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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  September 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:22pm MDT

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we begin with breaking news. an explosion in new york city at least 29 people injured. it happened about 3 hours ago in the chelsea neighborhood. investigators have not said what caused the explosion but they are calling it an intentional act. the mayor spoke to the media within the last hour. he said there is no evidence this is linked to terrorism. witnesses say the explosion came from a dumpster and was so we and shattered windows. >> boom. like a huge steel plate hitting the ground. >> investigators are responding to a 2nd seen nearby. another explosive device may have been located. police say of the 29 people injured, only one was seriously hurt. we will continue following this breaking news as they develop. fire broke out in aurora. this was the scene near
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the fire. no injuries were reported. a community is morning after a teenager was shot and killed during a party and thornton. it happened early this morning outside the home at 128 and holly. the victim was 16-year-old haley vargas. haley's friends are heartbroken. >> reporter: those friends left flowers an she was found right there on the sidewalk. they say they're going to miss her and remember the friend a say was taken too soon. >> this is the worst thing ever. >> reporter: emotions ran high at a prayer vigil saturday night as friends remembered 16- year-old haley vargas. they say was shot and killed at a party overnight. >> now i have that part of me
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>> some guy started shooting at the house and everyone started running to their cars. i saw the girl fall. >> reporter: 2 sisters who did not want to be identified tried to keep her alive until police got to the scene. >> no one was helping her so we couldn't leave. >> i grabbed my friends shirt and tried to put it over the wound to stop the bleeding. i hispanic male with brown hair, and a gold hoop nose ring. now her friends want to make sure she isn't remembered by how she died but how she lived. >> people will know where is the girl that got shot, i want her to be known as haley vargas the one who was always smiling. >> reporter: thornton police
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if you have any information about what happened at this party friday night, thornton police ask you give them a call. we're learning new information about the shocking death of a high school athlete. peak to peak charter student collapsed while running in 85 kate cross country me in broomfield. he later died at the hospital. he was 18 years old. >> i think there's a lot trying to get acquainted with the idea that we no longer have one of our stellar students. he was a phenomenal human being. touched a lot of lives. a very generous and wonderful person. >> grief counselors will be available on monday. the school says it's working to organize a vigil.
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start of fall. we are enjoying warm temperatures. >> let's go to the colorado weather center. you're tracking a change in the forecast. >> a big change. change from today and the last couple of days. already tonight the change is taking place, we are clearing out, clear skies as we look at the radar. there is a cold front. up to the pacific northwest, right here going through montana and northern california high pressure area right over arizona and it is that guy that will slide in and bring us the weather change just in time for the bronco game. but it is a warmer weather change. tomorrow at kickoff, 2:25 it's going to be 85 degrees. by halftime 83. and 80 by the 4th quarter with mostly sunny skies. there is a big change coming but it is a warming trend that
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last few days of summer. we will outline all of the heat and let you know what the 1st day of fall looks like coming up. the presidential campaign made a stop in colorado. today donald trump held a campaign event in colorado springs. trump talked about his plans to reduce taxes and build a wall. he also attacked hillary clinton. >> the political specialist was at that rally, donald trump started by addressing th >> reporter: he said a bomb had gone off in new york city. and implied it was terrorist in nature. although it had just happened. publicly officials have not said that. most of his speech, as polls show the race is tightening in colorado and nationwide. >> i am so thrilled to be in colorado. a special place. >> reporter: donald trump here
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shows the state is a passive. in one month he is closed nearly an 11 point gap. >> we haven't spent any money on advertising. >> actually he does have an ad but it's his 1st. so why the shift in polls? clinton is making mistakes. >> my opponent slanders you as deplorable. >> reporter: trump is not making as many mistakes. >> i don't even like using the lettor because if i use that word they will say he used foul language. see i've learned it's been a process. >> reporter: he has learned to hit on colorado themes as well. appealing to oil and gas workers along with steel workers in southern colorado. >> american steel will send new skyscrapers into the clouds. that includes denver.
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american hands will rebuild this nation and american energy , mind from american sources willpower this nation. >> reporter: he also appealed to latinos, a key voting block in colorado he is losing by double digits. several latino protesters were let out of the rally. and squared off with trump supporters outside. colorado, a clear battle ground once again. it's interesting. polls show hillary clinton losing ground in colorado that her supporters are moving to trump but rather gary johnson who is peeling away the millennials. i suspect we will see clinton back here soon. live from colorado springs. >> hillary clinton took a break from the campaign trail.
