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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  September 14, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MDT

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2 we begin with a breaking story in denver. a woman is found dead inside a home. and her friend said her husband, a pastor, was taken into custody. lauren dispirito is on that scene with the latest. >> reporter: police are calling this suspicious. they focused their attention for hours on the
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open. they have had that roped off with crime scene tape and first got a call here shortly after 5:00 this evening. police found one person dead and they have been investigating ever since. they're not reviewing what they say makes this scene suspicious. a neighbor told cbs4 is that it is a woman who is dead, and her husband, a loam pastor was taken -- local handcuffs. >> something serious happened. the police, the paramedics are here. >> reporter: that neighbor tells us this woman had been very sick. police say how the person died won't be determined
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in regards to a man being taken away in handcuff, they would only say they are interviewing people in regards to the death. brandon marshall expected to talk tomorrow about his meeting with denver's police chief. the linebacker spent nearly an hour today with chief white today where marshall received overwhelming support. >> reporter: a lot of people reached out to him and thanked him for his protest. today he also got support from chief robert white for the right to protest. chief white says he took the meeting with marshall so he could help bring about change. >> this was an opportunity to move the ball forward.
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morning. he came with a lot of questions about police conduct. >> i was in an apologize to give him a reasonable explanation. >> reporter: he started his protest on thursday. >> we have a couple things in common remember played a big part of us growing up. >> reporter: marshall with his mom addressed a safety meeting for moms. he was greeted with a warm reception. marshall has said he will take a knee again. >> it's always good to give money, but spending some of his time actually talking to young people about making good
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can do. >> reporter: on that list are things like riding along with dpd for a shift, and invited into the $300,000 scenario simulator. we're hoping to ask marshall his thoughts on the meeting. the latest on that d bus crash. the head coach was released from the hospital tonight. they suffered serious injuries in this wreck on sunday. the driver was killed. legacy announced today the
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a developing story from jefferson county. an elementary school custodian is facing felony sexting charges. >> notes complemented the girls' looks and told them to give him a call. they reported deal to school authorities. one student said he photos of himself. now deputies want to know if other girls were victims. >> we don't know how widespread this is. so we're asking parent who is might see this broadcast to talk to the girls who go to dutch creek or ken caryl. s >> deal has one other realist, a misdemeanor shoplifting charge. learning more about the
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fort collins. juan hernandez is facing first degree murder charges. hernandez hit his girlfriend's daughter with a chair last week. cbs4 has learned that hernandez recently served three years in prison for child abuse. an update on the search for a man accused of attacking an rtd bus driver. detectives in lakewood have arrested anthony matta. he bought got on the bus last thursday, tried to ride breaking his nose. an update on the shooting death of a lakewood police officer. his wife has collected $3.5 million from the city. jim davies got in a friendly fire incident. a fellow officer thought davies was a suspect and opened fire. davies wife filed a federal lawsuit.
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the case to trial. and some of the aurora theater victims won't have to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for pursuing legal action. sin the company has agreed to drop its request for any damages after the victims agreed they would not appeal the verdict. new developments tonight in a scandal that rocked wells fargo. the bank getting rid of high-pressure sale goalses that prompted employees to create millions of fraudulent accounts. employees use the the names of real customers to create phony accounts to hit their goal. xhirz often weren't even aware of the accounts' existence.
