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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  November 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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denver lawyer. >> breaking tonight, a woman missing for months found chained up in a sex offender's storage container. >> why were police sent home right before gang members unloaded 200 gunshots downtown? >> it was a bed decision. >> plus, video shows the man wanted for selling sick puppies out of his truck. >> i am going undercover and i am catching him in the act. >> developing now at 10:00 tonight, police are trying to find thi who hit and killed a denver woman and killed out. there is an arrest warrant for norlan estrada-reyes. karen morfitt. you are at the spot where it all started. >> reporter: exactly karen. police say the victim and her boyfriend were crossing at this busy intersection early sunday morning when they were struck by a white pickup truck a few
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them to their suspect. friends of 28-year-old corina bulloch are holding tightly to the memories. >> reporter: little things that were big things. shawn met her at the university of colorado. they have been friends ever since. he says she recently returned to colorado to be close tore her >> corina had fierce joy. >> reporter: she was walking near 13th and broadway early sunday morning when she was killed by a hit and run driver. the suspect didn't get far before crashing this white ford pickup into another vehicle near eighth and nakoma. estrada-reyes took off before police could get there. >> i'm just in shock. as this is hitting me, this is real. it gets harder.
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estrada-reyes. he says while getting justice for corina is important, he will leave that to police focusing his thoughts on her. >> i have my trust in them. >> reporter: if you have any information at all about that is or his location, you are asked to call crime stoppers and we have all of that information on for now, live in denver, karen a horrifying discovery in south carolina. a woman and her boyfriend were reported missing two months ago and tonight, police found the woman "chained up like a dog" in a storage container inside the house of a sex offender. he was arrested. the victim told police she thinks four bodies are buried on the property. the boyfriend is still missing. a stolen truck, a high- speed chase. now priceless items from fallen soldiers could be gone forever.
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with the veteran's organization that is heartbroken by this dilemma. jeff? >> reporter: jim, the truck was in this condo complex parking lot when it was stolen in october. not a place that sees a lot of crime. but, the truck was found about a week ago as a high-speed chase started but still, everybody is wondering where are the boots of fallen soldiers? >> happened in the middle of the night. we didn't realize it. >> reporter: bernardino nakoma debt's truck looked a lot like this one before it was stolen. it was full of items belonging to the veteran's organization boots 66. >> we had boots in the truck that came from the actual military personnel that were killed in iraq or afghanistan that the family had donated to us. and those are priceless. >> reporter: this is a recent
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who died four years ago in afghanistan. it is not known where the boots or hundreds of american flags and countless other honorary memorabilia are because the truck they were in is still being held as evidence. >> it killed us to lose our truck. but it killed us even more that the possession it is he had in there. there are pictures of fallen heros in there. >> reporter: luke and brandon macintosh are believed to have they threw parts at the deputies during a high speed chase. it could be months before her truck is returned. >> it is the stuff from the families that they gave of their ... fallen family members. can't be replaced. >> reporter: the owner of that truck has been told by investigators that they hope to let her know what is still in the truck. maybe some time early next week, but, the folks at boot 66
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some help. we have ways for you to find them on our website, live in wheat ridge, jeff todd, cbs4 news. >> i hope they get that help. thanks jeff. a teenager arrested tonight after a dangerous chase along i- 70 in the mountains. a state patrol car was rammed along the way. officers say that teen was going 110 miles an hour on i-70 near georgetown. he crashed a short time later, tried to run. but was quickly arrested. police say the teenager was fugitive. but we don't know what he was wanted for. new developments now or a cold murder case. the killer has been identified nearly 40 years later. 17-year-old audrey marie elizabeth hurtado was stabbed to death in buena vista in 1977. a 15-year-old boy at the time only identified as ck became the prime suspect. but there wasn't enough evidence to arrest him. ck died in a motorcycle accident in 1981.
