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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  September 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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hi everybody. welcome. this news, thursday, september 14. i am alan gionet. and britt moreno. this is thursday morning. warren >> off to a foggy start and some parts of the state and in the eastern plains once again. visibility is tough from akron to wray. it is even bad near burlington and visibility is okay. we've had rain and snow in the central mounds and heavy thunderstorms in the northeastern quarter this morning. the rest of us are on the clear side except for the fog out east. let's check in with the temperatures.
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and alan. we learned yesterday what follows a backhoe smashes into an overpass. there more lane closures on i- 70 at sixth as cdot repairs and overpass. six yesterday got bad in the afternoon yesterday. >> reporter: it was a mess and we can expect that likely to happen right now it is looking good. with a over here at the westbound lanes of sixth avenue, they are supposed to have construction work in place but they are not ready yet so traffic is looking good here. we did notice on our way over here the reader board is making note of the new times, 4 am until 7 pm. this is a reminder of the clarence, 15 feet, 3 inches.
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the backups were looking like throughout the day. yesterday it was from 5 am until 9 pm so a longer amount of time that folks had to deal with this. this is coming from that accident that happened over the weekend where a semi was carrying construction equipment and hit a part of the bridge and that is why these emergency repairs are now needed. another reason why cdot wants to emphasize clearance and make sure truck drivers are aware of how tall they are and the bridges so they don't deal with this again. the reason why this h because of the materials they are using and because of safety concerns that they have to do during the day. if you're going to be along the westbound sixth avenue prepare for delays because they will have one lane available and that is making use of the shoulder from now until 7 pm. shawn chitnis, cbs4. new this morning, united airlines flight on its way to san diego was diverted to dia for a possible security scare.
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flight 1243 from the work, a passenger saw an item that looked suspicious. the pilot landed at dia and scotland are took this photo as passengers got off and got on buses. police did not find anything on the plane. passengers loaded back onto the plane to continue vice president joe biden will be in denver today. he will be the guest at the korbel dinner at the university of denver. the vice president will speak at the event which honors joseph korbel, the first dean and founder of the school of international studies. clinton will be back on the campaign trail today as she recovers from pneumonia. a letter from her doctor said she is healthy and fit to serve. donald trump got a chance to
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>> reporter: the two-page letter from clinton's personal physician describes her as being an excellent mental condition. and recovering well from antibiotics to treat her bacterial pneumonia. doctor lisa barnett disclosed a nominee is on a blood thinner. thyroid medication and has a cardiac calcium score of zero. that means people go into a cat scan or and if there isn't any calcification detective that means you are at a very low risk of cardiovascular events like heart attacks or death. clinton's campaign once again called on donald trump to releases on medical records. calling him the healthiest nominee in memory. >> at age 70 the healthiest person to enter the oval office. what you think you have the
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reagan and hillary is a year behind me. i don't know if this makes sense. i feel as good today as i did when i was 30.>> at an event in ohio later trumped turn the spotlight on clinton. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this. >> three poles show trump leading clinton in the key battleground states of ohio, florida and o nevada -- and nevada. trump will deliver economic policy speech in new york today. they have promised detailed medical information will be made available by the end of the week. we will look for it for you. clinton has an event in north carolina and another in dc and the first presidential debate is less than two weeks away. family and friends of a young mother found shot to death this past weekend came out to pay their respects. the body of ashley drager was
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>> reporter: the lord is my shepherd. i shall not want. >> family and friends came together outside of this aurora apartment to remember 29-year- old ashley draper. they replaced images at the crime scene. of a young loving mother. >> she was loved by many. >> she is watching each and every one of you. >> her father held back tears as he spoke to the crowd candles, stuffed animals and smiling photos of the woman they lost. >> i am at a loss for words right now but i love each and every one of you. i don't even know you. but i love you, the fact that you came here to honor my child. >> ashley's husband, james draper, is a person of interest in her murder. he was arrested after her body was discovered. carjacking a couple and shooting at innocent bystanders and leading police on a wild
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friends say there focus -- there focus is on saying goodbye. >> james draper was in court yesterday for his first appearance with the carjacking and that chase. he remains a suspect of interest and his wife's death. headlines and wall street. joe wagner is live on the floor at the new york stock exchanth happy thursday. yesterday was a mixed finish on wall street. the dow fell 32, nasdaq gained 18. futures a higher open. apple shares keep rising. preorders are strong on on the iphone despite low expectations. the first batch of the seven 7+ has sold out in all colors. they will hit stores tomorrow.
