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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  October 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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this is the news breaking tonight at 6:00. someone may have left an explosive device outside nederland. this is the marshall's office, the boulder county bomb squad also on scene, a robot is working to render whatever it is right there safe. the marshall's office is in the evacuated right now. we will stay on top of this one for you. only on cbs4 news at 6:00, what you're about to witness prosecutors call a hate crime. watch as this cyclist is attacked. you see him punched and thrown to the ground. these two men are now facing felony charges. matt kroschel breaking the story for us tonight, from where it happened in downtown breckenridge. matt? >> reporter: that video is disturbing to say the least.
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for decades if they are found guilty. the attack happened right here along this trail in breckenridge. and investigators tell us they believe the suspect targeted that man because they thought he was gay. this video is the center of the case against george howard and raymond solis, these men are charged with bias motivated crimes and assault. >> why it is that some people act so much more angrily orientation, is really hard to know. but it's always very disturbing when we see these types of cases. >> reporter: investigators believe the whole thing actually started at this downtown bar during the oktoberfest week when thousands converge on this small mountain town. hours later the victim happened to cross paths with the men
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camera and recorded this attack. >> first the victim is not from his bike, then smashed across the face. >> really bizarre that the two parties that were involved, the victim and the assailants crossed each other's path but remember, up here in the mountains where very small, so it isn't that rare. >> reporter: district attorney bruce brown says the witnesses who provided video evidence should be commended. >> it will be important evidence as the case goes forward. and what we are so impressed with is citizens who have the pr something happen to keep themselves out of harm's way, but yet to take footage and to turn it over to police. that's just critical. >> reporter: video that is hard to watch but pivotal in the case moving forward. we reached out to the attorneys for both of those suspects in this case. have not heard back yet. as for the town of breckenridge, during that festival, the oktoberfest festival, thousands of people were here only a handful of arrests so this was
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live in breckenridge, matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain is. >> thank you. right now feels like summer out there but it will change overnight. we've already got those clouds, moving in. we're going to see big temperature drop. >> some areas about 20 degrees and chris spears is in the mobile weather lab in evergreen. chris, this front is weeping in from the north and should hit us in a little bit. >> reporter: yeah. already starting to really feel that initial surge, lauren. the winds have definitely picked up where we are. in the front range foothills i've been looking at the wind gust map, picking up across much of the region. over my shoulder will kind of show you some of our mountain locations, have had a few showers today. even a couple thunderstorms over on the western slope and photojournalist rob mcclure and i have been here watching them spill over the continental divide but unfortunately they don't last all that long. the air still pretty dry. i want to show you something kind of cool. when we got here today, off the
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up the mobile weather lab and we can track our air temperature. we were in the mid-60s, 63, 64 degrees. only hovered there for 30 minutes. and then we had this big gust of wind and temperatures really took a dive. karen, we dived about five to seven degrees here. as that initial surge of the front came through but that's not the coldest of the air. you just wait. lauren whitney is coming along with the full forecast in just a chris spears, cbs4 news. >> thank you. tonight a suspected hit and run driver admits to cbs4's jennifer brice he caused a deadly crash. she talked to him from jail this afternoon. >> killed somebody. i ask for forgiveness. >> reporter: it happened on colorado boulevard near i-70. a woman in a previous was killed. the suspect tyler white says he was speeding and had smoked pot a few hours before the crash. >> you got behind the wheel of a car knowing that you had smoked marijuana?
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when i was driving. a couple hours later, it's out your system. it's not going to -- was not like i was stoned to death driving. >> reporter: he ran away from the crash scene, later found swimming naked in a lake at city park. neighbors are fighting to stop the construction of two new apartment buildings in denver. they are going to be built at 16th and humboldt in the city park west neighborhood. cbs4's kelly werthmann live there now for us tonight. kelly, why do neighbors have such a problem with these units going up? >> reporter: karen, they believe it's going to be a parking nightmare. just on the other side of this fence is where those two buildings would be constructed. with more than 100 micro apartments which are about 300 square feet in size each. here is the thing. none of it will come with any parking. people living nearby say the development would create a congestion issue in an area already crowded with limited street parking.
