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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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minutes. he says brandon marshall didn't come with suggestions but rather lots of questions. and in the end, he agreed to partner with denver police to improve community relations, particularly in communities of color. >> today i had the opportunity and the pleasure to talk to brandon. >> reporter: chief white says while he doesn't endorse marshall's decision to kneel during the national anthem, he isn't condemning it either. totally irrelevant. as a chief and a law enforcement person i have a responsibility to protect the rights of everyone as relates to the constitution. >> reporter: the chief says regardless of marshall's agenda, he views the meeting as an opportunity. >> it gave me an opportunity to listen to somebody else who has a voice and they can perhaps impact other individuals as it relates to their concerns. >> reporter: maurnl's concerns -- marshall's concerns he says
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officers getting involved in incidents that are controversial. and somehow they still have a job. >> reporter: the chief challenged marshall to see firsthand what policing is like and he says marshall agrees to try a simulator in a scenario. >> now that you've acknowledged the problem what are you gonna do to address it? this is an opportunity to move the ball forward. we can never address the issues that we're faced with in this country if no. 1 we side of the table. and no. 2 if we can't find some common ground. >> reporter: he gave brandon marshall some reading material, several reports on police practices and reforms and he's putting together a list of ways that marshall with partner with police leading a ride along with officers and is working with kids. at 6:00, we're hoping to
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the meeting. >> >> a local custodian behind bars accused of sending nude pictures to young students. there is a social media warning here certainly for parents. >> reporter: authorities say that the janitor got the 13-year-old's cellphone number by accessing her snapchat and instagram accounts. jacob is deputies try to determine if there are more victims. it began in the spring at duch creek elementary school, two young students finding notes in their desks. >> the girls reported it at that time to school authority bus no one was identified as the person leaving those messages. >> reporter: when those girls moved to ken caryl in august, the contact escalated. >> they report on august 27th
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with someone and it turned out to be sex tin where the male party was sexting nude photographs of himself to this girl >> reporter: that student again reported the situation to school officials who notified police. investigators were able to quickly identify the man as 21-year-old jacob deal, a custodian at both schools. >> we were able to put the pieces sdprth make an arrest yesterday. >> reporter: authorities now worry he may have been in contact with this is. we're asking parents to ask the girl who says go to dutch creek or ken caryl to see if there's something >> reporter: dee she facing felony charges for internet exploitation or sexual exploitation aif child.
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county schools. kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. the latest on the legacy high school football team that had several players and coaches involved in this deadly bus crash at dia. the school has been weighing whether to go ahead with the hoechl coming game -- homecoming game set for this friday night. administrators have made their decision. jennifer brice is live at the north stadium. is the game on? >> reporter: the game is on, jim! i gave it all really weighed a lot on this decision. sfrdz night the varsity -- friday night the varsity game will go on here at north stadium. >> reporter: school officials say they looked to the team's physical and mental ability to play that far tragic buss accident at dia. in that crash, bus driver cary chopper was killed.
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seriously injured. 3 still recovering in the hospital with significant injuries. 28 players were on that bus when it crashed, 15 of whom are varsity players. the district says those students are being monitored and evaluated by legacy's athletic trainer. students we spoke with are happy the game will go on and the healing can continue. so i'm ready to watch it. >> reporter: saturday's homecoming dance will also go on as planned. the only thing that has been canceled is the junior varsity game. >> a live picture for you showing the clouds building over the front range. drivers could barely see a car in front of them on highway 285.
