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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  November 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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up the middle, in he goes. he's wide open. with first place on the line in the afc west, the oakland raiders dominated the denver broncos, final score raiders 30, denver 20. michael spencer joins us now. boy, this -- of disappointing performance. >> we talked all week long about how important this game was but the divisional lead on the line. four forun four for -- four and outs to start the game. let's go to gary kubiak, the head coach. >> i think trevor as a battle or. he continues to get better every time we go out. for us -- what did we throw it? 33 times? they know if you have to throw
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behind. trevor went down twice but he's improving. he can always get better, we all can but he continues to work. it's pretty cool, mike. he deserves a shot. he's been working his tail off doing some good stuff. when we give him opportunities like that 3rd and 1, makes a hell of a play and then i look up and he makes the play. those are the kind of players you need on your team. i'm proud of him. >> is >> you don't ever want to have one of those, you know? but we didn't lose the championship or nothing tonight. there's a lot of football left to play but we have to play a hell of a lot better than we played. we knew that coming in. we knew they had a good football team and we have to improve ourselves. >> [indiscernible -- participant comment]
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that we will get looked at when we get back. >> [indiscernible -- participant comment] >> they had over 130 yards running in the first half so you can't go there but stopping the run is a group effort. it is what it is and it looks like maybe we could tackle better and do a lot of things better. >> so gary kubiak getting his thoughts after the tour -- 30- 20 loss. we're standing by with -- t.j. ward live in the broncos locker room. >> i will tell him the same thing i've been telling him. every week -- it's a one-week season. every week is a different year and we have the biggest game of the season coming up next week. >> they didn't win no championship. they didn't get the lombardi. they won the game.
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>> you've had some slow starts. how do you address that? >> y'all have task the coach. i don't know, brother. we have to get to the drawing board. see what coach is saying and fix it somehow. >> >> we are one game behind now. i think we have six or seven left to go. teams lose all the times i think -- all the time, i position. >> let's take a look at tonight's sports pool question. how would you rate the broncos right now? please vote on the page, are they great, wild-card or just average. again final score tonight broncos falling to 6-3 as they fall to oakland, 30-20. gabby? you will never have another shot. this is it. so we have to get out and vote.
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believe in our people, and i will never ever quit on you no matter what. >> with just two days to go before the election a clinton and donald trump zigzagged the country making the final pitch to voters and today another announcement by the fbi dominated the campaign headlines. >> they've now completed the review of new emails linked to a -- to hillary clinton. >> reporter: the hillary clinton aides huddled on -- huddled on the plane looking at the email james comey sent on sunday. he double down on his decision not to prosecute for using a private email server while he was secretary of state. >> we are glad the matter is resolved. >> reporter: two weeks ago they found a new batch of weiner -- a new batch of emails that belonged to anthony weiner. the review found documents were
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campaign trail. >> it is a choice between division or unity. between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon. >> meanwhile donald trump had another whirlwind day hitting seven states and capitalizing on the fbi announcement saying director james comey got it wrong. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it and now it's up to the american deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8. >> in this latest investigation -- it hurt her campaign as new polls trump has tightened the gap significantly on on average she's ahead now -- and on average she's ahead now by just two points. >> republicans -- democrats are pushing hard to get people to the polls. both campaigns are hoping for
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>> reporter: they are, and if you haven't voted yet, it's too late to mail in your ballot but you can still drop it off here. this is one of dozens of 24- hour drop-off boxes all over denver. >> it's too late to put your ballot in the mail. >> reporter: and farrell is heading up the democratic party operations center where volunteers like gina are dropping into answer the phones, putt residents who have yet to cast their vote. >> the polls are getting a little tighter and it's making me nervous. i just want to do everything i can to make sure hillary wins. >> they have that -- they have ballot pickups and make -- are making appointments to give people rides to the polling places on election day. >> it's an important election. there's a lot at stake. >> reporter: volunteers at trump headquarters are also
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>> whether it be a fringe democrat independent or a hard- core republican, if they haven't turned their ballot in and they said they were leaning donald trump we're knocking on their doors, making phone calls, making sure to remind them that they need to turn in their ballot. >> steve are lock says the campaign -- barlow says they are now focused on 70,000 unregistered veterans. >> operation enduring freedom veteran michael >> why would you want somebody like hillary to take away your right that you fought for? >> reporter: you can still register to vote up until 6 pm tuesday, and you can find more information out about this as well as a map of ballot drop- off boxes and polling places at under links and
