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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  September 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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police shoot and kill a robbery suspect. he was on a motorcycle and they say he pulled a gun on officers. there were five suspects in all. >> lauren dispirito has been on the scene all afternoon for us at 121st and huron. >> reporter: i can tell you the shooting happened about one block north of h investigators have been focusing their attention there. two police officers fired on and killed this suspect as they were pursuing him for robbery and
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. >> you heard the pop pop pop, and a bunch ever us thought it was fireworks or something. >> reporter: police say while the suspect was armed, he did not fire others assaulted a man and took off. police are looking for four other suspects. flee men and one -- three men and one woman with pink hair that took off in a
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a crash in castle rock kills a high school student. it happened just after 10:00 am near castle view high school. the victim was a student there stan bush is live at the scene of that crash. what else do we know? >> reporter: that was 17-year-old kyra died around 10:00 this morning, going east on butterfield crossing, on the way toward the school. you can look right now, there's a memorial that has been growing in her memory, and these are some of our friends gathered around here. most have been here throughout the afternoon. police describe this as a 3-car
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was hit trying to pass another vehicle or if there was a mechanical failure. you can see right here, this is where the accident happened. it's not clear if she was trying to pass or if something else happened. police returned a few minutes ago where they continued to gather evidence from the crash. many of h this morning. >> she got in a really bad accident and she was unresponsive. that's what i heard. >> just wanted everybody else to be happy. >> for unknown reasons, one of those vehicles crossed the double yellow line. and it was a head-on collision. >> reporter: police have not been able to give more details
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a semi driver carrying a load of beer lost control. >> just knocks them cars off in e pretty crazy. >> crews still on the screen cleaning up. the f.b.i. is calling this one the wicked wig bandit, she wears a wig and sunglasses during heists. she has robbed
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>> reporter: this first bank that's inside the safeway here in denver uf sfrl the first bank she hit. -- off federal is the first she hit. she is dangerous and investigators. to catch her before she strikes again. >> she's very aggressive, she's targeting frequently. >> reporter: beneath dark hair authorities are calling the wicked wig bandit. >> she always has a wig and sunglasses o. >> reporter: it's perhaps a silly name but the f.b.i. says she's committing a very serious crime. >> she has a note that says i have a weapon or i have a gun. and even though she hasn't shown
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>> reporter: no one has been hurt in any of the rob reesz. the woman then hit three wells fargo locations in denver and wheat ridge. >> just take a look. is there somebody there that authorities about that. >> reporter: the award is up to $7,000 for information that may lead to an arrest on this case. you can take a closer look at the video on if you have any information that may help in this case, call
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the city says cloudy water was due to sediment stirred up from the bottom of the water storage tank. crews noticed the water clearing this morning. a lucrative mystery in highlands ranch. someone found hundreds of dollars. >> deputies trying to find whoever lost mustin has the story at 6:00 tonight. >> reporter: you remember two years ago, we did a story about a good samaritan who found an envelope full of cash in the same area, turned it into the sheriff's department that. money was never claimed. it's happened again. another man found a boatload of cash here. >> i think it was $1,000. >> reporter: it's the money mystery everyone is talking about in highlands ranch. >> lots of money.
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>> reporter: a month ago, a good samaritan found several hundred dollars in a business parking lot in the town center. the anonymous man turned the money into the douglas county sheriff's office. so far the person who lost the money has not come forward . >> reporter: several comofters have struck out. >> someone said it's santa claus called and said he wanted her to have it. >> reporter: we found some other characters trying to claim the cash. >> it was like $400, you sure? yeah, given or take a 20. [ laughter ] >> reporter: michael tribl does
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>> reporter: meanwhile he says the real story is the honest person who turned the cash in. >> we need our money. for to be returned is a great thing. >> if you have any information, call the douglas county sheriff's office. brandon marshall s taking a knee during the national anthem. >> a scar can be a lasting reminder for cancer survivors. we're gonna introduce you to a denver doctor working to make those scars less visible. >> lots of clouds, just as hot
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and criticized for taking a knee during the pregame national anthem. he's one of several nfl players who say they're protesting social injustice. since starting the protest, marshall has started a campaign he calls tackle change. he's donating money to charity for every tackle he makes this year. and he's pledged to visit local schools and community groups. today marshall dropped by valverde elementary to talk to the 4th graders. >> i'm not just taking a knee. i'm i'm doing the leg work. i'm coming out to schools and trying to talk to kids and help them to stay in school and be respectful. >> marshall challenged these students and those of three other schools to improve their attendance up to 95%. and the winning school gets a pizza party. according to the american cancer society, there will be an estimated 60,000 new cases of thyroid cancer in the u.s. this year.
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women. >> the surgery can leave a visible scar on the neck. a doctor in denver working to change that. >> thyroid cancer is commonly diagnosed as a younger age. having that scar can be a constant reminder that is tough to hide. a young, upbeat, prsi february, molly didn't feel quite right. >> just a pain in the back of my throat. >> reporter: an ultrasound showed a nodule on ther hiroadway. >> i have cancer. >> reporter: the 28-year-old knew she needed it removed. but the surgery scared her. >> i'd have to live my life with a scar that runs across my whole neck. >> she was afraid for the rest of her life that she would be labeled or people would stare.
