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tv   CBS4 News at 530PM  CBS  September 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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kevin: the chargers defensively can reset. rich: in a critical situation, you think about plays and not play. referee: the ruling on the field is confirmed. indianapolis' ball, first and 10. rich: they had to get to the 27-yard-line, and he got to the 28. kevin: here is adam vinatieri, who has kicked field goals today of 38 and 33. rich: you have to assume if vinatieri gets a chance, he is going to make it. kevin: ferguson is brought to you by ps3 down by perryman. the ball is up to the 37-yard-line of the colts. rich: that is a break for the colts. he will get the clock stopped and a chance to huddle up
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kevin: san diego is charged a time-out. you can see the helmet to hip rght there. rich: and josh ferguson wasn't fooling around. he news exactly what he was trying to do, split the two defenders. you can s moving. that is a good sign. kevin: at every nfl stadium, tere are 25 medical personnel on the sideline, ar- assigned for situations like this. the protocol used. but with both bercovicis participating, it has been immensely increased. rich: number one, when a potential concussion is
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removed from the field. that allows the medical staff to get in there, visit with the player and do the evaluation without a number of other players coming around and checking on their teammate. you look at the madden rule. if there is suspicion of a concussion, the player will be escorted to the locker room. they have done a good job of zeroing in and doing what they can to promote player safety. we have talked about the number of rule changes. years alone to promote player safety. a big part of it is taking the head out of the game, the hits on defenseless players. kevin: now you take flowers out of the game. they bring in craig meager to join the five in the secondary for san diego. rich: i have lost big playoff games to adam vinatieri. i know what he is about.
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allow him to get on the field, you are rolling the dice. they have got to find a way to get to luck. kevin: second down and one. luck fires it inside, and there goes t.y. hilton. it's a foot race, and there he goes! touchdown! 63 yards and the lead! rich: and they have got to go for two now. they are up by four. they are not afraid to go back to a play. on third down, they ran this same concept with t.y. hilton on the inside route. look at his speed and the
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adrian phillips. wow. kevin: mccoyle could not make the tackle. they are going for two. what a play for t.y. hilton. his first touchdown reception of the season. rich: against, they went after jason verrett. you mentioned he has been banged up here in the fourth quarter. the suddenness of t.y. hilton on the inside cut has been a real problem secondary. kickoff gore is in, and they are trying for two. and that is incomplete. verrett was watching him. rich: you can't fault them for trying to go after verrett with hilton. kevin: how big is the missed
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san diego. it is a four-point game now, and you can do the math. rich: you have to think of players and not plays. the guy you want to go to is t.y. hilton. he splits the two defenders in the middle of the field. this is a very difficult safety for the safety. with that much space between yourself and t.y. hilton. that is too much to ask from phillips. kevin: dexter soaked area was the one trying to make the tackle and could not. but the missed extra point by san diego is big now. tonight on cbs begins with the season premier of 60 minutes and a report on the war against isis. followed by the premier of ncis
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macgiver. rich: if you are philip rivers, he has 1:17 with a couple of time-outs as well. he has been in this situation before and delivered. plenty of time for rivers. kevin: pat mcafee to kick it off. and mccluster lets it sail overhead. to the 25 for san diego. the mied extra point by josh it was the effort by antonio yormente off the edge. that is the difference. look at the effort from the veteran. talk about a critical play in the kicking game. that is the difference. we are talking about a three-point game here. san diego would only need a field goal to tie it, and now they have to score a touchdown. kevin: chargers missing a top of weapons. gates is out, and keenan allen
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controls. 1:17 to go, two time-outs. first and 10. tyrell williams runs out of bounds by davis. he takes it up to the 29-yard-line of san diego after a gain of four. you have to ask yourself where is travis benjamin? on him. you can't allow him to get into the secondary. kevin: second down and six. referee: false start, offense, number 86. five-yard penalty. second down. kevin: the rookie tight end,
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rich: you see chuck pagano right there signaling to the defense watch the screen in this situation. they have done a nice job with the screen with melvin gordon. kevin: second down and 11. rivers, congested pocket. there isen colts have got the ball on the fumble! mike adams with the jam. and and he punched the ball away, forcing the turnover. rich: there is hunter henery, the rookie. runs a nice route. he does everything right, creates separation.
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job securing the football. watch the right arm of gathers as he comes in there and punches it out. henery never feels him from behind. traffic -- terrific effort. mike adams, the veteran, right there for the easy scoop. you work on ball extraction every day in practice as a defensive player. kevin: two time-outs for san diego. two turnovers each. who is tackled on the 28 by emmanuel. and the gamedown to -- the gain down to about the 43. rich: you feel sick if you are a young player. kevin: there is gates. rich: you just can never relax, never let up. we talked about the importance of ball security. that was a terrific effort, though, on the part of gathers. he gets beat, he rallies back
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that right arm and knock it out. kevin: they just used their second time-out. one remaining and 58 second to go. gore remains. three tight end are out there. it's frank gore. mebane and others make stop. two-yard began to the 40. he was the mchale award winner at arkansas. -- the mackey award winner at arkansas. actually, the chargers came into the game three at plus three. the colts have turned it over twice.
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and playing a desperate team live the colts, 0-2 coming in. the turnovers are critical. the missed extra point, which was significant in the game. and the effort by antonio cromartie to get a piece of the ball on the extra point, that was huge. kevin: false start. rich: young players. referee: false start, offense, number 84. five-yard penalty. still third down. kickoff jack doyle has had a lot of idealo thrown his way. the colts are 0-2 for a third consecutive season. they were 0-2 last year and eventually came to within one game of the division title. in 2014 they began 0-2, one five straight and made the a.f.c. championship game.