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pressure was relentless. >> reporter: the pressure to reach those sales goals that he says are far beyond what any other bank was setting. and now he says that wells fargo's decision to get rid of those goals is likely only temporary. >> reporter: a former employee is hiding his identity. opening up about his sick years as a bank employee, and the demands that came with it. >> sometimes it's not about not necessarily knowing. there and signing for, they just don't know what they're signing for. >> reporter: he's speaking out after federal investigators discovered thousands of employees at banks across the country created millions of fraudulent bank and krafrd accounts -- credit card accounts. >> >> especially as a manager you
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your own sales. >> reporter: while he says other incentives like bonuses and promotions may have been a factor for some employee, the thought was unemployment was likely their burst motivator. >> keeping your job is an incentive. if you don't meet your numbers, you lose your job quickly. >> reporter: the bank will now have to pay $185 million in punishments. more than 5,000 people have been fired. they're getting rid of impossi goals. live tonight in denver, karen morfitt cbs4 news. scammers will stoop to any low to get your money. someone is trying to rip off people who are hoping to help a douglas
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serious injuries. thet community has been -- the community has been rallying behind him. a half dodzen people have reported getting calls from someone asking for donations. >> our stoun hurting from this and they decide to go in and try and make some money off of this. autohorrible. >> detective bright is showing signs ever progress. and the sheriff's office reminding all of us to never give money over the phone. ann a tractor trailer destroys a business. why this area has a history of crashes like this one. >> more trouble for samsung. another galaxy phone explodes, injuring a little boy. >> the search for a car thief. >> new rev lagdzs on hillary clinton's imillness.
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wife is dead. >> lots of moisture in the west, utah into western colorado. still some thunderstorms going on. to the east, high and dry. tomorrow all this shifts to the east. and here it is thee clock, better chance for storms. >> the broncos plan to provide some thunder and lightning
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a past sor taken away in handcuffs after his swief found dead at their home. lauren dispirito has the latest. >> reporter: we know they have labeled it suspicious. and the investigation is ongoing, focused on one house in particular for about five hours now. so far not revealing what
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a person was found dead. it is a neighbor who tells cbs4 that the couple who lives here are a man who's a pastor and his wife also a reverend. the'd woman is dead and the man taken away in handcuffs. they are not verifying whether they have anybody in custody, only saying they're interviewing people at this point. as this continues, church show up here hoping for answers. this is what's left of a winery in bailey. a tractor trailer smashed through it last night.
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like that can just destroy it all. >> reporter: it's hard to tell what's truck and what's building. >> came around the corner and realized right away there's nothing left there. >> reporter: wine leaking from resultured tanks flooded the creek. >> water to wine i guess. >> reporter: yews worked through the night to stop the flow. >> nobody was in here, and driver is okay. >> this will probably start some more discuss there were hill has a horrible reputation. >> we had an oil anker that rolled here, a coors truck that went into the river. a truck hauling recycling hit the firehouse >> reporter: what was once a community fund outdoor music venue is also gone. >> it's gonna take quite a while.
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aspen peak centers, this destroyed a dream. not just a building. he wants something changed before he rebuilds. >> this highway needs to be addressed. >> no additional safety features on this highway, i think we're gonna be in for a lot of trouble. samsung is dealing with a 7. now there's a case on a different phone. a 6-year-old boy in new york city ply playing on his mom's phone when it blew up. she isn't sure why the phone caught fire. >> it caught on fire. then the battery explode, so he threw it on the fire. and it just like fireworks in the house.
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faire 17 boy after he jumped out of a police van while handcuffed. he had been arrested for stealing a car and holding the driver at gunpoint, stealing from a walgreen's and trying to snatch a woman's purse. cops arrested the teen but he ran off while the van was stopped. hillary clinton back to campaigning thursday while she recovers from pneumonia. >> it's good >> hillary clinton is out but she did get a big name to fill in her. >> this is not me going through the motions here i really, really, really want to elect hillary clinton. >> president obama spoke on her behalf in philadelphia while clinton recovers from pneumonia. video shows her stumbling into a van on sunday.
