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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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? sfx: laughter ? we all find fun ways to be good to our hearts. one hundred percent whole grain quaker oats is the delicious way to help reduce cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. ? good morning, everybody. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm b trump is named the next president of the united states. president obama called trump earlier this morning apparently to congratulate him, and invited trump to the white house. >> let's look at the numbers right now this morning. and there are your electoral votes. 218 clinton. 289 trump right now. about 12:45 a.m. hillary
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congratulate him and con -- therefore after, he'll be the 45th president to take the stage. >> hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time. and we owe her an or debt of gratitude for her service to our country and i mean that sincerely. now it's time -- we have t and independence across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> clinton supporters at their headquarters in new york city were not too far from trump headquarters. this morning, as you can see, clinton fans are in shock. and disbelief. some could not hold back tears as trump was announced the winner.
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clinton did not address the crowd overnight. we have not heard from her this morning. the chairman of her campaign john podesta took the statementing before trump was announced the president elect. >> i want everyone who supported clinton to know that your voices and your enthusiasm means so much to her and to tim a we're so proud of you. >> clinton is expected to deliver a speech this morning. we know that should occur at 7:30 our time in new york city. we plan to carry it live when that happens >> this morning for colorado's u.s. senate race, democratic incumbent michael bennett holds a lead over daryl glen. take a look at these numbers we have coming up for us. michael
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daryl glen closely behind him at 46%. dan bush was at democratic's hes last night where bennett claimed victory, but a reminder the daryl glen cal pain has not conceded >> michael bennett cruised to reelection over daryl glen although it was closer than every political -- >> we took care of business here >> bennett was seen -- he was a rock for democrats. >> washington has a lot to learn from colorado. and we need to set that example. [cheers and applause] >> democrats believe trump's rhetoric would send voters their way and in colorado, it seems to have worked. bennett now calling for stability to return to politics.
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and how we're governing our country, they're right and it has to change. >> in denver, dan bush, cbs4 news. a lot of attention this morning about how polls were inaccurate in the president race and daryl glen talked about why they weren't important to his campaign at a watch party last night in colorado springs. >> we don't worry about polls. you can't poll grass roots campaigning because we're talking to real people that have never been polled. what i can tell you is current senator is not standing up and representing them and they're flocking to darryl glenn. >> still did not believe that race was over. 6:04 on the dot this wednesday morning: let's talk about weather. >> good morning. good wednesday morning, everybody. temperatures in the 30s and 40s around the denver area right now. it's chilly, but it's another morning with above normal temperatures. keep that in mind as you step out the door
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for the middle of november. our normal high temperature this time of year would be right around 26 degrees. we have clear skies include out the entire rocky mountain region. if you look closely at the pacific northwest, you'll see rain for portland and washington of the tomorrow will be breezy and friday will be 15 degrees cooler than we'll be today. today is going to be an usually warm day. 68 by noon and 72 the high temperature. that's only four degrees away from the record set on this date 89 years ago. let's get a check on the traffic with joel. good morning, ashton. we're looking from copter four traveling over the denver-metro. over aurora right now as you make your way mississippi and i-225. you can see the lighter volunteers that we have at this time of day, but it's loading up out there especially on mississippi. do you see that over i 225. southbound coming into town, seeing slowing with
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you make your way passed 92nd. there we go. down into the 30s, so ten minutes on that drive from thornton to denver. i wouldn't be surprised if there was a little trouble spot, a little accident with speeds dipping into the 30s. here's our mouse trap cam, and you can see the -- across the denver-metro, we have a deer hit on the highway to the east of e-470 along i-70 and then we've got a rollover accident that is on knox that is closed off knox between 9th and 10th. you 850 am and 94.1 fm and you get your traffic and cbs weather together. minimum wage goes from $8.31 to $9.30. it's called amendment 70 and here you see it won with 54%. here now with a closer look is our jaime leary who is live at the capital for us this
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fulfilled workers. >>reporter: in fact, colorado voters approved this 54 to 46% meaning by 2020, the minimum wage will go from where it sits at $8.31 per hour to $12 per hour. the first raise is going to take effect january 2017 increasing minimum wage to $9.30 per hour ask increase an actually by $0.90 the $12 mark in $20. a study reports that because low income workers are likely to spend this extra earned income it's going to give the economy an immediate boost. the study says lifting the minimum wage to 12 bucks could pump $400 million into the economy and reduce the reliance of public assistance. struggling small businesses argue this amendment could push them over the edge.
