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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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our jennifer brice is live outside the deadly house fire for us. lauren whitney says the dry winds are not helping. we begin with rick sallinger who is live in watkins. >> reporter: good evening karen. fire crews remain on the scene here trying to put out the last flames in some hay. two buildings were destroyed. three people were injured. minorly. and, 60 acres burned here. this fire began tl if flames ripped through a home and out into the fields. a house was destroyed. a nearby garage with a car inside was also gutted. >> what did you think when you saw that fire? >> i was scared to death. i thought this house is going to be next. and then of course, i'm right here and i was going to be next. >> i thought it was time to pray and i did a lot of praying. it worked. it did work. yes. the lord was with me.
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his garage was the one that burned. three people had minor injuries, but declined treatment. more than 100 firefighters from departments, many miles away, helped to battle the wind driven blaze. >> it is so dry out there. and yeah, this wind, it is just a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: dirt lines were created to try to stop the flames from spreading. >> we are going to be in trouble if the wind sh. to be like this in mid november. and as you indicated tomorrow is much colder weather and rain or snow is expected. a day too late for the people who lived here. live near watkins, rick sallinger, cbs4 news. >> thanks rick. copter 4 also over a fire this afternoon near 95th and pecos in thornton.
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under control before any of the homes were burned. you can see it got dangerously close to many of the homes in the neighborhood. now to the weather alert. our mountains could look like this scene in washington state. snowfalling on stevens pass. the same system could bring snow to colorado. lauren whitney, the mountains need snow and so do we. it is so dry. >> reporter: talking about the fire danger our winds are still strong in parts of the state. winter park, gusts close to 60 le they go into the south western corner. the foothill haves been very windy. these red flag warnings are still in place through 7:00 tonight. they remain strong all the way into the foothills. southern colorado into the plains. humidity levels are just horribly dry right now. so our fire danger does stay strong. one good thing looking at the futurecast, overnight tonight, we have clouds. a little rain not necessarily showing up on the futurecast. by tomorrow morning there is snow in the high country.
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good shot of snow. if you are traveling along i- 70, there is snow involved with that. we have a possibility of a little rain and snow coming our way into the afternoon and the evening hours. our mountains get a good shot of snow. we get rain, rain and snow mix. if we get cold enough, that could turn over for us as well. we could see a massive temperature change. about 40 degrees for us. looking at the snow forecast, our western mountain areas will be in places that get the most accumulation. that also goes into parts of the eastern plains may see just a little bit of snow. we will break it down for you more and show you the winter weather advisories. >> thank you lauren. you want to check out our improved weather page on you can check out the hour by hour forecast and video clips on right now, we have more on that deadly fire in a neighborhood in aurora. firefighters confirm one person died, four more went to hospitals this morning.
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avenue, we sent our jennifer brice to the neighborhood as soon as this one broke out. sounds like the investigation is just getting started. >> reporter: yeah. it really is. you know, you have to get the fire out. all the manpower comes in to start looking at the problems here. you can see the house is just a mess. they put a gate around it to contain the house. they began to board it up. and take a look at the roof. the roof is sagging in which was very unsafe for firefighters to go inside. >> street. >> reporter: firefighters say when they arrived flames engulfed this home. according to neighbors, a man driving by stopped to help the family inside, but was unable to save a woman who lives here. >> it is scary. when you live around here, and, that, and you hear that she died, that is sad. >> reporter: of the seven people firefighters say lived in the home, one has died. four are hospitalized.
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breathing, didn't have a pulse. this person is in critical condition. >> reporter: firefighters say the flames were so hot, they were carried to homes on either side. >> it is tragic. three houses were affected by the problems in one house. >> reporter: and firefighters tell me they are using this house as an example to do a public service announcement to everyone to make sure that you check your fire alarms. the batter make sure they are working and you are changing the batteries at least twice a year. clearly the cause of the fire is still unknown. a lot more for investigators to do out here. jennifer brice, cbs4 news. a deer may be responsible for causing a car to catch fire. cdot camera captured the incident early this morning. this is quite the fire at i-25 and greenland exit in douglas county. the car hit the deer. the fire started right after that. luckily, no one in the car was hurt.
