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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  September 15, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MDT

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#46r7b8g9 family and friends remembering a young woman found shot to death in her apartment over the weekend. her husband is a person of interest in the murder. police tell us he's also responsible for a violent crime spree the very next day. karen morfitt is live in aurora with dozens to honor the victim. >> reporter: it was a very
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apartments here tonight. family and friends came simply to share memories of a woman gone too soon. >> lord is my shepherd. >> reporter: family and friends came together outside of this aurora apartment on wednesday night to remember ashley draper. >> she was loved by every one of you. >> reporter: her father held back tierce as he spoke to the crowd of people who showed up with candles, stuffed animals and smiling photos of the woman they lost. >> i love each and every one of you. i don't even know you! but i love you, just the fact that you came here to honor my child. >> reporter: ashley's husband james draper is a person of
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arrested the day after her body was discovered. carjacking a couple, and leading police on a child chase through aurora. while questions about her death remain, family and friends are focused first on saying gonna be. >> reporter: james draper made his first court appearance this morning. that was only for the case involving the carjacking and chase. ashley draper leaves behind two chin. gofundme page set up on our website to help. new developments in a death investigation that was breaking news last night. police were investigating a suspicious death at a home near 46th and andrew drive. the woman's husband, a pastor at a nearby church was taken into custody. this morning, police said the death
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one of denver's top safety officials has been fired bullying cadets. she was suspended for mistreating cadets now. we've obtained the termination letter. happening now bridge repairs on a busy stretch of drivers. it was sunday night, a semi carrying construction equipment hit that i-70 bridge over 6th avenue. lauren dispirito is on that highway tonight. rush hours have been a nightmare ever since. >> reporter: they really have, and we're headed westbound on 6th, and there's barely any cars on the road. it would seem that nighttime is the smarter time to do the work. cdot says safety
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they have to wait for daylight. during the first day of repairs on i-70, closures caused significant backups and a nightmare for drivers. the colorado department of transportation expects similar delays tomorrow. emergency repairs began this morning, shutting down all but one lane of westbound traffic. crews are working to fix damage on the eastbound portion of sustained during an accident on sunday. a piece ever construction equipment on the back of a semitruck hit the bridge. no one was hurt, but the crash took out a chunk of concrete. as repairs continue for a second day in a row, cdot is urging drivers to find alternate routes. >> reporter: the closures will start back up gean at 5:00 am
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a live look at the eisenhower johnson tunnels where only one lane of traffic is open. the lanes will reopen tomorrow morning at 6:00 and close again tomorrow evening until 6:00 am president fri.. a semi driver driving down highway 285 went off the road and crashed into a winery tuesday morning. some of it flowed into a the semi driver has been cited for careless driving. also developing tonight, a deadly shooting at a senior living apartment complex in cheyenne. a 77-year-old man shot three people this morning. one of them died. the gunman who was armed with a handgun and a rifle ran down the street and shot and killed himself. 03 not heard anymore information about why he attacked. donald trump said he'd like to lose the 10 to 15 pounds he's
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he shared some of his health information today during a taping of the dr. oz show. >> your health is as strong as it seems from your stands, why not show your medical records? >> i have no problem doing it. i have it right here. >> reporter: the results of the letter won't be known until the sheairs tomorrow. audience members say dr. oz thought trump is in g person to ever enter the oval office yes do you think you have the stamina for the job. >> we're just about the same age as ronald reagan and hillary is a year behind me. based on my life, i've had -- and i don't know if that makings sense i feel good today as i did when i was 30. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign also released a doctor's letter today. it reveals she first developed a
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she was put on a short burst of antibiotics and advised to rest. she didn't. by that monday, the cough had gotten worse. and by last friday, it was pneumonia. other than that, the doctor wrote the 68-year-old is healthy and fit to serve as president. bill clinton filled in for his wife today. >> it's a crazy time we live in, when people think there's somethin the flu. >> reporter: her husband says hillary clinton is feeling much better and expects to be back on the campaign trail tomorrow. an internal affairs investigation into how the denver sheriff's office handled an inmate whose relatives are prominent city officials. she is the niece of the denver safety manager and the granddaughter of
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here's the latest on the football coaches crit injure -- kreitically injured on sunday. two have been released from the hospital. the third remains in the hospital. 15 members of the legacy high school football team were also hurt in that crash and the bus driver was killed. we t won a discrimination lawsuit against the denver aquarium. abbey's 10-year-old son has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. two years ago they went to the aquarium for the 4d theater ride. she says the ticket person used offensive remarks about his disability and denied them access. last week a judge is awarded the family $15,000 for what it called outrageous conduct saying the ticket counter's okays were
