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tv   CBS4 News at 5  CBS  November 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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minutes. >> aaron: a situation where you are trying to score and preserve time. a sack is about the worst thing you can do. it gives them a little bit more field to work with. they had success doing that. a kind of a crazy way, you wonder if this will open things up more for the gators. jackson with his second sack of the season. >> brad: lost 35 seconds and still taking their 2.5 to go. this might be the last time they touch it on offense. del rio throws to the end zone. it's knocked down. callaway looking for a pass interference. he doesn't get it. >> aaron: that's collins in coverage. turns and looks for the football. wow, he got away with one. that should have been a pass
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no. callaway probably correct. it turns it over to arkansas offense with 2:20 to go. florida can only stop it once with a timeout. >> aaron: the play before that, mark thompson had the football at his fingers tips to give the gators a touchdown. now the end this game. this is the best and most fun part of a football game for offensive linemen. >> brad: right in the middle of the heap. whaley didn't let that pile drive him back. using that 216 pounds to his advantage. >> aaron: he does. a lot of losses from this offensive line a year ago.
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it recognizes the most outr outstanding offensive line. they were finalists. they changed their offensive line coach. anderson came in. even today personnel changes. 200 yards and counting on the ground. against one of the better rush defenses in the country. >> brad: breaking out of the pack is whaley again. stays inbounds. flag is down. maye throws him to the >> referee: holding number 72 on the offense. penalty 10 yards. replay 2nd down. >> brad: ragnow the holding call. stay tuned for the jeep post game show after our game and
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the battles in the bayou in death valley. alabama and lsu will cap off our triple header on cbs. >> aaron: i don't know if you can block that play better. he had his hands inside. the defender trying to flail. it's academic at this point. >> brad: 1:25. you have to think about the rest of the season for arkansas. we will talk about that this snap. >> aaron: the rest of the season for kentucky. >> brad: they are getting ready for the georgia bulldogs in lexington. arkansas has lsu coming in here next week. then at mississippi state. and at missouri the day after thanksgiving. the way they have played in november and the way they played today. they look like a team that could run the table maybe. >> aaron: there is no question.
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they got whooped against auburn. coach bret bielema said who are we? that wasn't us. they took accountability. they stepped up. they played a hell of a ballgame today against a very good defense. >> brad: they got a whipping 2 weeks ago and gave one this afternoon. that will do it. the hogs win their 6th. they have teams. their 3 losses to teams that were in the college football top 10. they just picked off number 11 this afternoon. 31-10. big win for the razorbacks at home. florida loses their second now. they for dangerous ever losing their spot in the sec east. the play of the game. it was early. santos ramirez off the ricochet
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razorbacks. a pick 6 put them up 7-0. they never looked back. never trailed after that. austin allen a nice job in leading the offense. alabama and lsu later. from all of us. brad nessler no long. final score the hogs from begining to end. dominate 11th ranked florida and win 31-10 going away at razorbacks ad that's it from fayetteville. have a good weekend. the jeep post game is next.
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cbs sports presents the jeep post game. >> adam: welcome. i am adam zu west showdown. number 1 alabama and 13th ranked lsu. less than hour away. the game you just saw arkansas over florida 31-10. what a difference a bye week makes. the sec east standings now. struggling with the best. florida is a tie with kentucky. who they defeated and tennessee still around. 2 and 3.
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the wildcats could jump into the lead for the end of the night. lots to be determined before the end of the year. >> rick: did you error that? >> brian: i heard that. should i get credit for them turning this around. >> adam: brian jones and ric bucher. it it's -- rick neuheisel. arkansas looked like arkansas. defense holds them to 12 yards rushing. >> brian: from is no i in team. mr. del rio was on target early and often. this is the first drive of the game. pick 6 here for the razorbacks. just misfires on the wide open callaway. throwing into double coverage. doesn't see the safety there.
