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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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breaking news this morning as we get going at 6:00. a fire is now out at i-25 and greenland road and you saw that just explode right now. this was about 30 minutes ago, vehicles passing by. it made for quite a site for those drivers as firefighters worked to close -- to put out that fire. >> nobody was hurt at the flames destroyed the car. it's out now but the situation is not over because now traffic is just inching along. joel was watching this one and joel, you were talking about some backups. >> yes obviously there will be quite a few backups from this as they have to get this all clear it out of the way. the fire didn't spread onto the grass for a portion of time. they were able to get all of that out and then you've got the right shoulder and right lane that's blocked off. you have the ambulances they are on scene but hasbrouck was just mentioning no injuries reported on this but look at this long line of traffic. avc there will be curiosity slowing in the southbound direction so britt, here it is, what extending well beyond greenland out almost to
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happening this morning we are expecting an update on one of the two teenagers accused in a murder plot at mountain vista high school. burke higgins faces a judge today and she's -- jamie leary is live at the courthouse. she's been following this for some time. >> it's been a long process but burke higgins is one of -- brooke higgins is for two very important hearings, one her reverse transfer hearing coming up in just a couple weeks here where the attorneys will fight to get her case transferred back to juvenile court, and then this morning her pulmonary hearing. the preliminary hearing is basically considered the trial before the trial. the judge this morning will go over the case in its entirety and decide if there's enough evidence to proceed to trial. another big agenda item that is happening this morning is a bond discussion. higgins is currently being held on a $1 million bond and this morning her attorneys will try
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hopes that she can go home with her family until sentencing. she's currently being charged as an adult with two charges related to conspiracy to commit murder. higgins along with her friend were just 16 at the time of their arrest, accused of plotting to kill students and staff at mountain vista high school. higgins' attorneys say the case is based on most entirely on interest in her journal which was written under the recommendation of her therapist killings and talks about how she wishes she could of taken apart and then. -- a part in them. the attorneys have called this a thought crime it best. that's been the basis of their argument which they will continue to argue. today's preliminary hearing is set for a period of two days and then at the beginning of december is that big reverse transfer hearing. dellin is closed to the public. we will still continue to
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von miller is caught up in a blackmail case involving a sex tape. there's a woman trying to sell a sex tape. friends rented a cancun resort home back in june. we know they invited a group of women apparently including elizabeth ruiz. court documents really -- reveal that ruiz and miller had consensual sex and she recorded video. she's now demanding $2.5 million to keep the video fr wants to be the next kim kardashian. she contacted a man named kevin black who has a unique job calling himself a sex tape broker but now miller has filed a civil lawsuit to try to keep the video release from happening. our legal analyst says the case may also fall under revenge porn statutes. today we are expected to learn about new technology that is supposed to keep drones away from planes at airports. shawn chitnis is live at gia to
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>> reporter: good morning, the faa does not often tell us about this type of testing when it comes to drones and they've really only done this a few times. the other two at jfk in new york and another airport on the east coast so it is really rare for us to learn about this ad for it to be here in denver. the research will look at how to prevent accidents involving drones and airplanes. the faa also wants to use this technology so they can identify who owns and operates a drone as drones become more popular airports like dia are running into the more often. right now staff at least the one about once a month, and they've seen 13 altogether last year. one goal is to use radar so they can detect and control drones if there does happen to be one too close to an airport. the government could disable it and bring it down to the ground safely. we are expected to learn more about this from the faa again as they continue the research when they speak to us
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morning news. let's get to ashton as we talk about the big weather changes coming -- just a little more goodness before it gets bad. >> that's right, our last day of summer and it will be our 35th day in a row with completely dry weather in the front range but then that's it, the streak should end here today with rain and snow coming in tomorrow. sunrise, 6:46 and you can see there's cloud cover overhead we will call this partly cloudy overall. last couple of days in the 70s, yesterday we missed the record by just one degree. officially making it to 77. today the record is 77. we have 79 the forecast and then tomorrow and friday, a 40 degrees temperature drop with a very strong cold front that will again not only bring cold temperatures but also rain and snow. we will break it down hour by hour see you can plan ahead. right now let's check in with joel. >> you have something off to the left shoulder and right shoulder but traffic moving
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it should not cause any delays for you. we've also been watching south of town -- this is from our cdot camera right near greenland . we had a car fire just a half- hour ago. huge delays because the right shoulder and right lane is blocked off and you can see -- look at that from well before greenland out to larkspur, quite a drive for you. in castle rock go onto c-470 nice and wide-open and across the denver metro area very few delays for you. just volume related. crews plan to close this tomorrow for this team -- for the season. they will show -- close this around noon, snow expected to move into the area. warm weather allowed the past to stay open more than a week and a half longer than originally planned. beautiful video there. president obama heads to berlin germany today, the next stop of his final overseas trip as commander-in-chief.
