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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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happening in five captioning sponsored by cb captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: shootings at and near an elementary school. >> it makes you really terrified to know that this happened.ha >> pelley: this time, south carolina. at least one person is dead,me several are wounded.d, we'll have the latest on this w developing story. 9/11 families win a political showdown with the white house. and it's the last of the fifth. he's about to make the pitch. >> they literally can't find the ring. >> pelley: and he bobbles it. >> look at this poor guy. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. s >> pelley: we begin tonight with breaking news. police say a 14-year-old boy
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school in townville, south carolina. that's about 100 miles northeast of atlanta. two children and a teacher were wounded. the police say that before the shooter attacked the school, he murdered his father at home. h tonight, the teenager is in custody, and jericka duncan hasa our story.ep >> reporter: it was a teacher m who made the initial call, saying there was a gunman on campus. most students were on recesss when the shooting occurred. then, over 300 students an staff were evacuated to a nearby church. captain garland major: >> around 1:45 this afternoon wc got a call of an active shooter. deputies were on the scene within seven minutes, and i believe we did have the shooter in custody before 2:00. so it was a rapid response, and we were able to contain the subject. >> reporter: the two students who were shot were six years old. >> one of the students was shot in the leg.. the other in the foot, and the t
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>> reporter: two students and one teacher was shot. one student is in critical condition, but the teacher and another student are in good condition. frantic parents were alerted bye text to come to the school, not, sure whether their child was dead or alive. >> i'm just glad that my children are safe, thank you, jesus. i would just pray for the other kids that-- i don't know exactly what happened. so... >> reporter: officials say the shooter, a teenager, had earlier jefferey osburne, with a, handgun. they found his body in his home just two miles from the school. alyssa sox is a student at townville. >> i really don't want to come back to school tomorrow because you don't know if you can trust it or not. >> reporter: classes have been canceled for the rest of the week.ha it was a firefighter that took g down the gunman. scott, the superintendent says the school has had severalve active shooting drills in the last five years.
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e jericka duncan for us tonight. jericka, thank you.nk today, the police say they have located two men seen on video handling one of the bombs left on a new york city streetre earlier this month. both the men worked for egypt air. they are not believed to be involved with the suspect, ahmad rahami. the pair happened to find a a suitcase with a pressure cooker bomb inside.k they took the bomb out and tookb the bag. the bomb did not go off. blocks away, another bomb, allegedly left by rahami,le wounded 31 people. today, a poll of likely voters v suggests that monday's debate may have broken hillary clinton's fall. the web site politico puts clinton at 41%, donald trump at 38. that is a switch.w before the debate, trump led 39 to 38. nancy cordes is with the clinton campaign.
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so many young people, some of you in this crowd! ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: nearly four months after she bested sanders, clinton is still struggling to win over his youthful base. a recent cbs news/"new york times" poll finds that more than a third of voters under 30 say they're planning to vote for a third-party candidate. first lady michelle obama had this warning for students at two pennsylvania universities todaya than hillary or if you don't vote at all, then you are helping to elect hillary'sg opponent. >> reporter: and yet for young people looking to be inspired, clinton's platform is less ambitious than sanders' was. she would say it's more s realistic. >> who has student debt? okay, okay. look at all those hands.. >> reporter: today she focused on two of his biggest issues-- college affordability and climate change-- arguing trump cares about neither. >> i believe in science.
