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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  September 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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he said nothing. he was kind of zombie like. >> the man accused of shooting and killing five people is now in custody. >> a thorntonot >> if you had to bury a child, you would understand. >> our exclusive interview on the death investigation of 16-year-old haley vargas. plus the search for a man who left his wife at a gas station. why police say he's in danger and how you can help. it's another chilly morning across colorado.
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that fell at loveland ski area resort. officials there hope to start making snow in the next week believe it or not. check out the snow action at silverton. this weekend's system dropped enough for eager skiers. they say they could earlier than they hoped. road hasn't closed for the season just yet. good sunday morning. i'm kelly worthman. let's get a look at the weather with dave. >> hey the good morning. how about the first fall weekend around here. we're in recovery mode today. little cool, mostly 40s.
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at this time. 44 englewood. from our weather watcher in deer trail, don coming in at 42 degrees. if you remember yesterday morning, we had a low of 39 degrees. satellite and radar together as we look at this now. few clouds over vail moving into the continental divide. snow is going away. partly cloudy thisor only 68 degrees for the high. little cooler than yesterday's high of 71. mostly sunny skies and a lot less wind to be had around here. in the week ahead, i should say kelly, we have a warming trend to look forward to. few more 80s left in september. we'll talk about that coming up in a little bit. >> we have breaking news in boulder this morning. police are searching for a man
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this morning. that woman told police that the man put his arm around her and she fought him out. he is described 6-foot tall, beard and mustache. we got these pictures from a passenger who said his flight was delayed more than six hours. the mess started with original flight fro an entire day. the orlando flight is only delayed frontier departure out of dia. last week the airline had problems. now to the news out of washington state. police have arrested the man accused of going on a macy's rampage killing five people. he was unarmed and zombie like when taken into custody
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from turkey but is a legal, permanent resident of the u.s. >> police captured the suspect in friday night's mass shooting at the washington state mall. investigators say the the apprehended man was arrested. >> that is the person i just viewed on i did bankrupt u-turn, flipped lights, pulled my gun. >> four women were shot dead in the make up area at macy's and a man died later. shoppers fled, hid in changing rooms and other stores. >> it wasn't all at once. it was a shot, two seconds later, another shot. >> police say sur have a lens
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unarmed and entering -- police say the surveillance video shows the shooter arriving unarmed and entering macy's. minutes later, he went in with a shotgun and killed five. the fbi helped in the search for the suspect. >> that suspect is court tomorrow. identities ofic haves have not been -- identities of victims have not been released. haley vargas was shot and killed outside a house party near 128ing -- 128th a week ago. we spoke to haley's mother. >> someone is out there, knows
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know. if you had to bury your child, you would understand the pain i'm going through. >> this is the year she finally agreed to let her daughter go to homecoming festivities as long as she came home by curfew the 16-year-old haley didn't come home. instead police greeted her. >> they told me she was shot in the sch unintended target. her mother describes her as a bright girl and strong. at a young age she was diagnosed with leukemia. her mother said she fought so hard. this is not how it was supposed to end. >> it hurts so bad. we battled for her to stay
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the scene for police to arrive. haley's family wants one person to speak up. >> i want justice in my heart when i bury her. i want to feel like i know whoa did this. no mother should have to bury their kid. >> the suspect is described as a hispanic man in early 20s. police are searching for older model suv anded early 90s. haley's family has set up a go fund me to help with funeral cost. they've raised $4,000 out of their $15,000 goal. this man left his wife at a gas station yesterday. 78-year-old byron winston suffers from dementia. the two were traveling from
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police say he was driving a 2007 cadillac dts and wearing dark jacket and jeans. call police if you see him there's no sign of a missing hiker. officials say 49-year-old david cook of new mexico never returned home from his hike there last week. he's a form erma ian who's described as an expert mountain ean. power line fell sparking this wildfire. the flames only burned four acres. crews got hold of it yesterday morning. no damages or injuries were reported. this is the news in campaign 2016. we're one day from the presidential debate, the first between donald trump and hillary clinton. jill wagner has more on what the candidates are doing ahead of
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saturday. clinton is held as one of the most tenacious of their generation. >> it is nothing concrete about himself or plannings while promising the moon. the former rival is endorsing the nominee, but the effect is agonizing. a recent poll shows trailing clinton by six points there. >> we're going to win this state. we are going to win the white house. we're going to take hit back. >> clinton -- it back. >> clinton is in new york preparing. her long time aid is playing role of trump in mock debates. tim kaine says his raining mated is ready. >> the first presidential debate is monday night.