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details on testing underway at dia as the airlines look for ways to keep drones away from passenger planes. the faa and its partners are studying new technologies that can detect unmanned aircraft as they approach airport boundaries. the radar is currently in use cannot detect small drones. the faa says spotting those drones is crucial for the safety of commercial passengers. >> we don't want anything in the controlled air space around the busy airport that could po pilot or a collision hazard to the aircraft. >> since dia started tracking drone encounters, it has had more than one a month. >> president-elect donald trump has gotten his look at the same highest intelligence briefing. >> it is the same that president obama gets. it is as mr. trump works on creating his administration. political specialist shaun boyd is here. trump went over the media after reports his transition is not
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the media is totally wrong on transition. it is going so smoothly. meanwhile, the head of the transition, vice president- elect mike pence purged all lobbyists. vice president-elect mike pence met with the man whose job he would be stepping into next month. vice president joe biden says no administration is ready on day one, but he is confident everything will be in good hands. house democrats not so sure. they sent a lett president-elect demanding he fire his chief strategist steve bannon points to tying between bannon's website and white nationalists. >> it is said that we are having a debate about whether a white supremacist should serve as a senior counselor to the president-elect. >> reporter: meantime, trump's transition team continues to build his administration. he will choose from a list of 21 judges he released earlier
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for someone that is independent. >> reporter: the transition team also narrowing down cabinet posts. former goldman-sach's partner steve nmuvhen. and jeff sessions for attorney general. and rudy giuliani, trump's leading candidate for secretary of state. even as he comes after scrutiny over reports he gave paid opposition group on the department's list of terrorist organize gusts. he met with current new york mayor bill de blasio about immigration and other topics while more than 300 businesses called on the president-elect to support the paris agreement on climate change. also today, democrats elected new york senator charles schumer minority leader. >> thanks. those anti-trump protests continue today.
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state capital calling on elected officials to protect all immigrants. >> the need for our state to stand up for immigrants' rights. and for legislatures to listen to our votes and to our community. and, do what is right for our community. >> during an interview with 60 minutes, trump said he would deport an estimated 2 million to 3 million immigrants with criminal records. coming up, a woman streamed the moments after a police officer shot and boyfriend. now a decision is in. that officer is responsible should face charges. >> and the first of its kind training in colorado helping officers help victims of domestic violence. partly cloudy skies over the ian plains and over the city. you see the moisture pushing into the west. we have more moisture coming our way. but what you can't see on here is the cold temperatures. by tomorrow, maybe, 40 degrees cooler than we saw today. i will fill in the numbers coming up. >> it is a first of its kind
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deny. how this calendar is supporting the thin blue line. >> all new at 6:00, there are talks underway here in boulder to make the city an official sanctuary for undocumented immigrants. what that would mean for the city and how things would be different than the way they are now. i'm tom mu,,
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,, >> new developments in minnesota in that controversial shooting death soft philando castile. the police officer who pulled the manslaughter. philando castile's girlfriend and family maintained he complied with all the officer's commands but was shot anyway. they are pleased the prosecutor charged the officer. hundreds of law enforcement officers in douglas county are using a new program 20 try to help victims of domestic violence. douglas county it is proven to help them stay alive.
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to seek support services. then they connect the victims to the services they mostly need. the goal, of course, saving lives. >> it becomes very impactful for a police officer to sit with a victim of domestic violence and tell them that you are in high danger of being killed by your domestic partner. that is very impactful and a powerful statement to hear from law enforcement. >> hundreds of agencies across the country are using the use it in colorado. new tonight, a chance to get a glimpse behind the badge. the goal is to improve the relationship between police and our community. cbs4's kelly werthmann is live in denver. kelly, they have not done anything like this before. >> reporter: jim, this is actually the first ever police officer calendar anywhere. it aims to humanize the men and women of the denver police
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part in community activities they are passionate about raising money for a good cause. >> there is nothing like it in the entire country. >> this is a sample of denver's finest. >> reporter: a calendar featuring men and women of the police department. >> i don't want to offend any of my fellow firefighter shot of snow i will say this. we are the first guys to do a calendar with our clothes on. >> reporter: it is a project started by a couple of police wives whose husband was nearly killed in the line of duty last year. >> this won't appeal to everybody, but we are hoping even the people who hate police officers will see them in a different light. >> reporter: this features a different officer or a detective each month. >> march, we have shakira. >> reporter: and shows how they continue to serve their community when they hang up their uniform. like, detective gatling who is
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features the officer john abset who nearly lost his life on duty two years ago and tony lopez jr. who made a miraculous recovery after being shot several times last year. >> it makes you more proud to be part of the family. >> reporter: during a year when police across the u.s. have experienced so much hate, the hope is this look at 2017 will help bridge the gap between police and the community. >> it is important to show that you know, we are op your own 2017 calendar at any alpine bank location or even on they ask for at least a $20 donation and all proceeds benefit the denver police foundation. we are live at dpd headquarters, kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. >> a great cause and a lot of fun. time to check in with ed. it is just about here. >> right. it is sight on schedule after record highs. here comes the colder weather.