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colorado. >> it isn't like money that goes into the void and never is seen again. it comes back into the community benefiting the workers and reducing reliance on the government assistance, so i think it's a win-win situation for all parties involved. >> it put protections in place today. it cannot decrease even improves, and it lowers the cost of living. live from the capital jaime leary, cbs4 morning news. >> jaime, thank you for that. there are other important amendments on which colorado voters made some decisions. >> let's take a look. amendment 71 which would make it more difficult to amend the constitution got support last night, and this one appears to have passed. 32%. 57% verses 43% opposed.
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increase tax on cigarettes from $0.84 to $2.59 a pack was voted down. here you see people voted 54% on a no vote. amendment t which would remove the language involving slavery from our constitution is currently not passing. right now, 51% to 49%. still more votes to be counted there, but there were concerns about what that would do to interfere with the state's ability work from prison member - for prisoners. if you want to find out more about the results, they're scrolling at the bottom of your screen or you can go to we're getting an update on a shooting that left one aurora officer hurt and one dead. shawn chitnis has the latest. shawn. >>reporter: alan, good morning. we know this is a complex case that they are investigating
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different cities starting in aurora and then making its way to denver, so here's what we know about where it all begins, tuesday morning in aurora where denver police were responding to an apartment complex with a shooting on del mar circle. one man was shot and killed. police got word the shooting suspect in this case left from a home in northwest denver on east 46th avenue. officers found the suspect, confronting some other police already on scene. and that they were shooting at each other. one aurora he has non life-threatening injuries and should be okay. an officer with denver police is the one who shot the suspect. the suspect died on scene. and those in the area tell us that this is just the latest trend in what they see. another death happening in the area. >> everybody just needs to practice love, i think it is -- if we took love out and -- we practice hate. there's too much hate among people. i'm tired of
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names of anyone involved whether it's the people who were killed in this case or the officer injured. but we're hoping to get an update from dpd later today. live in downtown denver, shawn chitnis. 39 degrees out there right now. next up on the cbs4 morning news, anti-trump protest were in the streets overnight. take a look at this video following trump winning the election.
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donald trump beat out clinton in several ballot ground states to become america's new president elect. early this morning, around 3:30, trump tweeted, quote, such a beautiful and important evening. the forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. we'll come together as never before.
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morning. after criminal ton conceded last night, trump took the stage -- after clinton concede last night, trump took the stage in the city. >> she congratulated us. it's about us on our victory, and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fort campaign. >> we're not yet sure if this is clinton's departure speech from the campaign, but we do understand that she will talk to her supporters some time this morning. the republicans onto both the house and the senate leading to full control for the party under a donald trump presidency. right now, republicans hold a 54 to 46 advantage in the u.s. senate. now, the race is still unsettled for senator in new hampshire, but democrats got one really big win in illinois with a victory by danny -- gop senate candidates fended off democratic challengers in north carolina,
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have at least 51 republicans, possibly as many as 53 republicans holding the majority in the senate. the house of representatives, republicans will maintain control there of the 435 seats in the house, democrats needed to pick up 30 in order to retake the majority, but they're now expected only to pick up ten to maybe 20. republicans hold 246 seats. that gives the republican party well over half of the house. we're going to take a little break from election coverage and get over to ashton and the forecast for today. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, britt. it's a chilly morning state wide. some locations are in the teens. craig at 19. lineman out in lincoln county at 16 here in the denver. for the most part, we're in the 30s, a few spots in the 40s. later on today, we're in the 70s along the front range.