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>> we are in the home stretch. thank you melissa. meanwhile gary johnson was in colorado today rallying voters. the former new mexico governor spoke at ccu denver and told supporters eight major newspapers across the nation have endorsed him and he also says his nonpartisan approach will unite congress. >> hiring a nonpartisan administration, democrats, republicans, libertarians, independence, calling out both sides to come to the middle to deal of the country faces. >> the latest polls show gary johnson has the support of about six% of likely voters. -- 6% of likely voters. join us for live coverage followed by cbs4 news at noon clock. developing tonight, an investigation is underway after a former colorado avalanche player was found dead in his
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lived in lone tree. the douglas county coroner has not said how he died. has general manager joe sakic said in a statement today -- he was a tremendous person, challenging hockey player and a great teammate. our deepest sympathy to his wife, children and whole family. and now to a story will see first at 4, the city of aurora is set to announce what is being called a historic settlement that stems from the deadly police shooting of an unarmed blacn he joins us live now. rick, why historic? >> reporter: never before has the city of aurora agreed to pay out so much and the settlement also includes policy changes. the city of aurora will pay out millions after an unarmed man was shot to death while been pursued. 27-year-old carter also known as -- 24-year-old naeschylus carter vinzant also known as
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domestic violence and taking off his ankle manager. officers -- ankle monitor. >> he was spotted and pursued. >> i looked out the window and probably eight officers with their handgun.-- handguns drawn. >> reporter: it only one of them fired, striking him in the chest. it was then learned he was unarmed. the swat officer had been recognized as a hero during the aurora theatre shooting. he was not charged in after a grand jury investigation. >> there are discrepancies with respect to the initial outcry made by him at the scene and then the mistakes -- the statements he made six days later. >> the tip -- the shooting touched off protests during a promotes was time around the country -- during a tumultuous
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>> they want to see a peaceful resolution. they don't want to see what happened in other parts of the country. >> reporter: his parents spoke out after the grand jury issued the decision. >> i think we should all be held accountable for what we do. >> reporter: the terms of the settlement are to be laid out in a news conference as well as the changes in the policy. live, rick sallinger cbs4 news. new development is tonight as a kidnap -- developments tonight related to a grisly unsolved murder. why they think they have captured a serial killer
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a big loss for the broncos in oakland. we have someone standing by with brandon marshall in the locker room in oakland. >> he got pushed back. we just didn't -- we got pushed back. we just didn't make plays. >> reporter: is there anything you can pinpoint as far as what's been happening in the first quarter getting off to the slow starts? >> we had that -- bad field position. our field position wasn't great. they definitely won that battle. i think that was attributed to
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allowed two field goals at first but you know just we couldn't stop the run today. >> reporter: what do you think is going on with that? this is been your achilles' heel this year? >> i don't know. we watch film and maybe you can tell me. >> you guys are in a position now where you are chasing some teams. how do you think this team will respond? >> just as we always do. we are not perfect. we weren't perfect last year. it wa some stretches so i think we just have to get back to the drawing board and fight just practice harder. i think we practice hard but it's got to translate. >> thank you. new developments tonight at this -- as a south carolina realtor was arrested for kidnapping and they now believe they've captured a serial killer. he's facing four counts of murder connected to the 2003 shooting inside a motorcycle
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they say he admitted to that crime and other murders. >> the community can know that for people -- they aren't wondering about it anymore. >> this was after a missing woman was found alive and change to a container on his property. friday investigators found her body on the property. happening tomorrow, former surgical technician accused of stealing painkillers and swapping the old -- needles will learn his fate. andrea florez is live at swedish metal -- swedish medical center where allen works . andrea? >> he put thousands of rick -- patients at risk after admitting to stealing painkillers before an investigation also revealed he was fired at hospitals around
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past before being hired. rocky allen the former surgical technician accused of stealing syringes full of sentinel -- fentanyl will begin court. >> he's a known addict who has been known to steal patient's syringes and replacing them with other patient's used or contaminated syringes. >> he pled guilty substance by deceit. this summer investigators say he was fired from hospitals in california, washington and arizona before moving to colorado. robert jacobs' 13-year-old daughter was among thousands of patients who were advised to test for a check to the -- hit -- hiv. he tested positive for
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investigation produced no evidence of disease transmission to patients who may have been at risk. >> based on our investigation we didn't find any evidence that that could have occurred. >> patients say -- disagree. >> there's no other way i could of possibly gotten this. >> if convicted -- if convicted he faces a maximum of 14 years in prison. folks were rocking and rolling in northern colorado this morning and it had nothing to do with music. a magnitude 3.6 earthquake happened east of greeley this morning. dozens reported feeling the earth shake. no damage reported. and a 5.0 magnitude quake was felt as far away as iowa, illinois and texas. officials say there was some
