's beautiful. donald trump and hillary clinton calling each other a threat to national security.
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donald trump planning boost spending and boost the size of the american military. >> and hillary clinton will be touting her credentials in the commander in chief forum in new york city.


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