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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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happened. this crane toppled shortly before 3:30 this afternoon. not only did it land on the building, but now it is hanging over pacos street. you can see it suspended there. you can see all 4 wheels of the vehicle suspended right now. we know crews trying to figure out how to get this out of here. there were no workers inside this building that's under construction at the time. but you can see it's very close people saying they heard a very loud boom when this came down and were very frightened. happy to hear no one was hurt. there is a little bit of traffic delay, though the intersection here at 42nd is open. this section will remain shut down as they try to figure out how to get this out of here. no estimated time for when that will reopen. live in denver, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. a nurse arrested after a
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taking pain killers meant for patients and replacing that medication with other substances. casey used to work at a colorado hospital. she is accused of doing the same thing at a hospital in oklahoma. a high school teacher arrested accused of attacking a student. dill an holingsworth is also he is accused of yelling and kneeing a student in the groin. now the campaign for president. and two prominent surrogates are in colorado campaigning for the presidential candidates. doctor ben carson for donald trump. on the right, president bill clinton for his wife hillary. colorado is part of this fight for the finish.
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trump stop in denver tomorrow. who are today's a-list supporters -- >> they're going for their base. for hillary clinton, that includes minority voters. across the country, the african american vote is down significantly. and bill clinton is a natural surrogate. today's crowd, not a good sign especially in denver's 5 points neighborhood where many blac they make up 10% of denver's voters and the mayor acknowledged turn out has been slow in the city. the good news for clinton, the latino vote is up and could off set the african vote. >> when we were still in lawsuit, she was in south texas registering mexican-american voters. she was in south carolina trying to get african american
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>> former republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson and oklahoma governor mary falon rallying the gop base here. they were in castle rock where trump is struggling with white college-educated women. carson talked to them about obama care. >> if hillary gets in, she'll say i universal healthcare. [ indiscernible ] single payor system. at that point, they basically have the american people by the throat. >> carson also talked to the crowd about the importance of school choice. donald trump plans to campaign at the stock show complex tomorrow night in denver. rudy giuliani will be here earlier in the day. the campaign's attention here,
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early turn out with an all-male election, a lot of coloradans are holding on to their ballots. less than the 3.2 million ballots have been returned. many clerks are worried at this point about a backlog on election day because those mail ballots take a lot longer to process. we could be waiting a while for our results. more suspense. that's what we need. before shaun's reality checks on the ballot measures here in colorado. you'll find all that terrific information at u.s. authorities are investigating a potential terror threat for the day before the election. the threat comes from al-qaeda. it comes to possible attacks taking place in new york, texas and florida on monday.
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of the incoming information. >> we're in a state of vigilance. we were already in a period of ramp up because of the marathon on sunday and the extraordinary events of tuesday night having two presidential campaigns having their events in new york city. >> it's not unusual to see an increase in threats leading up to the election. a donald trump campaign office in denver was jamie leery was at the scene as the clean up process began. >> reporter: somebody spray painted -- that's been cleaned up. just around the corner, take a look at this, majority of the graffiti. denver has a special graffiti task force. a good samaritan volunteered to come clean up the mess. without surveillance, it's a hard case to crack.
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scrape the l's off the windows, scott got to work with his power washer. those who work here say this makes the other instances seem minor. steve bar lot says this goes to far and those who work here shouldn't have to face retaliation for working for trump. he has his own ideas about who is responsible. >> it's really just shows how hillary clinton's people are viewing this fight. they need to go to the lowest levels and attack. >> reporter: adding insult to injury, this is a historic building and there are people who live above the campaign headquarters who have to deal with this graffiti. cbs4 news. new developments tonight in a hit-and-run investigation in
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in custody. 27 year old norlane stradda reyes did turn himself in last night. he took off from the scene. corrinna died at the hospital. she worked as an attorney in denver. the family of a man shot and killed while walking his dog wants your help to help catch the killer. 50 year old james field died months after in an alley near 1st and bannock. the father of three left a family party to walk his dog when a car got too close for comfort. he hit the side of it with a bottle. they watched as the car turned around and opened fire. >> we heard 4 shots go off but only one shot did all the damage. it hit his arm, ricocheted
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of his insides. >> the surprising confession field made from his hospital bed. jury selection begins in the retrial of a man released from prison after nearly 30 years. clarence moses el was released from custody last december after being granted a new trial. live in denver right now with this new chapter, rick. >> reporter: jim, as jury selection s group of ministers, the aclu and naacp presented petitions to the denver da asking that the trial be stopped in this controversial case. after 28 years behind bars, it was last december when clarence moses-al was released from prison. >> my spirituality, that's what kept me going. >> reporter: now he's on trial again for the same crime.
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demanded that trial be called off. >> it's an injustice against african americans. it's an injustice to all citizens of denver because it's your tax dollars that are being wasted with this ridiculous trial. >> reporter: moses-al was released from prison after another inmate wrote this letter to him. it said he had a lot on his mind and then confessed to the brutal rape. are you worried about going back to prison? >>. case first named three other men, then named moses-al after his face appeared to her in a dream. this group carried 2200 petition signatures to the denver da's office saying it's not too late for the trial to be stopped. >> this system wants to keep him almost to make him remain a slave, a prisoner for life.