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famous ancient monument, the acropolis and hosted a state dinner attended by the greek president. he's issued a strong warning of that -- against the rise of -- after trump was voted president- elect. he did speak earlier this morning. >> i will say that after years -- eight years of being president of the united states, having traveled around the globe , it's absolutely true that every country travels its own path. every country has its own traditions. >> new video shows riot police using tear gas and stun grenades in athens to break up left-wing demonstrators. you see they are protesting president obama does visit to greece -- obama's greek -- visit. some still resent the united states' support for the previous dictatorship.
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trump called his transition effort very organized saying i'm the only one who knows who the finalists are. vice president-elect mike pence is leading the transition and spent the day narrowing down a list of those who might fill key cabinet posts. those include trump's former rival ted cruz, seen in the building, alabama senator jeff sessions and steve nugent but there is dissension from some moderates like former republican congressman mike rogers who says he's quitting the effort. this comes just days after new jersey governor chris christie was removed from his role as chair. he's going to have lunch with vice president joe biden today and he's also expected to get his first presidential intelligence briefing just a day after donald trump received his. the president broke a little bit of tradition last night by not telling the press pool he was heading to dinner.
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to a new york restaurant. items collected during the latest efforts to clean up denver's ballpark neighborhood are now in city storage. workers spent hours yesterday removing the homeless camps sprawled out across the sidewalks. the city says it has enough shelter beds for everyone out there but most of the homeless choose to live on the streets. right now there's a lawsuit pending in federal court claiming it's a violation of homeless peoples' rights. new this morning a grieving man found guilty of his then girlfriend's two- year-old son. he's convicted of first-degree murder and child abuse. he was watching michael lara last year when police say the child suffered severe injuries. my goal died at children's hospital. police say white's story of what happened when the two-year- old was hurt changed several times. he admitted to being under the influence of drugs. a boulder-based sporting goods manufacturer faces a big fine for retaliating against a
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as head rush technologies and investigators say the company fired a worker for reporting concerns about its climbing and supply and equipment. osha has ordered the true blue company to pay the former employee more than $125,000 in back wages and damages. new this morning, a driver is safe after ending up in a pond in a golf course in northeast fort collins. check out this picture. two rescue swimmers got out and rescued that man from the car last night stuck in 5' deep water. they are trying to figure out how the crash even happened. our state does know a thing or two about marijuana right now and today colorado leaders will start to share first-hand
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approved recreational marijuana. two denver health experts are planning to meet remotely with boston's' board of health today. -- boston's board of health today. crews will break ground on a new space in broadway -- on broadway transforming the former masonic lodge into an interactive -- exhibit featuring the city's history. it opens within the next year. they will introduce three new drug dogs today, those part of a jail crackdown that includes more shakedowns and strip searches, we underst those dogs to detect cell phones which are now causing problems as well. >> those dogs are so smart. next up on cbs4 morning news, protests over the dakota axis oil pipeline.