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acknowledged they should have on friday just straight up said she's been diagnosed with numoanio. >> reporter: trump continues to hammer her for words about his supporters. >> deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hardworking american patriots who love your country and want a better future. >> reporter: he referred toer private e-mail server. >> her comments displayed the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that led her to violate federal law as secretary of state, hide and delete her e-mail. >> trump returns to colorado this weekend. >> had some train in parts of
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>> just enough to wet the pavement. hook at all this pink along boulder county, rain mixed with snow or snow up there. and you can see that big old moisture flow. the low pressure system continuing to pump it up into our area. it's all gonna begin shifting to the east. taking this moisture flow to denver and the eastern plain. and we'll also be under the influence ever a it's gonna start reimbursing itself as it moves our way. marsha you can see some clouds around here, scattered showers overnight. and 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, some showers
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continue, some heavy. a spot of snow from western boulder county down to vail. and thursday, just a couple of spotty showers over the north. friday a little better chance for storms in the metro area. 6:00evening, some heavier rain from fort collins to the metro. 68 and 60 the best we could do today. 88 and 49 are s in denver. everybody below that 70-degree mark. 54 and 50. north breeze at 9. 83% humidity with a rising barometer. see the color right there. and that's
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and 50s. tomorrow warmer, 60s, 70s, maybe 80 for the east. 60s for the mountains. 60s and 70s to the west. your denver forecast for tonight, maybe a slight shower. otherwise mostly cloudy, morning fog, 48 and 47. for tomorrow, partly cloudy skies once again, scattered showers and storms, 74 and 75. and for the next several day, we'll stay in the 70s into the as we go. and we'll add some 80s back to the forecast for next week and stay a little drier. >> broncos fans loving that
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how do you solve a problem like andrew luck? how about hit him, a lot? that's what the broncos were trying to do sunday. the colts' offensive line isn't exactly good. it's bringing down andrew luck that is the issue. last year they once! those hits add up but they'd like to add to that sack total. >> you're not gonna bring him down every time. try to make him nervous in the pocket, and that's all you can ask for. >> this year, it's better just to get him to the ground. we have a lot of sacks in a lot of good games the nfl releasing its color
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ugly, but the broncos' are pretty cool. all-orange, jerseys and the pant, and the old-school d. the lone highlight of the rams/49ers game last night came courtesy of the guy who ran onto the field. >> he runs to the 50, the 40, the guy is the 20, they're chasing him, they're not gonna get him. they got him! and they tackle him at the 40 yard line! >> oh, that was the most exciting thing to happen tonight. >> the guy did an interview, said he had a hella number of people. even superman has a script tonight, and the rockies have
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against teams with losing records colorado hoping to avoid a fourth straight loss to arizona in the 1st. nolan arenado triples to right. rockies up 2-0 in a hurry. led 3-0 after the top of the 1st. what could go wrong! how about everything? de la rosa gave up 3 in the 1st, then in the 4th, segurro with his second home run of this week the buffs will play their biggest game of the season. michigan doesn't release a depth chart. so the buffs decided to make theirs up. starting at left tackle, eric cartman. elmer fudd starting at
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the buffers gonna have bill walton as it is roller dude. don't believe the forecast! thunder and lightning apparently are on tap for sunday when the
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ed greene t forecast on sunday will be seasonal. highs in the 70s? he's giving me the thumbs up. broncos are planning on a lot of thunder and lightning though! todd apparently brings the thunder, brandon provides the lightning. it's one thing to earn a nickname. it's another to give yourself a nickname. but i wasn't about to tell them that. >> the overlapping, the
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whatever. >> did you come up with that? >> i did. [ laughter ] >> we nicknamed ourselves lightning and bender. but i think we mesh well together. >> how'd you end up being thunder? >> ien. i think i just like to hit, play in the run game, that's how i got it. >> ed, sorry dude. [ laughter ] >> slow and slower. [ laug
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omer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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the picture of the day! >> tried this last night, couldn't get computer to fire. this is from rod mckinny, a reflection of the sunset, but it's a reflection in the entire building of the sunset! i think that's a spectacular picture! >> worth waiting for.
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coming to from hollywood almost live, it's thomas unleashed. with your host byron allen. tonight byron welcomes john mendoza, earthquake and howie mandel. and now, the reason women need fresh batteries, byron allen! [ applause ] >> all right. yeah. thank you. thank you. thank you. yeah. let me ask you, let me ask you, you guys like this shirt? you like this shirt? [ cheers ] i'm going to tell you a story


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