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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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%f0 here's your change. welcome to the cbs4 morning news at 4:30. it's thursday, november 17th. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. you'll feel the cold as soon as you step outside and today independence pass near aspen shuts season. cdot crews are expected to shut the aspen and twin lakes gates at noon. this is a little bit late. normally the road is closed each year on november 7th. it will reopen the thursday before memorial day. >> like to be the last person through there for the winter, because after that there's the change. tell us about the snow. not quite here yet? not quite here. over the mountains in the next couple of hours we'll see snow,
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transition into light snow into this afternoon. still not expecting a major storm for denver and front range. 30s all around town. we're still above freezing. some places are getting close. castle rock at 33. compare yesterday morning to this morning, we are 20 to 25 degrees colder outside. you will certainly notice a difference when you get out there. we have a lot of cloud ve completely cloudy day. doppler 4000 showing little precipitation in the colorado high country at this point. here it is, this is the upper level system behind the cold front that rolled through last night. as that upper level system moves in today, we'll see the snow pick up in the high country and eventually cold rain around denver. also temperatures today will get close to 39 by lunchtime. and then temperatures will
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midday. some of the cold rain will transition into light snow. we're going to break down the timing of this in more detail and talk about snow amounts coming up. we'll enjoy the drive now. i-25 and arapahoe road, nice dry conditions. seeing that up into the high country. both directions along i-25 past arapahoe road. slowing c-470 santa just typical slowing this time of day. they've been doing road work along c-470. southbound along i-225 speeds into the 60s. upper 50s both directions along i-70 from i-25 to i-225. thanks, joel. as we wait for rain and snow we still have to deal with dry conditions. yesterday high winds bringing in the system causing problems,
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yesterday at a home burning it to the ground. that sent flames into kneeleds and it grew to 60 acres in watkins and came close to this play ground. the wind made a lot of people nervous. >> the cows came back, and i saw the flames had jumped down by mow's, and that's when i contacted the guys, because they have the tractors down south and i don't have anything here and i was like, we're going to be the wind has shifted but it pretty much has stayed on the other side, thankfully. >> people living near the home that caught fire were told by the sheriff's office to evacuate. three people have minor injuries. one person is dead after a house fire in aurora. four others went to the hospital, one of them in critical condition this morning. it all happened along 7th
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her neighbor's house. >> smoke, smoke and ash blowing our way. the wind was blowing this way and as i looked i saw the flame. >> reporter: the fire gutted this home and spread to homes on both sides. seven people were inside this home but one, a middle aged woman, did not escape. >> it's scary. when you live around here and that and hear that she died, that's sad. >> reporter: four others were hospitalized, one critically hurt. the cause of the fire is warning the residents had. firefighters today are reminding homeowners to check batteries in their smoke alarms. >> tragic. really is. three houses were affected by the problems in one house. >> reporter: neighbors returned to the scene of the fire throughout the day, hoping they could find a way to help. >> it's been heavy on my heart all day and i felt it was right to come down, really see what happened. >> that was stan bush reporting. at least one family was forced
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today president-elect trump meets with japan's prime minister. it is his first meeting with a world leader since he won the election. trump's camp expected to unveil the first wave of teams that will head to washington to begin staffing up key positions. here's our hena daniels with the latest. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump capped another day of lie profile meetings at trump tower. snapping this great floyd mayweather, jr.. many seen in the building are favorites. among them alabama senator jeff sessions who sat in on mr. trump's meeting on supreme court nominees. steve men you are chip and rudy giuliani. the former new york city mayor is up for the job as secretary of state. >> we discussed the transition. went really well. >> reporter: current new york city mayor bill de blasio also
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wealthy and corporations. i also raised concerns about some of the messages and some of the rhetoric that for so many people have been hurtful. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., vice president president- elect mike pence met with vice president joe biden. >> no administration is ready on day one. we aren't ready on day one. >> reporter: yesterday transition promised to improve communication between the president-elect ask and the press. trump's team said all members of the upcoming administration will sign a form, agreeing they will not lobby for five years after leaving the government. hena daniels, cbs news. >> as he thinks about the secretary of state position,
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secretary of state henry kiss eninjury who is 93. federal reserve chief chairman janet yellen is expected to talk about the economy today. >> let's get to jill wagner from the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning, the dow snapped a seven-day -- [ no audio ] fed chair yellen testifies in front of the joint economic committee in d.c. this morning. she'll likely be asked about president-elect trump and how his policies could affect the economy and whether they'll derail the fed's expected interest rate hike next month. black friday is past approaching. 8,000 deals, topping the list, macy's with an average discount
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j.c. penney's. the average overall discount about 39% on black friday. this holiday season if you're wondering how much you should spend on your friends, family and cokiers, an online web site teamed up with facebook to create a calculator that recommends a price range for a gifts. you better start liking each others' post. >> i deserve a good gift. >> she ran me and came back with like 3 cents. >> oh, man. jill, thank you so much. a denver police officer is facing a 7-day unpaid suspension for what three separate women say was a stalking like incidents.