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long. we have seen this since his return from the knee injury. >> rick: eason runable to set his feet. and luke del rio 6 interceptions. >> brian: great job by arkansas. >> adam: scored 31 on at a team that allowed 30 in the last 3 games. gators fans have company in texas a&m. going down. >> rick: fitzgerald scored early and does it a bulldozer type run. 4 yards for the touchdown. 35-28. >> adam: a monster game. trevor knight left when the deficit was mounting. his arm in a sling. the west continues to beat the east. but it took a lot for auburn to get past vandy and cunningham. >> brian: vandy trying to win 3 straight. i am talking about vanderbilt.
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you don't bite unless the bait is good. that bait was good. baited the quarterback into that throw and selus the fate of the commodores. >> adam: pettway with a buck 73 on the game. hold on to the top 10 ranking. chad kelly left the game. an mri tomorrow. tennessee cruising on tennessee tech and south carolina up 10 on remaining. when the jeep post game continues. we will tell you about michigan and clemson rolling right along. ? ? well, if you want to sing out, sing out ? ? and if you want to be free, be free ? ? 'cause there's a million things to be ? ? you know that there are ? ? and if you want to be me, be me ?
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tuesday night on cbs sports network. leslie sits down with the patriots head coach bill belichick. fournette said we need to talk. lsu gets set to face alabama here on cbs. >> rick: he needs to be danny decoy. give him the ball and take it back and have open guys down there. >> brian: lsu averages 300 rushing. they need at least 200. >> rick: they are playing alabama. >> adam: back to the scoreboard. watson needed a break. he went down on a shoulder and left the game late in the first half. didn't return. clemson didn't need him today. 54-0 over syracuse who had dungy get knocked out. rough day around the country.
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defensive coordinator. rick, no defense can shut down lamar jackson. 7 touchdowns. >> rick: he was on his game. doing it through the area and with his legs. 53 yards to pay dirt. just a fabulous performance by the youngster. gives a little bit of a sign. >> adam: there was was a float slash. the fans said no it's a zippy mouth flash. they do it all the time. lamar 7 touchdowns against boston college. the concerns that baylor was going to wear. tcu ran three all of them. 55-22. 5 touchdowns on the ground. oklahoma state taking advantage of a baylor loss. they had an interception on the last play to hold on at kansas state. tough road win there.
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final. in control of the coastal division winning at duke. 24-21. look out. washington state. on fire. first time in 19 years washington and wazou started like that. win over northwestern. b.j. >> brian: it'sbo give it to him at 3rd and 2. >> rick: no complaining. 341 rushing yards. >> adam: michigan state 7 straight losses and army losing to air force today. thanks for watching the jeep post game show. the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow with a double header action. most will see the steelers and ravens. then the colts and packers. is it starts at noon senior with the nfl today.
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to stop the sale of our public lands. coloradans should have the freedom to use this land for ranching, hunting and fishing, not watch it sold off to the highest bidder. scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message
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tonight, police in boulder searching for a man who sexually assaulted a student. it happened overnight inside a residence hall where students live. on campus. good evening, i'm tom mustin. >> and i'm kathy walsh. cbs4's melissa garcia is live outside hallett hall at cu in boulder and melissa students there are on edge. >> reporter: on edge cathy and
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information from police about what led up to the attack here at this dorm. police describe the suspect as a 5'9" while college aged male with short -- white college aged male with curly short dark hair who was wearing tan pants and pa white t-shirt. >> i know a few different people that fit the description. it's not really a comfort. >> reporter: students saturday learned the vague description of a suspect in is an early morning assault at this college dorm on campus. >> just like upsets me. knowing that that happened. >> repoer out the safety alert informing students that a sexual assault had happened just after 2:00 a.m. in a room of hallett hall. campus police were not able to say if the suspect broke in. if he was invited in, or if he may have even lived there. >> it's really frustrating. to not know. >> reporter: leaving dorm residents live tessa not knowing what to think. >> as a resident living here, we need to understand whether or not this person lives here. whether or not they are still here.
