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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  October 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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>> the nfl on cbs is sponsored by -- >> greg: well, that was at the home last night of mookie murray and her husband, tony. that's our producer that was going to be celebrating birthday number 55 on tuesday. making us all very embarrassed to be associated with them at the moment. >> trent: a lot of fun.
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>> greg: jordan norwood will let that kick sail through the end zone. we'll start at the 25 yard line. those of you expecting to see "60 minutes", you're watching the nfl on cbs and our game between the chargers and the broncos. with trent green and jamie erdahl, i'm greg gumbel. "60 minutes" will be seen in it's entirety after the game except on the west coast where it will b s scheduled time. so the charger defense looking for a stop. siemian to throw. down the middle. wide open. got his man. that is vigil green. huge pickup across midfield and into san diego territory. the whole world expecting it on the ground and he put it in the
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down the middle of the field. nobody takes him. good vision by trevor siemian. excellent throw. >> greg: so the line of scrimmage now the san diego 44. change in field position. siemian deep this time. down the near sideline. that is caught did thomas. that is a great throw and a great catch. >> trent: demarius thomas on the outside. he works down the sideline one-on-one. so much for being conservative after the tip interception coming right back two plays in a row throwing it down the field. going against casey hayward down
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hayward in position again. demaryius thomas is taking it away. >> greg: here's booker. 40-yard pickup on that pass play. it will be second and goal from about the 3. >> trent: the chargers really need to hold them to a field goal attempt here. keep it an eight-point ga i don't know if the passing game took the charger's defense by surprise. devontae booker the deep back. booker with the hand-off. joey bosa wrapped him up at the line of scrimmage. >> trent: i'm sure the chargers
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they were going man to man. trying to run the ball, use clock. get first downs. they went man to man and put a bunch of guys in the box to do that when you create the one-on-ones down the field, denver and trevor siemian were able to take advantage of it. >> greg: big third down here. third and goal. as we come up on 5 1/2 to play siemian. looking left. throws left. nothing there. that will bring the field goal unit on. headed up by brandon mcmanus. so good job by the charger defense. >> trent: watch the coverage. this is a sit-down route. you have to work the back line here. this is where the vision of trevor siemian, everything is coming out to his left. there's nothing open.
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chargers. smart decision by trevor siemian not to force it. set up the field goal attempt. >> greg: a 22-yarder. it is good. 5:20 to play in the fourth.
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? ? hi, how can i help?
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>> greg: philip rivers, anxious to get his hands on the football. 5:19 to play here in the fourth. the line drive kick will go through the end zone for the touchback. we >> jamie: thank you. those of us joining us in the second half, wanted to make sure you stay updated on wade phillips. he was hit on the sideline with nine minutes to play in the second quarter of the first half. he was ambulanced to a local hospital where he underwent routine tests. he's alert, moving all extremities and the tests are normal. contrary to some reports that phillips broke his leg, the
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>> greg: all right. there's reggie harrington that took over the duties. it would be nice if wade is in the hospital bed watching this game with us. wish you well, coach. rivers to throw. under pressure. got rid of it. just overthrew his intended receiv receiver >> arizona drops back and gets the score. the two-point conversion was good. green bay leads 32-26 in atlanta. >> greg, all of our well-wishes with yours to the coach. back to you. >> greg: thank you, j.b. what a quarterback battle there. aaron rodgers and mattie ice. >> trent: yeah. a shootout like we're having here. philip rivers with a little over five minutes to go.
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>> greg: second and 10. penalty marker flies. throw to the far side of the field. and they're going to blow this one dead before it gets underway. >> referee: false start. offense. number 72. five-yard penalty. repeat second down. >> greg: this has not been joe barksdale's day. >> trent: on the end of the line here, he rocked back. trying to get going had a couple of illegal procedures today and lining up in the backfield. >> greg: i want to remind you on cbs begins with "60 minutes" and the vote to legalize recreational marijuana followed by "nca los angeles", and "madam secretary" only on cbs. second and 15. rivers. sideline.