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and track down a woman he had met her at her work. she said her call was unwarranted. two more women have come forward, complaining of unwanted advances by that officer. one works at a 7-eleven and says when she sees him coming she hides in the store's cooler. >> obviously his actions were inappropriate. he was disciplined for that. but there are still other parts we're looking at as to his overall behavior and his actions. >> officer young told us the claims were exaggerated and he said he just wants to get back to work and put these incidents behind him. he has been with the denver police department since 2013. this morning you will notice it's chill in the air. 33 in denver. >> feels a lot different. we're also talking about when that snow will start in colorado. and how whole milk could help
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foods. what we're learning about it coming up. ,,
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,, ,, good development in cancer treatment. this is the news in health. researchers from ucla created a molecule that can shrink tumors but with fewer side effects. physical therapy does not appear to help a sprained ankle. a study compared patients who received therapy to those who
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remedies like icing, elevation and painkillers. in both groups, fewer than half reported an excellent recovery by six months. research suggests that children who drink whole milk have a healthier body weight. it's suggested it is because kids feel more full from whole milk, so are less likely to eat other high calorie interesting. keep your head on a swivel next time you run. this is from pennsylvania. apparently the deer were not very happy about the runners going across this field. the runner that went down here, luckily just bruised, but not seriously injured. >> the runners got in the deer's way. >> this is how you run, two legs good, four legs better.
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we noticeably feel how much colder it is, but where is the snow? >> it's coming, just as expected. we thought we'd be dry for the morning commute and we will be. 36 degrees the company at elitch gardens. yesterday we were around 60 at this time. it's dramatically colder than compared to wednesday morning. boulder at 41 currently. we still have temperatures in the 30s and 40s throughout the colorado high country. the colder air has settled into portions of the eastern half of st air to the south. temperatures are even warmer this morning than yesterday at this time to the south, while we're much, much colder. high temperatures today will be in the upper 30s, close to 40 for a high. that will be it. doppler 4000 showing a few clouds moving across colorado. by the way, we did hit 80 yesterday, setting a new record for the date. here's the upper level system behind the cold front. as that system moves in we're going to see the snow spread throughout the colorado high country today. eventually cold rain for
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denver as we transition into this afternoon and this evening. let's show you the timing. start at 6:00 a.m., at that point still not much snow in the colorado high country. as expected it will be more mid- morning, certainly after the sunrises we'll start to see the snow spread throughout the mountains. lunchtime, beneficial snow from the san juans, telluride to aspen over to vail, winter park, all will see snow today. along the front range cold rain that will transition into snow. in terms of accumulation in the metro area, not much. a trace to maybe 2 inches and that will be on grassy surfaces, rooftops and vehicles. it was 80 yesterday. the roads are warm. it's going to take a while before the roads would be able to support accumulation. for the mountains generally speaking, 4 to 10 inches of snow by tonight, especially above 9500 feet. some of those mountain towns that are lower than that, like frisco, with your probably not
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town. today's high, 39. we'll get there around 11:00 a.m., 12 noon and temperatures will drop this afternoon, that's why the cold rain will transition into light snow. tonight's low, 18. tomorrow, 38. tomorrow night, 17. the sun does come back tomorrow, but it will be very cold as we go into the first part of the weekend. warmer by sunday. back up near 63 on sunday, joel. >> way to rebound. take a look at the drive now eisenhower and johnson mountain tunnels, it's nice it's colorado, and this could change later today. as a matter of fact, ashton is saying it will. make sure your car is winter driving ready. that's going to include topping off the windshield washer fluid. across the denver metro area a lot of green means we're at or near posted speed limit. some slowing c-470 past santa fe. there is a way around the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs in the united states. cbs4's investigator rick salinger looks at the trend of
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parent wants to carry. >> reporter: robin o'brian is one angry mother, mad at the biggest seller of the epipen. >> i cannot imagine a business model built on the backs of american families. >> reporter: she needs the epipen for her daughter, tori. >> it was just covered with redness and irritation. >> reporter: a two-back is now six times more in 2009 in the u.s. mylan offered a cheaper generic version. >> you can travel to canada and it costs just over $100. >> reporter: in fact, they don't have to drive. the internet is full of