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many neighbors say they're not necessarily against adding apartments to this neighborhood, but they are not on board with the idea of no parking. denver city council already approved a permit for these micro apartments. so today those against the project brought their appeal to the board of adjustment saying zoning administrator made a mistake. however that appeal was denied. when four of the five board members decided no error was made. >> zoning appeal was kind a because of the technical language and because of the difficulty of interpreting the language of course we are disappointed in the outcome because we'd love to see this project stopped. but we actually prefer to see the project improved. in other words we'd like to collaborate with the developer. >> reporter: those who support the micro apartments being constructed say it's really great for denver especially
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and with all the public transportation that's really close by. as for when these will be built, it seems that construction could start as early as the end of the year. live in denver, kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. those humboldt apartments are not the only ones being built in denver without any parking. back in march we told you about a similar complex in curtis park. denver city council did pass a moratorium that will prevent any future apartments from being built without parking. but 11 development projects grandfathered in. the moratorium does not apply to them. update on a boulder apartment complex accused the building code violations. the owners of the sterling university peaks have pled not guilty less than a week before the start of classes. people living there had to find another place to stay. that's because the city discovered two bedroom apartments had been modified into four bedrooms by putting bookcases in the middle of the room. the city said the changes were
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been fixed. dia planning a major revamp of the great hall and tsa security areas. now we're getting a better idea of how things will be moved around. we're going to show you them coming up next. a man shoots two teenagers, one of them dies. by police believe he went after those teens. cloutier skies in denver. and cooler temperatures just on the way. more on that comi up. now to an update on breaking news from copter4, you suspicious device, outside of a shopping mall in nederland. shopping mall does remain
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happening now the supreme court justices are taking any colorado case, miguel pena rodriguez was accused of groping two girls at the arapahoe park racetrack. injury convicted him of unlawful sexual conduct. but he said -- words said in
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interjected some extreme racial bias into deliberations exhortg the other jurors to convict him because he's mexican end quote. mexican men do whatever they want, end quote. >> his attorney says the jurors comments violated his client's right to an impartial jury. the attorney for colorado argues a juror statement should remain protected and not be admissible as evidence in seeking a new trial. supreme court expected to issue its ruling by spring. developing gillette a homeowis in his yard. one of them died. the other is in critical condition. this happened over the weekend at 28th. tom mustin live there now for us. someone lost their life over possibly pot plants? >> reporter: that's what denver police are telling us. the two teens actually climbed over the fence behind me to steal the man's marijuana plants. seconds later shots rang out from the second floor window. killing 15-year-old boy and seriously wounding his 14-year- old friend.
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>> reporter: scott hachey woke up early sunday morning to the sound of gunfire near his home in denver's whittier neighborhood. >> we heard the shots go off, kind of rang out. is about six initially and then a little break and then two more. >> reporter: denver police got a call from a 14-year-old saying he had been shot and his 15-year-old friend keylin mosley was dead. police used shot spotter technology to find the two victims in the backyard of this home on high street. allegedly shot by 48-year-old keith hammock after climbing his fence, and trying to steal >> we proceeded to watch unfortunately the ambulance come and we'll off two individuals. >> reporter: the 14-year-old is in critical condition and according to his mother may be paralyzed. hammock told them the teens jumped over his fence and he found them lying on the ground. officers later recovered two rifles and spent cartridges near hammock's second floor window. officers arrested hammock on first-degree murder attempted
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of marijuana charges. he says he recently caught two teenagers breaking into his backyard. >> we've had a couple kids of that exact age try to break into our yard and get our bikes . wonder if it was the same kids. that's really sad. >> reporter: so said he believes no matter what happened, the suspect should pay. >> oh, man. he killed a kid. he should go to jail for life. >> reporter: i spoke to karen steinhauser, she said the suspect could try to argue the shooting was y much more on this tonight on cbs4 news at 10:00. live in denver, tom mustin, cbs4 news. new details in a future makeover of dia. the airport hopes to move the security lines in what is called the great hall of the terminal. dia hopes to use some of the space for retail and restaurants. this is the concept and what they hope the airport is going to look like. right down here, this is level five. this is where you would enter