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today. >> if it's not foggy or raining, it's snowing! the snow on the peaks from fish creek road in estes park. get ready for a soggy night in partings of colorado! >> krisz spaers is live -- chris spiers is live in the mobile weather lab, and we've seen a little of everything tonight! >> reporter: everything right now. i have bright blue skies, and that is it s it was just full. we went into the foothills and tracking in the area showers along the 285 corridor, it kind of fell apart as it rolled off the foothills and is is trying to regain its act over the south metro area. there are some showers on i25 and in and around lone triche south of downtown into castle rock. if you have south american
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home from work or school, traffic a little dicey. at edge of the rain shower activity, right over our shoulder, we'll see if we can't get into it and bring it for the 6:00. as we came through deer creek canyon, we videoed a beautiful double rainbow and just put that on facebook! chris spears, cbs4 news. the search for a bike thief seen the bicycle was stolen this summer from 80th and sheridan in arvada. if you recognize this man, call police. the investigation after a body was found by the train tracks at cherokee and ohio in denver, not far from i25 and santa fe. police say a man was hit by a train early this morning. investigators aren't sure why he was on the tracks. you might not cry over spilled milk. how about a winery's entire supply of wine?
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creek cell ars when a semi came barming through it -- barrelling through it. matt kroschel is out there tonight for us. and that section of highway can be really tricky for truck drivers. >> reporter: it is notorious for truckers coming here off crow hill, and several big rigs have lost the control, and the end result is never good. in this case it was a water truck. it ended up inside this winery fwhuchlt i business. it's a community gathering spot. >> within second, something like that, just destroy it all. >> reporter: it's hard to tell what's truck and is what's building. >> pretty shocking. >> came around the corner and is realized there's nothing left. >> reporter: wine leaking from ruptured tanks flooded the creek. >> yeah, water to wine i guess. [ laughter ] >> reporter: crews worked through the night to stop the flow. >> nobody was in here, and the
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>> this will probably start some more discussion >> reporter: this hill has a horrible reputation. >> we had an oil tanker years ago that rolled right here. a coors truck that went into the river right here, a truck hauling cardboard for recycling hit the old firehouse >> reporter: what was once a neal built, community funded outdoor music venue sheer also gone. >> it's gonna take more than just a night to rebuild and back up. wine making takes quite a while. >> reporter: for the owner of aspen peak cellars, this decide dream, not just a building. before he rebuilds, he wants something changed with highway 285. >> this highway needs to be addressed. >> reporter: changes he thinks will protect other businesses here from suffering a similar fate. >> no additional safety features on this highway, i think we're gonna be in for a lot of trouble.
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building, crushed inside the cab of that truck, we're told he had serious injuries, was taken to a hospital. just got off the phone with carter state patrol, the driver was from florida. we looked into his record, didn't see any other violations to speak of. and he doesn't any charges at this time related to the accident cbs is air a series on the unsolved murder of jonbenet ramsey. north carolina's controversial transgender bathroom law cost the state another huge event. >> and a rare celebration in the streets of syria where the cease-fire allows children to be children.
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how they're using the name of a wounded deputy to take your
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a north carolina state law requires transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate. it also excludes gender identity and sexual orientation from discrimination protection. opponents say the law allows discrimination of lgbt people. >> fairness and inclusion are at the heart of what the ncaa does and what universities dochl so for our university presidents, this was the proverbial no-brainer. >> north carolina state republicans call the decision absurd and silly. celebrating a simple thing, hundred was children taking advantage of the cease-fire in
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streets. a human rights group reports 300,000 people have died in the conflict. new details about the murder of jonbenet ramsey. her brother talked to dr. phil. in part 2 of this interview, dr. phil walked burk through a lot of the speculation that has surrounded this case, including that his voice is in the background of the 911 call. whether he was the one who killed her. >> did you hit your sister over the head with a baseball bat or a flashlight? >> absolutely not. >> dr. phil wrapped up his interview, next monday september 19th. this sunday cbs is launching a 4-hour docuseries focusing on the investigation.