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>> in the battleground state of ohio, the cincinnati inquirer broke a century long tradition. find the latest on air and online at part of a car repair shop goes up in flames leaving two cars totaled. why investigators believe they were severe weather slams the midwest. thousands are preparing for flooding or cleaning up the mess. first, a quick check of our forecast. >> hello kelly. sunrise not until 6:50. you have darkness across the land. i've got your sunday forecast coming up. in the meantime, take a look at this shot from the pass. bonnie sent this in. i've got a lot of beautiful
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several buildings in cedar rapids, iowa are under water. city officials say the river is expected to crest at 24.5 feet in next few days. flooding forced road closures and evacuations in several communities. officials want people to stay out of the downtown area today. fire officials have implemented a curfew tonight until 7:00 tomorrow morning. now this same storm system businesses are under water after river flooding forced ground water to slip through the tiles. >> people don't realize how fast hit comes up. it's scary fast. >> watching and waiting is about all foggy bottoms river pub owner can do. >> everything comes north.
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>> she's been through this before in 2010 when the river reached historic high levels. she had five feet of water in the restaurant. >> they call that 100 year flood. they're 93 years off. seven years later, here we are. we call this the battleship. each panel weighs 150 pounds. there's a railing on the other side. >> we're getting good i hate to say that because you don't want to be good at something like this. >> the printing shop has minimal damage thanks to sandbags, trials of error. >> business owners prepare to fight for what they've worked so
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the best in 99% of community. the support you get from people is overwhelming. >> and the mayor of forgotfield says the city -- of northfield says the city hopes to never see water like that again for decades. dave is here with your forecast. at least they're in positive spirits. nobody seemed too bothered by it. >> no kidding. it's rough when you any community let alone when you have big rains like that. we did have precipitation. nothing like out there, but cold temperatures in the mountains. going to keep the snow around little while on the higher peaks. 37 aspen. look at ledville, 28 degrees to start you off. john kirk patrick coming in at 40 degrees this morning.
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bob carlisle sent this shot and beautiful shots of all peaking colors over northern colorado. take a look at the map. couple clouds in the mountains and eastern plains. things starting to dry out and clear out. snow stopped in many mountain locations. we're going to see this north westerly flow. that's going to keep the mountains and west on the cool side around here. same for eastern plains. here's the big thing. in between that low and this high moving into california, we're going to keep tha air with the jet stream bringing that right into colorado here. in fact, it spreads down to new mexico. once we get to the weak ahead, this high pressure ridge rotates in. that will bring us a warming trend bringing us through the rest of the week. there are 80s to be had. >> mostly clear sky across the state. few passing cloud this is morning. that will be it.
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high temperatures cool today, 60s, 70s down low and 50s and 50s in the mountain areas. 68 degrees today. little unsettled. in the 60s, 70s, 80s in the week ahead. >> we've got a nice week coming. maybe a little chance of rain or thunderstorms coming up on thursday. other than that, should be a good weekend. >> my chair does not move. it's cold temperatures. all right. thank you so much. >> i want to get really cold. it was a historic day in washington d.c. with the grand opening of the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. it sits near the washington monument. marley hall was there. . >> with the ringing of the 130-year-old freedom bell, president obama officially
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history and culture before thousands on the national mall. >> it's an act of patriotism to understand where we've been. >> dignitaries and celebrities including oprah winfrey and will smith helped celebrate the occasion with poetry, speeches, musical performances. >> former president george authorizing legislation in 2003. it features four centuries of black history with nearly 3,000 artifacts on display. visitors are encouraged to start with the slavery exhibit and move chronologically through segregation, civil rights,
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from our american story, not the underside of our american story, it's central to the american story. >> a chapter never told until now. still ahead on cbs 4 morning news, two cars destroyed at a car repair shop. why law enforcement believed this was an act ,, honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey.
