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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  November 8, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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tonight, presidential campaign going into the night. >> we build bridges not walls. >> i will fight for you and i will win for you. >> the race comes down to a handful of states. colorado playing a key role. >> i think it say wild card in
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our country's most anticipated election ever. >> tomorrow, the world is watching. they are burning the midnight oil. both now minutes away from starting their final rallies of the night. >> trump had a total of 5 stops today. ted nugent just finished warming up the crowd for trump. and here is a live look from raleigh, north carolina. where lady gaga will clinton. this follows a star-studded rally in philadelphia. [singing] >> reporter: an estimated 30,000 people turned out for clinton event in philadelphia. bruce springstein, jon bon jovi, hillary clinton, chelsea clinton, bill clinton. >> this mother, this grandmother, this patriot, our
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states of america hillary clinton. >> reporter: clinton got support from the crowd when she talked about how negative the campaign has gotten. >> i regret, deeply, how angry the tone of the campaign became. >> it's not your fault. [ laughter ] >> trump told supporters he did not node famous surrogates he had his family and runningmate, in new hampshire. >> the next president of the united states of america donald trump. >> while they were not their in person, trump received a letter from belchek and a call from brady. >> he called today and he said donald, i support you, you are my friend, i voted for you. >> reporter: the campaign stretched throughout the night here in colorado as well.
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and state races. stan bush at trump's headquarters. people there have been putting in long days and nights. >> reporter: on both sides. they are rafping out their get out and vote operations tomorrow like you have not seen before. colorado could come down to the wire. for republicans, they will be working on momentum, democrats will be working on organization. >> reporter: al gore's message was obvious in a swing state, a single vote can country. >> you can say this election means the world because in a real sense it does. >> reporter: clinton's campaign tapped gore to address climate change a subject that never came up on the national stage. at every level, dem accurates and republicans have been divided. >> this is a generational election. that is why the republican ticket must win. >> reporter: republicans have returned more ballots in colorado so far and senate
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-- glen hopes he has not gotten out there. >> the media's involvement surprised me. when you start thinking about the modia it is supposed to be an objective body. we -- media it is supposed to be an objective body. we seen them push a certain way. >> reporter: the gop thought it was an easy win. the national party shifted to other races. polls shown glen trailing the beginning. on the eve of the election. michael bennett rallied with union supporters looking for colorado to swing blue again. >> this stage here is what i want to say. i think everybody should vote. >> reporter: this senate race could determine which party controls the senate. this state, though. presidential race. there are several scenarios showing colorado the clincher to the votes. we are live tonight in denver,
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watch tomorrow. political specialist shows us what to watch and why colorado could be crucial. >> reporter: on the eve of the election. those 13 states are battlegrounds. map favors clinton. florida is important. iftrump does not win it is over. if he is able to get two midwestern states the race hinges on smaller including colorado. 43 million people have already voted. there are some swing states. michigan, pennsylvania, virginia and new hampshire where most voting happens tomorrow. early voting is tough to read this election since traditional voting patterns do not soepl to,a i ply. you have republican leaning women going for clinton and working class democrats voting for trump. like everything else about this election the end, too, is
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begins at 4:00 p.m. at 5:00, national coverage begins with local updates all night. then join us for cbs news at 10:00. this is the news on a surgical technician whose crime shocked the metro area. rocky allen sentenced today to 6 years in federal prison for stealing syringes full of painkillers. his actions put thousands at ri medical center where he worked. you talked to a man who thinks he was infected? >> reporter: exactly, jim. he says 6 1/2 years was just not enough. that is because here at swedish allen was caught swapping hem that put all of the patients at risk. >> after multiple back surgeries. scott patser was ready to put his time at the center behind
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you are through all of it and then the shoe drops, right? you get the letter from swedish to come in and be pass today. >> instead he was one of 2400 patients put at risk for hiv, hepb and c by former surgical technician, allen. allen who is hiv positive was arrested in yen and later admitted to stealing syringes full of painkillers from operating rooms. no evidence anyone was he will spend 6.5 years in prison. >> i do have compassion for him obviously he has an issue he noded to deal with. he should of -- he needed to deal with. he should of done it in a different way. he was fired for similar issues from at least five other hospitals across the country. well he would of liked to see him spend more time behind bars, his arrest does shed light on a bigger issue. >> there nodes to be better