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we've been following a traffic alert for you this morning, take a look at this video from just about 40 minutes ago. you can see the explosion northbound illini 25 right at greenland. that's a car fire and fire crews were able to quickly get on that. a portion of grass adjacent to it was also lit on fire but they were able to get all that out in the smoke ascends cleared. now they've moved everything off to the right shoulder but it was troubled for a while there and we still have huge backups because of that. let me show you what the camera looks like right now from our cdot camera behind me, you see the flashing lights right here and they've been able to open up the far right lane with fi move over law, right? if you can't get over and you see emergency crews along the side, you have to slow way down to make it safe for them. so folks following the law along there but that's causing some pretty big backups from well before greenland this morning. :out across the metro area, you will see as you make your way from castle rock to c-470, should be a great drive. a little bit of an issue off to the left and right shoulder not causing delays and looks like we could have trouble as well
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. drive times from the north, starting to load up and slow down. ashton we have speeds dipping down into the lower 40s as an average. we are certainly expecting traffic problems coming up tomorrow as a twitter store makes its way into colorado. -- winter storm makes its way into colorado. 60 degrees right now in denver, sun comes up about a half hour from now, 6:46. is 59 at dia, 43 in fort we should be waking up to temps in the 20s even hear long the front range this time of year. this afternoon it will feel more like early september instead of mid-november with -- with high soaring to the upper 70s close to 80 degrees for the denver area and may well southeast colorado, highs in the mid-80s and a record wording -- red flag warning for the southeast portion of colorado,. -- colorado.
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fire danger. farther to the west, west of vail pass, a winter storm watch posted for tomorrow night, mountain areas down toward talley -- telluride, 52 in -- 5 to 10 inches of snow. mountain valley seeing one to three inches of snow. here's the cold front now making its way to salt lake city and northern wyoming. it will move in tonight. here's the futurecast, 6 pm today we are dry. overnight tonight snow starts developing in the mountains, 6 am 9 am tomorrow cold rain in denver that will eventually transition into light snow but because the payment is going to be so warm i don't think we will have much accumulation if any tomorrow but again falling snow expected and then behind that cold, friday only 40. >> that's a drop. thank you. up next a look at what's driving the oil price change. and you will need to save those present for "back to the future" sneakers. jill wagner's live at the new york stock exchange with our money report. hi, jill.
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points to another all-time record high on the nasdaq rose 57. oil prices got a bounce and there's speculation opec will increase crude production. they need at the end of the month. they've been sending prices at the gas pump lower. they are inching toward that $2 per gallon mark. retailers are prove -- preparing framom last month, getting a pretty big boost from post hurricane matthew on building supplies. and nike is looking at "back to the future" sneakers, priced at $720. when you put your foot in the shoe it lights up and then a pressure sensor will make it tighter. that means the laces on the front sadly are just for decoration but the sneakers will be available to nike+ numbers at two locations in new york city.
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>> you have to be a super fan to shell out the dough for those . jill, thank you so much. >> your flight to new york will cost less than the shoe. [ laughter ] oklahoma city will rogers world airport running on schedule this morning after a shooting yesterday. gunmen ambushed a southwest airlines employee as he walked to the airport employee parking lot. 52-year-old michael wincer winchester of the kansas city chiefs. you remember the broncos play the chiefs in their next game. all inbound and outbound flights for cancelled and they say the shooter killed himself in a parking lot in the vehicle there. -- in his vehicle there. asking federal court for permission to meet -- complete the dakota access oil pipeline project. at the standing rock indian reservation hundreds protested, marching in washington dc as a last night . copter 4 flew over
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the pipeline will carry crude oil from the oilfields to illinois. most of it has already been built except for a party north dakota. native americans there see the pipeline would cut through sacred land and risk contaminating their drinking water. the army corps of engineers is now -- has now stopped construction in a partial victory for protesters, saying it needs more study before they move forward. let's go to the avalanche game, looking for a split, 0 against the kings in the 2nd, he passes to reni bourque and look at the shot there, providing the perfect tip over the shoulder and another look at the redirection by bourque.
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welcome back everyone, it's time to meet our wednesday's child. he loves technogy we caught up with him as he was learning about fast cars. juan hopped into a 2016 corvette at an bozarth chevrolet. it can go 0 to 60 in -- in three seconds flat. juan wanted to see what it could do so he went for a ride so that we can also -- and shot video so we can also see what it looks like. he's most impressed with the technology and overall he loves figuring out how things work . >> i know it's not a key but i just put it in there.