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in pittsburgh and some of the passengers say it was a smooth ride. there is an uber engineer driving just in case. that cars can navigate on their own and uber is the first company to make these cars available to the public. parents, be careful on social media when it comes to your kids. 18-year-old in austria suing her parents for posting hundreds of photos without her consent and she says that includes embarrassing pictures of her in her father says he owns the photos and can post them if he wants to. >> i hope she wasn't 17 when that happened. >> kids are taking action. as teenagers. jill, thank you. broncos linebacker brandon marshall opens up about his meeting with demers police chief and pushing forward with a charity idea and a new sponsor. stan bush said this comes as he continues to protest during the national anthem before a broncos game.>> reporter: he
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this offices experience when he say chief white was receptive to marshall's position. the linebacker praised denver police chief and at the leaders but he also dedicated himself to more work saying he plans to do more in the community and that he will also donate $300 for every tackle he makes two causes he works with. another sponsor dropped marshall and in response russell simmons who launched def jam recordings is endorsing him. het decide against dropping him. >> i didn't breech my contract or get arrested. i didn't do anything to defame the team or century link or air academy. i just cited my first amendment rights and they dropped me for that. for russell simmons to come up, that is great. i am proud of what i did. i didn't do anything wrong or
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>> that was stan bush. marshall has not said when he will stop kneeling during the national anthem. if you are joining us we're at 51 degrees, warmer today. what she did after neighbors lost everything in a house fire.
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,, in one door - a member of congress. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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welcome back. this is the news in health. the state board of education votes to lift the ban on diet sodas in the schools. the change to the healthy beverage act gives high schools more control over what they can sell.
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children's health at risk and individual schools will be able to decide whether to offer soda as a beverage joyce. middle schools can still only serve milk juice and water. daytime naps at any hour or more -- excuse me, of an hour or more, could be a warning sign for diabetes. researchers found long daytime increased risk of developing type ii diabetes. there was no increased risk for shorter naps. researchers stress the study doesn't show naps caused diabetes but that naps and diabetes could share a common cause. research suggests more and more americans are keeping chickens as household pets. the center for disease control looked at two decades worth of poultry related humans and salmonella outbreaks. researchers found 46% of the salmonella cases involve people who kept poultry inside their
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who kissed their birds. >> you can be loving on the chickens too much i guess. what is up lauren. >> i want some chickens. let's look outside. we have low visibility once again on the eastern plains. thicker fog as you had from akron to wray and the northeastern corridor. the rest of us are clear. that fog is not as bad in the foothills. satellite and radar, rain snow mix across the high country near basalt near as north but those are now cleared. taking a look at future cast today, morning will be quiet but we have a chance of a few storms starting to fire up more in the northwestern corner towards the lunch hour and we have those in the northern part of the state throughout the afternoon. some of these could hit the denver area into the evening. we have a potential so isolated for denver. most of southern colorado will
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clear and tomorrow morning we have a chance for cloud cover and a chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. colder on the western slope and into the high country, 40 degrees cooler at craig. 40 degrees cooler in gunnison. a bit of a way to over there. temperatures this morning, 51 denver, 36 leadville, 38 crag. eastern plains, 57 burlington, 48 limon. we did get into the 80s yesterday so cooler denver and 74 in boulder. 82 in burlington. 62 frisco and 76 grand junction. if you are planning your day morning hours with sunshine and a few more clouds this afternoon. a chance of an isolated thunderstorm in the mid-70s. five day forecast tomorrow 74 and chance for storms and back to drier weather as we head to the end of the weekend. cbs4 tech center cam, you have a lot of volume. not encountering a lot on the roadways.