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offered her a better outcome. he is the chief of head and neck surgery for kaiser permanent e. he's also a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. with small instruments and minimally invasive techniques, he can reduce the traditional 4 to 6 centimeter incision. >> i can do the same surgery through an incision about a third of the size >> reporter: seven months postsurgery, marcella's star is >> it's the last thing on my mind. >> reporter: some people are surprised her scar is so small but most don't notice a thing. >> not only does a smaller scar look better, it reduces discomfort and tends to heal faster. time to check with ed! >> all the clouds we had today, looked like it was be cooler. just as hot as yesterday!
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what we're watching this is moisture in the south. still coming up from what was once a hurricane, and seeing that moisture push into colorado. we'll probably get some showers out of it. on the warm side of that front once again, 90 degrees again in denver. showers to the north of that front. and some scattered showers along the eastern sea board as that stationary front continue s to lay over the east. the atlantic, tropical storms karl and lisa, and that's all we're seeing out there not forecast to come anywhere near the u.s. and this is tropical depression paine. tons of moisture into our area. a couple scattered showers right now, 6:00, there's that bulk of moisture. watch the streak of moisture move up in higher elevations. rain mixed with snow. this is 2:00 am. then it could pepper the metro area with
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a stronger surge comes in. down to santa fe. that's 3:00 on friday afternoon. there's our best chance for showers right there. 90 and 89, exactly where we were yesterday. 60, 59 the lows. 77 and 47 are normal. and 94 and 28 the records for this time of year. 82 and 84 right now. we're getting a lot of good color pictures here, this one from cynthia. the path going through the woods. beautiful day. and look at cobalt blue sky of colorado against those leaves all gold up by elliot lawrence, buffalo pass outside steamboat. and this one from debbie. nice shot. temperatures tonight mostly in the 50s and 60s over the eastern plains. 40s for the
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tomorrow cooler in the west and to the mounsz, 60s and 70s -- mountains, 60s and 70stains, 60s and 70s -- mountains, 60s and 70s. denver tonight, scattered showers, 63 and 61. tomorrow morning showers, partly cloudy skies. 80 degrees. for the next several days, 83 on thursday, 80 on friday, look at your weekend. some some cool, fall-like weather! a chance for storms. 63 cj anderson debuting the
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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one through four in the 2012 draft. they'd like to stop
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steelers' game plan. pittsburgh held green to just 38 yards sunday. just the seventh time in the last three years he's been held to 40 or fewer receiving yards. >> he's gonna make plays. you can't get down on yourself. you gotta keep playing, keep attacking him. challenge him, make him work. cj ander everything a guy could ask for, including his own cereal! the cereal named cj's mile high crunch. he says he eats cereal morning, noon and night. >> i tasted it, yeah. they're amazing. they're better than tonet tiger, so --
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coland oregon are hardly longstanding rivals. the two teams have played just 20 time, and it's been very one-sided. the buffs have lost five straight to the ducks. the average margin of victory is more than 5 touchdowns. blam >> my older brother used to get letters from oregon, show me all their new uniforms. i'm like get that out of my face, i don't want to see it. so i've grown this hate for oregon. it's very important for me to come out this game and do what i have to do. >> one dude i would not talk trash with. [ laughter ]
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dislike the most? the rockies had their winning streak snapped last night thanks to the cardinals and what they did to themselves. nolan arenado had a costly error in the 4th which kept the inning alive. this one, typical of the cardinal. they capitalize and score 3 runs in the inning. nolan had a couple of late plays later in the game. that one error was costly. >> you get used to him making highlight plays every night, and you think he's gonna do it f 162 games. but high is human, and that was -- he is human and that was a tough play. >> game 2 of that series tonight. dodgers, giants, getting testy last night. bumgarner and puig started to fight because bumgarner didn't like the way puig looked at him. telling puig "don't look at me"! typical
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and shoving. not too many punches. apparently dodgers got in ahead because they ended up win the game 2-1. >> don't look at me! [ laughter ] a couple set off a sting operation after someone kept swiping packages off their front porch. the person they caught was a big surprise. >> police identify a hit and run driver accused of killing a cyclist. ,, with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there.
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son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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police identified a suspect but feel he may have left country. it happened near the denver country club. jennifer brice talked to a good samaritan who tried to save that man. she has new developments on the search for the suspect. >> reporter: the hit and run happened at this intersection off gill pin and 1st. the suspect was living in denver tote but may have fled the country. police have an arrest
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police believe he killed drew deitrick in in the summer. >> i want his family to know that there were people there, i was holding his hand. he had people trying to comfort him as much as we could. >> reporter: police say the fiat was found abandoned at whole foods in cherry creek. it took detectives several months to issue an arrest warrant because they say they had a lot to prove. >> we had to forensic evidence together. we have to prove the vehicle and also the driver that. takes analysis in the form of dna, developing additional witnesses that may have heard something after the fact. >> reporter: he has also lived in california and florida. detectives have received tips that the suspect may have left the country. bithey believe it's more likely that he fled the
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states. seeing deitrick's struggle in the last minutes of his life was heartbreaking and difficult. she does not understand how anyone would leave a person to die. >> i hope they turn themselves in. i feel like living with that guild is gonna tear him apart. >> reporter: if you have any information that may help solve this crime, there is a $2,000 reward. a driver got his foot stuck on the gas that seven eleven. this was in the town of security in el paso county. no one was seriously hurt. new details on the man suspected of ed the new york and new jersey bombings. >> his father contacted the f.b.i. in 2014 expressing concerns his son might be a terrorist. this is the news across america at 6:30. the f.b.i. investigated him but at


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