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inman. inman on the outside. harris working the slot. i thought he was going to buzz back to the outside. rivers with an excellent throw to the boundary. tell you what, philip rivers, i know he's been in the league 13 years and all kinds of numbers and stats and tremendous in his career. but the beating he's taking today and stays in there and fires away, nothing short of impressive. >> greg: how well he he's hurt. they needed 15. they got 16. another first down. rivers. throwing outside. that is complete. this will be good for yardage. melvin gordon. finally pushed out of bounds on the far side of the field: i mentioned the fact earlier that philip rivers is the top rated quarterback in the nfl on play-action passes.
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pass going. with gordon now at 88 yards rushing, this play-action pass ends up opening gordon up in the flat. rivers is able to step up in the pocket to make the connection. >> greg: that's a 30-yard pickup. 4:31 to play. gordon. squeezing through. left short of the 15 yard line by chris harris. >> trent: just running to the left side. tremendous job by franklin and dunlap. you can see the pull. look at the lane to run through there. gordon now over 100 yards rushing. >> greg: the first 100 yard rusher against the denver
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gordon takes a breather. from the 17. this is farrow. an opening up the middle. to the 12. 4:15 and counting. keep in mind, the chargers need a touchdown and a conversion to tie. >> trent: you want to take this crowd out of it. they all of a sudden got quiet. the fans get into it and make it harder on philip rivers. >> greg: san diego, two red zone trips, two touchdowns today. gordon. picking his way just inside the 10 to the 9.
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this is fourth down territory. they have to have a touchdown and a two-point conversion. the last touchdown they scored, they went for two and didn't get it. earlier in the game, josh lambo had an extra point blocked and a 45-yard field goal that was missed. denver has to keep san diego not only out of the end zone but san diego has to attempt the two-pointer to tie it up. >> greg: hunter henry, the ro gates switching positions. >> trent: there's the one-on-one we talked about down there. >> greg: throwing. this is for henry. he's got it down to the 2. penalty markers are down. it's going to be an offside call against denver. >> referee: off sides, defense. number 94. in the neutral zone. the penalty is declined.
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first down. >> greg: that penalty is on demarcus ware. henry made the catch. first and goal from the two for san diego. once you get isolated, philip rivers talked to us about how much he liked hunter henry. he had the matchup. denver decided to bring pressure. he had >> greg: four chances to punch it in for the san diego chargers. rivers. will loft it. throws it away. >> trent: i thought for sure they were going to try to get an
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rivers was going to check to it. i thought phillip was funny last night. we asked him about pressure coming from the defense. he goes yeah, you have to be aware of it. especially with this team. you have to laugh. you think? second and goal. >> greg: play clock down to 4. rivers on the move. has to throw it away. demarcus ware chasing him out of bounds. third and goal. i would have liked to have seen him run the ball in one of those two downs. they have plenty of time here the way they're running the ball. the way that melvin gordon is running the ball. denver is great against the run.
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here. >> greg: play clock down to 4. throws to the other side. incomplete. antonio gates the intended receiver. fourth and goal. covered by rookie from arizona. >> trent: gates on the inside running the corner route. a little too far. basically the chargers have two plays in a row to get from the two yard line. if they make this, they have to turn around and go for a two-point conversion. first things first, they have to score here.
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down in a hurry. under pressure. throws. at the goal line, batted down. lorenzo doss knocked it away.
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>> the nfl on cbs is sponsored by -- >> greg: welcome back to denver. 27-19. broncos in the lead. far from a done deal, trent. >> trent: yeah, they have all two-minute warning, the chargers. they need to prevent them from getting a first down. >> greg: booker. might have even lost a yard on the play. we got a very nice note from the denver p.r. people that said wade phillips is anxious to get out of the hospital. he's antsy. >> trent: great news.
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continues on abc and monday night football on espn and thursday night football on the nfl network. >> trent: yeah. if wade is feeling as good as it sounds, he's got the game on and he's cranked up. so we're happy to hear you're doing okay, coach. >> greg: absolutely. booker did lose a yard on that play. so it's second and 11. san diego used the first of its time-outs here in the second half to stop the clock. and now denver use as time-out. so denver's big problem now is how to escape the shadow of their own goal post. we've seen trevor siemian come out throwing when we didn't expect him to. >> trent: that's what you have to be thinking here.
