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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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,, ,, live from colorado's news channel this is cbs4 morning news. >> good morning, i am britt moreno and this is the news on this wednesday november 16. >> here's a live picture at dia and the latest from csi -- cbs morning news. trouble for super bowl mvp von miller over a sex tape. we are asking some legal questions
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corner. this is no from washington state . when we are going to get to see some snow falling in colorado. >> that's right and in fact the reason the winds -- the flags are whipping around so much at the airport is because of an approaching cold front as this drops temperatures 30 to 40 degrees between today and tomorrow. the full forecast is coming up. >> it's a both hands on the steering wheel type of mornay. this just got picked up and will go in place again tonight games. the teenage girl accused of plotting against highlands ranch high school will be facing a judge and cbs4's jamie leary is live at the courthouse this morning. it took a lot of hearings just to get to this point, jeannie. >> absolutely. this has been a really long process and one that we've been following since the beginning. both girls have been in custody since their arrest in december and this morning, for one of
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will ultimately decide her fate. brooke hagans will go before a judge this morning for her preliminary hearing, often considered the trial before the trial. the judge will go over the case in its entirety and decide if there's enough evidence to proceed to trial. she's currently being charged as an adult with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder under extreme indifference and conspiracy to commit first- degree murder after deliberation. hagans along with sienna johnson were both 16 when they were arrested, both accused of plotting to kill students and staff at mountain vista high school. the attorney says the case is based almost entirely on entries in her journal which was written under the recommendation of her therapist. in that journal she writes about the 1999 columbine killings and talks about how she wishes she could of taken part in the. her attorneys are calling this a thought crime at best. the beginning of december will mark the room -- the reversed
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which is another important one where her attorneys will fight to get this case transferred back to juvenile court and again she's currently being charged as an adult. during this morning's hearing there will also be discussion of bond as both have been held without bond since their arrest in december so today they could be discussing a bond but the number has yet to be determined so we will to -- we will see if that's actually an affordable number to get her temporarily released again morning news. thank you. broncos superstar von miller is in the middle of a sex tape scandal, the linebacker now suing the woman that his lawyers say he is trying to sell a video. in june miller and his friends rented a resort home in canton and the group of women included elizabeth ruiz who she said had
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that she recorded it on her phone. when miller asked her to a raised it she responded gotcha and contest -- contacted kevin black a man who calls himself a sex tape broker. she then demanded to put $5 million or she would make the video public. we did talk to cbs4 legal analyst karen steinhauser about this. >> the tape that shows two people having consensual sex -- i don't know that that would be enough for a jury to stay yes -- to say yes, that's a threat. >> she filed a civil lawsuit barring release civil lawsuit borrowing -- barring those with wheat -- elizabeth ruiz from doing anything with the tape. rudy giuliani is pushing to be secretary of state but there are likely questions about his taking money from foreign countries in recent years but he is however a loyal trump supporter. alabama senator jeff sessions, same thing, loyal supporter and front runner for attorney general considered his top ally
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traffic right now and ashton, the wind is blowing. >> it sure is and this is the wind of change for sure and is that -- in fact as we take a look at dia here this morning we can see that we've got flags whipping around there quite a bit. temperature right now is 62 degrees. the sun will be up at 6:46 this morning. the wind is blowing from anywhere from 15 to 20 miles an hour, not too bad but certainly enough wind that you will notice it 50s, close to 60 degrees in denver. it's a warm day, close to a record. the record as it stands right now is 77. i think it's possible we could hit 80. we should have a new record high temperature before a 40 degree temperature drop as we go into tomorrow. rain and snow. i can't stop looking at
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there's a few more cars out on the roadways now but nothing will slow you down. the me take you inside -- downtown and britt there may be a structure fire long 5th and six and that will -- 6th and that will of course lead to some delays in that area. >> the tsa tells us they confiscated 70 checkpoints nationwide in just the past week. tom mustin went to dia to talk with travelers about showing up at checkpoints. >> travelers at dia had a lot to stay about the staggering numbers just released by the tsa. mike ingram says in the past week agents confiscated 70 firearms, 60 that were loaded from airports nationwide including dia. along with the guns the tsa also intercepted replica grenades and lives -- knives. >> we're just trying to let
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be caught. >> he is encouraged by the surprising number of weapons seized. >> it actually makes me feel a little bit safer that they are finding people that are illegally carrying their firearm. >> tsa says 2016 has been a record year for airline passengers. more weapons to come with the increased traffic and he says carelessness rather than terrorism has been the biggest factor. >> the reason that we were they just forgot it was there. >> many of the passengers have legal guns but failed to store them properly for air travel. firearm possession laws vary from state to state but if you have questions about properly traveling with your guns, log onto at dia tom austin cbs4 news. >> great advice, tom. thank you for that. michael hancock says he's received emails and phone calls from people concerned about
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yesterday reminding people what denver is all about. >> we will never stopped empowering our women and our ladies and we will treat them with the equality, respect and dignity they deserve. we will strive to keep our him again families together -- our immigrant families together and provide them with the resources to succeed and we will focus on being a happy healthy and safe place for our children to grow up >> the mayor says people should get more involved in their own communities and help lift up there neighborhoods -- their neighborhoods. we know now people are tired of hearing about politics and that includes a united airlines pilot who sent out this message to passengers after two passengers got into a fight about the election. >> i understand everybody has their opinion.