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community. >> i got chills. we were intimidated by the whole scenario, their communication really put us under the gun and just felt like we were brushed off. >> abbey says all she ever wanted was an apology but that could be a ways off. landries told us unfortunately "we believe the court made a decision in this case that was not based on the facts or the law." brandon marshall opens up about his meeting with denver'so he is pushing forward with a new charity idea and a new sponsor as he continues to protest during the national anthem. this is the first time we're hearing from marshall following that meeting. >> reporter: brandon marshall posted an oped in the denver post, he calls his meeting with the police chief productive but says there is more work to be done. the linebacker said it was
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position. on instagram the linebacker praised denver's police chief and other leaders but also dedicated himself to more work, saying he plans to do more in the community and he'll donate $300 he makes to causes he works with for tackle he's makes. another sponsor dropped marshall. in response, russell simmons now endorsing him. marshall says he got those previous sponsors who decide against dropping him. >> i didn't breech my contract. i didn't get arrested. i didn't do anything to defame the team or air academy. i just decided to exercise my rights and they dropped me for that. i'm proud of what i did because i didn't do anything wrong or hurtful by any stretch. >> marshall still hasn't said he'll stop kneeling during the
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to begin a conversation. developing tonight school is back in session and some drivers don't care. >> you can barely breathe when you're watching that. >> the push to find driver who is ignore stopped school buses. >> an ambush on police. coming up, the man who intentionally ran them down. >> another exploding vap this -- vaporizer. >> is trevor siemian adding
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kelly werthmann shows us why children seem to be at assistant risk. >> reporter: when this school bus stopped two weeks ago, this truck kept going and plowed into miles. he was bruise bud okay. >> i see this truck, and i expect him to stop but he doesn't. and everything just goes into a blur. >> reporter: miles' mother saw the video that nig feet and you can barely breathe. >> reporter: the very next day in austin, another truck hit a high school student getting off the bus. amazingly he was fine. by one estimate, american drivers illegally pass school buses more than 13 million times last year. on average, 8 kids a year are killed by drivers who
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s. donald mayor's daughter was killed after getting off the bus in florida in 2010. driver was never charged. mayor is pushing lawmakers to allow cameras to keep students safe. >> it's not an accident because it's preventible, and it's not a tragedy because we know it's gonna happen again. >> reporter: at least 15 states allow cameras to be mounted outside school buses to record motorists illegallyng four months, they sent citations to 6,600 motorists. >> that's a lot of violators in a short time period. >> reporter: >> be careful out there. critics of school bus camera programs claim they're about generating revenue. a heroic rescue after a school bus crash in north
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video shows a car deliberately plow into a group of phoenix police officers standing outside of a gas station. the officers are seen thrown over the suv, a 33-year-old rookie. he suffered a concussion but he was able use his tazer and wrestle the driver to the ground. a sergeant on-scene suffered a broke lenneg. >> i'm outraged by this incident. this is a violent, cowardly act on our police officers. our phoenix police officers were targeted. >> the driver is charged with murder. an explosion inside a
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a woman shopping in new jersey when the purse caught fire as she was paying. a battery in her vaporizer exploded. >> what it did was it exploded through the pocket, charred every single thing, melted everything i had in the bag. >> she says she'd like to be a wildfire threatening homes in height country. 30% contained tonight. but it got close to homes yesterday
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on the ground and in the air. >> we have had more lightning than rain. the closest storm we had was near the airport. boils up, moves off. everything else went right by denver. not much in the way of storms at all. look at all the snow from crested butte and aspen vail. all that blue and pink is snow or rain mixed with snow. cooler up high. storms gradually dying down. all evening long they have been going with lightning as well. near is that storm by the. a. monarch pass. crowley had an inch and a half. in sugar city today. here's the stationary front that brought
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week. today we got a reverse flow from the southwest. now we're gonna cool into the 70s. pleasantly so. the showers over the southeast. remember how heavy they were? overnight it turned into tropical storm julia. 40 mile an hour winds moving at east northeast at 5 miles an hour. just gonna hang around for the next couple of days here. category 1 hurricane, 75 mile an hour winds moving west at 5 miles an orleanne. the storms end overnight tonight. a few storms to the north. sunny to partly sunny. same friday. spotty showers around. saturday maybe a little different story. don't think we see much in denver. to the south and east, we'll see showers and thunderstorms. i think we dry out more on sunday. 84 and 82 today. above the norm finally of 79 degrees. 92 is the record high.