5:23 pm
some students say makes them feel safe. a feeling that's faded after the attack that leaves many questions unanswered. >> whether it was a groping and then the girl stopped it immediately or whether it got to the point where there was like a physical altercation and this girl got messed up. like we don't know how dangerous this person is. and that's really unfortunate because it's -- the weekend. you know. kids are coming back and all different states and like they need to know that they're safe. >> reporter: and federal la crimes like what happened here and that is why campus police say they got the information out as soon as possible about the report and they say they're still waiting for details from the victim about the attack and the suspect. we're live in boulder, melissa garcia, cbs4 news. >> thank you. a new details after one of donald trump's denver campaign offices was vandalized twice on friday. denver police say michael foe rare are was responsible for the second attack. he suspected of throwing a rock
5:24 pm
about two dozen volunteers were inside but nobody was hurt. >> this is america. doesn't matter what candidate it is. it shouldn't come down to vandalizing something. makes you wonder how safe we really are. with you know -- the people around us. >> earlier that morning, somebody painted profanity and antitrump messages on the wall and windows. a volunteer power washed that graffiti. police haven't was linked to that as well. today former new york mayor rudy giuliani dropped by that office 679 he talked about why colorado is so important in the presidential race. >> i believe donald trump is going to win it and i think winning colorado means he wins the election. because colorado is a state that he -- doesn't have to win, but if he wins it, it could make up for a state that maybe goes the other way or it could give him a nice big victory. >> and donald trump will be here in colorado tonight. he's scheduled to speak at the national western complex
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doors open at 6:30. live tonight on cbs4 news at 10:00. democrats are also making a final push for colorado. this is a live look at thunder ridge high school in highlands ranch. we are told the doors just opened for bernie sanders' supporters. he is set to speak here tonight along with colorado congressional candidate morgan carrolle. that's starting at 7:00. obviously they'll be there stumping for hillary clinton. and this final weekend of campaigning features a lot of stars, a lot of miles and a lot of heated words as both candidates try to get their rotors out to the polls -- voters out to the polls tuesday. mark albert is at the white house with more on their final busy days. >> you are a hardy bunch to stand out here in the rain. >> reporter: not even a downpour could dampen hillary clinton's enthusiasm as she hit battleground states in the home stretch of the election. >> i want to be the president for everybody, everybody -- [ inaudible ] people who don't agree with me. people who vote for me.
5:26 pm
rally in florida stand in stark contrast to the celebrity fueled get out the vote concert in cleveland last night. featuring beyonce and jay z. ? ? the megastars usualed the crowd at the free -- urged the crowd at the free concert to vote for clinton. katy perry will do the same tonight in philadelphia. >> let's get going. >> reporter: donald trump boasts he has no stars on the trail with him. >> we don't need jay z to fill up arenas you know. [ cheering and applause ] we do it the old-fane hammer home a message to his crowds that clinton's e-mail scandal proves she's unfit for the white house. >> take a look another the e- mail mess -- at the e-mail mess, how about if she's running the country? >> reporter: trump is logging miles on the plane with stops in the critical states of florida, north carolina, nevada and colorado. >> i'm going to be doing five or six of these every day. you need energy here folks. show goes home and she goes to sleep. >> reporter: trump likely needs
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win the election. mark albert for cbs news, the white house. >> the associated press released a story claiming melania trump took modeling jobs in the u.s. before she could legally work here. donald trump has made immigration a key piece of his campaign. and a welcome update tonight on the junkins fire. that's now 100% contained. a downed power line sparked that blaze which is now burned 18,000 acres southwest of pueblo. nine homes and 17 other structures were destroyed. that is just a reminder of how much we need moisture. meteorologist dave aguilera is in colorado's weather center. dave? >> howdy yeah we got a little bit of moisture for some areas but we need a whole lot more. we'll show you that in a minute. some folks have thunderstorms and even snow in parts of colorado today. we were a little cooler with all that cloud cover today. only 69 in denver and 68 in boulder and 66 in fort collins and greeley this morning. but at the end of the day, we had a little sunshine peek through that helped to warm the temperatures up. but if you take a look at live
5:28 pm
bit of light rain jefferson county, boulder county up to grand county up here. from limon into leader a few sprinkles of rain went by there too. most of that has dissipated. down south that's been the big story, the san juans and sang redecristos had rain and high mountain snow. you see a few rare november lightning strikes popping up. not a lot but a few rumblers out there. we still have winter weather advisory through midnight tonight for parts of the san ones and silver -- juans and silverton. that could continue at least until the late hours tonight before it clears out overnight. that's good news there. if we look at the big picture here, we have a cold front that's moving into portland and parts of northern california here. and this will be moving into the denver metro area coming up on monday. monday afternoon. so i'll let you foe if that one will -- know if that one will finally bring some moisture to the front range, let's hope. >> i agree.