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say. there's a trial that's currently underway and that limits our ability to make any comments. >> reporter: in the past, the denver da's office has said that inmate who confessed to the crime moses-al is charged with later recanted. it will soon be up to a jury to decide. rick sallinger, cbs4 news. coming up, yesterday investigators found a woman chained up in a storage container in south carolina. today another startling find as port of this investigation. >> and how a simple test could help moms to be make sure their babies arrive at a healthy weight. >> lots of sunshine and into the low 70s today. you see clouds moving up from the south. here's where the winter weather advisory is going to be out to the southwest. does any of this moisture make its way into denver? >> aqib talib will miss another
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about replacing a pro-bowler. new at 6:00, it's not pranksters or vandals putting pilot paper all over ,,
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developing ni on the south carolina property where a woman was discovered chained up inside of a metal storage container. investigators believe that she may have been there for months. police have todd kuhlopp in custody. >> it was pretty emotional to say the least when she was
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the suspect kill her boyfriend. police found her vehicle on the property. two former aides to governor chris christie say they will appeal the verdict on the gate scandal. >> prosecutors say they did it to get revenge on one of chris chie they will likely get prison time. new research shows seemingly simple lifestyle changes that can make a big difference. brett mareeno explains doctors think this could be a new tool for moms to give their babies a healthy start. >> reporter: 8 months along, she's starting to think about her son's arrival, including how much he will weigh.
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of generally, i guess with our doctors about what is normal, you know, what we can expect. >> reporter: new research at imperial college london may take away some of the uncertainty. >> the aim of the study was to look for metab lights in the urine of pregnant women and see if these could predict birth weight. >> reporter: researchers looked at urine samples and the lifestyles of women. the samples revealed several birth weight indicators women can control including vitamin-d levels, and diet. eating protein-packed foods rich in branched chain amino acids made a big difference in the third trimester when babies grow the most. a 50% increase in those nutrients can mean a weight
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low birth weight have been linked to type two diabetes and obesity. >> foods rich in those amino acids include chicken, eggs, beans, lentils and protein. as we take a look at doppler 4,000, lots of sunshine here today got us into the low 70s. but you see moisture working its way up we had a little warm air come in. we're right on the edge. we got to 72 degrees today. 81 in vegas. still warm over the southeast. otherwise we're in the 50s and 60s around a great deal of the nation. nothing is going on. a little front draped over the southeast. high pressure takes control,
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the colorado weather center. >> that area of low pressure has been hanging out over arizona for a while. it's starting to make its way to the 4 corners. ahead of that, we're going to get rain. some of our other southern mountains may get some of that as well. here in denver, maybe some isolated showers tomorrow afternoon and evening. most of it will stay into the foothills and off to the west. most of that will be some of those lower elevations and we could get snowfall in the san juans. it doesn't bring a ton of changes to the front range. it doesn't look like much for us. near 10,000 feet, about 4 to 8 inches of snow. above that, some areas could see well over a foot of snow. because a lot of the moisture is coming in from the gulf of
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snow. >> 72 degrees officially. we're talking snow, but 70s here in denver. that's colorado in the fall. 72 at dia. 73 downtown. 35 and 41 is where we start out. look where we should be. 58 would be the normal high for this time of year. 29, the normal low. 76 and 10 are the records for this state. southeast breeze at 17. 20% humidity. we do have a falling this duck is either feeding or just washing himself off in the south platte for an interesting picture. 20s and 30s for the mountains out west. we'll be in the 30s and 40s. for tomorrow, cool it off just a hair for 60s and 70s for the east. 50s and 60s for the west. for tonight, we'll look for
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for the overnight lows. 68 and 67. and for the next several days, 70 on sunday with partly sunny sky. then a little cooler. 62 on monday, but warm it up again with 64 on tuesday and 66 on wednesday. and once again, look at all the sunshine. >> election day perfect. >> it is. the cu buffs secured their first winning season when they
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woman: after all donald trump
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do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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no more injuries. we want our players playing. >> broncos seem optimistic that aqib talib will not be out for a long time, but -- good news, brandon marshall seems on track to play in oakland. but the no-fly zone will have to try to slow down the raiders no-passing attack without aqib talib. he's out with a back injury. they're going to give him in the meantime, broncos fully confident in aqib's back ups. >> roby is the difference in everything. i feel good about it. i obviously feel good about him. >> i like talib. he's just like me. a mentor that taught the guys behind him how to play. he's still a mental guy who tries to teach like roby.
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played. he had an interception last week. we're just going to step up and not take his place. i'm about to do a story about the negatives from a buffs win. for years, any win was cause for celebration. after most losses, we were just trying to find positives. cu can now beat a team like u.c.l.a. and be unhappy about their they're thrilled to be 7 and 2, but it was a sloppy win filled with mistakes, turn overs and penalties. >> all the penalties we had was very poor, especially our personal fouls that were selfish things that will definitely get corrected. we haven't had that in the past and we will not have that in the future. >> i had a couple times where i got heated because people were doing things underneath the
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i'll be the first to admit it. as a group, we can't let other people get underneath our skin. we'll just end up hurting ourselves and our chances. finally, it's baseball's version of the running of the bulls, otherwise known as the chicago cubs world series parade. the first parade in over a hundred years. they said 5 million fans turned out for today's cubs parade. that's a lo ,,
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city workers are spreading captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the final weekend. the final push. >> this is one of those make-or- break moments for the united states. it is in your hands. >> you have to get out and vote on november 8. >> don't boo. vote! >> pelley: also tonight, cbs news on the front lines of t battle against isis. >> everybody okay? >> pelley: the harvard men's soccer team is shut down for making sexual comments about the women's team. and steve hartman-- the election turns brother against brother. >> you have a governor of north carolina. >> did you just make this up? this is the "cbs evening news"


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