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nearly half his life and he would love to cruise through life with a family. for more information on juan , log onto our website ashton right now who has been talking about this storm coming for over week. i have to give you kudos for that. we've been watching this for a while, we knew things would change at the end of this week and they certainly will. today will be summer, tamara winter weather that system to the northwest of us. from southwest portland to seattle there could be weather related delays. in salt lake by tonight's knowing along the front range and tomorrow we will have a mix of cold rain. more on that coming up. let's check in with joel. you will see slowing in the
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about i-70 if you happen to be heading to dia. it's all green for my 25 to 225. seeing some slowing but you get inbound on pe?a boulevard, i think you'll like the drive. new video shows to desperate people trying to escape los angeles police -- he jumped out of a moving -- mercedes here. eventually crashed into a pa c directions, but police caught up with them, both of them ended up in handcuffs. right now warning for some mazda owners as they are recalling nearly 70,000 rx eight sports cars -- 8 cars for fuel leaks that could cause fires. no word of any fire injuries at this point in time from this problem. temperature outside, 59 degrees. i don't think we will be saying
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date with us this morning, 6:30 right now and let's take a look at what's coming, snow in washington state is now heading our way, things looking better first the resorts in colorado. the weather change starts tonight and keystone says opening day is on friday. what a change we are going to get. get a little bit of the
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>> it does seem we are skipping autumn and falling if you will right into winter. it's another summerlike day before the big change. >> that's right, summer today and then winner tomorrow, look at these temperatures right now in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees in the denver, boulder and fort collins areas and yes it's far above normal right now in our big storm system is on the way approaching salt lake city right now. we will break down the timing of all this and let you know when we will see the rain and snow and of course show you the temperature drops all coming up . we've been following this car fire, take a look at this video. did you see the explosion here? northbound along on 25 at the greenland exit just about an hour ago, crews were able to distinguish it fairly quickly. you see the right lane that was blocked off and they've now pushed everything off to the right shoulder. there is some wildlife there into the brush as well that was probably hit as part of this accident. the flat bed of the truck there to take away. we've got traffic moving but moving slowly. well before greenland due to
6:32 am
>> there are more than just planes flying over dia. now drones are buzzing in the area and the government officials are now using new technology to try to stop all this. shawn chitnis is live dia to explain for us. morning sean. -- on the. >> reporter: good morning part -- it's part of the ongoing change in technology, the public getting more access to drones and it's harder for the governmeto and regulate those. that's why the research is necessary so the faa is looking at how they can try to prevent accidents involving drones and airplanes. the faa also wants to use technology that helps them to identify who owns and is operating a drone if it does crash into a plane. as drones become more popular airports like dia are running into the more often. right now staff see one at
6:33 am
once a month so one of the goals of the research is to try to have a radar-like system that can detect and control a drone so that if the airport, they can take over, disable it and safely bring it down to the ground. live by dia, shawn chitnis cbs4 morning news. >> shawn, thanks very much. morgans are being found in security checkpoints and the tsa says a jump in confiscated guns is due to carelessness rather than terrorism, they think. they confiscated 70 guns from checkpoints and -- nationwide and over the past week alone they've seen an increase in weapons found. new this morning, larimer county deputies arrested a man accused of burglary and fort collins and deputies say he appeared to be drunk and high on drugs. deputies found aaron wells inside a detached garage off timberline and mulberry in fort collins on saturday night. investigators say he broke a car window. the car was parked outside the
6:34 am
which enabled him to get into the garage. a man wanted for flipping credit card seems to want to protect himself from criminals, using it to buy a home security system and littleton. she says somebody broke into her car window and stole her purse back on october 6. she noticed the damage after her workout and then a few hours later, somebody with a credit card -- with her credit card showed up on surveillance video on south wadsworth. he bought a security system with the stolen >> i would like seriously? you would use my account for these types of things? it's kind of ironic. >> it sure is. they haven't found him. hiller says the thief also made off with her passport. seven fires are burning in southern states. we're talking about drought, and autumn leaves -- people who live near the georgia carolina border have to wear protective
