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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  October 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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danger? >> reporter: jim, they were and we have good news. south metro fire says those homes are no longer in danger. the fire is fully contained at that point. as you can see behind me, flames got dangerously close to about 5 homes just on the other side of this hill. you can see crews still working on this fire. now residents were advised to evacuate at one point. those evacuations have since been lifted. the fire started around 3:00 this afternoon west of wonderosa high school. the brush fire burned about 30- acres. warm temperatures, dry conditions and a slope pushed the fire toward homes. crews will let the fire burn over a knoll and put it out there. road closures include crow foot
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circle. it's best to avoid those areas if possible. the cause of fire is still under investigation. as soon as we know more, we will keep you updated. we've got us a quarterback. trevor siemian will start tonight when the broncos take the field against the chargers. live look for you at qualcomm stadium in san diego. game time just a little more than an hour away. >> as mentioned, great news. we know trevor siem ready to go at qualcomm. michael spencer kicks off our coverage. >> reporter: that's exactly right. it has been a crazy week going back to sunday's loss against atlanta. the big defense story was gary
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28 years. he has a lot of experience. most of that spent on special teams. he was interviewed for the bears' head coaching job and told us being a head coach is of course a lifelong dream. most people think tonight he has the opportunity to prove he's ready for a head coaching job. but he told us tonight's game is not about him. >> i don't look at this opportunity as this. to be honest. i look at it as helping an friend and a coach. that's what i'm doing. i'm going to try to do everything i can to help this organization get through this bump in the road. >> reporter: joining me now -- mark, head coach, just one of the story lines. the other big one, the quarterback position for the broncos. >> the big news today is trevor siemian will start. trevor is going to be looking for his 5th straight win to start his nfl career.
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now looking more impressive after the offense struggled so much against the falcons with paxton lynch running the show. siemian said he can't let his soldier injury affect how he plays tonight. >> i don't think you think about it too much. i think you have to protect yourself whenever you play. when you play, you're playing and obviously you're conscious of it but you're go out there. >> reporter: trevor does well as he seems to get rid of the ball quicker than paxton lynch. >> obviously donald one of those key 5 guys out front they've missed the last couple of games. that should help the bronco's running game. we will have much more from tonight's game coming up later in sports.
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right here on cbs4. this is the news developing tonight. in the investigation after a bomb turned up in nederland, the device was found tuesday in a back pack outside of the police department which is very close to a shopping center. tonight police searched an suv that was parked just outside the boulder county sheriff's department. melissa, the fbi is now heading up the inst the driver of that parked suv came forward with information about the bomb. they shut down the station and did a search of that vehicle out of an abundance of caution but officers found nothing suspicious. the fbi search of a tan ford explore is the latest piece of an investigation of a bomb left in a back pack outside of the nederland police department.
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at this shopping center for an entire day. >> losing business for an entire day, especially for a big store, it's very hard. you can't recoup 1:that loss. >> reporter: the ied that someone placed here has left people feeling nervous. >> why did this happen to us? it's a feeling of violation. we're a tight-knit community. to think there's someone within or outside our community that came in and did this, it's scary. >> everybody's scratching thei >> reporter: keith lives across the street and doesn't know why this station was targeted. >> it has everybody concerned. it's definitely an antagonistic move toward the town's office. >> reporter: they do not believe the public is in any kind of danger from what happened. the fbi and the colder county sheriff's office have opened a tip line and are urging anyone with information to come forward.
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cbs4 news. also developing tonight, denver police searching for a gunman. the victim has been identified as 48 year old david henderson. we're still waiting to hear a suspect description. some school districts are banning clown costumes after recent threats on banned clown costumes as well as any masks and full-face make up. they say it's up to the individual elementary schools to decide what they'll do. it's being fueled by social media -- all have been hoaxes. donald trump plans to campaign in colorado once again. >> our political expert shaun is here. shaun, trump said today the latest attacks on him are part
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>> donald trump says the new sexual allegations are politically motivated and totally false. hillary clinton hasn't denied or confirmed the authenticity of the latest dump from wikileaks. the email titled needy latinos. in it he former energy secretary and denver mayor who he says is close to committing, but carrying some baggage. and former new mexico governor, bill richardson, not with standing the fact that he can be a -- today clinton didn't address the emails. >> we've already learned who donald trump is. what we have to prove in this election is who we are and what we stand for and believe in.
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machine to turn our campaign into a discussion of their standers and lies. >> reporter: facing new sexual allegations, donald trump unloaded on hillary and bill clinton. >> anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a zoneo morally deformed. >> reporter: michelle obama says trump's vulgarity has, quote, shaken her to the core. >> the shameful comments about our bodies. the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect. the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman? >> they're pure fiction and they're outright lies. >> reporter: trump's attorneys demanded the new york times retract the story. it refused.
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email that mentions his name. he told me clinton's campaign chair apologized to him. as for the title, needy latinos, he says in the context of politics, that's like saying latinos who need special outreach. ballots in colorado will be mailed monday. the test is required by law. representatives state's republicans and democratic parties oversaw the tests. it's impossible for anyone to tamper with the system from the outside. >> voting system and all the devices as well as our scanning equipment in this room is on an air-gapped, not network system. it's not attached to the intnet in any way. there's no vulnerability in terms of getting in the system
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>> the latest polls show clinton lead nothing 6 of the 13 battle ground states including colorado where for the first time since 1984, democrats have more voters registered than republicans heading into a general election. >> that's a big change. sure to be a busy final few weeks leading up to election day. new tonight, br boulevard in denver's rhino neighborhood getting a major make over. a $29 million redevelopment project. it will add sidewalks, parking -- the improvements will create a new gateway into denver. the construction work will happen from 29th to 4th ethstreet along brighton. a teenager found dead in adams county.