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high temperature for the date, most mountain towns in the 50s or 60s. clear skies all around colorado and throughout the rocky mountain region. rain to the southeast of us, that's where a front is, and as the front moves away, high pressure will dominate our weather here today and tomorrow. as we get into friday, a front comes in, and it will be breezy. behind the front, cooler for a veteran's day on friday. highs in the 50s, but no rain or snow with the front. doi want to fast forward our future cast all the way to next week. this is a we're still dry, but look what happens. the latest weather models predicting rain and snow. this is a week from tomorrow. the 17th of november. hopefully that happens from now and then. we're dry. 67 tomorrow. 57 for vet's day on friday . and then 60s for the weekend. joel. we have trouble on i-70 and i-225. let's look at these pictures from copter four.
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one especially this time of day. southbound coming into town, we had an earlier accident that has been moved out. we had speeds into the 30s and 40 z behind this accident. this has been cleared and we're going to see a return to drive times. so much volume. eastbound along i-270 loading up and we have a rollover accident as you travel along knox to the north of u.s. six this morning. as closed between 9th and 10th. overseas markets tanked a the election results trickled in last night and we dipped mightily. this is the news in wall street. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange right now. what's happening right now, jill. >>reporter: good morning, alan: a stunning trump win is stunning the financial markets. it did spark a huge sell off. investors expected that clinton victory. trump's presidency brings more uncertainty when it comes to trade to taxes, so
6:19 am
asian and european market was tumbling. dow are pointing to an 800 point drop at the open. that prompted a circuit breaker. future trading was temporarily halted and trading resumed. market -- voters in the uk shocked the and voted to leave the eu. there was a massive sell off after the brexit vote but a quick rebound. we'll see if that happens or if the sell off is long term. i spoke to sellers and they say it's going to be vulnerable. -- to be more volatility. >> the traders on wall street ,
6:20 am
people with 401ks -- but not necessarily those with the 401k. >> do not check your 401k. a driver injured a person over night. it happened after dozens marched in the streets following the president elect of donald trump. police says there were reports of people blocking passing cars and multiple fires were started around oakland. a bart station was closed overnight because of the protest. officers were in riot gear and they actually needed extra help out there. this morning, there is damage to business windows and we're hearing about more anti-trump protests happening across california. many hollywood a-lifters and our viewers have said they'll move to canada after trump's win. the canadian government's immigration website did this last night.
6:21 am
service on the site is kind of spotty this morning. experts believes the u.s. election played a major role. online searchs that included people searching for info on moving to canada and becoming a canadian citizen grew in recent months especially overnight. again, after donald trump won the republican presidential nomination. let's turn to sports news. nolan is the first to win four four seasons and the gold glove winners were announced yesterday and they're given to the best defensive player in that position. he's the 19th gold glove winner in rockies history joining todd for the second -- larry walker has the club record with five.