5:29 pm
well november is national adoption awareness month. >> today five adoptive families from across colorado were recognized at the governor's mansion. last year there were 829 adoptions in the state. the gonzalez family from commerce city adopted five siblings they previously fostered. heather and ben had no intention of adopting they say. but these kids complete their family. and now if you have -- >> if you have any thoughts of adopting, you should go out and look into it and do it. there's over 200 something kids right now in colorado alone waiting for homes. and that doesn't include the ones that are if foster to adopt homes or kids in foster care. >> it's scary. it's definitely a scary thing. but once you take the plunge it's worth it. >> during national adoption month, 95 adoptions will be finalized in colorado at an estimated 650 children will find forever homes this year. today the broncos' cheerleaders put if pompoms to good work in thornton. to bring holiday cheer to might bees of the u.s -- members of
5:30 pm
miles the mascot made a stop in steak burgers. broncos partnered with the restaurant to cheer for the troops. that's an initiative aim today collect items to send to soldiers overseas. the cheerleaders stay event brings joy to the fans and also makes a big difference for the military. >> it's a great way to involve the community. and be able to make a difference and let them know that colorado cares. >> this is the tenth year the broncos have donated gifts to our men and women serving overseas. the broncos also collected donations at the team stores at training facility. and volunteers are once again working to fill the mayflower this holiday season. the nay flower truck is parked right now at the albertson's at buckley and mississippi, all weekend volunteers can drop off foods to fill the truck. donations go to young military families to help them have a happy thanksgiving. and you can also give a gift card for turkeys or hams. the truck will be there through sunday. and speaking of the mayflower, coming up it's a holiday tradition that's
5:31 pm
thanksgiving day parade. and after several theys of state -- delays a state-of-the- art satellite is set to launch into orbit. how it will help meteorologists like our dave aguilera bring you the most accurate weather forecast. csu back at home after nearly a month away. we'll show you how the offense responded in a big way after th
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,, ,,
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welcome back to cbs4 news. right now preparations are underway for a 90 year holiday tradition. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. now the huge balloons will glide through manhattan on thanksgiving day are not easy to control. and hundreds of volunteer balloon handlers train throughout the year to make big success. cbs4's wendy gillette joined in today's dress rehearsal in new york. >> reporter: it takes military- like precision. and hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers to fly the giant balloons that are the centerpieces of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> come on we're moving. we're moving. >> reporter: michael now serves as the pilot after ten years of volunteering. supervizing those assigned to
5:35 pm
listen to us. >> reporter: this year, he's giving orders to those closest to him. his daughter jillian and three sons. who will fly in from california for the parade. >> okay watch that obstacle. you don't necessarily want to be the one to instruct them or yell at them. this is going to be a challenge for me. >> reporter: more teams were challenged with two other new giant balloons. charlie brown and the trolls. and two smaller balloons, felix the cat, the parade's first character balloon in trixie modeled after the parade director's pooch. >> what we've done is we've developed accordion legs. >> reporter: as many as 70 handlers assigned to each balloon. each holds a line which can be wound up or down to keep the balloon steady and the crowd safe. it's not easy learning the ropes. >> keep your -- at your waist. there you go. >> reporter: but the family is hooked. what's it like? >> it's pretty amazing, definitely different than what i thought. it's awesome. >> reporter: they hope it will
5:36 pm