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>> reporter: clinton aides knowt that they can't count on the support of young voters, evenf though they argue that often young voters will flirt with the idea of voting for a maverick third-party candidate before settling on the democrat in the fall, scott. >> pelley: nancy cordes in newde hampshire. major garrett is with the trump campaign.. >> everything you need to know about hillary clinton can be understood with this simple phrase, "follow the money." >> reporter: under pressure from advisers to rehearse and sharpee his attack lines against hillary clinton before the next debate,e donald trump delivered a blistering attack on the relationship between the clinton foundation and the clinton-erah state department. >> she disgraced the office of secretary of state by putting it up for sale. and if she ever got the chance, she would put the oval office up for sale, too. >> reporter: there is no proof
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foundation donors, but access to clinton was sought and sometimes granted to big givers. all of it enmeshed, trump said, in the clinton e-mail saga. >> how many more clinton scandals can this country take? >> reporter: trump campaigned in three states, and again questioned clinton's ability anl her health to handle the rigors of the presidency. scott, trump essentiallyti suggested the democratic nominee is simply too weak to handle a robust campaign schedule, saying at one point, "she can't even make it to her car." >> pelley: major garrett, thanks.t, cbs news will be bringing you live coverage of the viceov presidential that is tuesday at 9:00 eastern time. the moderator is my colleague elaine quijano of our streaming news service, cbsn. today, congress gave families of 9/11 victims the right to sue saudi arabia on the theory that the kingdom's officials might have had a role supporting the
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over-riding president obama's veto. it is the first over-ride in his entire presidency. here's margaret brennan. >> they've grown up without a dad, one child has memories of him and one child that has no memories of him upon. it's been really difficult. >> reporter: since terry strada's husband was killed in the world trade center attacksda she has raised her three children on her own and fought to bring saudi arabia to court. >> this might close a chapter tg the pain we are suffering but i am really fighting this fight a post-9/11 world. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: strada and those of others killed on september 11 can sue saudi arabia whose officials they suspect may havew assisted the terrorists.av 15 of the 19 hijackers were saudi born. but the obama administration is concerned the law will expose the united states to similar lawsuits against u.s. troops, diplomats and on cnn, president obama said
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>> sometimes you have to do what's hard, and, frankly, i wish congress here had done what's hard. i didn't expect it because voting-- if you're perceived as voting against 9/11 families, right before an election, the not surprisingly, that's a hard vote for people to take. but it would have been the right thing to do. >> reporter: for terry strada,s she feels it is the right vote for her and her children. >> i'm going to tell them that the truth will prevail, that co and justice will be served. >> reporter: the white house called this the most embarrassing thing the senate has done in decades and tonight, senate leaders are already trying to amend the bill theyhe just passed. scott, the c.i.a. says there's no evidence linking senior sauds officials to the attacks. >> pelley: margaret brennan at the white house for us this evening.e margaret, thank you. president obama is sending
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retake the northern city ofy mosul from isis. the operation is expected later this fall. after withdrawing nearly all u.s. troops from iraq in 2011, the president began building them back up in 2014. the deployment, announced todayy will bring the total above 5,000. today, secretary of state john kerry warned russia to stop the carnage in the syrian city of aleppo, or the u.s. will stop working russian and syrian bombs damaged two hospitals and a bakery a today. the u.n. says nearly 100 children have been killed just since friday. the russians claim they're only targeting terrorists. the russians have also claimed they had nothing to do with the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17 in ukraine, but after examining all the wreckage and
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investigators said today it was a missile brought from russia and fired from territory held by russian-backed rebels that brought down the boeing 777 in july of 2014. all 298 on board were killed. president obama will lead the u.s. delegation traveling toel israel for the funeral of shimon peres on friday. the former prime minister and president died today at 93. light has gone out, but the hope he gave us will burn forever. holly williams is in tel aviv. >> reporter: the life of shimonr peres was, in many ways, the story of israel itself. he was part of the generation that founded the jewish state, and over nearly seven decades of public service, he was a minister in 12 different cabinets, prime minister twice,
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he helped secure historic peace deals with israel's arab neighbors, egypt and jordan, and as foreign minister, peres held groundbreaking secret negotiations with the palestinians, resulting in thee oslo accords, signed at the white house in 1993, the first agreement between israelis and palestinians aimed at ending their conflict. >> we shall negotiate with you a permanent settlement, and with all our neighbors, a comprehensive peace, peace for all. ( applause ) >> reporter: it won peres the nobel peace prize, along with prime minister yitzhak rabin and palestinian leader yasser arafat. he's considered the father of israel's secret nuclear programp and his political career
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security lay as much in making peace as it did in being prepared for conflict. shimon peres was a soldier for israel, president obama said today. for the jewish people, for justice, for peace, and for the belief that we can be true to our best selves. his dream of peace in the middle east remains unfulfilled, but not for lack of trying on the part of shimon peres. his body will lie in state tomorrow in front of israel's parliament building. and, scott, on friday, 7,000 security personnel will protect president obama and other world leaders as shimon peres is laidh to rest. >> pelley: holly williams at rabin square in tel aviv for us tonight. holly, thank you. near san diego, another fatal police shooting is raising questions about how officers are trained to deal with mental d illness. here's mireya villarreal.
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w >> reporter: moments after the shooting, cell phone video shows alfred olongo on the ground being treated while his sister is kept several feet away. olongo's sister called 911 to get help for her brother. when police arrived, they say olongo refused their commands. this freeze frame from the cell phone shows the moments before the shooting. el cajon police chief jeff davis: >> at one point the male rapidlo drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together on it, and extended it rapidly towards the officer,, taking what appeared to be a shooting stance, putting the object in the officer's face. >> reporter: police say olongo was unarmed but haven't disclosed what he was holding. after his sister made the 911 call, she made sure dispatchers knew he was mentally ill.