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welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. weather and traffic every ten minutes, it's time to check the travel forecast. we're starting on the east coast. i thought we would look at washington dc. dreary conditions today. they're going to have rain on the east coast. in our part of the country, that's apart of air cold front that will move into colorado starting tomorrow. unfortunately the moisture with the front won't reach us. we're going to stay dry through the rest of the week. chicago, 54. dallas clouds with showers. 78 down in miami, florida and all major airports looking good across the country. let's check the traffic with joel hillan. we have a trouble spot ashton we're following from copter four in the eastbound direction of i-70 as you get to washington. it's off to the right shoulder and we have
6:26 am
there. and they got dinged up. look along i-70 as you head in the eastbound direction, once you get passed it, it's nice and wide open. pena boulevard, a similar situation. we have speeds into the mid 50s out to i-225. joel, thank you. let's preview what you'll see today on cbs this morning, he's gail king. >>reporter: ahead on cbs morning, we're covering trump's stunning presidential n. trump's campaign manager kelly ann conway joins us with what to expect from the trump's candidacy. we'll see you at 7:00. >> you can catch gayle king and norry o' donald and charlie after our newscast at 7:00. coming up, reaction from hillary clinton and trump supporters and the united states
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good morning, everyone. this is the news at 6:30. a new day, a new future for us a president of the united states. thanks for waking up with us. i'm britt moreno. >> i'm alan gionet. we're awaiting a message from clinton with the presidential race. clinton upset by donald trump in spite what the polls had said. trump has the lead in the popular vote and defeated clinton in several key battleground states. he took the stage in new york city at 1:00 a.m. our time. >> we're going to get to work
6:31 am
people, and we're going to be doing a job that hopefully you'll be so proud of your president, you'll be so proud. again, it's my honor, it's an amazing evening and it has been an amazing two-year period and i love this country. >> this morning, we're still waiting to hear from hillary clinton. she's expected to talk with her supporters at 7:30 this morning. votes went for clinton. our political specialist shaun boyd takes a closer look at voting in our key counties. >>reporter: colorado is one of the battlegrounds that trump poured a lot of resources into and lost. latinos and women causing him to lose here. he didn't get big enough margin in the republican strong holds like douglas in el paso. the democrats had a massive get out and vote operation with 30
6:32 am
volunteers. it paid off. despite trump visiting the state more than a dozen times over the last three months and dispatching his kids here as well. here's what i find interesting. while clinton and democrat senator bennett won in colorado, republicans maintain control of the state senate and republican congressman mike hoffman won his reelection. it was one of the most contested in the country. i think colorado is still a purple state. i'm political boyd, cbs4 morning news. >> sean, thank you for that. colorado votes for a state wide system called colorado care which would have created a state wide health care system. it's amendment 69 and 80% of voters voted no. cbs4 jaime leary is live at the capital with a closer loom. there was a lot of opposition to this because people here would have been taxed in the state.
6:33 am
they voted no and the t- would have replaced the single payer system called colorado care. the state would have opted out of the affordable act in favor of this it. funding it would have been paid for under payroll taxes and that's where the funding would have come from and funding from the federal government. after acknowledged it's going to be a tough measure to bring back to voters, but vows to try again another year. >> i think because i'm a doctor, to sit down and do a post mortem and say you know what did we do wrong, what could we have done differently, what do we need to do to be successful and try this again. >> my hope is that we have raised awareness amongst of the people in our state and our country about the fact we have
6:34 am
care for everybody. >> so currently no changes to our health care system in colorado. the pro pen enters said they learned a lot. they want to -- live from the capitol, jaime leary, cbs4 morning news. coloradans have plenty of decision to make this year. >> they sure did. denver 300 which would allow for cannabis clubs inside certain venues is passing slightly. 54% voting yes, 49% voting no. in boulevard, 2-h to tax sugary drinks is counting. the clerk's office took a break and plans to start recounting at 7:30. that's ahead by a full eight percentage points.
6:35 am
screen and also as let's find out about your weather and traffic set weighs. here's ashton. >> 39 degrees. it's beautiful as the sun is coming up on the eastern horizon. some areas cold like lineman, 16 degrees. it's cold in north west colorado, craig, good morning, you're at 19. meeker it's similar there. boulder at 37. 40 degrees at dia, but look at later on today. we're talking highs in the lower 70s for denver and the front range. almost 20 degrees above normal and only four degrees away interest the record for this date in denver. mountain towns in the 50s, if not the 60s. look at chaffy count eat and salida, 60s. nothing but sunshine once again for us today. cold front down in the deep south, that will mean rain
6:36 am
tomorrow, a cold front approaches and it will be breezy at times tomorrow. and then find the front on veteran's day, it will be noticeably cooler. to put things into perspective, we're talking about highs in the 50s which is normal in november. this is our few tour cast for next week. we're looking at a week from today. november 16th. we're still dry between now and then, we'll stay dry. but look at what the latest weather models are doing. this is next thursday. th that's rain and snow. so much, much needed moisture gets out of here quickly. the weekend of thanksgiving will be dry. let's hope that forecast stays true and we get snow next week. tomorrow, 67 and down to 57 to wrap up the week for veteran's day on friday. here's a check of the traffic. >> good morning, ashton. taking a look from copter four as it's traveling over i 25 and i-70. it's loading up.