6:35 am
smoke. colorado has in fact sent aircraft and firefighters to help battle the flames out there. >> look at that beautiful picture out there, in all of that. and of course we get a good day before things change, ashton. >> yes today is a bit -- is a beautiful summerlike day. notice there is cloud cover on tap. we will call in partly cloudy today and very warm, high temperatures soaring close to 80 degrees this afternoon. right now we are around 60 in the er mountain towns are waking up to temperatures in the 20s. we will get a 60 for most non- towns this afternoon. 70s for the western slope and 70s and 80s for the eastern plains. 86 degrees and it's the middle of november. red flag warning for part of the state, the entire southeast quadrant of colorado, red flag warning. foothills red flag warning as well an elevated fire danger
6:36 am
soil. mountain valleys out west will see one to three inches of snow, 5 to 10 inches for the mountains around aspen and down toward telluride. east of the past we have no watches, warnings or advisories now that we will still see a cumulative snowfall in places like summit county and winter park. you can see the clouds moving across the state and here's the actual cold front almost to salt lake city. this will cause a 40 de 6 am tomorrow snow in the mountains, 9 am tomorrow cold rain around denver that will slowly transition into some snow as we go through the afternoon but the pavement will be so warm that i don't think there will be much accumulation here. anywhere from a trace to maybe up to two inches on grassy surfaces for denver and out on the plains again mountain areas around vail and summit county up to winter park especially for those northwest facing slopes, that's where the highest snow amounts will be. 79 today will be a record and
6:37 am
take a look from copter 4, trouble spot eastbound 6th avenue right where you don't want it. at that i-25 blocking the far left lane. as folks are trying to make their way on northbound 25 looks like the rams to get onto southbound are nice and wide-open. here we are across the metro area, this is the troubled spot right along here, delays on 6th avenue because of the heavy volume causing a delay south on i-25 and 225 as well. speeds are into the 20s and 30s were 60 minutes important to denver. eastbound i-70 i will step out of the place can see the patches of slowing on i 76. -- i-76. 225 is 11 minutes in both directions. i-70 between i- 225 and i-25.
6:38 am
drug prices are skyrocketing, sometimes much cheaper on websites that claim to be canadian. tonight at 10:00, rick sallinger takes a look at whether this is an option you want to choose. >> reporter: with prices on the epipen and other perception drugs so high, -- >> it's cheaper to buy a ticket to europe and fly to europe to get your epipen than it is to buy a couple sets here in the united states. >> reporter: there is a cheaper way, but is it worth it? >> i just want to make sure this is legal for me to important this into the united states. >> reporter: they boast of savings up to three times what you would pay in the u.s. >> would use -- would you use this canada drug's website to order drugs into the u.s.? >> watches investigation tonight at 10:00. drivers licenses consumed go digital here in our state -- could soon go digital, one of three states about to test a digital drivers license program for your phone. this is all part of a grant. the pilot program will last about two years but it is not
6:39 am
coming up next president obama overnight working as a diplomat in greece trying to reassure europe ahead of the trump administration. and wait until you see what the cement truck almost hit in arizona. college football playoff rankings announced last night, and buffs checking in at number 10, no surprise alabama number one, else -- ohio state, michigan and clemson rounding out the top four. colorado made -- list in decades. speaking of that, look we ran into yesterday, the original coach mack. eric christiansen caught up with them to talk about -- >> i learned everything rises and falls on leadership. every home, every business, every church and every college football team. the coaching staff -- these guys are good. >> reporter: it's a surprising run. >> i will tell you what to look
6:40 am
be surprised next time. okay? it's a quarterback that can throw first and then scramble. you've got yourself something. >> reporter: i see you're wearing your black and gold today. how happy does it make you to see this team having the success they've had after so many down seasons? >> as far as black and gold -- these are the only colors they have in heaven. did you know that? >> i did not know that. >> i took a peek. >> report [ laughter ] >> kickoff is at 1:30 saturday afternoon.