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. good morning. after so many close conference games going against in the past couple years, had to feel good to get that win. montez was magnificent. the goal line. cu up 33-17. bucs dressed like ducks and can score in a hurry. 38-33 lead in the fourth. bucs battled back. maybe the catch of the year here. >> one foot down. that's a touchdown.
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bucks win 41-38. they win the pack 12 opener for the first time in six years. . >> hey broncos fans. ready for the game in cincinnati? we want you to join us today and all season long. during the game and our poll after the game. see results on auto nation all access tonight at 10:35. right now a community in delaware mourns the loss of two veteran firefighters. a fire broke out in a row of town homes in wilmington yesterday. the building was fully engulfed causing the floor to collapse.
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they had been -- the floor fell through, and two were killed. they had been with the department 10 years. >> those two leave behind families. four others were two are in critical condition but said to be stable. the cause of the fire is under investigation. deputies in florida say someone set one of their cars on fire. the was getting mixed at a body shop. they feel it was targeted. >> another car was burned the shop doesn't have surveillance cameras. business owners say they're working with authorities. >> dave? >> cooler day on the way for sunday.
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25 minutes from official sun rise this morning. sunday weather on the way. look at this beauty shot. >> judy williams shot this at golden gate canyon. should be a nice day to look at leaves today. >> hours after police released the video of the shog, by a police officer was laid to rest in oklahoma.
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news channel. it's 6:30 on sunday, september 25th. a beautiful shot from our mile high cam looking at the city skyline. the sun is preparing to rise on this broncos game day sunday. dave aguilera is in colorado's weather center. good morning to you dave. >> going to be a nice, cool fall day. in cincinnati, going to feel like summer. looking at high of 84 for the big game today. going to be cooler than denver. 43 greenwood village, 44 lakewood. robert is northwest nevada 45. few clouds drifting by. most snow stopped in the mountains. we're in good shape. partly cloudy to start things off this morning. once we get to the afternoon, sunshine should break through. 9:00 a.m. 50, high today cooler, 68 degrees for the high. yesterday made it to 71. that was a drop. in the week ahead, we've got a
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coming up i think you're going to look. you want to stick around for that five-day forecast coming up in a bit. >> thanks dave. a developing story out of charlotte, north carolina. the city saw another night of protests. they were far more peaceful than previous nights. hundreds filled the streets and were heard chanting in the streets. scott's family >> we're left with far more questions than we have answers. it does not make sense to us how it was possible this incident resulted in the loss of life. >> police also released pictures of a gun found at the scene. they say scott's fingerprints and dna were on the gun. his wife at the shooting denies he was armed. hundreds of mourners came together for the funeral of unarmed man shot and killed by a
6:32 am
terrence crutcher was killed 10 days ago by officer betty shelby. she's been charged with manslaughter. tulsa's mayor was at yesterday's service and told the congregation, we must stand up and say no more. groups of people marched down the streets of tulsa during the rally. it was peaceful. speakers called for justice. >> we're all human beings, and even though officer shelby has been charged with manslaughter, that's the start of the process, not the finish. >> black lives matter and we the people were parent -- were part of yesterday's 46 march. as many as 20 people have
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it came from a ranch, but the ranch has not been cited yet. a douglas county detective was shot in the line of duty. luke from castle rock helped raise thousands of dollars at an event yesterday. >> if you've ever tried cross fit, you know this type of workout is not for faint of heart. the fitness if he gnattics are not only getting into the best shape of their lives, they're also giving b servant who put his life on the line for his community. he was shot in the chest and critically injured when an alleged suicidal man opened fire. now citizens are sweating it out to help bright in his time of media we all went through pain and suffering to help honor him.
6:34 am
bringing in nearly $2,300 in donations for bright and his family. officials say he faces a long road to recovery. damage number 1409 stays on the score can board until he's released from the hospital. until then, many are finding strength, motivation, and perseverance in the sacrifice they're here to honor. >> you might want to stop, might think it's too hard. remember officer difficult than what we are right now. >> cross fit loop says it will continue collecting donations. this man is credited for saving at least one person's life during the columbine shooting. he was a teacher at that time school and one of the 13 killed in 1999. the man sanders saved is kyle nickelson, a teach her himself at a high school.