thanksgiving day. wendy gin it for cbs news -- gillette for cbs news, new york. >> this is the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. to be a volunteer you have to work at macy's or be sponsored by an employee. i didn't know that. it's interesting. you know we don't like it to rain on our parade but boy dave we sure would like some moisture here and i know some places get a lottable rain and little snow. we didn't get much in the metro area. >> a few drops early this morning. a little bit of drizzle here and there. that has been about it. but a lot of cloud cover. the big wier colorado. in fact through midnight tonight we have a winter weather advisory still for parts of the san juans where over 11,000 feet. so not a lot and it's very wet snow that packs down but could have over 12 inches of snow by this time this winds downtown there. quite a bit and you can see here on the satellite and radar together from this morning where it was raining and snowing down here. there's the snow down near telluride and the silverton down there. we had a little bit making it into the denver metro area. but didn't last long. and we've had a few
5:37 pm
there's one just south between aspen and crested butte down there. going on. not a whole lot of rumblers but enough that you can hear it down there. all right, here's what's causing the ruckus out there. we have an upper level low that's pushing through. a cutoff low in the upper levels of the atmosphere just sliding right into colorado. look at the rain ahead of this moving into texas here. they've got some good thunderstorms some producing a half inch to one inch of rain. that's where the rain is out of this guy. as we look at the bigger picture, still a big ridge of hi once this guy moves through, we have a cold front tole to deal with on -- to deal with on monday that will change the weather a little bit. it will be a dry front. there it is right now moving into california. but for the most part, once we get into monday, we'll have clear skies and sunny skies again all the way through the start of next weekend. so nothing really significant as far as moisture. so our little drought continues for the next several days it looks like. high today 69 at the airport. same thing downtown. normal high is 57. this time of year already.
5:38 pm
wind at 6 miles per hour and ron is our weather watcher in lone tree. coming in at 63-degrees. and he says -- so if you live over there, better get on over there. right after the weather though. peter sent this beautiful sunset from centennial flying by there. the moisture will dissipate overnight. by tomorrow morning, we'll be cloudy in the high country. and maybe still a little bit of moisture left around vail and aspen area and we'll be mostly cloudy out over the eastern plains. so for denver, the forecast will be partly sunny. meaning more clouds than sun. but we will definitely see some sun tomorrow. overnight temperatures will be mostly 40s and 30s across the state. and tomorrow, here in the eastern plains, 60s and 70s here with cooler stuff in the mountains and west. so my forecast tonight, looks
5:39 pm
we'll be close to 50 for the overnight low. tomorrow mostly sunny in, and a little bit warmer tomorrow the way things are looking. so we'll be in pretty good shape. 69 degrees should be the high tomorrow with clots of clouds and -- clots of clouds and then 62 on monday. and then election day? looks pretty good. 65 degrees up to 71 wednesday and then back to 68 on thursday. so all in all not a bad weekend. we still need rain. we till got to gretna in here. >> -- still got to get that in there. >> we're not winning this year. >> but day you know the you use in your forecast are about to get a major upgrade aren't they? >> in new weather satellite is going to launch in two weeks. >> it's the next generation of weather satellites. and it's going to dramatically improve forecasts for blizzards, floods and even tornadoes. >> wow. >> wow. >> it has been over 20 years since the last upgrade to the u.s. weather satellite system. later this month, with the launch of the goesr weather satellite, forecasters are about to blast off into a whole
5:40 pm
it's got four times the resolution. and it's got three times the number of spectral bands or the way to look at the earth than the instruments that are up there now. >> bigger, stronger, faster. >> the way that nooaw describes it is like you're going from standard definition tv to high definition tv. >> built by look heed martin here in -- lockheed martin in colorado. it will be able to map lightning worldwide greatly improving lead time for tornado warnings by as much as five to in addition, the cloudy imager will be five times faster than what current technology allows. what makes all of this even more exciting for weather forecasting is goesr is just the beginning. >> the program has four slights that will monitor weather around the world. it's already in florida getting ready to be launched. this is goats will be launched in a couple of years and there are two other satellites being launched between now and 2019.