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this area in here, this green section is the meet and greet area. over on the sides in blue, you see the baggage claim. that is not going to change. this great hall scene up in here, this is going to be a secure area, you would enter it after going through security. over here, this is what security is going to look like. the airlines would be moved to this area over in here, that level six. security would take up this entire up here in blue. before allowing passengers to head down to the great hall which is down this area a little bit. and to the trains. dia will present this rough draft to the city later on this year. and construction is going to take a couple years after that. we will of course keep you posted. let's get over to lauren whitney and find out more about our little change in weather tomorrow. >> change is starting to arrive. a bit windy in some areas right now, winds close to 40 miles an hour, windy along monument hill
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gusty winds in the denver area, near strasburg gusty at about 20 miles an hour near elizabeth at 22. temperatures are starting to dip a little bit as well. dear craig, 59. 55 in steamboat. 64 in greeley. cold front is in the southern part of weld county up to our north you can see some of those cooler temperatures that are going to sink down our direction with this fund. 33 in castle, 27 in cody, 32 in billing. pretty cool to our north but fairly melo in denver, hunter is reporting 67 degrees for us from northglenn. right now denver, 65 at dia. temperatures are dropping. winds out of the north- northeast at seven miles an hour. earlier today felt very springlike outside with temperatures at 79 in denver, 77 in the downtown or normal -- the normal is 57. still well above where we should be in, but this is going to knock as well below where we should be. a lot of moisture in the state right now, quite a bit going
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denver area not much for us, a few sprinkles around town but not much that's actually been hitting the ground or really doing anything significant. once you have happened to the foothills, parts of weld and larimer county, you can see more rainfall that we we've had some thunder storms out to our west as well, really got away from rachel he threw meeker now integrate area, hayden through steamboat into the water area as well heading south of i-70 you will hit some of the snow along i-70 as well we have snow near crested butte and aspen near the fireplace area, buena vista as well give you a little bit of the spittle and started to see more move into our and once. ea lot of lightning in some areas, just south of burlington, those showers as well with lightning and rain near sterling. cold front working his way through again, little bit of rain, little bit of drizzle here in the denver area and in the cold front really sweeps through for us, and much colder temperature tomorrow but at 20 degrees for most. futurecast again, still have some rain and snow in the mountains. into the foothills and high country. through the overnight hours and a little bit possible in denver through tomorrow morning. we could have fog tomorrow as
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the eastern plains. tonight a little bit cool, 39 in denver, 37 greeley, burlington high country, 39 in eagle and frisco, 34 in craig, 46 in conjunction. tomorrow noticed the changes, only 58 in denver, after being in the upper 70s, much cooler. 57 in boulder, 55 out in burlington, 61 in eagle and aspen, 73 in grand junction. five-day forecast, temperatures in the 50s, i think i'm pulling the wrong one up here so i apologize for that. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow and then in the 70s again so our cooldown doesn't last for long. >> no. back to normal. let's talk to michael now get ready for sports. broncos have been dealing with a lot lately. >> seems like everything comes at once. the latest on trevor siemian's
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before trump said there was mike coffman. women should be punished for having an abortion, coffman wrote a bill to redefine rape, which could exclude women who were drugged. before trump called for a ban of muslims, coffman pushed for a religious test of u.s. soldiers. and on president obama? trump: he could have been born in kenya. coffman: he's just not an american. stop mike coffman now before he gives trump more ideas. house majority pac is responsible
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i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. service. it started with my dad. he fought in world war two, was wounded in korea. he's the reason i joined at 17, fought in two iraq wars, and still serve today. the va scandal is an outrage, failing to care for our wounded warriors. that's why i took on the va: to get our veterans the care and respect they deserve. because i understand the sacrifices they made, and i'll never stop fighting for those who fought for us.