6:35 am
see the memorial for victims. >> the runners from the high school don't normally travel over the continental divide for a race, but for them, this race is anything but normal. >> to my kids, i remind them it's not a race. dave sanders was a person. >> kyle is their coach. he was in the cafeteria at the columbine high school when two gunmen attacked. sanders was shot trying to protect him and dozens students. >> i don't want people to forget about it or him. >> seeing this made lessons real to his team >> to be a better person to other people. seeing it in person makes everything that much better. >> this high school went through something really tough and got through it. when they facing challenges in their lives, they can get through those as well. >> names in quotations are meant to remind generations to come of the tragedy and how the
6:36 am
horror. high schools have a race dedicated to dave sanders. kyle high dedicates every day to him. >> i hope he's proud of me. that's my goal every day when i go to school. when i go to bed, i think did i do a good job and make him proud today? i hope he's proud of me. >> nickelson's students participated in an annual race to honor dave sanders. a traffic update just in time workweek. crews finished construction on arapahoe road early. this is a project adding several improvements including a lane west from greenwood plaza project should be finished by summer 2018. new video shows genius book of world records. the community came together to
6:37 am
table. their table was 810 feet long. they beat out a group in kuwait earlier this year. the event raised money for multiple charities. >> one of the busiest emergency rooms in the world returns to cbs this wednesday. code black has an impressive cast of new and experienced actors that will take your breath away. >> madness that is a night at angels memorl pace. >> angels code green is relatively quiet. code red, things are dicey. we're so overrun by patients we don't have the staff or resources to treat them all. >> that doesn't mean changes throughout the trauma center. >> we've got to pretrain doctors. >> a few cast members have left. in the biggest casting news, rob
6:38 am
rub many the wrong way. >> heads up everyone. >> academy award winner harten is the main character. and too many patients not enough resources, code black. >> i'm sorry. i feel responsible happened. >> this was a scatter point last season. it's slated for a full season and that starts wednesday september 28th at 9:00 right here on cbs 4. i'm critic at large greg moody for cbs 4 news. >> the new season code black appears wednesday night at
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right now the royal family is visiting canada. prince william and princess kate arrived with prince george and princess charlotte. it's part of their first official trip overseas as a family. they'll be in the country eight days while visiting british columbia and yukon. we're back here with how one organization wants to end violence. another chilly sunday. it's beautiful. dave has the forecast on the other side of the break.
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. thanks a lot for getting up this morning. partly cloudy this morning. a lot of sunshine on the way later. 45 degrees now. not as cold as yesterday morning. i want to thank everybody who came out yesterday morning out to parker for big american diabetes association tour. once the sun came up, it wasn't too bad. i made friends out there. this was a big gorilla.
6:43 am
hey, weathered watchers checking nice temperatures. cold in some locations. check this out in walden. 30 degrees out there. below freezing for russell. sent a beautiful picture. out house sitting in the beautiful changing leaves. not a bad shot there. thank you mark for sending that in. we go back to city. let's head you up to fort collins. 48 degrees up cloudy. mostly sunny this afternoon. not bad at all. as far as high temperatures go 68 fort collins, 66 castle rock. denver looking at 68 degrees as well. cooler today kelly. we'll have more sunshine and less winds. overall a nice day out there. dave, thanks. >> okay. with october a week away, one organization is preparing to recognize domestic violence month.
6:44 am
children help victims of domestic violence. good morning to you. thank you for being here. >> good morning. thank you for having me on the program. >> of course. >> tell me a little about the latino women's safe house initiative. >> the initiative was basically started to be able to provide culturally this was started by someone well known in the community. >> it's neat to see these things helping our community from all types of cultural backgrounds. i know there are different types of domestic violence. can you elaborate on that? >> most people think physical
6:45 am
there are types like isolation, threatening the individual. also verbal and emotional abuse. a lot of times we don't think verbal abuse is form of domestic violence, but it is. these are types that are out there. we're here to bring awareness. >> maybe they're watching thissing morning and don't know what to do. >> they website if they want more information. our phone number is (303)433-4470. that's a number they can reach out. one of our collaborators as well as is family free, also they have a website and collaborate with us. they provide emergency housing and just emergency needs that women might need. >> a lot of great resources.