6:37 am
we have been following trouble spots out there. eastbound along i-70 at washington, it looks like we have trouble on the ramp from northbound i-225 as you get westbound along i-70. and that's a spot you do not want an accident. i-225 and mississippi is loading up. southbound along i-225, a side street accident at kipling and jewel this morning. take a look at these drive times from the east. southbound along i-225, we're talking about this, dipping down into the teens. it's slowing down directions along i-70 from i-25 out to i-225 where speeds dipping into the 40s. >> thank you, joel. in other news this morning, we're waiting for an update on a shooting in denver that left one aurora police officer injured and two people dead. cbs4 shawn chitnis is live from denver police headquarters for us this morning. shawn, good morning, how is the officer doing? >>reporter: britt, we know the officer is going to be okay, but
6:38 am
it's two scenes over two different cities, aurora and denver. it all starts on tuesday morning in aurora when police were investigating a shooting at an apartment complex on del mar circle. one man was shot and killed and police got word the shooting suspect left from a home in northwest denver on east 46th avenue. officers found the suspect confronting police already on scene. and those officers and the suspect shooting at each other. one aurora police o but again he has non life-threatening injuries and should be okay. an officer with denver police shot that suspect and the suspect died on scene. those that know that suspect though, now worry about his family. >> it just hit me hard, you know. it's sad, he's a great father. i can't just imagine how his kids would feel especially his older son. >> police aren't releasing the names of any of the men shot in
6:39 am
learn more from dpd later today. live in downtown denver, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning snooze. >> thank you very much. back to the election where clinton supporters in new york city express their disappointment about the president race -- one woman broke down in tears -- >> my dad employs u.s. citizens and i don't know, what are we supposed to do. inside the jag hard city in new york city. supporters did not fight -- supports could not fight back tears and reaction was similar around the world including italy, but one republican voter watching result in rome is happy clinton lost. >> i see her as a corrupt figure in u.s. politics. she pretty much embodies most things i don't like to see in a politician. not even taking
6:40 am
>> one official was extend cents diplomatic gestures -- russian president putin congratulated trump on winning. he says he hopes to work with trump to improve what he calls the poor state of relations between his government and the obama administration. social media continues to be a big part of this election and our coverage hashtag president trump and he's not my president are trending this morning twitter. we asked how do you feel about a donald trump presidency and here's what some of you told us. nick art says in part, disappointed that all the transplants from california made colorado blue. but relieved that the rest of the country spoke up. and tommy sergeant asks quote, how do you unite a country you have repeatedly insulted. go ahead and tell us how you feel on our cbs denver facebook page.