5:23 pm
if you're going to do a play action, get it out to the flat. if not, throw it away. the negative in throwing here, you're letting san diego take a time-out. so if they stop you, you have to punt instead of the two-minute warning and the time-out, now they'll have one in their pocket. >> greg: this is second and 11. >> trent: san diego showing a man-to-man. eight guys in there. >> greg: booker once again. we have a pen if that's in the end zone, that's a safety. you can see he moves the flag out of the end zone. >> referee: holding, offense. number 73. penalty has been declined. result of the play creates third down. >> greg: the left tackle guilty.
5:24 pm
a third and 10. that's a hold on joey bosa right there. >> trent: yeah, that looked like it was in the end zone. that was right along the goal line the call wasn't made there. it was declined to make this 30 down. the penalty stopped the clock. the chargers save the time-out. >> greg: a huge third down play for the chargers. they will call a their second. >> trent: you can see john pagano not happy about that. >> greg: so if you're denver, do you put it in the air here? there's a good reason for a time-out. >> trent: they got out there late. so the time-out was called
5:25 pm
>> greg: so are you comfortable putting the ball in the air if you're denver right here? >> trent: i think you run the ball. force them to use the time-out. >> greg: he's going to throw it. sideline. incomplete. so that will bring the punting unit on. san diego will get the ball back with one >> trent: here's the other thing. denver -- you have so much confidence in your defense. you know that not only do they need to -- san diego need to score, but they need the two-point conversion. that's why you throw it there. you have supreme confidence if your defense. >> greg: dixon drives that one out of the end zone. all the way back. picking it up inside the 30 is mccluster. looking for running room and doesn't find it.
5:26 pm
that was a 68 yard punt. >> trent: we're going to go back and look at why san diego needs a touchdown and a two-point conversion. right before half time a 45 yard field goal goes left by lambo and barrett blocks the extra point. four points that san diego could have had. >> greg: you talk about flipping the field. >> trent: that was a punt. out of your own end zone. and not enough space to take your full distance behind the center. he bombs one. >> greg: so rivers and the chargers, 67 yards from pay dirt. time-out. the two-minute warning left. you can use the holding, offense field. you don't have to work the boundaries. you have the whole field at your disposal.
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>> greg: a reminder. tonight on cbs. it begins with "60 minutes" followed by "ncis los angeles," "madam secretary" and "elementary" only on cbs. second and 7 and stadium. gordon out of the backfield. good move.
5:30 pm
clock continues to move. 1:47. 1: 1:46. >> trent: when you want to push the ball, you're okay to hit the check down. you still have a time-out. chargers been involved in a lot of close games as you can see from the last stat. >> greg: rivers. incomplete. intended for gordon. stops the clock playing at home is huge advantage for this defense especially with edge rushers like the denver bronco's pass. going to do a lot of silent count. second and 10.
5:31 pm
line of scrimmage by jared crick. third and 2. >> trent: crick here in the fourth quarter trying to get the initial push. jumping up. the second or third time just this quarter that he's been able to tip a pass at the line of scrimmage. >> greg: it's third and 10. under pressure. gordon chased one tackler. can't shake them all. they'll call time-out to stop the clock. 1:16 remaining.
5:32 pm
>> trent: that time it was demarcus ware going up against barksdale coming off of philip rivers' right side. ware going low. able to get ahold of the leg of rivers. rivers doing all he can to get the ball out. >> greg: a pretty miraculous throw. so rivers needs a first down here or it is all >> trent: they told us where it would be a factor. he's on the most important play here in the game. miller on one side. ware on the other. rivers needs the denver 45 for a first down.
5:33 pm
seems only fitting that rivers has to pick himself up off the turf on the final play for this charger's offense after being knocked down so many times today. only rushing four. derek wolf getting through. it wasn't miller or ware. it was wolf up >> greg: that pass rush has the reputation for good reason. 1:12 on the clock. siemian takes a knee. talk about your keys to the game today. >> trent: neutralize miller, and ware. rivers was under pressure the entire day. red zone production. i gave them a check here.