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a short week a quarterback hurt and interim head coach and a team that lost its first game in 10 months. at least we are not hurting for storylines. as mark haas explain, the
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they prepare for thursday's game in san diego. >> reporter: the broncos knew that this would be their short week. what they didn't know is they'd be preparing for a thursday game against the chargers with an interim head coach. >> that hit a little bit today. on the way in. i can tell you that. the day before i was a little too tired, a little too irritated after the last game, but it's starting to sink in. it's a big responsibility. there's a lot of people dependent upon you. and i don't want to let anybody down. >> reporter: it appears trevor siemian will only has a few days to get ready without his head coach. >> i'd be lying if i said wasn't an adjustment. i think we miss him for sure, but i think everybody's trying to do their best to pick up the slack. coaches and players included. >> not going to stop and called timeout for us. we're going to keep doing the best we can and certainly we've all been here before. we've worked at it and everybody's going to do what
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call the place. wade phillips will handle the defense. it will be different not having kubiak around. >> i know he's going to miss the game. and we will miss him. and we're going to play for him. i'll tell you that. i'm going to talk to the defense and we're going to dedicate this game to him. >> reporter: phillips was asked if he thought he should have been promoted. he joked he was a lousy head coach and even worse as an interim head coach. with the broncos, mark haas, about thursday's game? coach issues? quarterback issues? bouncing back from a loss? there are lots of options on that list. go to the sports page on devote. preseason records me nothing but if jetblue -- had gone 0-6 in his first preseason it might because for concern. instead it's the exact opposite. the avs were 6-0. while records don't matter, the way they are playing does.
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that carries over once the regular season starts on saturday. >> we can see the benefits, we can see it even though it's preseason, it's not so much just about wins and losses. it's about trying to put good periods together and i think it's more about definitely the process as opposed to man, we're 6-0 and we're just keep trying to get better but it's nice to get some feedback that it feels like we're doing some doing. they are paying off. >> well after midnight so while you were sleeping early this morning the giants kept their world series hopes alive. giants and cubs played 13 innings last night, before joe panik drove home brandon crawford. that give the giants a 6-5 win. they trail 2-1, game four tonight at 6:30. certainly not lacking for drama in the mlb postseason.
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>> exactly. got to win game five if necessary. donald trump on the offense of going after people who are pulling back their support. why a republican in colorado is changing his mind about trump. more than a dozen children who all went to the same
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diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that repoer he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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scattered clouds over denver from copter4, this is ahead of a cold front that temperatures really going to plummet, meteorologist chris spears live outside them over -- the mobile weather lab. some areas are already feeling the cooler weather. >> reporter: just checki watchers near the colorado wyoming state line. they've dropped up to 10 to 12 degrees, a few people have drizzle here in the evergreen area. down to 54.9. just about an hour and half ago we were in the mid-60s. let me show you a few more temperatures, take a look at our state temperature map, in denver, for instance we had a high of 79 at 2:01 p.m. we are now down into the mid- 60s. we're seeing the leading edge of the cold front, nudging into
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where the real surge of cold air is. still hanging back up there in the northern and central part of the cowboy state. but that colder air will lose into the front range overnight. tonight. back out here live we're showing you a nice view of the continental divide. we've been watching some showers occasionally roll over, not too successful in surviving but a beautiful picture right now, as we have sun sets in progress, we will be giving with a full forecast lauren whitney in a little bit. and karen, let's just say you'll be digging for a different outfit for tomorrow than what you had on today. live in evergreen, meteorologist chris spears, cbs4 is. >> all right. we'll get prepared. this is the news in campaign 2016. darryl glenn is doing a little backpedaling when it comes to his support for donald trump. on saturday glenn called for trump to step down. this was following the release of a video where trump is using -- making lewd comments about
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give trump the opportunity to win back his vote. trump himself took to twitter to target house speaker paul ryan. ryan is another republican who has turned his back on the gop presidential candidate. cbs4's chris boswell live on capitol hill for us tonight. ryan is not the only one that's pulling his support. >> reporter: certainly not, karen. donald trump really is ratcheting up his war against any republican who does not support his campaign. essentially cutting ties with many in the gop. it comes as hillary clinton is really climbing in the poles. and time really -- time is dwindling down. >> donald trump is attacking republicans who have turned their backs on him. trump took direct aim at paul ryan on twitter calling him weak


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