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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  October 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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we begin with breaking news, that big wildfire in southwestern colorado is growing. it has now burned five homes. the junkins fire in custer county is at more than 16,000 acres. matt kroschel tells us that the wind knocked a metal building into a power line, that is what sparked the fire. florence where a community meeting will be held tonight and that will be new coming up at 6:30. possible help for those firefighters temperatures dropping as the sun sets over denver. could be in for some rain tonight. meteorologist lauren whitney tracking it all. lauren, some welcome moisture in other parts of the state. let me ask you about that fire zone west of pueblo. have they seen any moisture? >> unfortunately they have not. they really don't look like they are today or really any
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we do have rain in parts of the state right now and it is breezy downtown at the moment as you can see my hair flying. look at the satellite and radar and show you where there is moisture right now. mainly in the northern part of the state. down south near pueblo into the southeastern corner of the state very, very dry. parts of the foothills and into the front range mountains near rocky mountain national park into red feather lakes we have some snow right now. also near allens park and high elevations a little bit of rain and lower elevations of boulder and larimer counties. decent rainfa moffat and rio blanco counties. even a little bit of snow in the very high elevations. so there is welcome rain in parts of the state. unfortunately not very widespread and we could use its in some of our dry spots. we will talk about our chances of rain in denver but right now we'll send it back to you. >> thank you. new information and a possible motive after someone left a homemade bomb outside a local police department. police arrested a suspect in chicago. accused of planting the
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netherlands police station last week. it did not explode. investigator rick salinger has the new information from the -- nederland. the motive might stem from a death decades ago. >> reporter: we learned that the fbi is looking into whether the possible motive for this unexploded bomb that was left here can be tied to a 45-year- old murder case. in which a member of a hippie group was killed by the former town marshal. the year was the place, the pioneer in the nederland. where a man called deputy dog guy gardner was involved in the disturbance. former boulder county sheriff george schepp recalls what happened. >> bartender manager called the marshall, marshall came and loaded him in his car. and that was the last anybody ever saw him. until his body was found in clear creek county. >> reporter: the man who was
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also part of the group was michael david hansberry, known then as midget jesse, due to his three and a half foot height. he is now under arrest by federal authorities on charges involving the backpack bomb left at the nederland police headquarters. fbi working theory is that it was an act of revenge against the former town marshal renner forbes, who use later confessed according to him. id >> my understanding was he was just frustrated with dealing with these rowdy young kids. >> reporter: ansberry return to nederland staying at this motel. he told people he was just visiting friends. surveillance video turned up ansberry buying cell phones, authorities believe they were to be used in the bomb. that former town marshal renner
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life on probation. before he died. live in nederland, rick salinger, cbs4 news. colorado's once again front and center in the presidential campaign. donald trump was giving supporters his trademark two thumbs up in colorado springs. >> to a big crowd there before heading to a rally in grand junction. the republicans has his candidacy is voters last shot at saving america. before taking the stage in the springs, trump talked she is live now in the springs. what did he have to say? >> reporter: he told me there is rampant voter fraud, that the media is poisoning the minds of voters and that democrats he says may have -- despite that, he says his movement is the most powerful this country has ever seen. and he'll win. >> let's say hypothetical said
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will you run again in 2020? >> well, i think they are going to go my way. we see polls coming of the swing states are all very close. and i think they are but i'll make you a deal if you don't. you'll be the first when i talk about it. >> reporter: not looking beyond november 8 and polls not looking good for him in swing states like colorado. where he rallied thousands of supporters telling them the election is rigged against him. >> can you give some evidence of any national voter au >> actually there's articles that you have over 2 million people, dead people or just about 2 million, that are registered to vote. and some of them do vote but they're dead. the big voter fraud that i talk about is with the media where the media will distort and do whatever they have to do, they will lie, they will cheat. >> reporter: it's a media