5:41 pm
solar and magnetic storms too. dave aguilera, cbs4 news. >> thank you dave. and coming up, new information about the two teenaged suspects behind a bomb scare that shocked a neighborhood in castle rock. it's one of the most talked about measures in colorado's ballot this year. a hefty increase in colo ,, i'm michael bennet, and i approve this message. narrator: what do you really know about darryl glenn, the fringe republican candidate for senate?
5:42 pm
eliminating the department of education. and glenn wants to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. reporter: glenn says if he's fortunate enough to go to capitol hill, he has no interest in working across the aisle. darryl glenn: i'm running against democrats. i'm running against evil.
5:43 pm
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know nerals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either.
5:44 pm
coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. new information as colorado with a completed ballot. a judge ruled friday the state can't enforce the law set in 1891. the law was intended to prevent voter coercion and the buying and selling of votes. but critics argued it threatened free speech. but colorado's attorney general kaufman cautions -- she said in a statement today
5:45 pm
and the most expensive ballot measure this year is amendment 72. phillip morris spent more than $16 million the fight that amendment. -- to fight that amendment. shaun boyd gives the ads for and against a reality check. >> reporter: it calls for raising taxes on tobacco by $315 million a year. as you might expect, many health groups think it's great. cigarette companies? not so much. and they've let's start with opponents who include the former chief judge of the tenth judicial district. >> it locks spending programs in the constitution, where it can't be changed without yet another vote of the people. even in the case of waste or fraud. and many of the spending programs haven't even been created yet. >> reporter: not exactly. here's what you need to know. amendment 72 like many ballot measures is constitutional. meaning the only way to change or repeal it is to put it on
5:46 pm
there's no oversight of the money. the state allocates the funds as grants, meaning researchers apply for the money through a competitive bidding process and the state can suspend the grant if there's waste, fraud or abuse. the type of research is broadly defined in the measure but it's true, the exact research projects haven't been identified because again, researchers have to apply for the money. now let's look at supporters' claims. >> they know increasing the cigarette tax is proving to preven saving thousands of lives, that's why voting yes on 72 is supported by children's hospital colorado, and over 100 colorado community groups. >> reporter: that's true. the national institutes of health looked at dozens of studies on youth and smoking and the majority found that when prices increased fewer kids smoked and those that did smoked less. many studies show smoking can eventually kill you. which is why so many health organizations are behind this measure.
5:47 pm
have claimed. the exact projects aren't identified, the type of research is. and while cementing this in the constitution could result in money going to things that may not be priorities in the future, it is likely the only way to assure the legislature doesn't use the money for something else. i'm shaun boyd, that's reality check. and thank you. this election night you'll be able to get realtime results from cbs4 as they come >> reporter: i'm britt moreno. hi everyone. election day means all hands on- deck here at cbs4. to bring you live, local and national coverage of all political issues, we are breaking the tv barrier and coming to you live on social media. i'll be your social media reporter talking with you and answering your questions with the help of our political panel. both on cbs4's facebook and twitter, we want to report what coloradans are saying, feeling
5:48 pm
this election. we are also excited to show you what's happening here behind the scenes at cbs4 on election night. let's get started here we go. which colorado ballot measure is most important to you and why? you can find a list of these at and reach out to me directly@britt moreno tv or @cbsdenver by using #forelection. and look for the answer in the live coverage. a bomb scare that caused the evacuation of a earlier this week. two teenaged boys have been charged in the case. after police found bomb making supplies in one of their homes. cbs4's jeff todd has more. >> reporter: it was monday, around 2:30 in the morning, when castle rock police came across two teens. we now know both were carrying guns. one teen has been charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of a child and possession of a handgun. his bond is $50,000. the other teen's parents
5:49 pm