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technology and found a match. it was an emotional close to this murder mystery. >> finally, i would like to apologize. excuse me. to the hurtado family for not being able to close this case 39 years ago. >> reporter: the victim's family thanked investigators were not giving up on the case saying audrey can now rest in peace. developing tonight, caught stealing a package off the porch and investigators believe he has been hitting homes all across the metro area. stan bush joins us live tonight. stan, this guy works fast. >> reporter: so fast, karen and this thief knows the neighborhood well. finding homes with pack annals out front. he would grab one and take off as quickly as heck could an get away from the area. the homeowner was recording when this man jumped out of a white car walking straight up
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middle of the day stealing a box of expensive audio equipment and it is not the first time. denver police say this suspect is connected to a string of mail thefts in the harvey park area the last few weeks. packages have been stolen from multiple houses on just this street. >> you don't know until you are making that call. and, then, you don't know what to expect from the company you ordered it from. >> reporter: neighbors we spoke to believe the suspect has been following delivery trucks in dropoff and stealing the packages before the homeowner can get to them. kristin sanderson says it sup to residents here to watch out for each other. >> i definitely will make sure they know they can call me and say hey, grab my package. >> reporter: the homeowner that was robbed put up these signs to scare the robber off a second time after already being caught on camera clearly. not much information on this one, but if you do recognize that suspect, call the police. we are live in downtown denver, stan bush, cbs4 news.
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laser beam at copter 4 this morning. the photographer on board saw two construction workers in stapleton with that laser. police arrested that fellow, kenneth karol who apologized and said he never meant any harm. still could be charged. two other incidents with lasers in the cockpit in centennial and greeley today and one was a commercial air graft. and new tonight, cell phone video in westminster. they believe this man might be part of a bigger illegal operation. and now, he is on the run. our lauren dispirito talked with the woman who bought a sick dog and lauren, she was very upset by that experience. >> reporter: she really was, you know, people everywhere especially here in colorado, they love their dogs.
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with us tonight. investigators are trying to find this man. accused of illegally selling puppies too young to be separated from their mothers. kayla brown shared this video with cbs4 after she says the man in it conned her into thinking she was getting a healthy eight week old pug. a new companion for her older dog. >> he brings up this pug puppy that barely fit in my hand. and i knew >> reporter: too worried to leave the pug in his care, brown paid more than $400 for him. >> i will never see that money again. it is these animals need to be rescued. >> reporter: a veterinarian confirmed her suspicions. she says the puppy was just five weeks old. and so sick, she gave him up to a foster family that are suited to care for him. >> how old is he? >> eight weeks. >> reporter: brown and a friend met with the man again recording this time as they say
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eight weeks to me. >> there were eight in the little. this one was smaller than normal. >> reporter: she shared the video with police. >> it is heartbreaking. >> reporter: for now, put on hold the search of another pug to join her family. now, brown found this man through craigslist. and police say if you go that route, use caution. sometimes, what might seem like a good deal in the end will cost you in medical care. they also say that if you see the man in that video, call crime stoppers. live tonight in centennial, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. gang members flood downtown for a hip hop show downtown. bullets fly with no police in sight. >> had to be over 200 shots. >> now we know why. coming up, the reason a
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of no policing. >> plus, two men wanted in a massive roofing scam. >> and we have rain in the desert southwest. will any of this head to colorado? your forecast is coming up. >> and, the buffs hope to hold onto their lead. could they bury ,,
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,, woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know onald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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>> new tonight, could a deadly shoot-out have been prevented? cbs4 investigator brian maass breaking the story. joins us live from 18th and market tonight. >> karen, what we have learned about the night of july 29 and what happened in this lodo parking lot has denver police acknowledging they made some pretty poor decisions that night. it was a night of contrast. in lodo, a popular hip hop show. ? [ music ] ? >> >> how easy is this? >> reporter: donald trump rallied supporters at lowry. denver police crafted elaborate plans. they called for specialized units by the dpd gang unit to be present. but then the trump rally was deemed uncontroversial. so there was nothing more for the gang unit to do here. but there was plenty to do in
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authorities about the problems. a lot of gang members at the show. but according to information obtained by cbs4, mcdaniel had a subordinate check social media and they didn't see any problems. so he sent them home instead of to lodo. >> i had no idea that was going to happen. it was a bad decision. >> reporter: after the show ended, outside, a gang war broke out. some 200 weapons. cars, buildings, and people were shot. >> over 200 shots in that amount of time. in 20 or 30 seconds. that was more of like a hit. >> reporter: 20-year-old gailen armstrong died in a parking lot. he left behind a four month old son. in their own interim documents, denver police wrote armstrong's death might not have happened if there had been a visible
