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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  September 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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this is the news at 6 am. we expect a big step in the case of a man accused of shooting and killing his wife while high on pot candy. an update on the people shot and an elementary school by a teenage gunman in south carolina. the first look from copter for. a very light sliver out there. lauren is looking at the weekend as we get you started on this thursday. i am alan gionet. i am britt re let's talk about the cool down approaching. lauren is tracking everything. we are on the dark side outside. across the front range off to a clear start when the western side of the state is different. let's look at radar where we have heavy rainfall in parts of mesa county and scattered showers to garfield. a little bit of rain and snow in parts of the san juan's. eastern plains are dry. i will talk about rain chances in denver and cool down's.
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the tech center cam. this is passed handed out to bellevue. you see these cars off to the left side of the highway. we have a truck along there. just the right two lanes are getting by. he's accused of eating marijuana infused candy and killing his wife. and today we could learn if richard kirk is mentally fit to stand trial. we are live covering that case.>> reporter: after more of a year in delays in his mental health evaluation the report is finally ready. a judge will review and he will decide today if richard kirk is fitted stand trial. last september kirk changed his plea to guilty by reason of insanity and a judge will review that report and decide whether to set the case for
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for treatment. the defense suggests that when kirk killed his wife in may 2014 he was so impaired by the marijuana infused candy that he may not have intended to kill his wife. before her death kristin kirk told dispatchers that her husband was acting more drunk crawling to a bedroom window and cutting his legs on broken glass. prosecutors argued that kirk had the wherewithal to remember the code to a locked gun and press the weapon to his wife's head. richard kirk is facing first- degree murder charges any judge is expected to review the competency evaluation this morning at 8:30 am. jamie leary, cbs4. a six-year-old boy remains in critical condition this morning after a teenager opened fire in townville elementary in south carolina. the school is closed today and for the rest of the week. the shooter is in custody.
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his father first and then they say he drove to the school and got out of his car and started shooting at people and children on a playground with a handgun. to 6-year-olds were shot. jacob paul remains in the hospital. jamie brock, a volunteer firefighter, tackled the shooter.>> i don't think there is anyone amongst us that doesn't believe that firefighter brock is a hero to us. >> the teenager is in st figure out why the teenager did what he did. they say the teenager called his grandparents after shooting his father jeffrey osborne. the grandparents and discovered his body. investigators are recommending criminal charges against a student who posted a threat to facebook and it warned of halloween shootings and northridge high school at franklin middle school in
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a student was accused of bringing a bb gun to school and he told classmates he would be wearing clown gloves when he used the gun. it may have gotten that started. time for a check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes. 6:04 am. off to a nice start to the day across the front range and statewide. 46 craig, 34 leadville, 38 alamosa, 52 denver, 40 thick -- wray. the fall colors are spectacular in telluride. looking at satellite radar, rain on the western slope now and have in parts of mesa county and getting more towards durango. front range it eastern plains on the dry side. this is garfield county down south into durango. for the bus stop should be nice across the front range. temperatures in the low 50s and sunshine in the high country and it will be cooler on the western slope. good morning.
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this is northbound on i 25 past 88. it is off to the right shoulder at the core point and then you had that semi off to the shoulder. this looks like it is blocking a portion of that right lane so we will watch that. we're watching this, southbound and i 25 past hampden out to bellevue, we had the left side of the highway blocked off due to an accident involving several cars. look at the backups this morning. it looks like police working their way out to that seen. they haven't arrived yet but these are backups that we have it i 25 in quincy. denver metro, that is a trouble spot. it looks like we have one on i- 76. it is turning out to be troubled morning. parker road, speeds in the 40s. good speeds on 225 and 70. turn on koa newsradio 50 to get
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developing this morning, a search for answers after two sisters were found dead in their hotel room while vacationing overseas. the mystery is still unsolved this morning but we know one of the sisters lived in denver. 37-year-old annie korkki traveled with her sister robin to seychelles for a dream vacation. they stayed at a luxurious report off the african coast. they posted photos on facebook two days before. staff members found them dead in their room. was a synchronized skater in denver and her coach said the team will miss her. >> we are a tightknit family and losing someone is passionate and wonderful as any is hard.>> the seychelles newspaper reports the women were drinking the day they died and needed help to get back to their villa. police say they took
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the search for a missing camper in western colorado is off. scott burke craig did a return from a camping trip on friday. mesa county crews searched a 700 mi.2 of the area. it will resume if there are new clues that come out about his potential whereabouts. a man facing a murder charge is accused of trying to escape from denver health. this is darius radcliffe. he shot and killed a person last year on the street. he shot police back in july and he shot up in july. they escorted him to the hospital. officers did manage to catch him and he is now in jail. donald trump is insisting he won this week's debate and even that google is slanting search results to share the favorable towards hillary
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news service has been debunked. he will spend time in new hampshire today after questioning hillary clinton's ability to lead during a rally in milwaukee. first lady michelle obama blasted trump without mentioning his name. while speaking in pittsburgh. >> when making life or death or peace decisions, a president cannot just pop off or lash out irrationally. we need a grown up in the white house. >> how can hillary clinton try to lead this country when she has such a low opinion of its citizens.>> you are not irredeemable. you are not deplorable. >> third of voters under 30 say they are planning to vote for a third-party candidate including gary johnson. trump is getting ready for another colorado visit. they will appear in loveland on monday at the budweiser event center. he will speak at 6:00. clinton has not announced plans for a colorado visit in the near future. flags are lower nationwide since former israeli president shimon peres died.
