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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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an hour. the cbs captioning captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: transition trouble. the president-elect and a team divided trying to put together an administration. another top adviser is out. who will be secretary of state? >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me, i don't know. >> pelley: also tonight, the battle in the south against wildfires fed by autumn leaves. >> you fear that you're going to lose everything you have. >> pelley: the u.s. military puts its faith in a mustard seed to fuel this aircraft. and will the world hold still for the latest online fad? we did. this is the cbs evening news
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>> pelley: maybe it's his reality show experience, but president-elect trump seems to be firing more than he's hiring. here in new york, he's working to put together an administration in 66 days, and he has more than 4,000 political appointees to hire. but in the latest, trump turmoil, former congressman mike rogers, considered a possible candidate for c.i.a. director, was forced off the transition team today. the head of the transition team was unexpectedly replaced by vice president-elect mike pence. we have more now from major garrett. >> reporter: vice president- elect mike pence arrived at trump tower to finalize cabinet recommendations with president- elect donald trump. sources close to the situation say the transition process is stalled. in the aftermath of trump's dismissal last week of chris
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scrambling to increase staff and work flow, especially in the president-elect's main transition office in the nation's capital. mr. trump intends to make national security nominations first. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is the current front- runner for secretary of state. also vying for the post, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, who appeared on fox news today. >> would you want to be the u.s. secretary of state?le old school on this business. it's been an honor to serve the country, i've said-- i'll say it again-- it would be an honor to serve the country again, but, ultimately, this is the president-elect's decision. >> reporter: giuliani is pushing hard for the job and his long- standing friendship with mr. trump gives him an edge. >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me, i don't know. >> reporter: the leading candidate for attorney general now is alabama senator jeff sessions.
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sessions aides served the president-elect's transition and policy teams. new hampshire senator kelly ayotte, who lost a close race for re-election, has emerged as the front-runner for defense secretary. she tried to distance herself from mr. trump during her campaign, but she would be the first woman nominated to lead the pentagon. the president-elect received his first classified presidential daily briefing today. that's the same intelligence briefing president obamace scott, we've also learned all but one of the trump children now have secret service protection. >> pelley: major garrett, thanks very much. in athens, today, president obama took on the role of the greek's mythical cassandra, and sending home a warning on politics. but will it be heard? here's nancy cordes. >> the 20th century was a bloodbath. >> reporter: president obama alluded to the world wars and the holocaust in response to a
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>> we are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an "us" and a "them." >> reporter: his comments came amid a series of politically and rationally tinged vandalism and threats in the wake of last week's election. in columbus last night, an ohio arrested for violently shoving an anti-trump protester in the student union. >> people are fearful. >> reporter: senate democrats accused mr. trump today of stoking that fear by appointing steve bannon to be his chief strategist. bannon is the head of breitbart, the conservative outlet that hailed the glorious heritage of the confederate flag and called trump critic bill kristol a "renegade jew." earlier this year, bannon said he wanted breitbart to be the
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elements of white nationalism. oregon senator jeff merkley: >> we call on president-elect trump to exclude the proponents of discrimination and hatred from the ranks of his administration, and that includes immediately firing steve bannon as his chief strategist. >> reporter: but house speaker paul ryan said mr. trump has the right to choose his own team and repeatedly refused to criticize bannon. >> this is a person who helped him win an incredible victory in i >> reporter: he and his g.o.p. colleagues are uniting around mr. trump, some even donned "make america great again" hats at their weekly meetings. louisiana's steve scalise. >> inside the tag you see, "made in the u.s.a." there are going to be a lot more things made in the u.s.a. when this new administration comes in. >> reporter: privately, some republicans expressing concerns about bannon's high-level role, but they are wary of getting cross-wise with the new
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scott, because this is just one of thousands of hires he's going to be making across the government. >> pelley: nancy cordes on capitol hill. nancy, thank you. well, another one of those hires is a well-known critic of climate science who does not believe that fossil fuels are warming the planet. his assignment-- staffing the environment protection agency. here's chip reid. >> a lot of it's a hoax. it's a hoax. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump has left little doubt where he stands on the issue of climate change. he wants a dramatic increase in the production of coal and oil, which he says will create jobs, and his e.p.a. transition team is being led by myron ebell, a leading climate change skeptic. ebell, who is not a scientist, disagrees with the overwhelming majority of the climate scientists who say the driving force behind the warming planet is the burning of fossil fuels. >> we believed that the so- called global warming consensus was not based on science but was
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>> reporter: bob deans is with the natural resources defense council. >> three feet of sea level rise and miami is venice, new orleans is going, the everglades are under water. and three feet of global sea level rise is at the lower end of what scientists expect by the end of this century. >> reporter: mr. trump wants to cancel the paris accords, an agreement reached last near by 190 nations, including the u.s., which commits them to reduce fossil fuel emissions. a turning point for our planet. >> reporter: ebell, who did not respond to our request for a comment, also wants to repeal president obama's clean power plan, regulations intended to turn the nation away from cold and toward wind and solar power. but deans says he is far from giving up. you're still hoping he will moderate his views from fr what he says on the campaign trail. >> very much so. >> reporter: what will happen if
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>> if he doesn't, we're going to be in a world of hurt. >> reporter: world leaders are now meeting in morocco to discuss enforcement of the paris accords, and there is deep concern that if mr. trump does not abide by the agreement, other world leaders might decide to do the same. and scott today the king of morocco said, "what's at stake is the very existence of man." >> pelley: chip reid for us tonight. chip, thank you. the president-elect's daughter, ivanka trump, is taking heat today for selling ice on "60 minutes." she wore a diamond and gold bracelet during lesley stahl's interview, and the next day her company sent an e-mail to fashion writers touting the seen-on-tv bracelet, which sells for more than $10,000. you may recall our story last night on the potential conflicts of interest for trump businesses. in oklahoma city today, a southwest airlines employee was shot and killed at will rogers world airport.