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it's now 6:44 here on this wednesday morning. record warmth for denver as we soar close to 80 degrees, checking in with a few of our cbs4 weather watch is. -- weather watchers. sure -- julie has 50 degrees, she says light winds did you see the hazy look around the room? yes, still quite a sight, still full. 58 degrees right here at cbs4 right now. by noon today 76, and then a high of 79. the record is 77 so we should break the record today and then plunge 40 degrees for tomorrow, full planning forecast coming up but right now let's check in
6:45 am
this was about an hour ago northbound on i-25. did you see the explosion there? it was a car fire right near greenland causing huge delays northbound along i-25. fire crews were able to quickly get on it. a portion of the grass started burning as well but they were able to get that out and the smoke was able to clear. this is what it looks like now from the cdot camera in the area. you can see state patrol that is there and then we've got the car loaded up on the flatbed truck and hopefully that will be carried away shortly but the two lanes of traffic moving along there slowly so that means we've got delays fro a lot happening this morning, another step in the process for one of two teenagers accused of creating a murder plot and mountain vista high school. she faces a judge today. jamie leary joins us with this story. what's going on today? >> reporter: both of the girls accused in this case have been in custody since their arrest in december and this morning for one of those girls, work
6:46 am
hearings that will ultimately decide her fate. she goes against -- in front of a judge this morning for the preliminary hearing often considered the trial before the trial where the judge will go over the case in its entirety and to decide -- and decide if there's enough evidence for trial. she's charged with conspiracy to commit murder under expect -- under extreme indifference. she along with sienna johnson were both 16 at the time of their arrests accused of plotting to kill students and staff at mountain vista high school. higgins' attorneys say the case is based almost entirely on entries in her journal, which was written under the recommendation of her therapist. in that journal she writes about the 1999 columbine killings and talks about how she wishes she could have taken part in them. her attorneys are calling this a thought crime at best. the beginning of december marks the second really important hearing, the reverse transfer hearing is -- which is when
6:47 am
court where the punishment is far less severe. she's been held on $1 million bond since her arrest as has sienna johnson and this morning in the preliminary hearing a bond discussion will also happen and her attorneys hopefully can get her bond lowered -- that's their hope so she can go home with her family until her sentencing. we will keep an eye on these hearings. live from douglas county court, cbs4 news. cbs news -- von miller another big story this morning, von miller now turning to the law to keep people from seeing a sex tape made during his vacation in mexico. he is suing the woman his lawyers say is trying to sell the video. miller and his friends rented a cancun resort home in june, and they invited a group of women including elizabeth ruiz and court documents reveal ruiz and miller had consensual sex and she recorded a video . she contacted kevin black who calls
6:48 am
ruiz is now threatening to make the video go public if miller does not pay $2.5 million. miller filed a civil lawsuit to keep her from doing anything with the tape but cbs4 legal analyst karen steinhauser says a criminal investigation into the demands by ruiz could actually hurt miller in the long run. >> a tape that shows two people having sexual sense -- consensual sex, i don't know that that would be enough for a jury to say yes that's . >> reporter: legal analysts say it could also fall under revenge porn statute . -- revenge porn statutes . a gunman shot michael winchester as he walked to the employee parking lot. police eventually found the shooter in a pickup truck and they say he killed himself. are cbs affiliate in oklahoma city reports that the gunman was a liane disgruntled southwest airlines employee who
6:49 am
retaliated against his boss. class is on today after they say a 16-year-old student stabbed five boys inside the locker room of the school in utah at mountain view high school yesterday. police say the teenager also stabbed himself in the neck. school workers cornered the student until a police officer stepped in -- that there. he's expected to survive an attack in kabul -- and islamic state affiliate in afghanistan is claiming responsibility for the bombing. crews are almost finished evacuating hundreds of people stranded from the massive earthquake in new zealand. the magnitude 7.8 quake cut off access to the town of creek where. -- the town near
6:50 am
up his visit to greece right now and here's a look -- he will visit germany today, where he's heading next. today he visited the acropolis and spoke about the future. >> i came here with gratitude for all that grease, the small great world has given to humanity through the ages this small great world has given to humanity through the ages. >> president obama will eventually had to peru in his final overseas trip as president where he has found himself so hard trying to be a diplomat delaying concerns about donald trump's do -- administration.'s trip is not without protests. that is right police using tear gas and stun grenades to break up left-wing demonstrators. there is a strong anti-american sentiment against those who still resent the u.s. support for greece's previous military
6:51 am
vice president-elect mike pence will have lunch with biden today expected to get his first presidential intelligence briefing just one day after donald trump at -- received his. meanwhile trump is reassuring people about the transition to the office. he tweeted just last night calling the effort quote very organized, adding i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. transition of course and he spent the day at trump tower near -- yesterday narrowing down the list of those will filter cabinet posts. -- fill the key cabinet posts. they include ted cruz, alabama senators -- jeff sessions and steve nugent. mike rogers announced he was quitting the transition effort coming just days after new jersey governor chris christie was removed from his role as chair.