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staff until tomorrow. he died from complications following a stroke at the age of 93. he is live in the parliament. there is a special ceremony and motorcade planned today. people are paying respects as they walk past his casket. this includes former president bill clinton who landed in tel aviv today. president obama will lead a deco -- delegation to jerusalem for the man the irish council general is coming to our state to visit the unmarked graves of irish immigrants in colorado. adrian farrell will participate in a special memorial at the evergreen cemetery in leadville later this week. -- 2000 irish immigrants are buried in unmarked graves and farrell will give a talk to the irish in colorado at the molly brown house museum tonight. crews with colorado's millennials are living at home
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shows 24% of colorado once between 18 and 34 have yet to find a place of their own. that is lower than the national average of about 34%. new jersey has the highest a number at nearly 47%. the survey does not give a single reason why this trend is happening. denver's eighth annual beer fest kicks off today through october 8 from last year's opening. hundreds of local beer events and tastings around the city. michael hancock plans to reveal his new commemorative beer label at the tivoli brewing company at 10 am. national coffee day for those looking for a different kind of brew. >> a different coffee is being offered at caribou coffee. they are giving away coppery -- coffee to cancer centers.
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morning. this is coming up next. a look at protests overnight outside of san diego after a police shooting. another samson product is reportedly exploding.
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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right now the vibrant fall colors may be fading. many of you keep sending us beautiful shots. gorgeous foliage this year from telluride. look at that. visit cbs to read about the storm clouds that may threaten the fall colors after the we can. take it in. >> it is gorgeous.
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storms and what is on tap for the end of the week. a view from copter 4. the moon is high in the sky. we are looking at clear skies across the front range. still have a ways to go until the sunrise but it is gorgeous outside. let's take a look at the temperatures because it is mild outside of your heading outdoors will you take the kids to the bus stop or get out to work. 46 greeley. limon 39. aspen 44. 46 greg. 62 grand ju we are quiet here across the front range and eastern plains but different story on the western slope. rain from rio blanco county to the southwestern corner where we have snow in the san juan is now. heaviest rainfall is garfield county. and down south into parts of the san juan's. moisture streaming from the southwest and a lot of rain in
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idaho and wyoming. we have the moisture flow heading up our direction so spotty thunderstorms and rain possible today from idaho through utah into arizona and new mexico and today does include parts of the western slope of the high country. more activity in colorado but it does stay out of the front range. we have high pressure to the east and that is keeping dry air flowing our direction. it is dry and warm and pretty mild across the front range. we will have rain on the western slope throughout the day. we do stay on the dry side and more rain possible to the evening from grand junction to the san juan's. and even into parts of the central mountains. tonight that shifts to the north and we have a chance for rain in denver coming our way later tomorrow afternoon and evening. friday night football games and activities the kids have, a chance for rain tomorrow night. temperatures today. 83 denver, 76 burlington, 70 eagle, 68 credit. five day forecast, 77 tomorrow and cooler. chance for the rain for the weekend.