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better background checking so these people can not move from one state to another and one facility on another and do this. now, before sentencing today, rocky allen told the court he was truly sorry even apologized to his former employee, swedish medical. we are live tonight, back to you. >> the city of aurora will pay $2.6 million to the family of a man shot ask killed by the police. that is the biggest settlement t now, they did not have a weapon had he died in march of 2015. since that shooting the police department has ruled out new policies. they encloud a compliance division that tracks use of force boy officers and more body cameras and expanding a force review board that investigates allegations of wrongdoing. the officer that shot him was not criminally charged. developing tonight, a small
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investigators say a local postal worker stole thousands of pieces of mail. the mail carrier worked in steriling that is 130 miles northeast of 10 ver. going to a community meeting where residents learned what is next. >> reporter: this particular mail carrier was responsible for routes across town. people in one neighborhood but all over sterile degree not receive letters and packages from more than 1 1/2 years. poem like it this business owner who says she did not get the time sheets that her employees mailed in if. >> i loved talking with him. i was this in shock that it happened here. >> he believes she is one of many victims of a 22-year-old former mail carrier who the federal authorities charged with not delivering, more than 26,000 pieces mail in his care from 2014 until april of this year when they arrested him. at a meeting for sterling residents the postal service first learned the carrier may have been holding on to people's mail. then a search revolved
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have been delivered had been statued in his apartment and car. now, starting this week and for the first time since the investigation began, that mail will be returned to the intended recipients and a prosecutor seeks restitution for anyone who suffered late fees on missed bills or checks not received. >> it was very frustrating for all of us. my employees his to go out of their way. drive another two hours to get time sheets fast. so, they are the ones that suffered. >> all evidence. so, typic low prosecutors would hold on to it. in this case, he says, he will make an exception and start the return tomorrow. the suspect, adams, now, he is out on bond. in sterling, back to you. developing in colorado springs, the search for a man who set an suv on fire with two
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gasoline on the vehicle and start it on fire. they are looking for him. the deputies found the victims as they were responding to a domestic disturbance involving him and his wife. they have not said it she is one ever the burn victims. developing tonight, cbs uncovered another case of voter fraud. now the issue has the governor's attention. >> people call themselves patriots and they break election laws. coming up, why she was turning in father. cleaning up under a powerful earthquake in oklahoma. is fracking on ble? >> a snake on the plane, causing terror in the skies e. out rest, rain. will we get rain here in colorado? we will that talk about it coming up. how dot broncos solve the
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today another dead coloradan cast a ballot. now felony charges are filed. brian moss reporting on these cases and his dying to devote series. reports us live with the newest case. karen, coming the night before the election. in this case a women whose father died she continued to cast ballots in her dead father's fame. >> tony and then again this past june in the republican primary. taking ballots that a ratified after her father's death. >> she was trying to get the government attention. >> reporter: she tried to get her father removed from the
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of had her actions. >> reporter: last month prosecutors filed 2 forge row charges against her. she is the latest on forgery charges against her. she is the latest on this charge. >> reporter: donald trump asserted the election is rigged with widespread voter fraud. >> we have a system that is absolutely rigged. >> like a lot of says it is nonsense. both canidates have a lot of -- both of the candidates have a lot of anger. >> reporter: now, half a dozen dead voters cbs-4 uncovered election officials say they are a fraction of the total votes cast. >> it is a small number comparatively. for us it is a high number.
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we are live in denver, brian moss, cbs 4 news. now the latest on election day security. newyork security officials say 5,000 police officers will be assigned to patrol the big apple. some in uniform and others in plain clothes. the security plan includes counterterrorism. the watch parties are surrounded by security. this had comes after throats from al-qaida and isis to disrupt american elections. >> we are following a where geologist recorded one of the strongest earthquakes in that state's history. the 5.0 quake shook the town and heavily damaged the historic buildings. the calls are shaking, the ceiling are moving. >> oklahoma went from having a few quakes every year to 900 last year. some experts blame the inacross
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deep faults under ground. right out of the movie "snakes on the plane "last night passengers got a scare when a snake came out of the bin and came into the cabin. the plane was given priority landing in mexico city. workers recaptured the reptile. now the airline investigating trying to figure out who brought it >> who! now, the mountain pass usually closes because of snow. but it is still open. ski season is delayed. loveland plans to open on thursday, keystone november 11th and winter park on the 16th and copper mountain november 18th. >> they would love to get the real deal up there. >> we told you we canceled snow this year. >> no. not really. they don't want on hear that, either. we have the moisture. it gave us 5 inches of snow.
