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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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a he's say they have reports of shots being heard at rose medical center in denver. police held a brief news conference with a few details. shawn chitnis is on-scene. >> reporter: we understand that this is a campus-wide lockdown, so the entire hospital is in lockdown we're here at 9th and dahlia, outside of the perimeter around the hospital. staff telling us that means anyone inside the hospital is being told to stay within their rooms, and they neither need to take cover or at least stay away from windows. the hospital can tell us everyone are safe at this point.
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shots called. and they don't want to give away too much in terms of their operation of dealing with a lockdown. it's a team effort between denver police and the hospital. there was a short press conference just a few minutes ago. both staff from the police and the hospital spoke to us. >> we have not locate good victims or located a suspect. however we're in the process of coti the premises to determine what it is we're dealing with. >> a campus-wide lockdown since about 4:00. no one in, no one out of the campus. all employees and patients are safe. >> reporter: and we did get the chance to speak to one man whose wife is inside the hospital. he knows she is safe because they're able to communicate by
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inside the hospital, they are concerned about everyone inside because it is such a large campus. denver police have a description of the suspect, a white male in his mid-30s, 130 pounds, with a flannel shirt and a hat. we'll continue to remain on-scene and keep you updated. more breaking news, a brush fire burned dangerously close to a housi thornton. this was the view from copter 4 as crews worked frantically to protect all those homes. it was all happening west of quebec, not far from 136th avenue. andrea flores on-scene. why a scary, those flames were raging! >> reporter: that's right, a lot of people saying those flames got a little too close for comfort. dangerously close to home near 137th and monaco,
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you can see how close that burn area is to this home. a family in this home started thinking about packing their bags with they saw the fire getting closer to their backdoor. thornton fire tells us the fire extended from 136th to 140th between quebec and monaco, a road in between two housing subdivisions helped crews get a handle on the fast-moving flames. crews from lafayette and rocky mountain worked quickly. contained. there aren't any structures threatened at this time, and they're just waiting for the fire to burn itself out at this point. >> reporter: north metro fire says there was no evacuations, and no structures were threatened. the cause is still under investigation. the legacy high school football team is about to play its big homecoming game less than a week after several
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in a school bus crash at dia. the bus driver was killed. >> melissa garcia is live there for us today. a lot of excitement. that's jennifer brice there. melissa? >> reporter: definitely. and the homecoming game will go on as planned tonight here at 7:00. and you can see some of the players have already taken the feel and are pri game. a couple of students are expected to talk to us right here any minute now about the events of the week. the community is rallying behind the students and the school staff to support those affected by the crash. my heart went out. >> reporter: for lacy, the deadly accident involving a buss of legacy high football players hit close to home. >> as a mother, you get that
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throat. because it's a child that i'm responsible for, it was too close >> reporter: her student was on the bus behind the one that crashed into a bridge at dia on sunday. she and a group of broomfield moms have been on a mission. >> these were donated by natally green who is one of our moms >> reporter: collecting donations for an online auction. all proceeds go to the three coaches who were seriously injured, and the family of the bus driver who was killed. you can find the auction facebook. there are already over 50 lots of donated items from handmade baby blankets to interior decor. and people are bidding. >> this is what i would expect someone tolls do for my family if we were in this situation. you all have to stick together, and this community has been really great. >> reporter: and the bidding on the auction ends tomorrow at 10:00 pm at the close of legacy's spirit week.
