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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  September 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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not only was that suspect firing at law enforcement but also innocent bystanders. there were bullet hole on the side of this wing of the hospital that suspect narrowly missing staff members walking around just trying to go about their day. >> officers arrived and upon arriving at the house they immediately started taking gunfire from a large caliber
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in his chest. fellow law enforcement rendered lifesaving treatment on the scene he suffered internal injuries. his brother said dan is strong and fighting to survive. his family has been by his bedside. >> we told him what his next mission is, and his next mission is move your toes, you're doing this, you're winning. >> medical staff say while it the injuries will have on his brain function he is responding to treatment. >> to recover from something like this takes months. we're not even a week out and so he's made progress. >> now, we did ask doctors directly if he would awake. they would only respond awake and alertness is blunted but he
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there are 5 officers under investigation. we're told that those 5 are the ones that fired the shots. a full report on that should be available within a week. >> a lot of people are pulling for him to pull through. we have posted the entire news conference about detective bright's condition and the investigation at you can also find out how you can help his family. a now after firefighters pulled her from a burning home last night. it started shortly after midnight in lakewood. we're live right now. we just heard from those firefighters telling quite a story. tell us about it. >> reporter: we did. this is an amazing story. thist here is fire engine number 8. this is the engine that rushed out to that call early this morning. now, when firefighters
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the house appeared her bedroom where she was hiding. the girl and her day were taken to the medical center where they're still being treated for smoke inhalation. the home was heavily damaged. i want you to take a look at this video that we shot this morning at the backside of the house that you can see is charred with studs and insulation exposed. that's where a 5-year old girl was trapped up on the second floor. her mom, dad and brother were able to make it out safely but firefighters say was scared and she was hiding her bedroom closet as the fire burned. firefighters were able to go in and get her from the back to the front side of the home and bring her down to safety. the cause right now of that fire is under investigation. it unknown but firefighters believe it started on the deck. we just spoke with one of the firefighters who put his life on the line to go in and save her and he talked about what modes moments were like. >> i was screaming and yelling
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she heard me and answered me. i was able to get right to her. unfortunately she was hiding the closet. she was terrified. she was difficult to coax out oe closet that couple extra seconds but once we got her out, we got in the hallway and ran out the
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2.5 million units it shipped since the phones's launch. the action does not outright ban the dev strongly advices passengers not to turn on or charge them. >> samsung will ultimately recover but it obviously bad press. i think that samsung is going to take a big hit with this one just because it doesn't look good. >> samsung tells cws use that it's working to investigate the case. all for all the other owners around the globe the
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looking ahead to the weekend. >> hey good afternoon. it is almost perfect outside. take a live look from our rooftop but we have some chilly temperatures on the way tonight. you might be reaching for a sweater in the morning. coming up the broncos get boot panthers in a antiquer with a brand new starting quarter bark what the coach about the 2 interceptions plus
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taking a look at the tape. broncos final after the panthers missed that field goal right there. that win not so pretty. there were 2 interceptions. >> he's going to make mistakes. he's a young kid but man he played with a lot of poise. he makes play with his feet. he's going to watch film and geo much better. we made so many
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trevor handled his end of the bargain. >> he admitted butterflies. that was a gorgeous screen pal right there. he says he's confident in his offense. the broncos take on the colts at mile high right here on cbs 4. can't wait for that one. chris is back. we're going to talk about this cool down. it going to be chilly in the morning. let's go outside a clear skies over the city. we had a cool front work through this morning and there's a second surge of colder air on the way. i'll show you that here in just a minute. let's check in with a couple weather watchers. 73 from ron down in southwest littleton. we're in the 70s behind it. one
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wyoming working its way down. that would be working into colorado pretty soon. you can see that here on the current wind speeds it's been breezy on the eastern plains all day but look at this burst of wind right now coming across the border. that's the leading edge of the second surge of cooler air. behind the front there is a band of showers even some snow in some of the higher elevations of central wyoming. i don't think the srs look up here. here come that front the little surge of showers i just showed you they gradually dissipate as they approach colorado. we may see an increase in cloud cover as the second surge comes in. can't rule out a few light sprinkles somewhere but it is so dry here at the surface i don't think the showers are going to survive as they continue their southward trek. today much cooler. southeast
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colorado you did not feel these cold front so you're going to stay in the 70s up high with some high 80s on the western slope. southeast colorado you stay in the 50s, 30s and 40s up high and 50s out west. look at northwestern colorado 20s in some areas. we have our first freeze warning of the season. some of the valleys may drop 5 hours tonight. if that happens your growing season will be over that is why you're under a freeze warning. today we should top out in the lower to mid-70s, tomorrow a touch warmer, a perfect saturday low 80s, we soar to 90 and then the winds pick up and plummet again on monday. it's a true roller
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treasure was revealed in downtown denver. it was a time capsule buried over a half century ago and opened today. >> what are you like? what are you thinking? what are you wearing? and how we envy you reading our capsule. wow, we have returned. >> really cool stuff. the time capsule was thick with papers. they read a letter from the past principal. workers excavated it last week. it has been undisturbed since 1956 the items will all be added now to the
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floor of the library downtown really cool exhibit. coming up what nasa hopes to learn from a probe on its way to
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guess what's in this box? uh, no, don't. i'll just tell you: clean, renewable energy. cool, right? fact is, xcel energy is the nation's number one provider of wind energy, and has been for over a decade. whoa! that's wind for ya. when it comes to clean energy, we're always delivering. xcel energy.
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all right we'd like to you meet zoey, she's impressing a lot of people around here. she's sweet and loving and friendly with everyone she meets. easy to walk on a leash but she's going to want a little lap time afterwards. that's a good dog right there.
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the league is celebrating its 106th anniversary with discounted fees in adult dogs and no charge for adult cat right now. right now a nasa spacecraft is on its way to a small asteroid. they're hoping to retrieve dust and return it to earth to find out how or solar system formed. the rocket blasted off this morning in a gorgeous launch. the round trip journey will take will map the asteroid and then head back. it is dated back 4 billion years to 9 beginnings of our solar system. >> we're going to be answering some of the most fundamental questions that nasa really focuses on, how does the planet work, how does it form.
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decades of research. 15 years ago. the governor stopped by to tell us what with we can expect during a special ceremony in denver. >> there will be over 250 first responders, there will be structural steel from the world trade center that was recovered, a lot of opportunities for us to give, you know, really -- give tribute to those people that lost their lives and those other first responders that risked this sunday. it starts at 11:00.
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coming up at 5 new details about ducks turning up dead. we now have the cause on that. and we show the latest fitness trend involving suffer boards. that's all new at 5 tonight. final check from chris right now. >> well, the annual battle of
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we're going to look fallish at times and back to summer. not a lot of rain on the way. this is a temperature roller coaster, maybe monday or tuesday we'll get a couple of showers in here. >> it like arm wrestling.
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? >> steffy: you want me to move back in with wyatt? do what i ask. >> quinn: leave eric. >> steffy: it's that easy. >> quinn: if you think it would be that easy, you have no idea what he means to me. >> steffy: i know how much wyatt means to you. the lengths you went to get us together. do you want our marriage to succeed? the only chance wyatt and i have is if you leave my grandfather. >> eric: i'm back. c.e.o. living in the house again.


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