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if i buy it here? >> reporter: we were told because in canada the government controls the prices. that sounded good, but the fda said prescription drugs may only be sold by pharmacies and other dispensers that are licensed in the united states. >> so can i legally import this? >> reporter: yes, i was told. but we dug a little deeper and found canada drugs was issued a warning letter by the fda in 2012. it was for unapproved misbranded drugs. in 2014, it was indicted on federal criminal charges of conspiracy to smuggle goods into the united states. >> would you use this canada web site? >> no. >> reporter: gina moore is assistant dean of the cu school of pharmacy. we showed her the site i had contacted. >> there is no guarantee of the potency of those drugs. we've seen in some cases there
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the drugs. >> reporter: but tim smith, of the canadian international pharmacy association assured us -- >> there is absolutely no safety risk whatsoever, because the quality of the medications is comparable to the medications that's received in the united states. >> reporter: we found one chain of denver area doctors, they provide this list of what it calls vetted canadian pharmacies to patients. but it does not endorse them. >> it's cheaper to buy a ticket to europe and fly to europe than it is to buy sets of epipens in the united states. >> reporter: rick salinger, cbs4 news. the avs crossing their fingers they get a bid of good news. matt deushane back at practice yesterday. could be back in the lineup tonight when colorado visits dallas. broncos' rookie justin simmons
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he had that block that led to the game winning 2-point conversion. simmons said he planned the whole game for that moment to prepare for the perfect jump. >> throughout the game, he said when you go out there, get a feel for their kick, for their snap count, so when they run the play you're not out there guessing and getting a penalty for offsides or whatever else. that was the game plan didn't know we were going to use it and it paid off big time. nuggets got their first home win of the season last
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elect, but soon new yorkers in trump buildings are wanting to dump the trump name. >> reporter: his name may be on everyone's lips. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> oh, donald trump. >> reporter: but it's no longer on three manhattan apartment buildings. >> give me a t! , give me an r., you're getting rid of it? >> reporter: off they came, letter by gold letter. silver letters, too. how do you spell relief? >> look at former trump place, luxury rentals. she started the dump the trump name petition because she considers the president-elect to be a racist and misogynist. >> who wants to live in a label like that? >> reporter: the petition to remove the name -- >> always been a little bit of a joke. >> reporter: got almost 700 signatures. >> we didn't want to live in the trump building, but we got
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live there either? >> no. the apartments are nice. >> reporter: the company that owns the three buildings says the petition didn't cause them to remove trump's name. but rather an agreement with trump to use his name for free expired. they're assuming a more neutral building identity will appeal to all current and future residents. didn't appeal to this guy. >> this is an unpatriotic act. >> reporter: what do they do? >> can >> reporter: with the spurned letters? no longer spelling anything, they seem forlorn. >> kind of hollow. what do you think this is worth on ebay? >> reporter: donald trump powered his way to america's highest office. but his name is being power washed off the walls. >> isn't this great? makes me think of the song, i'm going to wash that man right out of my hair.
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house. ? and send him on his way ? >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn new york. a new spin on the song "tail as old as time." it is the hottest thing on the internet. >> come into the light. >> the new live action beauty and the beast clip went viral. the trailer set a record with more than 127 million views its first 24 hours online. actress emma watson posted it on her facebook, accounting for
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thanks for joining us on this chilly morning. i'm britt moreno and this is the news on thursday, november 17th. i'm alan gionet. we got a change for you this morning. here's what's happening now. ski areas are hoping to get some snow cover like this snow they've already received in washington state. the big weather change is arriving. >> reporter: lots of snow making going on at loveland near the eisenhower tunnel. we're live ahead of the storm wime details coming up on cbs4. thank you, jamie. police are expected to serve and protect. but a cbs4 investigation looks into one officer receiving complaints from at least three women for unwelcomed behavior. up to 10 inches of snow on the way for most of the ski areas throughout the colorado high country. here in denver, clouds and cold air, but no precipitation yet. we'll talk about the timing of this straight ahead. that means dry roads this


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