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what caused the deadly crash. the bus driver's husband says the result of an autopsy, which is not complete, the information he's been given is that she had an enlarjd heart that may have -- enlarged heart that may have led to a heart attack. the coroner is waiting on forensic testing in order to release the result of a full autopsy report. that could take another month or longer. melissa garcia, cbs4 news. new details on aar a recovering from serious injuries after police say he was hit by two cars walking on 6th avenue. then he fell from another vehicle that he was trying to steal. a man walking on the road, pulling a horse trailer. he jumped over the median and was hit again, by a car heading westbound. traffic stopped. one driver says he tried to carjack him! >> ran directly up to my truck,
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at that point he said get out of the truck, i want your truck. i turned over and tried to pull over right here, and that's where the gentleman had fallen off of the back of the truck and was laying in the middle of the road here. >> police tell us that person was transported to denver health. no word if he's gonna face any charges. westminster police looking for a violent sexual predator who skipped out on his court date. th he is wanted on a nationwide warrant for an assault on a 16-year-old victim. she considered armed and dangerous. colorado lawmakers get serious about drug abuse in colorado. jennifer brice joins us live. and you've been reporting on how big of a problem heroin is for our state. >> reporter: loerthds say that
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their main focus because the opioid problem is so pervasive in this state. 41 people die every month from prescription drug abuse in colorado. that is twice the amount of people dying from traffic related deaths. >> reporter: you're probably seen these pictures of an ohio couple overdosing in their car, a child in the backseat. the images went viral and have jarred people about the opioid abuse problemce daguette wants money to fight the problem. >> washington has been talking about this issue for a long time. >> reporter: getting congress to coresponsor two bills. one would promz $500 million to fight the crisis. dr. bev cooke son runs the clinic in denver. >> the schj getting people into
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say it's time to change my life. >> you can't just put them in a cold turkey situation and expect them to succeed. most of them are going to need very intensive therapy. many of them are going to need medically assisted treatment. >> reporter: the cdc says every 19 minutes, an american dies from an opioid overdose. colorado is second worse among the states for prescription misuse. opioid abuse is complex. the drug changes the to fight it is with dollars. dollars for prevention, public education, and treatment. >> reporter: and another big need that was discussed today at that meeting was expanding the workforce for addiction counselors. simply said, they say we need more people on the front lines doing that work here in this state. police looking for a couple
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into her home and stole jewelry. one posed as a water worker. she let the man into her backyard while another slipped into the home to look for valuables. she knew something was wrong the minute she got backed in ndz. >> i got to the kitchen, the other one came out of my bedroom and opened the door and took off. i opened the little glass dish, and i saw that the rings were gone. >> those stolen wedding rings have more meaning to few years ago. denver water will never show up at your door without an appointment. colorado springs police are disbanding their gang unit because of what they're calling a critical staffing shortage. dozens of being reassigned to street patrol duty. a number of traffic investigators will be
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an emotional morning for two colorado families as the remains of two young men returned home from syria. they were killed while fighting isis alongside kurdish forces. congressman pearlmutter played a big role in the bodies' return. the caskets arrived at union station by train. congressman presented their families american flags that had clone over the nation's capitol. en part of the u.s. military, they died heroes. >> he did more than i ever did. i got sent to vietnam. he went to syria. >> it was kind of a shock, but at the same time not beyond his thinking, not beyond his courage, and his humanity. >> the kurdish militia says they helped to liberate many civilians from areas controlled
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the launch of a new satellite built here in colorado. >> and donald trump closes the gap with hillary clinton with colorado voters. shaun boyd sits down with our analysts to find out why. >> and doppler indicating a few sprinkles. probably too dry. some dry out before they hit the ground. a couple showers to the south, well off to the east is where the moisture is. >> and we continue to follow breaking news: rose medical center and the v.a. there were recommends of shots heard. no recommend has been
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z23eoz zvpz y23eoy yvpy donald trump reverses course and admits president obama was born in america. >> reporter: >> welcome to our weekly reality check. new polls demonstrate the rapidly changing nature of this reaction election. they now have colorado
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an average shows hillary clinton ahead in colorado by just 3 points. in august she was up 11 points. nationally she's up by just 1 point. what is going on! [ laughter ] >> dick, i'm gonna start with you. i talked to some high-ranking democrats, and they're worried. it appears hillary clinton is in tro colorado! >> they should be worried. a week ago when we left here, we had no idea the next 48 hours were gonna be so damaging for hillary clinton. and it's being reflected in the poll s and nationwide. >> donald trump has been stepping up his game here. his son was here last week, he's here tomorrow. do you think hillary clinton is taking colorado too much for granted? >> i don't think she's taking it for granted. i think what we're seeing in the polls is an oddity of this race.
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how trump's revitalizing the birther issue is going to affect him in the polls. >> roller coaster so far. the u.s. labor secretary was in denver to urge passage of amendment 70 which would raise the minimum wage in colorado to $12 an hour by 2020. opponents are launching an ad campaign next week highlighting small they'll have to cut jobs if it passes. >> it cost me about $72,000 in a 3-year period. so i don't know where that's gonna come from. >> larger businesses in wealthier areas could weather it. but small businesses in rural parts of the state, family-owned businesses would be devastated. >> an increase this big means i would have to lay off some comloiftise this is supposed to help. >> what are the chances this
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than people think because it's polling over 50% now. and there have been ballot measures that we've seen in the past that never polled at 50% and still won on election day. i don't know if you want to set salaries or wages in the constitution. >> and campaign financing for that too. do you think this appeal by small business owners is gonna be effect sniff >> i think it will. this sounds good on the surface, sounds initially, pay people more. but as people understand the real-world consequences that this will have on small businesses, i think this could turn the tide. >> all right, thanks! we're out of time already! we're gonna have to leave it at that. kim and karen? to an update on the colorado-built satellite set to blast off today. crews had to scrap the launch because of a
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built the satellite. united launch alliance built the rocket. and westminster's digital probe will operate the equipment when it reaches space. the official start of fall is a few days away but the leaves are already starting to change. chris mobile weather lab out to clear creek county. >> reporter: we just got the sun to come back out. it's been behind the clouds. let's pan over here and show you this fantastic hillside here. just lit up in fall color! if you take berthoud pass, u.s. 40 before you get up to the pass, there's a side road to jones pass. if you take that side road, you'll see this beautiful hillside just beaming with fall color.