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to blame for playing up sexual allegations by women that he suggests may have been paid by democrats. >> very interestingly it just came out that there were protesters that were paid by the democratic national committee or somebody. and this is a situation which is not so much different, this -- and these made up allegations. >> reporter: the allegations all but certain to come up at the last presidential debate. have you been prepping for this debate? >> i have been. i have been. listen to the ground. and its 21 days. hard to this time and all of this effort. and the spending of money. i will have spent over $100 million by the time this all ends. >> reporter: we are all counting down the days. trump told me he will be at least equally prepared for tomorrow's debate as he was for the last one. among other likely topics, his call today for congressional term limits, and newly released documents showing a state department official apparently tried to bribe the fbi to
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ought to be another lively debate. we are live in colorado springs, shaun boyd, cbs4 news. >> sure will be. donald trump also accusing hillary clinton of resting. clinton has been out of the public eye the past two days preparing for tomorrow's debate. today we found her boarding a flight for las vegas, president obama weighed in on the campaign today slamming trump's claim the election is rigged. >> you start whining before the games even over? whenever things are going badly for you and you lose you start blaming somebody else? then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> the third and final presidential debate. tomorrow night at 7:00 right here on cbs4. searching for a man who exposed himself and made lewd comments to young girls in thornton. the first case was earlier this month at 134th and high street. that girl says a man was naked and motioned for her to get into his car. there was a similar report
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and franklin streets, both times that man was in a white four-door sedan. new at 6:00 a couple says they were attacked were simply trying to help a man who had been beaten. the couple wound up badly injured themselves. that happened early saturday morning at 11th and broadway which is a very busy denver intersection. not too far from cbs4. hour kelly werthmann is live there now. kelly, what happened? >> reporter: jim, the couple was walking near downtown where their car was parked and then they came across a fight, actually this window here is boarded up because a man was shot through it. when they stepped in to help, that's when they were brutally attacked. >> the last thing i remember is the three of them grabbing me and ramming my head directly into the brick wall. >> reporter: cody schuyler and his fiancee jacquie jo have no idea why they were attacked. >> we sort of yelled, whoa!
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2:00 a.m. saturday. they say three men beat up a man near this hotel near 11th and broadway. and then for no apparent reason, the purchase came in their direction. >> while i was out, they had grabbed jacquie jo and one of them held her while another one punched her in the face and broke her nose. >> reporter: jacquie jo says she was screaming for the three men to stop. >> they were laughing. that's what was so disturbing and haunting. they were laughing while they k again. >> reporter: their memory is blurred by the attack but they were told it was a night security guard at the hotel who chased the man away. >> saved our lives i think. i think they were out for, i don't know, i don't know how bad it could've gotten. >> reporter: battered and bruised, cody and jacquie jo say they are afraid to go downtown knowing the man who randomly beat them are still out there. >> that's not what humans should be doing to other
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>> reporter: cody and jacquie jo were able to give some descriptions of the three men who attacked them. to were white, one was black. we have additional description information at as for the man who was shot through the window while the data the couple has learned from a detective that he is alive but not doing well. anyone with information on this attack is urged to call crime stoppers. live in downtown denver, kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. >> let's hope they get some dozens of criminals who were targeting children. what agents are using to find and track down sex traffickers in colorado. home lost and now the firefight takes to the air. we are live with the latest on the largest wildfire burning in colorado. plenty of moisture to the north had a lot of moisture to
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donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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about a year ago, 30 ethiopians were killed by isis. reporter: mass execution of ethiopian christians... mike coffman was the only one that reached out to our community. he went to every ethiopian church. he was there, and he was sharing the sadness that we were actually experiencing at the time. he says what he means, and he does what he says. that means a lot to us and to me. i'm mike coffman,
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developing now the fbi taking aim at sex traffickers in our region. rescuing nine children in the process. operation cross country led to dozens of arrests in colorado and wyoming.