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troubles on the roadways this morning. this is a live look from copter for. as you get to 225 we've had an emergency crew arrived. they were blocking off all the the right lane and by now it looks like the right to lanes and a third lane has opened up as you make your way southbound along i 25. you can see some of the backups behind headlights. making your way southbound coming into town. until that gets cleared out you those are about to stretch out to colorado. a few other accidents. one of them is on monaco to the north of i-76. not causing delays. we have typical slowing westbound of i-76. northbound along i 25 your 88th is where we had the accident. don't forget mississippi is closed as you get to the east santa fe area. these are the drive times from the eastern northbound along parker road. speeds dipping into the lower
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speeds along i-70. wells fargo testifies today against another problem with a samsung problem. dale wagner.>> reporter: oil prices are soaring and opec reached to cut oil production since 2008. low oil prices have been hurting countries and energy companies in the united states. expect to pay more at the gas pump. news of the opec deals and energy stocks higher that push up the markets. the dow jumped 110 and the nasdaq and a 12. futures pointing to a lower open. ceo of wells fargo testifies today over the company's big account scandal. the california treasure had suspended ties with the company for at least a year. first it was samsung smart phones and now washing machines. regulators are warning owners
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following reports that some have exploded. it affects top loading machines between may -- march 2011 and april this year. it is in october but 1 million americans have finished holiday shopping. according to the credit survey. 34 million people have started holiday shopping and 74% of people responded to the survey say they are annoyed. you think? >> can we slow down time. new video shows boisterous crowds. people are protesting the police shooting of an unarmed black man in el cajon, california. he is pointing an object appellees and police say it was
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hand. demonstrators gathered outside elk alone -- el cajon headquarters and they were shouting and chanting. a judge will soon since the man convicted of killing a colorado state patrol trooper. a jury found christopher gaber is guilty of the crash last spring that killed trooper t foe and injured trooper rushing. gaber's was driving high. the mother had a her son.>> taylor, your death serves as a reminder of evil existence but the way you lived your life serves as a reminder of evil's extinction. >> sentencing will happen in november. president obama is set to sign a short-term spending bill
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government shutdown. it includes one $.1 billion in aid to combat the zika virus. the bill will keep the government running through early december. one of the weather watcher's are seeing this.
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welcome back. let's look at what's happening. mild in the pacific northwest
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and cooling off in southern california after a hot few days. we have subtropical moisture flowing from the southwest so arizona, new mexico to idaho into wyoming could get rain today. it includes colorado. the midsection is quite today, a nice to in the midwest. east coast, rain causing some delays to the east coast today. temperatures cooler on the east coast as well and because of the rain we have delays into philadelphia this morning. good morning. a mess on the roads. and arapahoe. all the cars are off to the ramp that will affect folks trying to get off to arapahoe road. the other accident is southbound along i 25 as you get to 225. the left lane and left shoulder completely blocked off due to several calls -- cars involved in an accident and accident southbound on i 25 ignored -- near need. it clears as you get past that. the drive to dia is slow on i-
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boulevard, a great drive. northbound i-225, good speeds. mississippi to i-70, five minute drive. concerns when it comes to marijuana. veterinarians are see me -- seeing an alarming jump in the number of dogs accidentally being poisoned by pot. helpline reports a 330% increase nationwide over just a few years. experts say edibles are never our -- are the number one source. >> a creepy halloween winter declaration sold at home depot. it mounts on windows and features a hooded man peering through a window. the company pulled it after someone complained the declaration makes light of voyeurism which by the way is a crime. home depot pulled it from canadian stores and it is still available in us stores and online. coming up, the conversation about police shootings nationwide comes to denver
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reaction from the broncos and tim ,, ,, in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no.
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coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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good morning. this is the news at 6:30 am. an if you are over it, i get it. we're getting cooler temperatures over the weekend and we're looking ahead to the broncos game in tampa bay. that area likely will get a good round of rain on sunday so the players will have to contend with that. we will stay on top of it and watch the forecast for you. i am britt moreno. they may be throwing a white ball with windy
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denver. a little chill in the air in the low 50s. outside we are clear in the miles city. we had a nice orange glow over the horizon at the moment but skies are clear and that's not the case for everybody. western slope, a lot more rain filling in down from the southwest corner near durango through telluride. now into parts of rio blanco and garfield county. chance of rain in the high country today. chances in denver in a moment. it is morning commute. trouble spots through the bridges in the tech center. this is one of them from the cbs4 tech center camera. same spot and this is above but you saw the backups they are. this is blocking off the left lane of southbound i 25 as you get to 225. look at the tropical -- trickle to the right. a rough morning drive. big story this morning,
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people questioning their relationship between officers and the communities they serve. protests broke out overnight in elk grove california after an officer shot and killed an unarmed black man. the man refused orders, police say. people stood in the streets calling for change overnight. shawn chitnis his life for us in denver where there is an important conversation happening today. this is happening days after that shooting so ve kind anywhere in the nation and the first one in detroit. this will happen this morning in denver. it comes at a time when some folks are starting to find themselves less trustworthy towards police and that is one issue they want to try to take on in this conversation. days after that most recent shooting near san diego where a man was shot and killed by officers at el cajon california. the man was mentally unstable and walking into traffic.