until later on monday and it was inside this house that crews found dozens of containers of chemicals. >> i've not seen this level of sophistication from a juvenile. >> reporter: investigators found some kem cams in a dangerous -- chemicals in a dangerous state and they had to dispose of a device but stopped short of calling ate bomb. the teen is charged with possession of an explosive device and possession of a handgun. his bond has been placed at $1 millio either teen would be charged as an adult. >> the way that colorado has set up its law to be in the rehabilitation business first. and the punishment business last. >> reporter: jeff todd, cbs4 news. now both teens have hearings set for the next few days. turning to sports, mime else spencer joins -- michael spencer joins us now. >> the bye week did the rams a whole lot of good. wouldn't it be nice for them to get back on a winning streak and who bet every to do itpy --
5:50 pm
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since being the starting quarterback, nick stevens has looked like the guy coach bobo hoped he would be all along. many back-tok threw for 426 yards and more importantly zero interceptions, the offense rolling today against fresno state. kinsey jr. with a five yard touchdown. that would give the rams a 10-0 lead. next possession, stevens going to find michael gallup. avoids the defender and then gallops over another guy and tiptoes to the sideline, 18 yards later he's into the end zone. csu up 16-0. on the next drive,
5:54 pm
with a one yard td, csu scored a touchdown on five straight possessions as the rams win it 37-0. the avers have had two problems recently. haven't scored a lot of goals and given up a lot of goals, trying to change things up today and this one was a chippy one against minnesota. how about the captain getting into it with the goalie? couple of nice throws there and then everybody came and got involved. just a few !?minutes later, on the power play are the avs. that happened a seven period -- that ended a seven period drought for the avers. minnesota had a couple of close calls late. this one no goal because of goaltender intense. the avs -- interference. the avs win 1-0. >> the physicality and we need to bring more of that to the identity of our group and some nights we have it and some shifts we have it and others we don't. but i thought that line
5:55 pm
were physical tonight. and those two instances energized our crowd which helps energize us. lot of hitting going on in that one. nuggets in detroit. a slow start. ish smith for two. detroit up 20-4 in the first, this good a good can be a good sight for the anything -- this a good sight for the nuggets, murray with his first field goal. nuggets down by a bunch. trying to dig out of a deep hole they are down 42-26. that one in the second. for the first time in a actually has some implications. the afc west lead is on the line. both teams sitting at 6-2. and tied atop the division standings. now the broncos' defense a big reason for their success. no surprise there. broncos, lead the nfl in sacks and in quarterback hits. and they're the best defense in the afc in terms of yards allowed. with the halfway point of the season, things are looking good but von miller doesn't care one bit. >> i've never been you know a
5:56 pm
been too good for me. i'm a -- i'm a six week you know, full you know -- i like going all the way through. you know, this is halfway point and stuff that we've done well -- that we've done well and some stuff we haven't done so well. we have a lot of room to improve and also a lot of -- listen, we can easily go back down the drain as well. so with the afc west lidone the line tomorrow, our poll -- lead on crazy play of the day comes to us from texas and texas tech. forman, looks like he has a touchdown run here and drag about five defenders with him. trying to cross the goal line but then douglas coleman rips the ball away can takes off in the opposite direction, takes
5:57 pm
touchdown. foreman had 331 yards rushing and texas won the game. but a crazy play that. >> that was crazy. >> hook them horns. all right dave back with a final check of the forecast. >> tomorrow another day in the 60s. 68 degrees for the high and partly cloudy skies and more cloud cover here and in the 60s through election day. not much moisture to be had. >> no excuse not to go to the polls. >> and if you take look if you were missing the 70s back to the 70s on wednesday. mostly sunny skies by then and then 68 on thursday and we stay mountains until midnight tonight. and some of those areas above 11,000 feet could still see up to a foot of snow. so that's where all the moisture is. i wish we could truck it up here and get a little more moisture up north and we've had an inch or two in the northern and central mountains as well above 11,000 feet. if you're itching to get skiing and that type of thing there was a little help today with a little bit of snow in some of the high country. >> but tuesday looks fine so make sure you get out and vote.
5:58 pm
overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. normal high this time of year is already down the 57 degrees, still abnormal big time. >> absolutely. always been abnormal i think. >> i think the league is abnormal right? >> major league. >> thanks dave. thanks for watching cbs4 news. >> we'll see you right back here for cbs4 news at 10:00.
5:59 pm
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