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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  September 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's why i approve this message. c1 in 2016. i'm alan gionet. today colorado is in the spotlight for republicans as several members of the donald trump's presidential campaign team is in colorado. donald trump, jr. will be on the western slope tonight. vp candidate mike pence is in colorado springs is this afternoon. now our political specialist
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desks. you had an exclusive interview with ivanka trump an she is after the women's vote. >> more women are registered to vote than men and they vote in greater numbers here. ivanka trump had a breakfast hosted by the women's alliance which features many women owners. she talked about the challenges of running a business and raising three kids all under the age of five joking house is more complicated than a presidential campaign. she maintains women's issues are the same as anywhere cares about, jobs, security and education and moms who says she are paid less than single women. she insisted working women is an out dated term and no one says work workmen and those who
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>> the policy proposals, stay at home mothers, and stay at home fathers can get the same tax benefit in terms of an income tax reduction or expansion of the earned income tax credit should they not pay taxes for the work they do in their home. it is high time we recognize the value of stay at home parents and their contribution to society. >> she talked plan to expand school of choice which benefits lower income children in inner cities. she will debate this monday a few days away. >> thank you very much. hillary clinton campaigned in florida yesterday and now she is off the trail as she prepares for monday night's debate. yesterday she told supporters this election is about moving
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this country, no one is worth less, no one is less than. we're all of value. in the united states of america, the greatest country in the world, we believe everyone is created equal. [applause] >> and you know what else we believe? we all hate. well much more of shaun's interview with ivanka trump on our website. you can head to the campaign 2016 section of cbs4 to find that. two violent nights of protests in north carolina. he man's to show video avenue an officer shooting a black men to the slain man's family. they won't be releasing that video to the public, at least not now. the family claimed keith lamont scott had a book not a gun.
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pointing a gun. kenneth craig shows us what has led to a state of emergency. >> reporter: protests spiraled into violence for the second straight night in charlotte. vandals smashed windows and loots businesses. one person in the crowd was shot. he is now in critical condition. police used tear gas and flash grenades as officers tried to clear the also hurt. >> we made a total of 44 arrests. charges range from failure to disperse to assault to breaking and entering. >> reporter: the violence prompted several major companies to tell their employees to stay home for the day and avoid the area. >> the unrest follows the deadly police shooting tuesday of 43-year-old keith lamont scott.
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witnesses say he was holding a book. >> he had his hands up and the book fell off his lap. >> reporter: wb tv obtained a picture that may show a gun near the victim's feet. they haven't released police video of the shooting. >> it is an active investigation and we don't want to release pieces of evidence that don't make a full picture. >> reporter: protestors are demanding it charlotte. right now here in colorado, police and a lot of people are looking for this 16-year-old jeffrey collins. he is wanted for attempted murder after a vicious attack on a 71-year-old woman who just wanted to help him and gave him a ride. she picked up three teenage hick hikers and invited them to her cabin and that is where collins attacked her. >> at one point there was talk
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possibly stealing her car. the others did not like that idea, but as a surprise, our suspect shot her in the head. >> apparently with a fireplace poker. two others run to get help. he said he did not know anything about what happened. >> collins was wearing an ankle monitor because of an alcohol charge but it is not known if that is working. she posted she was improving t condition. there is a gofundme account for her. new details in the deadly police shooting in westminister. the coroner identified the suspect killed pie officers as 49-year-old thomas tucker from denver. police say he was trying to rob a homeowner and then took off. police say when they caught up with him, he took off on foot and they shot and killed him. they have not found four others who took off in a car.
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a slow commute for some. we had cancellations of flights at the airport. not known if that is because of the fog, but copter 4 shows the pictures before the fog. here is more. this moisture will bring us rain? >> we could have a few showers later today. i want to talk about the fog. still have some on the eastern plains. still thick fog. one of the weathewa said it is still down to a mile visibility. we had a front work its way through this morning and it is cool in the denver area and northeastern plains compared to yesterday. 22degrees cooler in avon. most of the west has a warmer start. 65 in denver. 63 in boulder. 72 avon. 79 in craig right now and 81 over in grand junction.
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parts of utah and we have the chance for more moisture later on today. could have some rain later on this afternoon and evening. a mix of cloudcover and sunshine. south of denver, you might have a better chance of getting the rain today and we may have showers past 9:00, 10:00 tonight. we have a mixture of sunshine and cloudcover. a little breezy across the front range and a chance of storms. we'll time out the rest of the day and talk about new developments in the renewed investigation into the murder of jonbenit ramsey. her brother burke ramsey spoke with dr. phil about the case, but now is considering suing cbs for its program, jonbenit ramsey. the expert suggesting burke ramsey killed his sister. his attorney will sue for defamation. they issued a statement saying
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colorado a little after that time posted on facebook saying he has his own strong views concerning who killed jonbenit ramsey saying he condemned cbs for its excellent research, investigation and reporting. just this week, city of denver approved a $150 million fund for a housing program. the mayor wants to add 6,000 unit we know it is bad. jamie leary is with habitat for humanity is working on one. a lot of hands on deck. >> reporter: evidence of efforts to combat the affordable housing crisis everywhere and this is a prime example. you have foundations going up for 62 new homes thanks for habitat. the denver city council approved the first fund and today the nonprofit group 9 to 5 colorado announced a long-
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>> today is the start, the beginning of pushing for renter's rights and rent control. we just know that cost is the number one issue and we have to do something about it. rent control is illegal so we would have to overturn a state statute for cities to create rent control ordinances. >> reporter: the group knows this could take time, but if successful they would insure they wouldn't skyrocket. the organization is in put more protects in place for low income renters and all the city will allocate $150,000. it won't help the groups of people who need it's the most. here is why. affordable housing in the metro area applies to people making approximately 60% below the median income level or a.m. i. for one person that would be
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the median income so those people affordable housing is anything but. they said the city's plan is a grave step in the right direction but says more needs to be done. we did contact the mayor's office and they briefly told me over the phone, they know many people feel this way. we're still waiting for a full comment from the mayor's office. you can learn much more about how colorado is trying to tackle the housing crunch place to call home page on cbs a colorado dog has quite a tale after being found in missouri. how a woman is making sure missy is going to make it home. plus, the only question in the nfl today, who is going to be the quarterback for the patriots tonight?