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apps, detectives say that is how most sex traffickers will now find their victims and the customers demanding sex. >> we have seen traffickers and sex buyers alike looking at those devices and going, wow. i can sit on my couch or sit in my car or stand on the street corner and i can pick and choose a person that i want to exploit. >> reporter: this room is filled with law enforcement and prosecutors fighting the sex trade. they say it a sex traffic or can earn $100,000 per year per child. it's estimated in colorado and wyoming 2000 children are exploited yearly. in just one case two pimps got caught driving under age girls across the midwest for sex. >> when they got to denver, they posted ads on a well-known sex site and fortunately met with us instead of customers. these young girls were giving
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charges involve does not carry mandatory prison time. that is something the people in this room hope that lawmakers will change at a state capital. >> my hope is with the right amount of public awareness and pressure they'll start thinking the way the rest of colorado things. this should have the promise of prison. >> reporter: jennifer brice, cbs4 news. right now police believe a registered sex offender is hanging around the university ofnv samson whittemore is accused of vandalizing the campus and a nearby church with graffiti. the university sent out a campus safety alert to students. >> obviously that's scary for anybody knowing that there's a violent offender around campus. >> reporter: whittemore is due in court for a prior offense. police say if he shows up he will be arrested. happening now picking up a penny could make you $1000 richer. ally bank placed 100 lucky
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the idea is to make us appreciate the value of every sent and encourage americans to save. for clues on finding those pennies, worth a lot more, head to the links and intersection of i hope i find one. >> you and me both. as we take a look at doppler 4000, lots of moisture streaming over northern sections of the state. in larimer county we got snow, much as we had yesterday. but the further south you go, look you get to the border. denver is going to be right on the edge of that moisture. do we see any moisture? here is the hour by hour forecast. moisture to the north. much how it kind of dips down and then changes by 4:00 a.m. maybe into larimer and boulder county. that's as close as we get to the metro area. maybe see a shower here or there. but i think few and far between for metro. take a look at the rest of the hour by hour, scattered showers into thursday, thursday pretty nice with just a few clouds going by.
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all the way. we have sunshine coming our way for the weekend with milder temperatures. cooler air coming in, another surge of cool air so will be in the 50s and 60s over the next several days. 70s may be near 80. you'll see that coming up the forecast. now you can see the storm track all the way from the pacific right over northern sections of the u.s. it is not in our area so we're missing that all this clear area high-pressure ridge, that's what's going to move into the southwest, for the next several days. cooler weather to the north, 42 in minot, 65 at dia, 61 in billings, down to the south one, 89 in el paso, 92 in dallas, brownsville 95 degrees today. 65 at both locations after the start of 30 -- 33 at the airport, 41 downtown, 64 and 36 would be normal. 84 and 19 the records. 64 and 58 right now southeast 11 winds.
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lenticular cloud, almost a lenticular wall clouds from jim lang hoffer off highway 72. dustin shaver snowmaking look at the slopes started to get covered up there. at loveland. nice shot from dwight ryland near telluride. take a look at the shot from valentina gatewood. look at that reflection of the golden leaves from littleton. take a look at the temperatures tonight, 30s and 40s over the eastern plains, then for tomorrow another cool day around here with 40s, 50s and 60s for the eastern plains. 40s and 50s for the mountains. low 60s out west. here is the denver forecast. for tonight, partly cloudy may be an isolated shower. 40 and 37 the overnight lows. tomorrow mostly sunny but cool weather will be in the upper 50s. then we start to turn things around. 62 on thursday, we'll keep the sunshine right through the weekend and look at the warmth
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we could be near 80 degrees by sunday. >> going to be some nice football weather even on monday for the bronco game. >> going to be lovely. >> and uno's coming back. >> who is that guy? >> brock is his name? >> that's the one. the return of brock
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time now for the ford sports desk brought to you by ford ethnic series, built better, build stronger, built ford tough. to boo or not to be? that is the question for broncos fans. rock osweiler makes his return to mile high. mark haas has more on how the fans and formative treat him. >> reporter: no logical reason to boo brock osweiler on monday night. but you know what? this is sports. we don't always need to use logic. >> osweiler throws to the end zone, touchdown! >> i think there will be a lot because it's what fans do. that's what entertaining about it. you know, the good versus evil type of battle. >> reporter: brock was a good guy last year and the problem -- the broncos probably don't win the super bowl if he did not
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field advantage. >> fans appreciate what he did. i know i appreciate the things he did as a teammate while he was here. i always wish him the best. >> osweiler fires, caught, touchdown! >> what was best was a bigger contracting houston. >> turned to the bill and so fast. you know what i mean? it's a business decision. it's a decision that 9 out of 10 guys would make. you know? so we respected it. >> reporter: hard to fall to guy for taking more money but again i didn't say fans have to be rational about this. >> made the decision felt best for him. that's cool. all the power to you. but you still have to play us. it is what it is. if that's the best decision you needed to make a comical. you still got to come see us monday night. >> we're going to be good -- opposing side of mile high but that's part of football. i know when i travel i love being booed. maybe he will like it too.