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had thousands of earthquakes in recent years and most have been linking -- linked to fracking operations. right now a historic museum has a new home after slowly inching through denver. the kirkland studio moved from the process took 13 hours. the museum is scheduled to reopen at its new location next fall. the second week of winter and really no signs of it yet. >> no sir, not for us in the denver metro area. you do have a tiny cooldown coming tomorrow but hardly any moisture coming from that you're greeted have quite a bit in the way of moisture over eastern colorado. look at this, mostly clear around denver, fort collins and colorado springs. look at the showers they had here and then that moisture
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little bit of thunderstorm action during the course of the afternoon and now just a few scattered clouds moving in. the big teacher, let's spread that out for you. the low is pushing out of the state. we did see some snow this weekend down in the san juan mountains. up high has some snow and now there's a front going through the northern section of the rockies swooping back in here to california -- but you can see not a lot of moisture with the radar will do when it rolls through which is probably very early tomorrow morning between maybe 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning, maybe some breezes and high clouds but that will be about it . there's drier air filtering in behind it and on the backside of this, high pressure will start to surge in over the west and that keeps us try for the remainder of the week, all the way through next saturday the way things are looking. so we have a pretty mild- mannered week ahead. we still
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67 was the high, 69 downtown and the normal high is 67. out there tonight 51 in the city, 48 at the airport and lori finch, our weather watcher in fox field coming in tonight and a beautiful shot from chatfield state park. thank you for sending that in. so the clouds clear out of the east tonight. maybe a little bit of fog in the morning but otherwise starting the day mostly sunny and during the course of the te of sunshine for us to start the week. tomorrow lots of 60s and 50s so a little bit cooler for most folks with that fun -- warm front coming through. tomorrow's high should be right around 65 in town. morning high clouds here and there and then just plain old sunny the rest of the day. and a big day coming up on
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60s thursday and friday. next weekend we are looking at 60s but there is a slight chance of an isolated shower with some wind on sunday. right now it's very dry. >> all right. doesn't look like november yet. [ laughter ] sounds like a bad record, the broncos with the dismal rushing performance and really dismal all the way around. we will break down the tough night in oakland.
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in the state senate. we knew it would be a big game and we knew the raiders would show up considering it was in oakland and we thought
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apparently we thought wrong. they were visiting for a chance at the division lead, both teams at 6-2. the broncos offense really had trouble getting know -- getting going but oakland's did not. raiders up 13-0, broncos offense had four straight three and else but on -- and outs but then finding norwood, 13-7 oakland. in the 4th, simeon gets sacked and fumbled oakland up 30-13. the broncos finally got a spark in the fourth and how about kapri bibbs. but it wouldn't be nearly enough as the broncos fall 30-20 tonight. so mark haas is in oakland. he caught up with them after the game. >> another slow start. can you pinpoint -- can you pinpoint anything as far as why you guys got some bad starts?
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we've got to figure out what to do to get it together. from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. >> they ran the ball pretty well against you guys. wooded you see there? >> there's a lot of build up to this game. did they come out more ready then you guys? >> we had a lot of energy coming out. they just executed better than we did. >> i know you guys excuses but injuries on defense, is that affecting you at all? >> i think everything is -- >> so the broncos fall to 6-3, now third in the afc west and will travel to new orleans next. we'll have much more on this on all access. they've hired bud black as
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they failed to lead the team to the playoffs though. rockies holding a press conference tomorrow morning to officially introduce him. good one yesterday for the avs, tough turnaround in st. louis and boy they felt it as they scored early in all -- and often. the blues lead 5-1 after two and it didn't get any better after that. varlamov eventually got hold. -- got pulled. emmanuel mudiay had 22 points in the first quarter alone, tying a career high with 30 for the game. nuggets had 77 points in the first half, the most by any team in the first half this season. denver gets the win, 123-107. rapids at home trying to keep the season alive with a win and maybe then some. first half, 36 minutes. incredible goal there. that put
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made the first three and then howard -- pumped up about that as the rapids advance thanks to pk -- to the western conference finals. >> la came in with the advantage today. and then got the win in pk.
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coming up tonight on autonation all access mark joining me live in studio. lots to improve on after tonights performance. >> that was a physical butt whooping on both sides of the ball. >> we'll break it down autonation all access right now. from cbs4 studios this is autonation all access. >> let's be honest. we don't expect a lot from the broncos offense. but we expect a lot more than what we got today.


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