5:34 pm
got touchdowns out of both of them. 25 carries for booker. that didn't happen. they did enough to win the game when the defense played well. eliminated the costly penalties. couple weeks ago, had over 100 yards in penalties. today only 45 yards in penalties. >> greg: denver 6-2 and remain tied atop the afc west with the oakland raiders. the two-game winning streak is by the boards for the chargers. they fall to san diego with their struggles on the road continues. eight straight losses on the road against afc west opponents. >> trent: it was important for denver, when you see that oakland came back and won that game in overtime. kansas city pulled out another win. so to keep pace with the rest of the division. this division is tough top to bottom. >> greg: once again, our final score, denver 27 and san diego 19. tonight on cbs, it's "60
5:35 pm
los angeles." for trent green, jamie erdahl, greg gumbel saying so long from sports authority field at mile high. hope you've enjoyed it. it's been a good one. you're watching the nfl on cbs. ? ? what? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen
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the eden very defense -- the denver defense does it
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final score from mile high stadium broncos 27, those chargers from san diego 19. let's go live to michael spencer and mike -- and matt haas. >> 17 days ago the broncos went on the road and lost to the chargers. yet again it's the defense that comes to the rescue. >> yeah, you can throw out all the cliches you want for th defense wins championship. boy was that true today. broncos forcing three turnovers this afternoon, three interceptions. the broncos defense off of turnovers has now produced 80 points where they have lead 80 points on turnovers, over 40% of the offense that the broncos have scored all year. it is this defense that is giving the broncos a chance to win right now. >> i thought the thing with the defense is that they came in crucial times. bradley robely coming off from half time, you get the
5:43 pm
went to score a touchdown. they get another interception. timely turnovers. the broncos offense was able to take advantage of that first one in the second half. but when the broncos offense takes a look at this film, gary kubiak is going to be concerned about their red zone efficiency or lack thereof. >> t.j. ward had the third interception, broncos are in the red zone again. that's a spot where the broncos offense needs to get .s again, they need to at least get -- needs to at least goal, but they end up being a much closer ball game than where they needed to be. twice they turned the ball over in the red zone. he just wants to hit the slant with the safety help over the top. and you can see what happened with phillip rivers in the third quarter. heyward missed a sure one earlier in this game. >> we are having some technical difficulties there.
5:44 pm
broncos win over the san diego chargers. defense did it again forcing turnovers getting a pick six as well. >> yes, revenge was sweet today. >> it was. in oakland kickoff at 6:30 next sunday. we'll have all the post-game coverage right here on cbs4 after the game. >> now there was a scary moment during the second quarter of the game today. >> a chargers player ran into wade phillips on the sideline, a broncos defensive coordinator. phillips was knocked down pretty hard here and head. emergency crews were there right away to check him out. he was placed in an ambulance and taken to a nearby hospital. >> people immediately reacted on twitter including the broncos runningback c.j. anderson who is out with an injury tweeting praying for wade. a broncos spokesperson tweeted soon after that, phillips was conscious and able to move his extremities. we'll keep you up to date as we learn more. and we'll be right back with more broncos.
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,, ,, ,, donald trump and congressman coffman
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man tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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this is the news as the presidential campaign comes to colorado. donald trump cheered on supporters at a phone bank in greeley. volunteers got a snap chat of trump. mr. trump just finished speaking to a large crowd in
5:48 pm
whirlwind western tour. shaun boyd is covering the trump rally on this sunday in greeley. shaun? >> reporter: kathy, it's risky to hold a political rally during a broncos game, but donald trump managed to pull it off. thousands of supporters filled bank of america arena in greeley for a rally planned just one day ago. trump took the stage holding an lbgtq flag someone handed him. he touched almost immediately on an fbi probe into newly discovered e-mails agency's director says may be related to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. a newer poll finds that most voters aren't swayed by the new development, but a third poll are. 7% of them clinton supporters and 13% democrats, which could make a difference in a close election. trump called news of the e- mails a bomb shell. >> we could speak for days, for weeks, months about their crimes against this country.
5:49 pm
efforts to conceal those crimes by -- by destroying 33,000 e- mails. to me if we don't get there, if we don't win in november 8 that i don't consider it. a couple of them have said that it doesn't matter that what they have done will go down in the history books. by the way this crowd, there are thousands of people outside, and you have the denver broncos, your team is playing right now. i said do we have people? and they thing you could have sold it out three time time -- three different times. hillary wants our lives to evolve around washington d.c. i am asking you to dream big, to push for a bold change, and to believe in a movement.