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shot from carol, hanging lake. and this is pam showing the colors near frisco there. and colors here from michael, pretty shot there. and the loveland ski area. 16 days till they start snow-making! lows tonight, mostly 40s, 50s over the eastern plains. 30s higher up, 40s out west. an 70s, some 80s over the eastern plains. 50s and 60s for the mountains. here's your denver forecast. sxon 54 the overnight lows -- 51 and 54 the overnight lows. in the mid-70s, pretty pleasant day. 71 on friday, 76 on saturday. sunday dry with 81. in the 80s for thursday, he comes tall.
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72 degrees. now there's a memorial for a jefferson county sergeant killed along highway 285. he was off-duty when he was hit by a car. he stopped to help a family involved in another crash. now a stretch of 285 has been renamed
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a good defense and a good offense, any good football team, they're gonna want to tow that hine of dpraegz. certainly tough, physical, good defense. >> even in monopoly money, $24,000 is a lot. the nfl fining brandon change. darian stewart more than $18,000. the fines stemming from the hard hits to the head of cam newton. stewart's was roughering the passer. marshall's -- roughing passer. marshall's was launching and more expensive. both knew fines were coming but that is a lot of heck. >> i'm upset about it but it's still football, man. it's not gonna change the way i play the
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>> i expected stew to get more than me. $24,000, and i guess somebody was saying that it wasn't enough. what you mean? that's some people's salary after taxes, man. that's crazy. you have to appeal. no matter what happens, i have to appeal. >> stewart plans to appeal as well. you may have noticed edd a wrinkle in the office last week. trevorie looked athletic doing it! a running quarterback, a new trend for the broncos? >> no, absolutely not. [ laughter ] >> please no. no, i think that's part of the deal if you can sneak one or two, keep the chains moving that way, it adds an element to your offense. hopefully i can sneak one or two a game here and there.
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quarterback is the most difficult to defendant? 50% of you saying roethlisberger. nobody choosing cam newton. interesting. lately the rockies have been blowing leads early. charlie blackmon a solo shot, 1-0 rockies. you know what's coming! leadoff batter for arizona, back-to-back nights with a leadoff home run for him rockies and d-backs setting the record for the most combined runs in a season series since 1969. pitching bad on both sides, worse for the rockies. they trail 9-4 in the 7th. the quarterback carousel continues at csu. collin hill will get the start saturday. hill came in to replace the
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he'll be the third starting quarterback in just three games. >> against what, he will not be perfect on saturday. you want to go out and have this day and feel -- you're gonna make some mistakes. you can't let that mistake mess you up for the next one. you gotta forget it and play on. an errant golf ball finds its way onto a horse (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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the yankees host the dodgers today. and the pitcher is gonna want this one back, way off! come back to the mound. nearly up in the club seats. amazes me how pitchers can be so accurate, and so inaccurate when throwing anywhere else. an errant golf ball on a horse racing track. it happened in london. and as you might
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good. one of the leading horses actually kicked the ball up, it was bounced off one of the riders' helmets and deflected into the stands. it scared one of the horses in the process so much so that the horse bucked so hard he threw the rider off. you can see the ball deflect off the
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>> this from elaine cunningham, looks like a leaf. it is a cadycade. they have leaves on their wings to make it look related. and they're related to
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new from hollywood, almost live. unleashed. with host byron allen. welcome, carlos oscar. wilson and tiffany plan b, byron allen. [ cheers and applause ] all right. we have a lot to talk about.


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