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respect each other's decisions. there's another flight tomorrow. you're not going to be on this one. i hope that's okay with you. >> [ applause ] >> thank you captain. you can hear them agreeing with the guy at the controls. we want to go live now and i believe we have a picture out of greece to show you this morning, president obama increase right now. is somebody getting a crash course in greek mythology and antiquity -- he was doing a little tourism in his final trip overseas as president of the united states. is also slated to head to germany where he will talk with envelope marco -- angela me . we will keep track of what's happening with the president increase this morning. carrying around a drivers license may soon be a thing of the past. the new kind of license you may get in colorado, ahead. with cold weather fast
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welcome back, we are finally headed for colder weather and that will have many people turning on the gas fireplaces. now children's hospital colorado has a warning for parents before they flip the switch. our health specialist kathy walsh shows why we need to be aware of fireplace doors. >> -- ouch, hot. you have to be careful. >> reporter: firing this up brings it back painful -- brings back painful memories for him. >> i had sleepless nights. >> reporter: back on may 1, they switched on the gas fireplace to warm up the house. beatrice was taking a nap. thomas was downstairs with eight month old lincoln.
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-- for second. >> i just grabbed him for a second -- as fast as i could. >> at children's hospital lincoln was treated for second and third degree burns. >> we see between 25 and 35 kids each year with hand burns from these hot gas fireplace doors. >> dr. stephen moulton is burn center -- is in the chart -- burn center at children's hospital colorado and he's seen a 50% increase since 2006 lincoln's hand has healed completely, but his parents have not overcome their guilt. >> we just never thought of the danger of him touching it. >> no fireplace this winter and they want other parents to know the hot glass is a serious hazard for tiny hands. >> that was kathleen walsh reporting. another way to prevent the is to put up a barrier but know
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is off. and we absolutely will be cranking those up because that's the other part of the story, not only expecting rain and snow tomorrow but it will be much colder, in fact temperatures will drop about 40 degrees from where we will be today compared to where we will be tomorrow. right now over at u.s. gardens, everybody around colorado is above normal and of course it will be above normal all day long. far above normal an impact so far above, we expect record heat along the front range as we soar close to 80 degrees. the record as it stands now for 16 november is 77 but i think we will poll -- blow that out with 79 in november -- 79 in boulder in some areas could come closer to 90 than 80. red flag warning for the selfies part of the state. front range mountains and foothills are also under a red flag warning today with warm
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winds combining for an elevated fire threat today. tonight into tomorrow night they are under a winter storm watch. mountain valleys in the western part of the state are looking at 1 to 3 inches of snow. mountain areas to the east of us not technically any warnings watches her advisers but we still see accumulating there as this cold front moves in. probably in the forecast for places like some -- summit county. not a huge storm but we will take anything we can get considering how dry it's been lately. at 6:00 tomorrow morning can see snow spreading through the colorado high country. 9 am still mainly dry around
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little bit in the morning commute but it will be mainly after that that the precipitation starts to pick up, starting his cold rain and then eventually transitioning to light snow for the front range but remember, it's near 80 degrees today and so even though an inch or two of snow could fall, i don't think much will accumulate and if we do see it accumulating it will probably be limited to roost -- to rooftops, vehicles and grassy surfaces, probably not the road. tomorrow 42 and it will be a struggle to get there and then friday 40 behind the storm system, sunny but honestly cold, 51 saturday and then back to the 60s on we just caught the right moment here with some flashing lights heading this direction. they are just going and picking up cones typically when we see these flashing lights. we will see some slowing that will develop in the northbound direction as you kiss -- as you get past hampden but it should quickly pass. we did make a phone call on this what was first reported as a structure fire but it's just
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and 6th. there are now people in several cities protesting the decoder pipeline. we look at the latest puppet -- politician now getting involved. >> water is sacred water is life. >> reporter: demonstrators gathering from coast to coast and throughout the heartland yesterday protesting in support of the standing rock sioux tribe and against the decoder axis pipeline. >> i do this because i wa generations. >> the concern is that digging under these water sources will create a risk of leaks, spills and contaminations. former presidential bernie -- candidate bernie sanders adding his voice to the thousands who opposed the project. >> we're not going to allow a
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depend upon. >> reporter: they insist the risks are low. >> i think the chances of this pipeline leaking is extremely remote. >> the same company slammed the army corps of engineers' decision to take the case to court. the corps of engineers says they need to discuss the issue further with standing rock tribe. read billion -- reed been in. licenses that can be accessed on your smart phone. it's set to last a couple years but it's not clear yet when it will start. state officials say this is a chance to maybe embrace some new technology.