5:50 pm
they could be pivotal if he is able to win the bigger prizes like florida and ohio where polls are tight. he urged supporters here to vote and to check their ballots to make sure they are counted. more on their visit here and the state of the race coming up at 10:00. we are live in greeley shaun boyd cbs4 news. >> thank you, shaun. trump supporters got a different message from a small group of protesters these democrats took their message to the voters. they held signs saying racist and sexist are not welcome. dave young joined that small group. >> people that worked together to go down to get to the capitol to get things done expected that also and their federal government as well. so you know i was here today because i don't think that donald trump represents that kind of working together. his comments are great to
5:51 pm
and i think that hillary clinton represents the kind of leader that bring people together to solve problems. >> both rallies today were peaceful. >> once again the broncos pick up a big win against the chargers. mark? >> since i know it's not the start to the year that you were hoping for personally, but active signed to the active roster to get your first touchdown, what are you doing to stay ready? >> was active that you never know what will happen that you'll need to prepare like you're going to be the starter this week. and just go back and look at all the turnovers that they would force them. what do you need to do to force them? >> we just need to know when we have that opportunity to score that we have to score. when diogenes gives us the turnover that they need to score to find a way to get a touchdown to get three points. i mean that's as competitive as they are right now. how big is it to go to the
5:52 pm
win. we need to go straight to oakland. >> i don't know if you know, but they would win tonight coming up sunday night football next week. >> it's a big match up that they would play them here and there and it's been a great battle over the years. we're looking for a good game. >> we'll go across the locker room to michael spencer standing by with will parks. >> thank you so much. well obvious -- goes down. how do you respond? >> oh man, all of them came up to us, we would be calling you all, but you need to step up and do what you need to do and that's what we did. that is the key play. i had the key player with antonio gates making a big pick six. that they are just all around going to show you how much they believe in each other and how much they depend on one another. >> how nice was it to know to be familiar with the chargers that you saw them 17 days ago.
5:53 pm
try to hit us with it. that we came out there, expecting it. we went out there to make plays. >> thank you so much and congratulations on the win. let's go back inside and see the studios. >> thank you, michael. a big win against a team that beat them 17 days ago. we'll take this victory. ,, ,, with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time... streaming, gaming, or downloading movies.
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get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay.
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everybody is wondering about the trick or treat weather tomorrow night. we'll be about 60 degrees,
5:56 pm
clear to partly cloudy skies, a little breezy, november cooling off into the 60s and the 50s, but no rain in the week ahead. plus for the forecast tonight, they might have a little rain in it. >> hey, we need it. >> thanks for watching cbs4 news. >> 60 minutes is ne,,
5:58 pm
captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> this is what i stood for. >> pelley: and you were willing to die for it? >> for this cause. >> pelley: hoping to die for it? >> yeah. >> pelley: at the age of 19, this american joined isis and organized friends to go to syria
5:59 pm
he's now facing 15 years in prison, but was released for one day to tell his story to us. >> pelley: did you see the videos of the isis atrocities? >> yes, i have seen them. >> pelley: of the jordanian pilot that they burned to death? did you think you were going to be doing that kind of thing? >> yeah. i was going to be participating in those activities. >> lapook: what does marijuana have to do with this coming election? a lot. it'sth recreational use. if it passes, pot would be legal in almost a quarter of the country. to understand the pros and cons of legalized marijuana, we went to colorado, the heartland of legal marijuana in america. is it fair to say this is tricky? >> it is fair to say this is more than tricky. this is, you know, about the hardest, most complicated thing in public life that i've ever had to work on.
6:00 pm
>> cooper: something unusual happened on the way to the grammy awards this past year... an album was nominated from malawi. the artists weren't polished pop stars, but prisoners and guards, in a place called zomba. a maximum security prison, so decrepit and overcrowded, it's been called "hell's waiting room." ? ? ? co come from such misery? ? ? ? we went to malawi to find out. ? ? ? >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm bill whitaker. >> i'm anderson cooper. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories, tonight on "60


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