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pulled something out of his pocket so this will be one way to discuss issues like that. this is the second of its kind in the first one in detroit that featured u.s. attorney general loretta lynch. today's event will have other leaders from the department of justice. the goal is to come together with solutions that look at improving relationships between the public and police. that will begin at 9 am at central of the archdiocese. shawn chitnis. right now in middle school student in aurora is in critical condition after a car hit him while he was walking to a were a hills middle school. 211-year-old boys were crossing mississippi yesterday. the light changed while they were crossing and a driver hit one of them. the driver did not see the boys and did stay at the scene.
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are off the streets in a big drug raid in colorado. agents starting and illegal marijuana gross site -- site. this is video from the springs where a large criminal organization was transporting pot out of colorado and then into states like texas and arkansas. they believe the criminals are originally from laos. you only have a few drive mount evans highway. it will be closing at mount echo lake on 3 october. it is closed from summit lake to the type desktop already. it closes the friday before memorial day. a basin continuing to test the snow guns. they are firing on all cylinders and the resort has a while to go before people can make some turns but it looks
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temperatures are mild. 52 in denver, 45 greeley, 47 burlington. 49 la junta in pueblo. 34 leadville. 34 alamosa. 52 telluride. look at the satellite and radar, we are quiet across the front range but seeing more rain on the western slope from durango up blanco and mesa counties and moffat county. we are looking at the chance of rain to stay to the today. grand junction and fruita towards palisade, the heaviest rainfall. this goes down south into montrose county as well. we do have a lot of moisture streaming and it has into colorado today. down to arizona and new mexico with a chance of rain today up to montana. parts of western colorado into
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moisture today but across the front range high-pressure to the east keeps us on the dry sides of the moisture doesn't cross over the continental divide. may be a pop in the foothills but that is it. overall dry and mild today and some people want to rain but we are looking at a better chance of that tomorrow. friend range eastern plains are dry. rain stays to the west and that will continue throughout the day. tonight a better chance of rain from mesa county into durango. the rain will shift to the north overnight tonight through tomorrow morning. clouds possible tomorrow morning in denver and in the afternoon and evening a chance of the rain heading towards us. friday night plans, possibility of rain. 83 denver today. high country 69 frisco, 70 aspen. 68 craig. 70 grand junction. five day forecast tomorrow, 77 and stay in the 70s on saturday and chance for isolated showers this weekend and on monday back to the 70s.
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morning drive out there. this is copter for picture. we have the left lane blocked off as you get to 225. look at the cars trying to move the right to lanes. take a look from the cbs4 tech center camera. do you see the trickle of traffic right behind there. it is barely moving. this is the look from the road sensor data showing that slowing. you are slow colorado because of it. this is not in the southbound direction. no delays because it is to the right shoulder. it is a mix between the ramp and the far right shoulder. on 225 south it is loading up as folks are not able to get onto southbound i 25. you have the slowing westbound of i-70. and northbound to 25, an accident at 88 then another on
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southbound along i 25 and mead blocking off the right lane. both directions on i-70 starting to load up right now. speeds dipping into the 40s. in -- an investigation into the death of a 10-year-old denver police horse. he spent time with dpd since november of last year. officers took that horse to a veterinary clinic of colic on tuesday. police decided to put the animal down. a tip raise concerns about the potential of abuse. police spokesperson says there is an investigation to see if there was any negligence involved in the horses illness. how much do you want to pay to park in boulder. you can share your thoughts tonight on the parking situation. there is a public panel talk on how the city should charge for
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chautauqua community house granite summary hall starts at 6:30 pm. remembers from the uss colorado are spending time in the state learning about the state cuisine. uss colorado is a submarine under construction. it will go into service next year. two of the culinary specialist met with the executive chef at the brown palace hotel to learn how to prepare traditional colorado dishes. the crew will serve the dishes at sea. we asked what makes colorado cuisine so iq >> i know colorado loves peppers. and chilly, green chile is one of the things i've seen a lot. >> bison. wild boar. so i like game. >> the cooks will learn recipes at the broadmoor in the springs and the four seasons in vail. the overnight tributes to former leader former israeli president shimon peres.