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>> there were no gang response teams. >> something wrong with that. >> reporter: we shared what we found with gailen armstrong's mother who feels police presence might have changed things. >> you see a police officer, you are going to freeze up. you are going to be like, oh, you know, you are not going to do nothing. you're not. >> reporter: lieutenant daniel admitted sending them home early was a bad idea. he was penalized six days pay. >> according to your documents,o because there was no policing. >> reporter: community activists sharletta evans calls the penalty inappropriate. >> that is less than a slap on the wrist. >> i think he feels terrible about the decision that was made. and, i don't think that he will ever make this decision again. >> reporter: lieutenant mcdaniel remains with the denver police gang unit. he did not respond to our calls
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previous disciplinary problems. reporting live from lodo, brian maass, cbs4 news. >> and this is the news in campaign 2016. the latest cbs news new york times poll shows the presidential race is tightening. hillary clinton leading donald trump by only three points nationally, 45 to 42%. gary johnson at 5%. jill stein at 4%. donald trump jr. was come paining in fort collins today. he told the crowd they are part of a movement to ce junior also said his father would protect gun rights and get rid of obama care. hillary clinton was in north carolina. she was associating trump with white supremacists. she also granted a grim picture for minorities under a trump
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of dollars. an arrest warrant for aaron spontaneo and vasquez. george brauchler says they should turn themselves in. >> the path that says they are deserving of more mercy is turning should be wary of any contractor who wants the money up front. they cheated customers out of almost $143,000. new video shows the moment a bus crashes into a home in san antonio, texas. police say a pickup truck ran a stop sign and t-boned the transit bus. nobody was hurt. but video in the back of the bus shows two passengers in the pickup running from the scene. the 18-year-old driver stayed
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well, we could finally see some moisture in the next few days. >> by christmas, ed? [ laughter ] >> maybe. maybe. as we take a look at doppler 4,000, doesn't look like it is working. that is how clear the skies are around here. no moisture. at least, along the front range. but take a look at this. starting to see a little moisture over the southwest. in the southwest, there is another system. more about that in a moment. here is the cool front that came through. gave us 62 yesterday. now today, temperatures moderating a little bit. ale the activity is. the showers and the thunderstorms. and cooler air moving into the northeast. all that cool air now settling across the nation. chasing that warm air out. down to the southeast. almost, a 90-degree reading in brownsville. a little bit of heat here. we have been talking about mild temperatures. act dry conditions. and, how we just haven't seen any moisture. let's go back to lauren whitney in the colorado weather center. >> there is the chance of
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the west. we have an area of low pressure to the southwest. it has been bringing rain. there was a haboob earlier in phoenix. there is is a lot of dust. and they had a lot of rain to knock the dust down. we will see snow down into parts of southern colorado. some rain ahead of that. and some of the lower lower south western mountains. we are pumping up the moisture from parts of the gulf of mexico. there is a lot to work with as we move the day saturday, maybe a chance some of the showers heading toward the denver area. it is not a great chance. doesn't look like a good soaking rain for us, but we may get a few more clouds which we will take and there will be rain as well. but most of it will stay to the south. at this point, we will take what we can get in colorado. the snowfall forecast, most of it staying in the south western mountains. some of it in the central mountains as well. ed, a little rain, maybe a shot or two here in denver, we will
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southwest, winter weather advisory. now, it is not a long duration. but they could get three to six inches mainly above 10,000 feet right around the telluride area. here is the high pressure ridge over the area. you can see it here. this is the storminess. as we put this in motion, watch how it stays with us and the storminess goes up to the north into canada. here comes another shot of storminess. it just stays over the coast. jet stream is all to the north as is our area. and bringing the moisture and the storminess we need. as we look at the highs, 69 and 70 after starts of 36 and 30. for the weather watchers, 55 in walden. 61 in nunn. southwest denver, 72 degrees. 48 and 44 now with a south breeze at 14. 32% humidity with a steady barometer. there is some color hanging on
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this is from saint mary's glacier on just a spectacular day. look at this guy. this is in mike's backyard. helis up in bay leaf. temperature, tonight. mostly 30s over the eastern plains. 20s and 30s for the mountains. 30s and 40s out west. then tomorrow, we will stay on the mild side. 50s and 60s for the high country. mild for them. and, 60s out west. here is your denver forecast. clear skies tonight. temperatures by morning just below and for tomorrow, partly sunny skies around the 70-degree mark. for the next several days, boy, i don't have a lot of change except for the chance of showers saturday. we are in the 60s through tuesday. wait a minute, make that through next saturday. 60s to around 70 degrees. lots of sunshine in the forecast.