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project? >> jim came to us and said he was frustrated. as one of the original investigators on the case, he hadn't been able to investigate it the way he wanted to. >> reporter: he put together a dream team of forensic investigators, behavioral analysts and other who is can dissect the evidence. >> there's ton was evidence in this case. and what it needed was a comp hence itch look from all sorts of different professional perspectives. >> reporter: the team even built a replica of the house focusing the investigation. >> using behavioral analysts to actually deconstruct the crime, reverse engineer it back to the type of person who would commit the crime. >> having passed away several years ago, what would each of you ask her if you could get one question? >> i would ask her for exactly whatever she remembered about the initial moments when she
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staircase. >> reporter: this is not a retelling of the story. this is an active investigation into the case. and you can decide what happened. >> it begins with eye 2-hour premiere this sunday at 7:00. depending on where one is in the metro area, it could be sunshine, it we were looking at blue skies through raindrops. a couple of showers moving through, but here comes a heavier batch of storms just to the south in southern douglas county. they're seeing some showers and thunderstorms william. snow because of some chill last night.
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park. and that fog hung around for most of the day. showers and thunderstorms move through the area. watch thursday, a few clouds and spotty showers here and there. i think friday dries out as well is. by noon, only a few spotty showers around and there we are. we have that cool air coming down, high pressure to the north, clockwise flow takes that cool air and pushes another chilly day today. now it's pushed all the way to the western slopes. they are feeling the cooler weather as well. 68 at the airport. downtown, we didn't get out of the 50s today. 49 and 51 is where we started. 80 and 49 are the normals. 96 in 1990. the record high just three years later, the record low of 33 degrees.
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everybody below 70. 58 and 63 right now, north 16 for the winds along with the high humidity, and the barometer is on the rise. this picture from larry strain, and this is from steve adams, from conifer. dramatic picture there. this one from susan melton, sunset to the in the 40s and 50s for the eastern plains. and tomorrow the highs begin to creep up a little bit. 60s, 70s, 80 degrees over the southeast. 60s for the mountains. out west, temperatures in the 60s, 70s, near 80 degrees. and the forecast for tonight, some scattered showers, 48 and frefb by morning. tomorrow again mostly cloudy, scattered showers or storms will be in the mid-70s. a little better than today. then we get the lower 70s
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dry for the weekend, and sunday we finally get back to normal. >> broncos sunday!,, in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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andrew luck has pretty much had his way with the broncos throughout his career. luck has won at least four meetings between the two teams, no. 5 on sunday. it's obvious talking to the broncos, they remember what luck and the colts have done to
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>> you gotta be able to keep if out there, keep hits on them, try to make them nervous in the pocket, and that's all you can really ask for with players like that. >> we just have to make it count. it's very important give. unlike nearly every other team, michigan doesn't release a depth chart in. response colorado released its depth chart today and listed elmer fudd as the starting quarterback. as for the real buffs they shall get their first
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>> i don't think our kids will wilt at all. i think we're playing a really good football team. now we need to see how we play against a really good football team. and i think they do too, playing against a better football team, and some of the better teams. you stand tow to tow and fight. and see how we fight and measure up. the ram asks 49ers provided last night. highlight of the contest came when a fan decided to run on the field. the tv broadcast didn't show the intruder. radio call captured it perfectly. >> some goofball in a hat and a red shirt. he takes off the shirt! he's running down the middle by the 50. he's at the 30, bare-chested and bang think his chest. he runs the opposite way. somebody stop that man! >> here comes the blue coats! >> and they tackle him at the
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>> that was the most exciting thing that happened tonight. [ laughter ] >> one of the lines was the man is drunk but he just doesn't
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>> we could see a few scattered thunderstorms tonight and again tomorrow. the forecast 75 tomorrow, a good chance for storms. lesser chance on thursday into friday, the weekend does dry out. and more sunshine, warming up to near 80 by sunday. >> very nice! >> thank enforce watching cbs4 news at 5:00.
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manufacturing sector is thriving. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: hack attack-- russian cyber thieves are accused ofr exposing the medical records of u.s. olympic athletes, including simone biles and the williams sisters. si hillary clinton remains out of sight. president obama steps to elect hillary clinton. >> pelley: online ticket scalpers-- they're making benjamins off of "hamilton," but will congress drop the curtain on them? ? you just want to move our money around ? >> pelley: and, he wasn't supposed to live. >> it looked like daniel came as an angel, came running out of the flames of hell.


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