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teenage shooter. a live look outside this morning as we get started on this thursday. here is mark haas with a look at tim tebo start. broncos quarterback trevor siemian named player of the week for his performance last week against the bengals. tim tebo making his professional day -- debut yesterday. his first at-bat in the mets fastball deep for a home run. his teammates loved it. he ended up 1-6 for the day. he hit a home run and i broke that news to the broncos yesterday. >> he hit a homerun? oh man. >> that's great. i am happy for him. i am glad he found another career that is good at. is already hitting home runs. that's pretty good. >> tebo will miss again this weekend for his other career,
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welcome back. it's a beautiful morning in denver. clear skies over the city. heading towards pike p, another great view. a few clouds but not too bad. in the foothills, a few clouds
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cool in some spots this morning. mark russell in walton reporting 32. warm across the front range today but we will talk about cooler temperatures later this week and next week as well. three cars that just got tied up together. southbound on i 25 at 225 and you can see in from dust you can see it from copter 4. no word on the injuries but you have everything but the right to lanes blocked off. now we have the tow truck there and i don't know if they will clear it to the right shoulder forget that tow truck there but that will continue to slow things down. look at the back of cc tech center camera. a massive volume heading southbound. when you look at the map it is slow all the way from santa fe and a few other accidents we will tell you about coming up. a murder case involving marijuana edibles. a man accused of eating pot candy and then shooting and killing his wife. his mental health has been question in all of this. jamie leary is life as we cover the story. judge is expected to rule here
6:46 am
it was a year ago that richard kirk changed his plea to guilty by reason of insanity and he was sent to colorado health mental health in pueblo for evaluation. this morning it is finally ready and it will go before a judge. the judge will review that competency report and decide whether to send the case for trial or to send kirk to pueblo to the state mental health hospital for treatment. the defense suggests so impaired by the marijuana candy he may not of intended to kill his wife. last year the kirk's children filed a lawsuit against their father for negligence and they went after the maker and seller of the edibles claiming the seller failed to properly warn a potential side effect. before her death christine kirk told dispatchers that her husband was acting more drunk than violin crawling through a bedroom window cutting his legs and broken glass. prosecutors argued that kirk
6:47 am
and press the weapon to his wife said. richard kirk is facing first- degree murder charges and the judge is expected to review the competency evaluation this morning around 8:30 am. jamie leary, cbs4. a mystery unsolved this morning. two sisters found dead in their hotel room while vacationing overseas. one of the sisters lived in denver. 37-year-old annie korkki traveled with her sister robin to seychelle vacation. they stayed a luxurious resort that cost $2000 a night. they posted photos on facebook two days before hotel staff found them dead in their room. any was a synchronized ice skater. her coach said the team will miss her. >> as a team we have decided to celebrate her and honor her this season while we compete and take the ice. hope to carry her memory with us always.
6:48 am
women were drinking the day they died and they needed help to get back to their villa. police said they took medications from their room as part of the investigation. a six-year-old boy in critical condition after another school shooting in south carolina. police are calling and an armed volunteer firefighter a hero for stopping the 14-year-old shooter. townville elementary closed. the 14-year-old boy drove to school yesterday his car and started shooting at people on the playground. he hurt three people. jacob paul remains in the hospital. doctors treated and released another student and teacher. jamie brock, a firefighter, wrist in his life to tackle the 14-year-old shooter who shot and killed his own father. a six-year-old boy in hospital after another school
6:49 am
i'm sorry. we have a repeat in the script. let's move on to the next story. we will proceed. keep going there guys. let me know when you have that next. life tv this happens. >> it does at times. >> let's get to what's going on in colorado. a family friend of the accused gunman of the 14-year-old says the boy being suspended for bringing a weapon to school within the past two years. the boy had been homeschooled. there is no known relationship between the teenager and the people who were shot outside of the school. ceo of wells fargo testifies on capitol hill again today over the company's fake bank account scandal. the california treasure suspended ties with the company yesterday for a year. the development comes after wells fargo employees illegally
6:50 am
customers never wanted. the veterans affairs department has turned over documents after a subpoena over the new aurora hospital. it is more than $1 billion over budget and long overdue. that va denied previous requests from republican representative kaufman and other members of the committee to see results of an internal investigation. clinton has to iowa today and trump holds a rally in new hampshire. a times poll sho than a third of voters under the age of 30 will vote for a third-party candidate. gary johnson and jill stein get much of that support. clinton and trump will face each other again in the next debate coming up on 9 october. trump will make another appearance in our state next month are there is where he will appear in loveland on monday at the budweiser event center and he will speak at 6:00. clinton has not announced plans for colorado visits.