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gore, and he is trying to keep it alive. stopped at the line and no gain on the play. mebane. the chargers lost a time-out because flowers was injured. inside two minutes, a time-out is automatically assessed for an injury. rich: if you are the colts, you run this thing down and burn one of your time-outs. a terrific effort there. a couple of huge plays by andrew luck to t.y. hilton. the third down conversion and of course the touchdown. it has been tough for luck, but he hung in there. 24-37, 331 yards, and the touchdown, the game h.i.v.
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how about t.y. hilton? quiet early, but he finishes with eight catches for 174, including that 63-yard touchdown. he was a real difference-maker in that matchup. he won the battle in the matchup against jason verrett. kevin: there are no deep guys back for san diego. the long snapper, matt overton will be sending it to pat mcafee. rich: the only thing they can do here is block it and return it. this ball is coming out of the hands of mcafee quickly. kickoff and he pitches it. the clock will tick all the way to zero. the chargers had a lead in kansas city in week one, and they lost in overtime to the chiefs. they had a lead here in the fourth, and they lose it to andrew luck, although now they are discussing on the field if
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on the field with ron torbert, our referee. let's pause a second and put on the brakes. four lead changes in this second half, and the 63-yard touchdown completion to hill hilton may prove to be the game-winner fr indianapolis as they notch their first win. but the conversation continues. rich: it almost looks as if the officials aren't on the same page. the linege referee about the situation of the game. kevin: we have seven guys on this crew who have worked the super bowl before. an experienced crew. referee: the ball was illegally touched by the kicking team during the down in which the clock went to zero. by ryu, we extend the quarter for one untimed down. san diego ball, first down.
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kevin: so san diego will have it for an untimed down. rich: now you have guys that were half way to the locker room. you have to get them back on the field. and you give philip rivers and this san diego offense one more shot. maybe even more, because a defensive penalty, the game can't end on a defensive penalty. we did a game last week where ball to riley cooper and run around and lateral. referee: 34, 83, and 84 are ineligible. rich: i think the play here is throw the ball to one of your bigger receivers, like tyrell williams, maybe he gets the ball around midfield and take another shot. kevin: seven are back for the
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down. rich: there is where i would go with it, up top. kevin: pass up to date neither, caught by benjamin. from behind. game is over. colts have avoided an 0-3 start and win it, coming from behind in dramatic fashion with a andrew luck to t.y. hilton 63-yard touchdown pass. both teams at 1-2. some kind of game, rich. four second half lead changes. tonight on cbs, 60 minutes, followed by ncis l.a. and macg iver. second time this season the chargers have blown a fourth quarter lead. for rich gannon non-, kevin harlan, so long from indianapolis. you have been watching the nfl
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broncos quarterback trevin simian shines in week 3, throwing 4 touchdown passes for a win on the road against the cincinnati bengals. >> the broncos now move to 3-0 on the the final score, the broncos 29, bangles 17. mark hass here now. so has simian silenced the doubters? >> for now. he had to hear all week about how his receivers are unhappy. on a few occasions, the broncos let simian really air it out. 2nd quarter, throwing deep to
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he should be a bit happier tonight. 16-14 at halftime. 2nd half, after a bronco's turnover, the denver defense pushed them back out of field goal range. 4th quarter, broncos offense, with one of the best drives of the year. demaryius thomas got in on the fun as well. the broncos are are cincinnati. simian may be surprising a lot of people around the country, but he's not surprising his teammates. >> reporter: yeah, mike. that's exactly right. there may be some people entering today who didn't know who trevor simian is. >> it's just a testament to our team. i'm just really proud to be a part of the team. >> no surprise, it just feels
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all in front of millions of people. that's where the magic happens. >> we expect it. we have seen what he can do against us in practice. not too toot our own horn, but we feel like, if he can do it against us, he can do it against more than half of the teams in the league. >> 4 touchdowns, we all believe in the kid. not everybody else will. >> reporter: mark, you demareious thomas and some of their frustrations this week. those two guys, all smiles after today's win. >> thank you, michael. so how do you view simian now? that's our arby's fan poll. please vote in our poll at >> curious to see that. final check on the forecast here davey. >> yeah, it was a little cool today, but tomorrow, we've got a little warming trend that kicks in gear.
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wednesday, thursday, and friday. the next chance of rain will be a slight chance coming up on thursday and friday. so smooth sailing in the week ahead. by the way, the palmer divide approximate in northern weld county has a little frost advisory tonight. it might get down into the middle 30s there. >> thanks for watching cbs4 news. >> we'll see you right back >> we'll see you right back here for cbs4 news at 10:00. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> if you want to visit the front lines in the fight against isis, leader king abdullah understands islamic terrorism better than america ever has.
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how do you move forward from here. >> the problem with the west is they see a border between syria and new york. for god sakes, isis don't work that way. if you're looking at it and want to play the game by your rules and the enemy doesn't, we're not going to win this. >> within the last two years they delivered 20 nuclear weapons. begun sending a message directly to russia. line mon >> 80 cruise missiles in your face. >> a lot of fire power. >> is that your message. >> that's a message. >> it was an unmistakable warning but there's real concern in the u.s. military that rush you might be willing to use a nuclear weapon. >> i think to them the use of nuclear weapons is not unthinkable. >> how did 271 pieces by pablo picasso worth close to $100
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man's garage for 40 years. that's what pablo picasso's son is trying to find out. >> i quickly understood that they missed -- >> did you know immediately that they were real? >> yes. >> tonight, the story of the missing picasso and the only two characters and we mean characters who know the truth. >> kroft: i'm steve kroft. >> whitaker: i'm bill whitaker. >> martin: i'm david martin. >> pelley: i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight, on the 49th season premiere of "60 minutes."


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