6:41 am
last night in the district attorney's race. >> i'll thrilled i'll be sworn in, in january as the first woman denver district attorney. [cheers and applause] >> mccain want to create transparency and is looking forward to working with the community as da. she also says she wants to create a stronger relationship with the denver police department. she topped morgan yesterday. coming up next, an emotional and histo elects a new president ending a bitter campaign. a live report
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the time now, 6:44. it's time for weather and traffic on the fours. it's a beautiful start to the day. lots of sunshine as you -- as you can see downtown. tom has 40 degrees. centennial airport -- 38 in commerce city and 29 in erie. at the bus stop, chilly for the kids. 38 and still ten degrees above what's typical this time of year, however. and later today, we'll be almost 20 degrees above normal. we're going for the 70s this afternoon. you're detailed forecast straight ahead, right now let's check with joel on your traffic. >> good morning, ashton. not a good day for those along i-25 at spear. there's a three-car accident. police have yet to arrive on scene at northbound i-25 at spear. and you can see one of the cars really crunched there, but it looks like all drivers are out of the car and talking so that's a good sign
6:46 am
we're awaiting police to arrive on scene and that's going to slow things down. not our only accident across the denver-metro. you can see a couple of trouble spots, we're break down drive times in a bit. >> thanks joel. votes are counted and republican donald trump has won the presidential election. >> he defeated former secretary of state clinton in several battleground states which allow him to garner the 270 votes to win. craig boswell has the latest from washington. good morning, craig. >>reporter: president obama invited president elect trump to the white house here for a meeting thursday, november 10th to talk about the transition. we're going to hear more from president obama today actually about that. meanwhile, donald trump called for unity after he was elected 45th president of the united states. president elect donald trump emerged on
6:47 am
headquarters in new york cheered by supporters. >> it's time for us to come together as one united people. >> they defied expectations -- earlier, hillary clinton called trump to concede the race. >> she congratulated us. it's about us on our victory, and i congratulated on a very, very hard fort cal pain. >> clinton's campaign john addressed supporters gathered at her election night headquarters. >> i want everyone across the country who supported hillary to know that your voices and your enthusiasm means so much to her. >> despite wins in colorado, and nevada, the democratic nominee failed to carry the battleground
6:48 am
clinton victory rally left in tears. >> as the results trickled in, crowds of demonstrators were made outside the white house well into the morning as they anxiously await the end to the presidential contest. >> i'm extremely disappointed. i, along with many americans anticipated a different result. >> i'm celebrating one because the candidate i voted for one. number two, i'm celebrating because we're seeing american democracy in action. was critical at trump's campaign called to congratulate him on a big night. >> we're going to hear from secretary clinton in about 45 minutes as she addressed staff and supporters in new york. britt and alan back to you. >> craig, we understand president obama has extended his congratulations to trump as well. >> he has, president obama has phoned president elect trump. i would have liked to heard that conversation.
6:49 am
campaigned probably more than any president in modern history. he called donald trump unfit to be president. donald -- president obama has also spoken to hillary clinton and congratulated her for running a strong campaign. >> it's a -- craig, thank you for that report. colorado has approved a proposition to allow terminally ill people to end their own lives. it's prop 106 and here colorado is now the 6th state in the nation to approve such a measure. cbs4 jaime leary is live from the capitol taking a closer look at this one. good morning, jaime. >>reporter: good morning, britt. for some and it's true nationwide, the option of even having physician assisted suicide -- it's the most emotionally charged ballot
6:50 am
65% of voters voted for the proposition while 35 were against it. pro points said the measure brings relief to those struggling with a terminal illness having the option to end suffering. the measure specifically allows terminally ill patients to take life ending doctor prescribed sleepy medication and it requires the approval of two physicians who must agree the patient is terminally ill, has six months or less to live and is they must sell administer the drug. the advocacy group talked to us about what's next now that voters have spoken. >> it's up to the health care providers in colorado now to make it accessible to people. when people make a request to allow them to complete their
6:51 am
creates a peace of mind. >> colorado joins five other states with similar laws that have passed. live at the capitol, jaime leery. here's a look at the other propositions. >> proposition 107 would allow for a presidential primarily passes with a wide lead as you can see. 64% of people voting yes, 36% voting no. p allow unaffiliated voters to vote in primary is passing. this is into the news room this morning, darryl glenn has conceded and he congratulated michael bennett. he has won. here's a look at the graphic . these numbers show the two very closely linked here, 49% of the
6:52 am
46% to darryl glenn, but -- dan wish was at democratic headquarters -- >>reporter: it was closer than almost every political operative in the country predicted. >> we took care of business here in colorado tonight thanks to all of you. [cheers and applause] >> bennett was once seen as the country's most vulnerable. for democrats on tuesday, he became -- >> washington has a lot to learn from colorado. and we need to set that example. [applause] >> democrats believe trump's rhetoric would send voters their way and in colorado it seems to have worked. bennett now calling for stability to return to politics. >> something is fundamentally wrong with our national poll tech's and how we're governing our country, they're right and it has to change.