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they have showers. even a couple of thunderstorms showing up as well. we are high and try once again. all over colorado. nothing but clear skies around here. as i put the hour by hour in motion. running 10:00 tonight until this time tomorrow and watch. you don't see anything happening and the low cloud along the border. that is it. 10:00. and, again, border onboarder. high and dry. the temperatures across the nation. nobody hot. nobody cool. 50s and 60s 70s getting to midsections. down a long the south. 80 degree readings in miami, new orleans brownsville, phoenix and vegas. we have 80s as well. as we take a look. little cold front just dipped over eastern colorado. we are only a few degrees colder than we were yesterday. but still much warmer than normal. and,a all of this high pressure. all of this dry weather. all of the sun hine around here. let's go tpwaobg the colorado weather center. we are trying as far as we can
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mild and dry. temperatures will remain warm for this time of the year. 60s, back in the 70s this week. this area of high pressure. this big bridge building up for the middle part of the week. wednesday, fully in control over the west. the jet stream far to the north this time of the year. way, way up to the north. high pressure sticks with us for the rest of the week. it turns into a pattern heading into the weekend. does not change the game too much. high pressure is a rebuild heading towards next week as 2 weeks could be on the driveway side for us. not good news for us. the drought is starting to inacross across the state. moderate drought covering the not hillsa all of the way out to the eastern plains now and down south denver. including high parts of the country. they are in that dry range. hills all of the way out to the eastern plain now and down south denver. including highway parts of the country row. they are in that dry range.
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southeastern sections of the state. this is from tomorrow night into wednesday. not tonight, tomorrow night. freeze watch over colorado. yes, chilly this tomorrow night. 64 is what we had today. 36, 38, 56 and 28 normal. 78 and 10 the records for today. from the weather watchers, 59 in lafayette. now, westminster, 65 and 65 degrees in brush right now. we are at 46 and south 12 for the breezes. 49% humidity. a rising barometer. we will see it written in the snow on the snow cat. opening day, november 10th. look at this. that is what we were talking about earlier. now, going wide open and dry on
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this is tonight. temperatures in the 30s to 40 degrees. tomorrow, where we were today. 50s, 60s, nearing 70 degrees east. 50 to around 60 out west. the temperatures mostly in the 60s. here is your denver forecast. tonight, clear skies with the temperatures in the lower to middle 30s. tomorrow it, seeing another nice day. lots of sunshine. middle 60s. should be 58 for this time of the year for a here we go again. 60s it for sunday, monday, tuesday. but 50s a little bit cooler on
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managers the padres for 8 seasons including 2010. now, you may of heard the rockies are not turning out award winners left and right. having a manager that was a former pitcher did into the moan they will have one in the future -- mean they will have one in the future but it can not hurt. >> i see the game through the pitcher's eyes. i was a pitcher. i see the game that way. so i think it is -- it is natural for, you know, me to have an easier conversation
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or mind set that might aid young pitching, might aid in general aid pitching. >> another day and another townity for us to talk about how bad the broncos offense is. the broncos had the worst running game of the season. leading to the third loss of the year. plenty of blame to go around. blame the line. they are bad all season. blaming the running backs, does not help that anderson is there. blame the coaching staff. after all broncos talk about night. that is not enough. >> you got to run the ball earlier. you know, 13, 14, rushing attempts. the running back, you know, we want to run the ball more. we want the ball in our hands we are original playmakers of the offense. you know, but i think had he does a good job when he gets the ball in his hands. and, i think this is -- you do that we will be good.
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quarterbacks, too, why not. a national pastime where things go wrong. now, who would you like to see start at quarterback on sunday? 75% of you sticking with the
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[cheers and applause] it is certainly not his most fond memory of managing at coors field that might be the most firstid. black is the opposing manager for that game. as you might imagine it came up today.
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a number of pictures of rocky history. and, so, all of the guys sat down. i sat down. and staring mow in the face was the rocky dog pile of holiday. in the 163rd game. and, to this day i don't think he touched it. [ laughter ] >> all well and good, right? stays troy.
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did you know we this many pelicans in the state? >> look at that. >> now, it is a nice shot.


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