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,, washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor.
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gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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nvernd happening tomorrow, a family in pueblo will be reunited with their dog that got away five years ago. >> it took a determined volunteer to make it happen. despite the fact missy had a microchip. >> there was inaccurate information on the chip so when she contacted the chip company, they were able to trace down the last name was spelled
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it gets back to colorado. i will drive it back to colorado. >> i'm really excited my daughter is excited. i just want to cry. >> reporter: well nobody knows how missy made it from pueblo to the suburbs of the st. louis but she is coming home which is awesome. >> what is going on? >> there is a lot going on in the weather world. the fog we had this morning has ft looking at more sunshine. we still could see more cloudcover later it day as we have the possibility of some rain, but it is a lot cooler, as well. we had the cloudcover early and the front worked its way through. it is windy in parts of the state. steamboat craig, winds 30, 35 miles per hour and then south of denver, fairly calm on the eastern plains. still foggy spot the out there. because of the these gusty
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next system to get closer to us. ahead of that we have high wind warnings and then wind advisories. that is the tan you have out there. we could see winds up to 60, 65 miles per hour. these are damaging winds. we had a photographer send us pictures of the beautiful leaves but when the winds increase, hopefully the leaves can survive, but the winds may put a damper on temperatures 65 in denver. 63 greeley. 72 in burlington. 86 in la junta. 72 avon. 79 craig. 81 in grand junction. we have some cloud the in the high country and there has been a little rain in the southwest. a little in the northwest, as well. wider look. we have an area of low pressure making its way to us and a cold front will come through friday
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quite a bit. we still have moisture from hurricane payne. they could turn severe. wind and heavy rain will be the biggest threats. we may get a couple pops in denver later on, but tonight we have the chance for rain really ramping up off to our west and some in the southwestern corner. a couple showers possible here in denver. tomorrow morning it some heads our way on friday afternoon. we may get isolated showers from that. then into saturday, take a look at this, some snow in our northwestern mountains. could pick up a couple inches and that could continue. denver, maybe isolated showers on saturday, but for sure cooler temperatures. 84 in denver.
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this area of low pressure it is cruising toward us and still pulting up that moisture from what was the hurricane down in the pacific. we are going to cool off. tomorrow 81 not a big change. 69 on saturday. chance for isolated storms. then we're really cool on sunday. we're down into the low 60s. then maybe perhaps you're in a wedding this weekend outside on saturday. you'll have to figure out how to stay >> yes. >> thanks a lot. big question mark about the patriots' starting quarterback
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we would like you to meet her. she loves treats apparently. gets along with other dogs and
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everybody. real friendly. if you want to make her apart of your family, you can visit her at the shelter in castle rock just south of the outlet mall. >> what a great dog. >> tonight we have the texans and patriots on thursday night football. here is a good question. with tom brady still suspended for dee flight gate who will be the starting qb? >> reporter: it might be the best job in sports. evft myself everytime i step down here. >> she stanes closer to the field than any fan and when the patriots score -- after a quick celebration with the team, fire real revolutionary mus cuts. the question tonight will the militia have much to celebrate. tom brady is serving a four- game suspension indy flighting footballs so jimmy leading the patriots to a week one win.
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>> reporter: then injured in his second game. jacobyfeld in and pulled out a week two win. >> will he be healthy enough to take the field four days after the injury? like many questions directed at the coach bill belichick, that one to the an icy answer. >> i'm a football coach. i don't call plays. i don't do surgery. >> every time he wings. >> we have to free brady again, but thinks whoever they put under him can handle the defense. >> the patriots are down to their third string quarterback and they are still winning. >> we never know, do we? >> it is always magic on this field. there is a lot of magic. these are my boys. they will be great. >> kickoff for that game 6:25
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our investigation into how the names of dead people are turning up on colorado ballots. cbs4 investigators brian moss is asking the questions. >> she died but we found a vote cast in her name months after her death. >> if you're dead, you don't get to vote. >> he died, too. but our investigation found two years later a vote cast in his name. >> it has to be a phony vote. >> dead men and women casting >> that is illegal. >> how did it happen? >> you can clear this upright now. >> i don't have to clear anything up. >> does this show that the system is ripe for fraud?
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dr. phil continues his conversation with terri horman, the stepmother of a seven-year- old who vanished six years ago.
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what happened. why terry says she failed two polygraph tests today. >> let's go back to lauren for a final check. >> it is windy out to our west from craig through rifle and windy conditions today. temperatures it 60s across the front range. >> thanks a lot.
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? >> quinn: you say you'll never trust me or accept me. >> steffy: that's correct. you say you change. it's really just like white noise to me. >> quinn: except we both love your grandfather and we both some common ground we can find knowing that they won't be happy without both of us in their lives. >> steffy: you know what you're like? you're like a chronic illness wyatt's just gotten used to managing. >> quinn: come to the wedding tomorrow. the rest of the family will follow your lead. it's only an hour out of all of your lives. i will not take it as getting anyone's blessing.


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