6:51 am
leader peres. president obama says flags should remain at half staff until sunset tomorrow. you see israelis paying respects to paris. he is lying in state in the plaza of israelis parliament. -- israel's rl paid his respects and stood there at the casket. president obama will also attend tomorrow's funeral. peres died from complications following a stroke at 93. we have a life look in jerusalem outside of parliament as people are gathered paying respects to the late leader. family members will attend a private funeral mass for miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez. he and two friends died in a bow crash off miami early
6:52 am
respects yesterday and the team told fans to gather on the side of marlins park for a funeral motorcade departure. fernandez wore the number 16 on his jersey. an update on the recovery of a little girl injured by her -- when her house caught fire this month. natalie sublet was hiding any closet as flames burst into her bedroom. two firefighters using thermal cameras raced into the us she breathed in a lot of smoke and she has been in the hospital ever since. natalie got a special visit from the two firefighters who rescued her. natalie's family said she is getting better every day. and we can to fall. the season for flu runs from now until may.
6:53 am
some are effective against a strains and a b strain. other backs -- vaccines target the three strains and it covers an additional b strain. members of the aurora police swat team will put smiles on the faces of killed the children's hospital. they will repel from the roof dressed in superhero gear. the kids from last year are lit up. some even dressed up a nice distraction for kids and parents going to so much and a great job by the spokes. today tomorrow to see the next junior weather watcher dan from dorton. maybe your kid wants to do this. kids ages 6-12 will participate in hands-on science and give a live weather report during the morning newscast. hunter from northglenn joined us last week. here he is. he joined dave aguilera on air
6:54 am
i love that windblown hair. our junior watchers are sending us videos telling us why they enjoy reporting the weather. been sent us this one, and you can catch him during the morning news coming up on the 14th during the morning news coming up on 14 october. >> he has a personality. visit cbs to learn more about the junior weather watcher's program. it's a lot of fun to have kids on. there is >> this is the view from lookout mountain so it is beautiful this morning in denver. skies are clear and it would be nice to have moisture. for right now it is lovely outside. temperatures at 52 in denver. 50 boulder. 43 wray. 44 them are. 48 steamboat. 46 greg. 62 grand junction. we are quiet here across the front range but we have heavy rainfall on the western slope
6:55 am
on in. grand junction, heavy rainfall close to range lee. this is getting closer to rifle and scattered down towards durango. was happening across the southwest. a lot of moisture. rain from arizona and even into parts of idaho. moisture flow coming from tropical moisture. scattered thunderstorms and rain possible and arizon montana. for the front range we stay on the dry side. high pressure to the east and that keeps dry air coming up our direction. if we don't see that moisture had our direction today it will be a dry day. the rain will continue to the west throughout the day and heavier down to the south into the evening. it will shift to the north into the overnight and early tomorrow morning with a few more clouds tomorrow morning in the denver area and we may get some red -- rain in the
6:56 am
if you have activities outdoors tomorrow night, friday night football games, a chance of rain. 83 in denver today. high country 70. 68 greg. five day forecast tomorrow, down to the 70s. a few showers again on saturday and sunday. the morning commute this morning. as you travel on 25 south, just a mess. backups to new evans. it is because of an accident from the tech center camera. this side blocked off and only the right to lanes get by and that does -- it is not cleared out. northbound on i 25, an accident at arapahoe road. it has blocked the right side ramp and it is a massive volume northbound. denver metro, earlier accident on i 25 at 88th. now a new one tying up lanes at
6:57 am
another accident westbound on i 70 as you get to have anna. it is a mess out there.
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good morning. the welcome to "cbs this morning." new information about the elementary school shooting in south carolina. a family friend says it wasn't the rs accused of opening fire had brought a gun to school. newly released body cam video shows the disturbing end to a deadly police chase. how deputy marshals reacted to learning they accidentally killed a 6-year-old boy. >> donald trump doubles down on his controversial comments about a former miss universe and libertarian nominee has another aleppo moment on live tv. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener.


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