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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  September 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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an independent review . she tazed and falls back on his head. the aclu calls it a case of excessive force. jeff todd is investigating as well. the department believes the officer acted within policy. >> reporter: this incident happened in february. and around that time, an internal use force board said that the sergeant's actions were within policy. now the incident is going to be reviewed. >> mutt your -- put your hands in the air. [ all talking ] >> reporter: this is the beginning of the video the aclu gave up. police were responding to a call for a man who pointed a gun at a child.
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two men matched the description. [ all talking ] >> answer my question! >> stay there. >> they didn't have a reasonable suspicion. >> reporter: the aclu represented the man tazed. he was initially charged to failure to obey a lawful command. his case was dismissed by today the city wouldn't say why. the aclu argued this was an illegal detention. >> we do know this is another case of two young african american men doing nothing wrong, and is suddenly police are detaining them. >> i don't have any knowledge of there being any evidence of racial profiling in this case. >> reporter: some consider officer harris's actions to be
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all on video. you were failing to obey orders. >> there's an expectation of officers to remain professional. >> reporter: that independent review board with community members will meet soon and pass along recommendations to the chief. paige birgfeld sdmeerd 2007. her remains were not found until 2012. she was a single mother of three who led a secret
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rt -- es >> the dofls says they will re-- dpofs district attorney's office say they will go to trial again. intense backlash after brandon marshall chose not to stand during the national anthem last night. stan bush at the stadium again tonight. he says he has no regrets. >> reporter: brandon marshall controversy but he did it anyway, taking a knee during the national anthem to join a stance against social injustice in the black community. >> reporter: when brandon marshall kneeled, he expected to lose the endorsement, and the hate that would follow. >> a lot of racist comments. call meeting n word, calling me all kinds of derogatory terms >> reporter: he department expect the overwhelming support
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for dropping him, after he xefrzed a right servicemen are sworn to protect. >> it's what i chose, i'm a man i made a decision, and i stick by that decision >> reporter: colin kaepernick met anger after he first sat out the anthem but he's found even more support. his jersey is the league's top seller. and more players intend to xeel during the anthem this weekend. baldwin tweeted the entire team would acknowledge the movement in their first game. >> i don't agree with it, but it took courage for him to take a position like thatch >> reporter: it's a different time from the time ab-r he refused to stand. this time the players protests are not standing or sitting alone.
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millennials are very much in favor of be and let be. >> reporter: these protestors started with colin kaepernick, saying he wouldn't stand for the anthem until something changes. brandon marshall says he's not sure how long he will kneel during the anthem. but he did indicate today that it would not be throughout the season. a douglas county deputy with a suicidal suspect. he was shot in the chest a week ago. bright remains in critical condition but he is responding to treatment. he is a former marine, and his brother tells us that's part of the encouragement. >> we tell him what his next mission is. his next mission is move your toes.
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later killed by police. we know what's been killing duck at a pond in aurora. wildlife officers are blaming botulism. visitors to exposition park started seeing the dead birds last week. they were concerned it might have been due to pollution in the ponds. the city does test the water regularly. garagic fire this morning in lakewood. firefighters rescued a little girl trapped upstairs. andrea florress, this is a good reminder for families to set an escape plan. >> reporter: that's right. west metro fire believes the fire started on the back deck of this home. a 5-year-old girl trapped
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>> reporter: a frantic mother called for help as her lakewood home goes up in flames. >> we have a fire on our deck. the house is filling with smoke >> reporter: her daughter trapped inside. >> there is a 5-year-old trapped on the 2nd floor. >> reporter: west metro fire responded early friday mortgage where they found the little girl hiding in a closet. >> she did not want to come with me because she was too scared. >> reporte h >> children get scared, they try to hide. >> reporter: a year ago, crews almost missed two young boys inside a burning home because they were hiding in an area that was hard to find. it's important to have a plan. >> they should know two different ways to get out of the house if possible. >> reporter: he also says families should establish a safe space. >> a meeting place with parent,
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neighbor's porch. it's a big deal that they know what to do. >> reporter: west metro fire says the cause is still under investigation. the girl and her family are expected to be okay. the hunt for three men who held up a pawnshop in centennial. shots were fired, no one hurt. cameras shot these images of the getaway car, a blue sedan. >> it has tinted windows, blacked out lights, and it didn't have any plates. it should be fairly easy to spot. >> investigators wouldn't say what the men stole. new developments as police tell us one man committed two attacks on the high-line canal
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with both. investigators say he attacked two women on the trail near dartmouth and forest in denver last month. one woman told us she was simply walking her dog. police in arvada have tracked down the suspected peeping team. after we aired the surveillance video last night, they were ability to identify and arrest crews rescue a hiker after he fell more than 40 feet wednesday night. he was heard calling for help. he suffered multiple bone injuries. members of mountain rescue aspen responded with helicopters from flighted for life in the national guard. crews secured the man for transport and airlifted him to a nearby hospital. the rescue operating was complete by 9:00 am
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phone told to stop using it immediately. >> it's going to burn down my car. >> why some of the new galaxies are so dangerous. >> stunning images from police. two parents overdose with a child in the car. >> and how a driver got himself hung up. >> and an 8-year-old boy made a rare dinosaur discovery. >> not much on dop lur 4,000 gonna spend our weekend. that air is also shot. the sheet coming our way. >> were the broncos lucky last night? was the denver defense a
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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the new samsung galaxy note >> reporter: in the three weeks since samsung released the new note, there have been 35 reports around the world of the batteries exploding. >> it was very surprising to me how quick the dash caught on fire. >> reporter: his jeep caught fire after he left his new phone inside it to charge. >> that was the last thought, a brand-new device, something as simple as a phone is going to burn down my car.