6:46 am
us about the upcoming fundraising event. >> we're looking forward to having individuals come next sunday, october 2nd. it is a brunch. it will be from our silent auction at 10:30 in the morning. it will be at ppa event center off 21st and decatur. we'll raise funds for latino safe house initiative. i'm hoping people can join us and help us raise money for such re we thank you for being here and bringing more light to this issue. it's so important. >> thank you for having us. >> of course. >> wow. a deer is caught in flood waters caused by severe weather. hear from one of the men that helped save this animal. here we go. roads are clear. people might be heading to mountain this is morning or later this afternoon to check out fall colors.
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. in in -- in the storm watch, flooding in wisconsin, damage is so severe one high school football team can't play at their stadium. you can see why. they can't play there the rest of the year. a group of men helped raging river because of that same storm system. this happened yesterday in water lou, iowa. people got stuck at a bridge. people hovering over jumped into action. >> a baby was stuck with noticeable wounds. we wanted to get the deer to safety. >> the men drove the deer out of town to set it free. dave, i love good stories like
6:50 am
i'm glad they got him out of there. check this out. one minute from official sunrise looking east from our lookout mountain camera. few clouted out there make for a beautiful site to be had at 45 degrees. another beautiful site in steam boat springs with a dusting of snow. larry sent this over on mount warner. if going to see the leaves today, it's the going t cool. dress warmly. cooler air is seeping into colorado, even a little schooler schooler -- little cooler around here than yet. 36 degrees there. gunson 38. 47 colorado springs and april is one of our weather watchersers in greenwood village. upped the influence of low pressure area sending north
6:51 am
light snow overnight and high peaks. drying out otherwise. partly cloudy throughout the remainder of the day. big thunderstorms rumbling across texas. i think we'll have big flooding problems in texas from big ben outside of dallas with the cold front and low pressure area. back side of that, we're bringing in cooler air today. there's a big ridge of high pressure over california just set getting ready to roll into the nation here. when that happens in the week ahead, we have a nice weather around the corner. today is mostly sunny across the state. windy in the mountains. that's the reason to dress warmly. otherwise, no precipitation to be had across the state. we're in good shape today. high temperatures, lots of 60s and 70s down low. 50s and 60s in the mountains. denver today 68 degrees, mostly sunny skies. warming trend starts tomorrow,
6:52 am
sunshine through wednesday with 838 on tuesday and wednesday respectively there. down to 79 on thursday a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms by the time we get to thursday. hey my chair works now. very good. >> okay. still ahead, a look at your top stories this sunday morning. that includes details about the 20-year-old man accused of shooting and killing five people in a mall. he's now in police this is the news on cbs 4. look at that.
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go broncos. we have top stories for you this morning. dozen of passengers on a frontier flight had to camp out at dia. we checked, and this was the only flight that had delays overnight at dia. last week the airline had issues with the scheduling system forcing passengers to wait for hours. the man accused of opening fire at a macy's s deputies found sateen walking around yesterday and arrested him without issue. authorities described him as acting zombie like. he immigrated from the u.s. to turkey but a permanent citizen of washington. five died in that shooting. we're one day from seeing the presidential candidates face off in the live debate together. this is live where donald trump
6:56 am
500 students are working as volunteers at debate. new york times and times and cincinnati inquirer endivorced their candidates yesterday. ted cruz threw his vote behind trump. the reptiles start out tiny but grow to weighs more than 200 pounds and live more than 100 years. the tortoises smart. some buy them impulsively without doing research and don't know what they're getting into. >> they eat the same as a horse. when it comes out the other end, it's just like a horse. you want a horse in your house? no. >> rescue groups have four calls a week from owners that want to
6:57 am
tortoises. boulder police want to find a man accused of attacking a woman early this morning. a mother is mourns mourning the loss of her teenage daughter. we'll talk to her after the break. dave, what's the forecast looking like? >> looking good. first sunday of fall. feels like it. 45 degrees today. should pop beautiful fall pictures for you. first snow on the slopings 77 there. another shot shooting the aspen. tom dougan shot this up around el dora. beautiful pictures there. full forecast is coming up in
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>> he said nothing. he was kind of zombie like. >> the man accused of shooting and killing five people in custody. where arcan >> if you had to bury your child you would understand the pain. >> a thornton's mother desperate plea to find her daughter, 16-year-old haley vargas. >> the search for a man that left his wife in a gas station. why police believe he was in danger and how the community stepped up to help.


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