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along. southbound on i 25, slowing as you approach to 85 near hampton in the northbound direction where they have been doing road work. expect delays on c4 70 as well. we will have westbound sixth avenue which will be closed underneath i-70 with the right shoulder getting by. school districts are equipping buses with cameras to record drivers who ignore laws have caught thousands of incidents. >> reporter: when this austin school bus stopped two weeks ago this truck kept going. and plowed into seventh grader myles mcfadden. he was bruised but fine. >> what you remember? >> you got off the bus. >> i am walking and i expect
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everything goes into a blur. >> amy mcfadden saw the video of the collision that night on television. >> your heart drops into your feet and you can barely breathe. watching that. >> the very next day in austin another truck hit a high school student getting off the bus. amazingly he was fine. by one estimate american drivers illegally pass school buses more than 13 million times last year. on average roughly 8 kids a year school bus stop signs. >> donald mears daughter gabby was killed after getting off her school bus in florida in 2010. the 71-year-old driver was never charged. he is pushing state lawmakers to allow school bus cameras to keep students safe. >> it's not an accident because it is preventable and it is not a tragedy because we know what will happen again. >> 15 states allow cameras to
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passing. the cameras last january were added. in four months they sent citations to 6600 motorist.>> it was shocking. >> that's a lot of violators in a short period of time. >> in austin 6600 violations generated $2 million in fines. there are critics who say these cameras are more about making money than they are about keeping kids safe. mark strassman, in colorado, not stopping for school bus will get you a fine up to $300 and six points under license. again in a year and the fine could be $1000. a girl is recognized for her kindness after another family lost everything in a house fire. the fire destroyed this home. another neighbor started a gofundme page because the walker
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belongings. becky took items to the three girls who no longer had toys and close. >> what did you put in there.>> some toys in the storage room. >> it was her birthday presents and gifts and we gave them to them. >> the family says becky is a special little girl. even in monopoly money $24,000 is a lot. nfl finding marshall $24,000 yesterday and stuart was find $18,000 for the hits on cam newton. on the other side of the ball a little wrinkle in the broncos offense. the quarterback ran the ball and look to athletic doing it. trevor simeon ran the ball five times for 20 yards and running quarterback, could this be a new trend. not exactly. >> it's part of the deal if you
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legs. and keep the change and move that way. it adds an element of the offense. hopefully i can sneak one or two a game here and there but don't be spreading that around please. >> he doesn't want to be deemed as a running quarterback. he is not that athletic. the rockies have a day off today and they will be back home tomorrow night.
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welcome back. tickets on sale to get a chance to know the rolling stones and another eat -- and another show. he is suzanne marquez with ion entertainment.>> reporter: it's official, corey you have been evicted. >> it is down to 3 contestants on big brother 18 and there is
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julie chen said excitement is building for the season finale. >> now is the time where you have to put your emotion aside and put friendship aside and decide okay, who can i beat in this game. >> the winner a big brother 18 will be announced on cbs next wednesday.>> exhibition is coming to the usa. >> tickets on sale for a rolling stones exhibit opening in new york. >> experience with music, film, passion >> exhibitionism, the rolling stones. more than 500 where items from the ron pence early days to their concerts on the world's biggest ages. miss america 2017 kicked off her year-long rain with a visit to the empire state building in new york. savvy shields danced a jazz routine to win the crown. that is your eye on entertainment. suzanne marquez. they chose stephen colbert with politics
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the clinton campaign and rapper nelly. >> their st. louis rapper has been hit with a tax lean that amounts to $2,412,283. i almost never get to say this but while nelly. [ laughter ]. >> luckily nelly fans have come to the rescue by listening to his single over and over fans have figured out that with spot of by paying an artist 6/10 of a cent per stream he needs it to play at least 402,880,500 times to settle his bill. that is a lot. that is a lot. maybe nelly could make cash by attaching a song to some footage that is getting of millions a place. something like -- [ music ].
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>> [ laughter ]. did you watch the late show. after cbs4 at 10:00. making denver's older homes feel like new can be a big challenge but the folks in denver life magazine designer showhouse are making it happen with gas fireplaces and upstairs lodge rooms and a full living space in the basement. this 1930s to there >> we were always looking to get this old urban house a refresh look into the future. without losing character. that is one of the things i love about this house. it has the character of the old house but it looks like a new house. >> denver life magazine designer showhouse is open for
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good morning. i am britt moreno. this is the news on this thursday, september 15. i am alan gionet. here is what is happening. sixth avenue. where to avoid coming up. emails, a former secretary of state colin powell our leaked. the more remarks about both presidential candidates. as protests during the national anthem spread we know what broncos linebacker brandon marshall says he will be doing about the issues he's raised. let's get a look at the forecast and find out what's


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