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our transportation correspondent kris van cleave is following this. kris, what's the latest? >> scott, the deceased is 52- year-old michael winchester. the shooting happened near a parking garage away from the terminal at will rogers world airport this afternoon. while heavily armed officers searched the parking garage, oklahoma city police locked down the airport, stopping up on flights. police have not identified the suspect but say the is vehicle in the airport parking garage. he is surrounded. his condition is unclear. we do know that officers are reviewing security camera video and police have begun moving people out of the airport. will rogers handles about 7,000 to 8,000 passengers daily and is served by several major airlines. more than 30 flights have been canceled so far, and some passengers have been stuck on planes. scott, winchester's son, james, plays for the kansas city chiefs
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expect to get the airport up and running? >> reporter: well, the police investigation is still going. the city has shut down the airport, so as soon as police release the airport, planes can start flying again. >> pelley: kris van cleave, thanks very much. tonight, folks who live near the georgia-north carolina border are being urged to wear protective masks when they're outdoors. there is a thick haze in the south from 31 large fires. mark strassmann is on the fire line. >> reporter: this is one flank of one wildfire, the rock mountain fire, five miles into the woods of north georgia. three major wildfires in state have already burned 25,000 acres. >> i'll try to work on getting them turns around here. >> reporter: chad collum supervises 20 firefighters from montana. if flames jump this road, collum's team knows this fire will plunge into a new wilderness. >> you get a little wind shift
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accordingly, and it can escalate very quickly. >> reporter: you're working against a drought, low humidity, and lots of leaves which become like fuel. >> we have to establish our line and pretty much clean it every day as the new leaves continue to fall. >> reporter: from space, you can see smoke from fires burning in seven states, burning more than 100,000 acres. 5,000 firefighters, many with more expertise from western states, are working around the clock. near lake laura, north carolina, the party rock fire has charred more than 4500 acres and frightened evacuees like theresa wheeler. >> you just don't know what you're going to come or what you're going to hear next or come home to. your fear is that you'll lose everything you have. >> reporter: one of the goals is to prevent this wildfire from spreading deeper into the wilderness and into north carolina. what would help is rain, but meteorologists working with these firefighters say there is no significant rain in the
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scott. >> pelley: mark strassmann, thanks. coming up next on the cbs evening news, from trash to treasure. kitchen waste is now powering navy jets. and later, from man to mannequin-- the freeze is on. mannequin-- the freeze is on. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here.
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n't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, best fighter jets can soar without using a drop of oil for fuel. don dahler has a look at the navy's great green fleet. >> reporter: this ea-18 growler can go over 1,100 miles an hour. it costs $68 million. and it's flying on 100% biofuel made from things like kitchen
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secretary of the navy, ray mabus. the engine doesn't function any differently with biofuels. >> it may burn a little cleaner, but, no. otherwise, the engine doesn't notice a difference. >> reporter: in 2009, maybus committed the navy to 50% usage of alternative fuels by the year 2020. why has this been such a priority with you? >> well, it's to make us better war fighters. energy is a as a resultenerrability. energy can be can used as a weapon. when i came in marijuanas were wounded for every 50 convoys of fuel being brought into afghanistan. that's too high a price to pay. >> reporter: until recently, petroleum had to be added to biofuel for it to pack enough punch to be feesable, but a panama city, florida company, ara, was working on a process to make sterile water in remote areas when they stumbled on a way to make biofuels identical to petroleum. >> from this material, we make jet diesel. >> reporter: chuck redd is the company's vice president of
5:46 pm
>> it's a material that has all the same molecules as petroleum crude but from a renewable feed stock. >> reporter: one of those feed stocks is ethiopian mustard seeds that can be grown in arid ground and can be used by farmers as a rotation crop. ara's process can use waste grease from water treatment plants and kitchens. ara's senior vice president glen mcdonald saw an opportunity for his company and the world. >> i hope that one day all diesel vehicles are operated with our fuel. i a >> reporter: as for the u.s. navy, that goal is well under way. alternative fuels now power 30% of naval ships and 50% of its bases. don dahler, cbs news, panama city, florida. >> pelley: up next, families brought closer together by
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>> pelley: college graduates are drowning in debt. in fact, in the past 20 years, the average student debt has more than tripled, and now tops $30,000. jill schlesinger has tonight's "eye on money." >> reporter: living with his parents in verona, new jersey, is not what 23-year-old anthony decandia envisioned after graduating from collegst but then again, he didn't envision being $80,000 in student debt, either. >> obviously, i love my family. i love the free food, and i love my dog, but i'm just ready to move on and live on my own. and it's just tough because with these loans and all this debt us millennials have, we can't. >> reporter: decandia's story is one of more than 75 million other millennials, juggling debt and economic uncertainty.