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him. >> we're back to sunshine after yesterday's chilly day. we'll talk about our warm weather coming up. >> and another key reason to make sure the kids are getting enough sleep.
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we want to update you on our breaking news. evacuation orders are over for home owners in parker. a brush fire came really close to dozens of those homes right they're going to be out there even though they have it contained. her teenage son was shot and killed in adams county during a marijuana theft. now the mother is asking why no charges have been filed against the shooter. rick, tell us more about what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: jim, it was september 1st, the middle of the night. law enforcement authorities believe a group of teenagers
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marijuana plants. the resident inside heard a noise in his garage. he came out with a gun, said he confronted 4 youths, one of whole threw something at him. that's when he opened fire. it happened during an apparent burglary to steal marijuana. 17 year old fr edo chavez was shot to death by the resident of the home. >> he's >> reporter: [ indiscernible ] was arrested for homicide. but the charges were later dropped. he claimed self defense. the dead boy's mother says that is not right. >> he wasn't scared for his life. like, he -- he -- he says he was scared for his life, but he shot my son in the back. how is that justifiable? >> reporter: she acknowledges her son should not have been in the yard with the marijuana plants.
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claimed he was only firing a warning shot, but it struck chavez in the back. >> we have to prove a crime happened beyond all reasonable doubt and prove the self defense -- >> he did make a mistake, but he also had to pay with his life. >> reporter: just this past weekend in denver, there was another incident in which a 15 year old was shot to death and his companion was also in that shooting. that involved another break in into a house to steal marijuana plants. in that case, the denver da decided to file charges. cbs4 news. not enough sleep for preschoolers can cause too much eating. a new study shows preschoolers consume more calories when they don't get enough sleep.
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more sugar consumption. sleep deprivation may be linked to obesity risk. they were deprived of more than three hours sleep. some of you might have lost sleep overnight when the tornado sirens went off in longmont. >> crew his to off all the shearer reasons. beautiful day and no tornado issues for us. you can see humidity levels are below 15%. it's very dry out there. we are looking at temperatures today to be much, much warmer. tomorrow we have high fire danger in parts of the state. gusty winds up to 35 miles per
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even though we're not in -- still be cautious. fire danger is up with our dry conditions. take a hook at wyoming, nebraska, into south dakota. it's really dry in areas across the west. temperatures are so much warmer as we're heading into the evening hours compared to 24 hours ago. 32 degrees warmer in greeley. 18 degrees warmer for burlington. that puts us here in the denver area it was a warm day after only 49 degrees on wednesday. 66 steamboat. 75 degrees in grand junction. our weather watcher in alamossa reporting 77 degrees. it's a beautiful day across the state with lots of sunshine. right now 74 in denver, 76 out at dia. winds are calm but the humidity is low at 13%.
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officially at dia. 79 degrees downtown. it is october. we're talking mid-october. these are warm temperatures as our average is 66 degrees. satellite and radar is quiet across the state. there's a few more clouds across our western corner right now. we are on the dry side. taking a look at what's happening along the west, high pressure is dominating along the west. this is another system in the pacific northwest. that high pressure will keep that head to the weekend. a few more clouds rolling into the north western corner. tomorrow morning waking township sunshine and tomorrow is another beautiful warmer day. today was hot too. 48 in denver tonight. 51 in boulder. 45 in burlington. 43 in frisco. 48 in grand junction. toward we're heading for the
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tomorrow. 66 frisco. 81 in grand junction. for your 5 day forecast, the record for tomorrow is 85 degrees from back in 1962. sunny and warm for us as we head toward the rest of the weekend it. may not be until tuesday we start to see potential unsettled weather come our way. just really warm and dry.
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,, before donald trump, there was mike coffman. before trump said women should be punished for having an abortion, coffman wrote a bill to redefine rape, which could exclude women who were drugged. before trump called for a ban of muslims, coffman pushed for a religious test of u.s. soldiers. and on president obama? trump: he could have been born in kenya. coffman: he's just not an american. stop mike coffman now
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rity pac is responsible
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hello, everyone. and welcome to san diego as the broncos get set for their first divisional game of the season. the broncos coming off the first loss of the season sunday to atlanta. we talked to the broncos defense this week, asked them what went w wrong. they simply didn't play well. these guys not worried about bouncing back. some of them told us to atlanta actually a good thing. >> yeah, everybody in the locker room has lost a game before, whether it was high school, college or wherever. we all lost a game before, man. we lost i don't know how many games last year and won the super bowl. you gonna win games, it's the nfl. you just gotta get rid of it, prepare like you always do. >> sometimes it's good to have a loss like that. you knock that out of the way
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have to win to get in the playoffs. >> reporter: the coach, the quarterback, the -- >> the uniforms. deon sanders said you look good, you feel good, you play good. i guess you guys can be the judge of the broncos look good tonight. they are wearing this year's orange rush jersey. broncos are going they have navy blue helmets with an old school logo. they have been looking forward to being included this year. >> you're like a kid at a candy store. your first christmas or something like that. new uniform, you get to change it up. >> the more orange, the better. i don't know about san diego's, but ours are pretty cool. i'm looking forward to the blue and the orange and prime time -- every color rush game this
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i'm looking forward to this color rush game since last year. >> reporter: poll question tonight: what are your favorite broncos uniforms? i have seen on twitter the new uniform compared to a traffic cone. >> the one person i heard this week who didn't like the uniforms is cj anderson. hopefully th
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>> champions of the world denver broncos. james willis has won the masters. >> derrick henry wilmot. >> villanova! >> tonight from sunny southern california, it's the sandia to chargers hosting super bowl champion denver broncos on thursday night football. ? ?


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