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greeley, lamar, limon. here comes the cooler weather all much cooler than we were yesterday at this time, as we take a look, we do have some rain and snow at the higher elevations moving in. what we are really watching is this larger amount of moisture. that will slide in as well. we were under the influence of this warm front today. that is why we got to 80 degrees. here comes the cold front. that will really change the weather. let's go back to lauren whitney in the colorado weather center. a big change is coming our way. >> big ch are in november and it is really going to cool off around here by 40 degrees. this cold front is going to swing on through tonight and tomorrow. it is a fast mover. by friday, it is gone. behind it, we will still have cold temperatures for a little while. we have the snow moving through as well. mainly into the high country. we are looking at a good shot of snow for the mountains. the big cold front coming through and the area of low pressure, it will change the game and here a bit. let's look at the winter weather advisories.
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the tunnels. could see anywhere from four to 12 inches of snow from tonight through the wee hours of friday morning. some of our san juans. you are looking at two to five inches. maybe, about two to five as well. some other parts of the state, we add the pink on the screen. the winter storm warning from moffett county into the central mountains. you may see two to four inches of snow and the central mountain areas may see five to ten inches. we have to add very gusty winds on top 30 to 40 miles an hour. visibility if you are not getting a ton of snow will be very reduced so watch out for that. ed, it will get very cold around here. and that snow is on the way. let's time it out. >> let's look at the hour by hour forecast. you see the clouds here, a couple of snow showers. watch how the moisture moves in. good snow for the mountains. a couple of showers over denver. it is a quick mover. that is why it will not move too much in the way of denver. maybe to the north and the
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inches on the grassy areas. but look at the metro area, everybody under an inch of snow. 80 degrees record high today. 81 downtown. the warmest ever this late in the season. 52 is normal. 77 the record high. for the weather watchers, 70 evergreen. parker, 75. 80 longmont. 83 in denver. southwest. 72 and 68 right now with a southwest breeze at 10. 11% humidity. that will change as well. lows tonight. mostly in the 30s and the 40s over the country. look at the cool weather coming in tomorrow. 30s , 40s , 50s , 60s over the southeast. we will find 30s for the mountains. 30s and 40s to the west. here is the denver forecast for tonight. increasing clouds, turning colder, 37 and 35 the overnight lows. that is colder than it was last night. then rain and snow showers around here tomorrow. it will melt as it hits the street. it has been so warm. it will only be in the low 40s . same on friday, 42.
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gradual warmup, 60s by sunday and monday. >> there you go. well, the prescription drug prices are skyrocketing. >> now, people are finding them much cheaper on websites that claim to be from canada. is it worth the risk? we hope you will watch rick sallinger's investigation tonight at 10:00. the broncos blocking ability wins them another weekly award. >> and michael malone says the early season struggle
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>> broncos rookie justin simmons named the player of the week. you would be hard pressed to find a play that was better than this one. you know, that play might have seemed like luck or a fluke, but nothing happens by chance. they not only practiced the play leading up to the game. they made sure it was perfectly legal. they had been game planning for it throughout the entire game. sunday afternoon. >> throughout the game, they an extra point. you go out there, you get a feel for the snap count. you play, you already have a jump on it. probably getting a penalty. so yeah. that was a game plan most of the game. didn't know if we were going to use it, but obviously, we needed it at the end of the game and it paid off big time. >> yes, it did. as the nuggets get set to host the suns tonight. we are only ten games in. but we are looking for some
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been less than stellar. one of the few bright spots has been the play of the rookies recently. herman gomez scored seven points in his first seven games. in the last three, he is averaging better than eight per game. after not scoring a field goal in his first four games, jamal murray is scoring. so michael malone is trying to look at things with the glass half full. >> they are excited to see jamal play. you look since he got over the 0-17 start, he has been really good. he gives them an opportunity to play. he seizes the opportunity. and offensively, defensively, he plays so hard. so we have had some tough injuries. the silver lining is that a lot of the young guys are getting more minutes because of that and they are doing a great job. >> 7:00 tip tonight. a bit of an equipment
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game. gave his helmet in the official. goes in. comes back out. gives him matt duchene's helmet. mcleod has trouble getting it on. and the equipment people say here, i have your helmet right over here. everybody is having a good laugh at his expense. it helps that the avalanche were winning. >> and then cody is in a big fight an
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official sanctuary city for captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the word comes down from the tower. the president-elect tweets the transition is organized and smooth. even his opponents say so. >> i'm confident on day one everything will be in good hands. >> pelley: jon stewart weighs in in his first interview since the election of donald trump. fundamentally different country today than we were two weeks ago. >> pelley: government safety experts give pilots a visual lesson in midair collisions. and the library of congress honors the motown sound of smokey robinson, calling his soulful melodies "works of art." ?


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