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conditions yet. varied conditions across colorado due to elevation, but normally between the 15th and 25th, we start to see peak conditions way up high in elevations above 9,000 feet. then they start to come down as we roll into early october. we'd like to invite you to go to we've made a fall color guide fur, complete with some of our first -- guide for you, complete with some of our favorite drives! of orange and red. let me tell you something, it's 48 degrees, a little breeze up here. a little chilly tonight! it seems like it was just memorial day! >> doesn't it? [ laughter ] >> a couple sprinkles down there in park county moving into castle rock. a lot of that might not even be reaching the ground.
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thunderstorms reaching the ground to the south, trinidad, and into new mexico. a spot of showers going on. and texas, along this front, into the great lakes region. heavy showers and thunderstorms. we're watching this to see if it forms into a tropical storm remember it's weak nij -- weakening so we don't think so. as we take our hour by hour forecast, there's a few of those scattered showers. one or two before the evening is over. scattered show h sunday afternoon into sunday evening into monday morning, and you hardly see a cloud in the sky. we got some chilly conditions. a freeze warning in western sections of the state. that goes from midnight tonight till 9:00 am tomorrow morning. 73 is our high today after a start chilly at the airport.
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68 degrees, 71 in northwest arvada. greeley 72. wheat ridge 75 degrees. everybody below normal. pleasantly so. 70s denver and diawith a northeast breeze at 9, 28% humidity. we do have a rising barometer. temperatures for tonight mostly in the 40s and 50s over the eastern plains. we'll fin 30s, for the higher elevations. out west, temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. tomorrow we'll have 70s and 80s over the east. out west pretty nice, 70s to low 80s. denver forecast for tonight, mostly clear skies. under a full moon. 49 and 47 the overnight lows. then tomorrow we'll see partly cloudy skies, maybe an isolated storm. getting closer to normal with 77 and 78.
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day, we see 84 on sunday. monday we're at 87. tuesday 85. right thinking that almost summer-like conditions, and wednesday 81, and dry all the way. >> going back to august! [ laughter ] i hope the buffers stay -- buffs stay strong against michigan. >> in 1994, it was a miracle. whatl
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are some call it dirty, broncos deny that. moving on! one thing the broncos do agree on, they can't have penalties that cost them games. last year against indie, the eye-poke that, sealed the win for the colts. and last week against the panthers, stewart's hit on newton, that could have been costly if cam hadn't also been playing for
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should have been called in the game, we get on our players, even if they weren't called. we get on our players. we don't want penalties. nobody wants penalties. penalties can cost you games. you gotta play the game penalty-free if you can because it gives you a better chance to win. college football, cu gets ready to take on michigan tomorrow. it makes sense to rememb 1 beat michigan! let's not forget most of the current buffs players weren't even born yet! [ cheering and applause ] >> let's it go! he's got three people down there, the ball up in the air, caught! [ cheering and applause ] >> colorado will never forget what happened 22 years ago against michigan. this year's team wants to make it 0 in march. >> it was a great play, but we're mainly focused on
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i just want to win every game. >> reporter: a win over the fourth ranked wolverines would definitely classify as a moment. michigans on outscored its first two opponents 114-17. the possibility of beating big blue in the big house doesn't seem to phase the buffers. >> each week is a different challenge. obviously going against a great team like this is another challenge for us. but we're ready for it. >> we're excited to to beat the best. >> reporter: while michigan has been dominant this year, so has colorado. they've gained over 500 glrsd back-to-back games -- yards in back-to-back game, and the buffers have outscored their opponents. >> i don't think our kids will wilt at all. i think we're playing a really good football team. so now we need to see how we play against a really good football team. you go out there
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measure up >> reporter: and if cu goes toe to toe with michigan, history just might repeat itself. >> what do you expect from cu tomorrow? not sure what to expect from csu tomorrow against northern colorado. rams 1 and 1, blown out by cu, struggled to beat san antonio. collin hill will be >> we have no confidence offensively. we gotta find a way to get that this week. there was a little bit of park when collin came into the game. we complete an out-route, like john elway just threw the ball. >> bobo has not minced words. >> it's been tough. donald trump, brief statement about president obama
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hillary clinton is among those slamming the republican nominee. >> crews trying to prevent a >> crews trying to prevent a major environmental disaster in >> crews trying to prevent a major environmental disaster in with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."


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