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department does have a specially trained mental health unit but the first responding officers weren't part of that. jerry murphy, director of the c.s.g. justice center, says most police officers only get eight hours of training on how to deal with the mentally ill. >> we're asking officers to make split-second decisions in callse that are very unpredictable. >> reporter: one in four fatal police encounters involve a mentally ill person. they also account for one in 10 calls to police. >> responding to a mental health officers slow down that call for service. >> reporter: now, the two officers involved in thisn shooting have been put on administrative leave. the video that was shot by thats bystander has not yet been released in its entirety. police say they are still reviewing it. now, this department, scott,no they do not have body cameras just yet. they have ordered them but not issued them out to their officers.d >> pelley: mireya villarreal for us tonight, thank you.
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christopher few's s.u.v. last november, and when they discovered his six-year-old autistic son, jeremy, sitting in the passenger seat. he was struck five times in the head and the chest. few survived. his son was buried a week later. it is the first time the publice has seen the 13-minute video. a judge ordered the release today. a grand jury saw it last year and indicted derrick stafford and norris greenhouse for second-degree murder. kill that father and son. >> reporter: police say they chased christopher few after he drove away from an argument with his girlfriend. originally, one of the officers said few tried to ram his vehicle, posing an imminent threat. investigators say that was a lie. the video shows christopher few, bloodied, wounded, and unarmed get out of his vehicle through the bullet-shattered windows, you can see officers poke the
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both officers involved will be tried separately. david begnaud, cbs news, new york.. >> pelley: coming up next, wells fargo has lost one of its biggest customers in the account fraud scandal. before it became a medicine, it was an idea. an inspiration. so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures. had 12 years of setbacks and breakthroughs, 4,423 sleepless nights, and countless trips back to the drawing board. at first they were told no, well... maybe, and finally: yes. then it was 36 clinical trials,
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>> pelley: today, california hin wells fargo on its bottom line, punishment for the scandal over phony bank accounts. here's john blackstone. >> reporter: wells fargo is losing access to billions of dollars worth of state businesss what california's treasurer john chiang calls the state's most highly profitable business relationships. >> when you make a mistake-- and we all make mistakes -- you own up to that mistake, right, and you show that you're not s indifferent, you don't have a callous disregard for the people that you serve. >> reporter: the action follows revelations that under pressure wells fargo employees illegally created up to two million bank t
5:53 pm
effective immediately, i california will no longer invest in wells fargo securities or engage wells fargo to buy investments or underwrite state bond sales. the sanctions are partly ans response to the testimony of the wells fargo c.e.o. john stumpf last week when we met tough questions from senators, including elizabeth warren. >> this is about responsibilitye have you returned one nickel of the millions of dollars that you wed >> the board will take care of that. >> have you returned one nickel of the money you earned whileca this scam was going on? >> and the board will do--ar >> i will take that as a no then. >> reporter: the bank's board has now forced stumpf to give uo some $41 million in stocks plus bonuses and salaries during an investigation into the bank's practices. that's not enough for california's treasurer. >> is it appropriate for th c.e.o. to resign?
5:54 pm
headquarters here in san francisco, wells fargo issued a statement saying it's working th address the issues and rebuildnd trust. tomorrow, the bank's c.e.o. wile be back in washington, scott, facing more questions from senators. >> pelley: john blackstone by the bay, john, thanks very much. coming up next, love at the ballpark. portsmouth. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan pes of plans, it could help you with out-of-pocket medical costs. call now and request your free decision guide and explore the range of aarp medicare supplement plans. start gathering the information you need... to roll into sixty-five with confidence. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance.
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including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant, or lung, breathing, or liver problems. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about opdivo. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. >> pelley: we end tonight with the play of the week. yankee stadium last night. jim axelrod picks up the action in the bottom of the fifth. >> there was a couple on the scoreboard in center field wherr the guy asked the young lady to marry him. l >> reporter: andrew fox was looking to pull off a memorablef proposal for his girlfriend heather terwilliger. >> and the ring dropped, and they could not find it. >> reporter: there may be no crying in baseball--
5:58 pm
fox last night. >> look at this poor guy. >> reporter: after five of the longest minutes of his life with everyone helping him search-- a >> there were so many thoughts going through my head. i felt like i failed miserably.o >> reporter: heather looked down and there in the cuff of her jeans was the ring. >> they found it! >> reporter: andrew immediately dropped to his knee and popped the >> oh, she better say yeah now. >> reporter: and he had exactly what she wanted. >> when she found it, i went from, like, the saddest point in my life to instantly the happiest. >> congratulations!. >> reporter: an engagement neither of them will ever forget. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: we'll charge andrew with an error and credit heather with a save. that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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break news of a car that careened into a home in montbelwell, o. a stolen suv hit a car and another parked car. >> tom mufltin is there live -- mustin is there live. do police have any idea why this happened? >> reporter: police are not talking about a motive. we know at 9:00 last night the gunman


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