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monday. don't, boss this but if cbs houston offers me $73 million, i think i'll go cover the texans next year. with the broncos, mark haas, cbs4 sports. >> that offer comes through, i'm switching agents. how will you welcome brock back to denver? golf clamp, -- golf pat -- golf club, indifferent or booing? tall -- do the avs have a flair r opponent early 2-0 lead only to come back and win. back-to-back nights for hockey, pittsburgh last night washington tonight, how about matt duchene? all those gymnastics lessons he took as a kid really paid off on that one. the avs falling behind early yet again. power play, alexander ovechkin we made fun of him at 5:00 but we paid for it at 6:00. washington up 1-0 in the second. game four indians looking for the sweep. josh donaldson not interested in any of that.
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then with the bases loaded in the seventh, edwin encarnacion would come through. to center, two runs scored, the jays take a 4-1 lead. toronto wins 5-1. game five tomorrow afternoon in toronto. champ bailey going to headline the colorado hall of fame induction class. that class going to be enshrined in april, bailey spent his last 10 years with the broncos. made 12 dante bichette and jeremy bloom also on that list. congratulations to those guys. >> very worthy names. halloween can be scary but can it also be offensive? one university is doing for students actually upset by some of the customs. we now have learned more homes have burned in that big
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i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead.
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in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. sa action
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right now firefighters working around the clock to get a handle on this big wildfire. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. fire commanders just told us they have now confirmed at
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destroyed. mountain newsroom reporter matt kroschel checking in life from florence. we know we are anxious for new information. i'm sure community members are too. they've got a meeting coming up in a few minutes. >> reporter: folks started together here now at the high school but today we were a lot closer to this fire over my shoulder as we watched the flames come over a ridge. and closer to the town of westmore, where some folks were already on pre-evacuations, that turned into full-fledged evacuations as the flames continue to spread. >> i see a plane. a welcome sight. >> maybe starting to come in. >> reporter: attacking these spreading flames from above. >> we were able to get a couple heavy tanker drops. >> reporter: more than 100 firefighters building lines and protecting homes. hundreds of people evacuated. scary for all of them
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evacuees. >> glad you guys were able to get out. are you worried about it? >> yeah kind of. that the house might burn. >> reporter: we know homes are gone. several other outbuildings also destroyed. >> we want to you know send our thoughts and prayers out to the folks that have lost their homes or have lost property. it's a tough situation. and hopefully we can prevent additional losses. >> reporter: as the firefight continues over this e loop is. >> residence can only watch from afar. >> it's heading in that direction. >> reporter: as the flames continue to inch closer to their homes. and really recite we were just here at high school, the sun was setting. one of the big chinook helicopters with a bucket of water came just here over the top of the football field as the students were practicing. and the sun was setting and there's a lot of smoke in the


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