6:52 am
out this morning suggests airlines are actually doing a better job of getting you to your destination. data shows domestic flight cancellations reached an all- time low in september. airlines cancel less than 1% of scheduled flights. that's the lowest rates -- rate since january 1995. they suggest better flight maintenance is one reason for all the reduced cancellations. we are learning more about the production of a supersonic plane, boom technology-based at centennial airport are working on a 45 passenger jet capable of flying at more than 1200 miles an hour unveiled its test claim, and this is neat stuff. first flights will happen -- as it happens in southern california. there are some toys you may want to avoid this year, nominees for the list of 10 worst toys for 2016 is out this morning. take note, among the list of 10 are these body bumpers apparently offering no protection for children's'
6:53 am
the potential for mori injuries. -- more i injuries. -- eye injuries . a big study they were working on for years says high doses of vitamin d reduce respiratory infections. older long-term-care residents had a 40% reduction in acute respiratory illnesses after taking vitamin d findings at this clinical trial could help reduce one of the lease it -- leading causes of serious death and injury in places like nursing homes where people don't get a lot of sunshine which has vitamin d in it as well as long-term-care facilities. holder is among the top u.s. city governments using technology to serve the community. the center for digital government just announced the winners for this year, and boulder ranks third among cities with a similar population
6:54 am
variety of areas like digital communication and disaster preparedness. a concrete truck almost took out a man in phoenix right there. that vehicle overturned yesterday after the driver tried to take a turn right near a gas station. the truck's weight just shifted and that caused it to topple over. that is a whole lot of concrete truck. a man walkin >> wow. here's video out of florida that will take any parents' breath away. he falls off the changing table but his nine-year-old brother swoops in and catches him. >> i would've never caught him and i can't run that fast. i felt like something came and just pushed me forward and then when that happened i just ran and caught him.
6:55 am
in front of my face just happen. >> it happened from her own son. she says she just turned her back for a moment when the baby fell. >> in another minute he will be drafted by the broncos. with hands like that. >> that can can catch. [ laughter ] i am glad everything turned out all right there. if you like summer weather today is your day before winter weather tomorrow. that quick of a change, we will to skip over -- right over out of. it's 59 th dia, 64 in boulder. 52 in fort collins. everybody statewide is above normal for a minority -- mid-november morning. close to 80 on the front range and locations in the southeast. mid-90s for a few areas down near the oklahoma line. red flag warning for selfies colorado as well as the front range foothills, winds up to 44 miles an hour today combining with dry soil and warm temperatures. meanwhile west of vail pass storm got -- storm watch goes
6:56 am
1 to 3 inches of snow, 5 to 10 for mountain areas out to the west and here's the cold front that would change everything as we go into tomorrow. for the mountains around summit county and winter park talking anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snow. here in the metro area there won't be much of -- much in terms of i don't think it will be a huge >> and we need the moisture. i-70 and young field as you head out west, pretty dry coming into town. we had a little trouble spot in the eastbound direction off to that shoulder as you get to pecos. southbound speeds get -- dipping into the 20s, all volume related. no trouble on the drive, was found by 76, eastbound 270 and eastbound i 76 and you is 36 behind that slowing down. this is the trouble spot eastbound as you travel along i-70 getting to
6:57 am
trouble on each shoulder and then as you make your way on the approached by 25, some slowdowns as well. ,, ,,
6:58 am
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proshield chill from gillette. the best a man can get. proshield.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump's transition is described as stalled and scrambling after but mr. trump calls the process very organized after dodging reporters to go out to dinner. plus, an undercover investigation into office depot. technicians urge customers to make expensive repairs for computer problems that don't even exist. and fox news host megyn kelly is here today in studio 57 and she will talk about being attacked online by the president-elect and accusing her


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