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,, ballerina misty copeland makes an emotional visit to cuba and we hear from the rolling stones as they bring a slice of rock 'n' roll to the new york city. here's marley hall with today's eye on entertainment >> reporter: the rolling stones rolled into new york for the north american debut of exhibitionism a show featuring hundreds of rare objects pulled from the band's archives with instruments, photographs and even a re-creation of the apartment, dirty dishes and all. the stones' -- stones' exhibit posted march. emma stone joins -- for a
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ryan gosling play a young couple struggling with both careers and romance. >> it has a lot of heart and heartbreak. and yeah, hopefully it brings people some type of joy. >> la la land opens in december and ballerina misty copeland is in cuba, the superstar dancer working as a sports and cultural envoy. she visited with young students at the country's national ballet . >> i'm just honored to be here. thank you so much for having me. >> copeland is the american ballet theater's first african- american principal dancer. that's your eye on entertainment , marley hall cbs news new york . let's get to the weather now because we have a little bit of good and a whole lot of bad. >> summer -- summer today, winner tomorrow. highs close to 80 today and 40 tomorrow. in the pacific northwest there
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here in colorado coming up tomorrow. meanwhile midwest look spectacular today, sunny skies for minneapolis and chicago all the way down to houston and new orleans. east coast not bad either, 61 with partly cloudy skies in washington dc and all major airports are in good shape if you're heading out to dia this morning. let's check in with joel. take a look along i-70 as you are heading from the west. we have some volume out there. this is a similar situation as to what we've seen on pe?a boulevard. speeds are in the upper 50s eastbound along i-70. right now at 525 this morning. -- 5:25 this morning. it's probably the biggest play of the broncos' season so far. we hear from the lineman as they break their -- line men as they break their silence about
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college football teams have a saying, they remember what you do in november. so far they would like to forget everything they've done this month, colorado entering just 2-5 after last night. the avs go up 1-0 with this wrap around. they have scored matter of 20 seconds and then in the 3rd, blake comeau -- sure is good to have him back on the ice, the win it 4-1 and they will head to dallas on thursday. >> i think we have a lot of talent on our team and hopefully this game brought a little bit of confidence back for us offensively. hopefully we don't look back,
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live from colorado's news chanth greenland road and man, we have a fire going. >> you don't see this every day, a big fire in this car. joel, what is happening there? >> they've had to shut down a portion of the highway. i'm sure -- i'm surprised this didn't shut down the whole thing. we have flames that now have spread onto the grass. it's tinder dry and now they are trying to get this under control . i did tweet out a picture of this fully engulfed in flames
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we also have the issue with all this smoke moving into southbound lanes of traffic as well. so once that smoke comes across the highway it makes visibility very poor and you will also see some breaks out there. things will be slowing down in that southbound direction and we could see an accident in the backups of this as well so we will keep an eye on it. >> joel, thanks a lot. thanks for joining us here on the cbs4 morning news. we want to show you what we hope comes our way out, this is the good stuff. it is snow in washington state. a winter weather advisory was in place at stevens pass saw some flakes coming down and this is exactly what we need in our state and we could very well get it. >> it's tough to realize, yes it does do that here ashton and it's going to do that. >> yes but not until tomorrow. summer today and winter tomorrow. 62 degrees -- 62 right now in


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