6:53 am
if you're just waking up, there are some other important amendments on which colorado voters made decisions. >> big questions on schools, denver voter passed a bond issue in jeffco. a bond issue in mill levee questions failed. amendment 71 which would make it more difficult to amending the constitution passes. there's the situation this morning. 57 to 43%. amendment 72 which would increase state tax on cigarettes from 84 cents to 2 cents appears to be fails this morning. and amendment t which would remove language involving slavery from our con at this constitution. right now, it's still very close at 81% in 51% to 49%. they worry that changing that wg would change the prison work requirement. we do have information scrolling at the bottom of the screen, but you can go to let's turn to other news. denver police says one person
6:54 am
condition after a shooting. this happened at 9:30 near 47th and clayton. there's no arrests and no suspect information to give you on that one at this time. >> 6:54 this wednesday morning. let's get over to ashton and look at the forecast. >> look at this sunshine this morning, alan and britt. 43 degrees at our camera at look out mountain. there's not a cloud in the sky. this is are way it would look all day long. we've been in the 60s. yesterday, 65. today, and almost 20 degrees for this time of year. tomorrow, back into the 60s and friday, closer to normal, high temperatures 57 for veteran's day coming up here at the end of the week. temperatures elsewhere in the state, we'll see 60s later on today in the high country. 60s and 70s on eastern plains. those -- doppler 4000 not showing anything. clear skies state wide. clouds in texas along the deep south and the
6:55 am
we're watching a cold front in the pacific northwest. high pressure will slide west over the next 24 to 36 hours and that's going to allow the front to move towards us. it will be breezy tomorrow as the front goes by and that's why we'll have that cool front on friday. temperatures dropping into the 50s, but no rain or snow with this front. but there is some hope. the end of next week, the weather models are starting to come into agreement now. it will be late in the day next wednesday, the #10e6, watch what happens, moisture comes from the west. this could snow for the high country and beneficial rain for the front range and eastern plains as well. it's a week away. it's a little over a week . most is a week from tomorrow from the 17th. we'll keep you posted. between now and then, it stays dry. tomorrow, 76. and veteran's day. 57. weekend highs in the 60s. we're looking from copter four here. they were heading to the report of a motorcycle accident. not quite sure the
6:56 am
show you an accident we have, the northbound along i-25. this is at spear boulevard. it's blocking off that left lane and police have arrived there. it was a three-car accident. it looks like one car was able to pull away, and they're going to pull this tow truck back and get this truck which has pretty bad rear damage to it. kipling and that accident. we've got an accident as you travel along 225 and mississippi as well. southbound coming into town, we have seen some slowing due to earlier accidents. pretty typical this time of day. we have speeds into the teens. >> joel, thank you so much. we have heard in trump, but we have yet to hear from clinton and we're learning new information on this. she's set to talk around 8:30 this morning, our time. >> they moved that back. they were talking about her speaking
6:57 am
morning. the word concession not applied to this as of yet, but it's clear this morning, donald trump will be the next president of the united states. >> thank you for,,
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump wins the presidency in one of the greatest upsets in election history. voters demanding aha a political earthquake. trump campaign manager kellyanne conway will join us how they pulled it off. >> hillary clinton concedes but says nothing to her devastated spoirte supporters and expected to speak today. >> vladimir putin and the russian parliament are applauding donald trump's


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