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the congressional black caucus foundation. she received the trail blazer award for becoming the 1st female presidential nominee of the major party. the update on a missing dog. we 1st told you about this dog earlier this summer. his owner launched a media campaign to bring them home. thousands of people joined the search. today many strangers gathered to celebrate the homecoming. >> reporter: and owners brought together because of a remarkable story of one of them. it took facebook to help. >> a very humbling experience. >> reporter: dozens of people with one thing in common. >> a lot of people who've never met the dog. the commonality is the companionship. they admired the we had. as soon as it was taken away for me, people rallied. by the thousands. to help me. >> reporter: the dog was
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days. until these guys, who had no clue he was on facebook. we posted on facebook with a couple of different hash takes. >> reporter: it didn't take long for the sweet face to make it back. >> by 40 -- 1:00 a.m. we had 15 missed calls and we got in contact with matt. >> you had no idea there were hundreds of people looking for this dog. >> reporter: we might never know how the dog ended up so far from home. but that does not matter. thing. that does matter. >> we have gotten so many hugs from random people. >> reporter: format all of this attention brought about a happy ending. >> am so pleased to have him home and relieved. it doesn't matter anymore. >> reporter: an unlikely group of friends with the love of man's best friend. a remarkable story of finding the dog.
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keep working to help other people who lose their pets. developing now, a trashcan explodes at a marine charity race. the race delay that prevented tragedy. cdot gets a birds eye view of the roads. how a drone is helping law enforcement. a daredevil flying at 400 miles per hour. we will show you what inspired the un
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we're following breaking news out of new yo injured. most suffered minor injuries. investigators call it an intentional act but say there's no evidence of terrorism. hours after the blast least discovered another possible explosive device nearby. there still investigating. another explosion rather -- in new jersey. it happened along the route of a charity race. the end result could've been much worse had it not been for a delay in the race.
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am. runners were due to pass. >> i heard it and said what was that? >> the race benefits marines and sailors that heavy turnout delayed the start. no runners were on the course when the explosion happened. >> that was a good thing. had it not been delayed people would have been running by when the explosive device happened. >> received a brief on it. >> it was intended to go off at a certain hour. there was definitely intent to hurt people. >> we know that because it was on a timer? >> i don't want to get into details, i don't to compromise with the fbi is doing. >> we've learned the fbi is involved. authorities say 3 small pipes were together containing explosives but only one went
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colorado's department of transportation got a high-tech view of traffic from above this evening. thousands at the air force academy thought country music start tim mcgraw. there's a lot of traffic. cdot in the denver-based company uavu used the opportunity to test a drone that monitors road conditions. the drone has a camera with a 30 time soon. it can feedback real-time video to cdot and >> if there is an accident we can get ambulances and fire trucks rapidly without people guessing on where the accident is. >> the unmanned aerial vehicle was tethered to the ground and powered by a generator. no word on whether cdot will use drones for other high- traffic events. a stuntman laying off an incredible jump in honor of his role model. he shot across the snake river canyon at 400 miles per hour.
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legendary evil people. he used the same technology. time to check forecast. >> i remember as a kid i remember watching evil knievel. two thirds of the state was dry. we had big thunderstorms across the eastern plains. shooting all the way up into phillips coun out. tonight we are mostly clear. not too bad across the state. we did have some tomato damage in cheyenne wells, at least 2 tornadoes reported. a 6 car garage was level. property damage to about 5 homes . the tornadoes blasted up and some were on the ground for 5 minutes.
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at the bigger picture, pressure moving in from arizona into utah and colorado. a couple of fronts moving in the pacific northwest. as we look to tomorrow this high should be strong enough to hold it up. it will ring warmer temperatures as well. real summertime heat is on the way. along with that we have a red flag warning for northern colorado including fort collins in the foothills outside boulder. noon-8. the gusty winds and warmer temperatures. be careful. dry in many locations. the high today was 78. that is normal. morning lows were cool at 44. the official temperature at dia . high pressure. our weather watcher in pine clifft has 55. alex romero sent this shot of
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it is still bright and beautiful tonight. you might want to look. lows tonight 50s and 40s. 40s and 30s in the mountains. highs tomorrow 90s and 80s. a summertime day. if you want to cool off check out the leaves in the mountains. 70 in frisco. not a bad drive. tonight, mostly clear. 50 for the overnight low. tomorrow's high 80s with sunshine. no thunderstorms. 87 on monday. we keep the 80s through wednesday. thursday is the 1st day of fall and we cooldown to 78 with a few isolated storms. next weekend will feel like fall. 60s. >> 39 degrees low. thanks.
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extra. i want to be leading with the rockies on a saturday night in september because they are in playoff contention that we will have to settle for a record- breaking performance from john gray. rockies host the padres. plenty of run support. colorado crushed 1. 2 home runs. it was 16 shades of gray as great broke the rockies


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