5:51 pm
living with parents than with spouses or partners. and since the recession, young adults have been slower to buy homes. 27-year-old crystal white just got engaged. she and her fiance rent a small apartment in l.a. plans fair wedding and buying a house are on hiatus as they chip away at their combined student loans that top $100,000. >> things have, at least been delayed by two to three years from where we wa t >> reporter: white, a graphic designer, has been meeting her student loan obligations and paying off credit cards each month. >> i think it's just really important to no longer view millennials as just whining kids. we're adults. we're professionals, and we're working really hard to get where our parents were and to do better than our parents because i-- you know, that's supposed to be the dream, right? >> pelley: so, jill, if people like crystal white are living
5:52 pm
can they save? >> reporter: you know, it's amazing. she is setting aside 2% of her income to go into retirement. and i think that's what you have to do-- pick some small amount, get into the habit of saving, and as your budget allows, you increase it slowly but you've got to start somewhere. >> pelley: and the magic ingredient is time. start early. >> reporter: indeed. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> reporter: at the vatican today archbishop gave pope francis a cubs hat so he, too, could celebrate their world series win. later this week, the pope will give the archbishop a cardinal's hat as he elevates him to cardinal-- a cubs/cardinals double header. now, can you hold on for a few seconds? then you, too, can join the latest fad. we'll show you as soon as we come back. don't move. we'll show you as soon as we come back.
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from the makers of zantac >> pelley: finally tonight, the latest pop culture phenomenon has given us pause, so we did. here's michelle miller. ? ? ? >> reporter: the rules are simple-- get a group together, strike a pose, then stay still as the camera weaves through a scene frozen in time, like walking through a picture. ? that girl is a real crowd pleaser ? >> reporter: we don't know exactly why but it all started around halloween with these student at a jacksonville high school, using the hashtag mannequin challenge. then other schools joined in
5:57 pm
and pep rallies. many are set to rap duo rae sremmurd's song "black beatles." ? that girl is a real crowd pleaser ? >> reporter: one of the real beatles, paul mccartney, did his version, tweeting, "love those black beatles ? now it's just exploded. here's last weekend's garth brooks concert. and pro teams are in york giants, and the n.b.a.'s cleveland cavaliers in the white house with the first lady. former presidential candidate hillary clinton and her staff paused on election day last week, and funny man kevin hart and beyonce haven't dropped the ball. these preschoolers from east owner, new jersey, beat that video by eight million views. who did it the best? >> me!
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come over here. and they didn't mind a little coaching to help boost those numbers. another you ready? freeze! and here at cbs, we may be all about hard news, but we're not as stiff as you think. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. ( cheers ) ( laughter ) >> pelley: just kidding. and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. n. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> the problem of the homeless sweep has returned. >> the first one took place back in march. every one of them has targeted the camps at lawrence and broadway at the denver rescue mission. cbs4's rick sallinger is live there tonight for us. rick, the city is trying to get the homeless off the there's room. >> reporter: that is what they would like. the city came in last march an cleaned up this area. the homeless moved out, but drifted back in, this encampment became larger than before. today you might say was act two. >> housing. >> reporter: police corded off the area.
6:00 pm
they gathered their belongings into carts in search of where else to call a temporary home. a lawsuit filed on their behalf in federal court claims this is a violation of their rights. >> look at this right behind me here. this is where they throw people's property. it is invaluable and priceless property. >> reporter: many of the items were brought to a city warehouse. but few knew where. >> we said we could keep items came to retrieve their belongings. >> reporter: among the items left behind, skis and a fishing pole. most everyone moved out without incident. but, karen pereira who uses a walker held her ground because she says this is her home. >> do you prefer to be on the street? >> no. it is not something i want to do. when my arthritis come ins and


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