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,, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... h, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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to keep our communities safe, we need a district attorney like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney --
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>> typically getting a second opinion for an injury is good thing. so, the broncos holding their breath after aqib talib spent the day in california getting a second opinion on his back. wade phillip suffered a fractured rib after being run over on the sideline. he joked he still has 23 good ones left. he has been joking about the incident, but is seriously contemplating a change to his game day routine. >> if i'm going out. i want to go out on an
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you know. [ laughter ] that was my last play. [ laughter ] you know. that still would have been all right. i'm thinking about being in the box this week. you know, just because, i am in some pain. i don't want to get hurt again. >> broncos defense getting them to slow down the raiders. how many will they score on sunday? most of you think lit be somewhere between 14 and 20. the games to time, the games in november actually mean something for the buffs. cu hosting ucla tonight. the buff defense showed up big. kenneth with the interceptionful that would lead to acu touchdown. they had trouble holding onto the football. sefo liufau gets smashed there and picked off. insult to injury, he would leave the game after that hit. he did return.
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coach mac obviously not happy about that. in the fourth, he would like this. isaiah oliver with a 68-yard punt return for a touchdown. that puts cu up 20-10. that one in the final minutes. well, the nuggets are going to drive michael malone crazy if they keep blowing big leads. we will show you how they gave the coac ,, "what's your position on equal pay for women?" "it's too early in the morning to ask that question." "you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes.
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is a very dangerous thing." "i don't wanna sound too much like a chauvinist but when i come home and dinner's not ready, i go through the roof." "so you treat women with respect?" - "uh, i can't say that either." - "alright." priorities usa action is responsible
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this is the colorado none of us want to lose. i'm gail schwartz, and i'm running for congress coloradans should have the freedom to use this land for ranching, hunting and fishing, not watch it sold off to the highest bidder. scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message because i won't let that happen. when i became governor, i knew we had to protect our colorado way of life. it's why i need a good team in the state senate.
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for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open and transparent government. they'd be a great team in the state senate. >> the avs on the road in ch celebrating made their way to the united center. avalanche giverring up goals in bunches. chicago up 1-0. then, less than a minute later, how about this play? goes crashing into the boards. able to get the goal. he had two tonight. avalanche fall 4-0. they are back home saturday against the minnesota. well, the denver nuggets are developing a flair for the dramatic. they are making this a lot harder on themselves than it
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timberwolves 33-14. denver led by 13 after three. minnesota would make it close though. how about this play by mudiay? minnesota had a chance at the buzzer down by three. got a decent look at it. but the nuggets survive 102-99. how about this catch from thursday night football? makes a great one-handed grab. and, then, gets rocked. paid a hefty price. paid a hefty price. >> the falcons got the wi i'm michael bennet, and i approve this message. narrator: what do you really know about darryl glenn, the fringe republican candidate for senate? darryl glenn doesn't believe in climate change. he's for eliminating the department of education. and glenn wants to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. reporter: glenn says if he's fortunate enough to go to capitol hill,
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i'm running against evil.
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it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse.
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dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> it is a baby moose. a picture from sharon. but you see in steamboat, they call them the twins because there's two of them. the twin >> they certainly are. thanks for watching captioning sponsored by cbs ? >> stephen: good morning, "late show." this is your host. today is thursday, november 3.


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