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to avoid charging their note 7s on board. last friday, samsung issued a volunteer recall for all 2.5 million phones. lithium-ion batteres have been plagued with highly publicized problems. explosions in products from hover boards e-cigarettes. samsung's problem comes two days afteranel unveiled its new iphone. >> samsung will recover but i think it's obviously bad press. they're going to take a big hit with this one because it doesn't look good. >> samsung says it will stop shipping the phones and will get replacements to customers. a shocking image with a serious message. some are saying
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a woman passed out in a car with a young boy sitting in the backseat. the overdosed on heroin. they did survive. the chief wanted to draw attention to the heroin epidemic. >> it wasn't a decision made easily. we discussed this. it's a major issue. it's an epidemic. two overdoses last night. it's nonstop. >> do you think it's an the latest on the halted construction of the dakota access pipeline. a federal judge is said today work would resume on the pipeline because the permits did not violate federal law. minutes later, they agreed they will review the permits previously granted. >> it's bittersweet. you don't really know how to react. although it's good, it has been
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carry crude oil from illinois to north dakota passing through a native american reservation. a driver told police he was pulling into a spot but couldn't stop the car. he was able to safely climb out through the a scleshg recovering after -- clerk is recovering after an suv smashed into a store in connecticut. the ford explorer is backing away from the store that accelerates forward, smash up the front door. this angle shows the clerk getting the hit. she expected to recover. the man charged with reckless driving. a high altitude, high pressure reserving in the french alps.
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winds tangled the cables. 110 people stranded mid-air. >> we were there almost ten hours in the cable car. just just before midnight when they got us out of the gondola. it was quite an experience. >> and she's still smiling! [ laughter ] >> all of them safely evacuated this morning. >> what are the cameras doing here, we're fine! cooler temps ahead! >> we gotta get through a toasty weekend. >> yes, we do. today was cooler after yesterday's 89. not much
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evening, not a cloud in the sky. sunday different, a little moisture scattered across the statement a few clouds. monday, here comes another cold front. and with that, some heavy showers. 6:00 from the denver corridor here. heavy rains could happen. and we need some rain. this is going to be welcome. tonight, a freeze warning up there in the yampa river basin. temperatures in the mid-20s to areas. here's a cold front to a stationary front. all along that front, you can see the showers and thunderstorms very heavy. moving through kansas and into oklahoma. and the green boxes
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thunderstorm warnings. 94 the record. wonderful minister at 84. they got to 82. 53 and 54 right now. northeast 5 for the winds. 43% humidity. a steady barometer. some color to peak color. this from mt. werner, starting to see the colors change. 30s for the mountains, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s out west.
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little warmer. tonight clearing skies, chilly conditions, 46 and 43 by morning. for tomorrow, fair, breezy, and warm conditions. pleasant day, pretty norm for this time of year. 90 on sunday. chance for showers each and every day. we'll stay in the 70s into an 8-year-old boy discovers a rare dinosaur skull on colorado's western slope. screws have spent the last two months carefully excavating that fossil. >> this is one of only four
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the world. and it's the only one that has the cervical vertebrae associated with it to help us positively identify it. >> way to go! in june, paleontologists uncovered dinosaur vertebrae in the same area which belong to the same
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broncos win last night. there was also brandon marshall taking the knee during the anthem, and cam newton taking multiple hits to the head. that was probably the biggest story nationally. debate on why the panthers quarterback was never taken out to be checked for a concussion. and why the broncos weren't flagged more during the game apologies for how they played. >> we hear what everyone says about that. we're not gonna stop being aggressive. >> i disagree with that. i saw two plays where he left the pocket. there were a lot of
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the drama of the super bowl rematch listened up to the hype -- lived up to the type. and siemian emarriaged as a 1 and 0 nfl starter >> we had our hands full upfront. it's a heck of a team win. >> at the end david, we won the football game. unfortunately in this league, things happen. we had three turnovers today. and that's something we gotta clean
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sanders officially signed his 3-year, $33 million extension. last night he led the team with 5 catches, 45 yards. not huge numbers. sanders said he could have waited for free agency and a pass-happy team and a bigger payday. but that wasn't his priority. >> i could have made more money, but to play hakick, chris harris, we're all rocking hard, we're chasing, trying get two, three four. that's what it's about. rockies try and bounce back
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you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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? what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other.
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leave it to the rockies to follow up a walk-off run wednesday to a 14-1 loss in san diego last night. dickerson contacted on tyler chat wood for the solo shot. blackmon answered back, 2-run home run charley. 4-1 rockies in the 7th. college football, watch this! louisville, lamar jackson, up and over the defender for the touchdown! 5 touchdowns in the 1st half. produced over 600 yards of total offense.
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that we've profiled here before. got to meet a couple hall-of-famers during pregame. he's had about 30 heart procedures. everybody loves him. >> he's a pistol.,, as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law
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i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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>> picture of the at a! >> i know you favor the all you can eat buffets. what if you're a deer! that must be a hungry deer. he eats the bird seed. [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching. captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: welcome to the "late's show's "enchanted forest. why am i in the the enchanted forest, you ask? because we paid to have it made,


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