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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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f0 hi, everybody. welcome to the cbs4 morning news. 4:30and this is friday november 18th. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. it feels good to say it's friday. here's a live look of the results of yesterday's snow in the high boarders because it's been so dry and now we have to find out if all this good stuff is going stick around. >> got a lot of brr out there. that's going to be the story. two days ago we were talking about summer. yesterday we were talking about the snow on the way. this morning we're just talking about cold temperatures because all the precipitation has come to an end.
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to an end in the mountains. here's the storm system, it's in nebraska. parts of the dakotas, minnesota, problems for them. blizzard conditions up that way. 21 degrees now in denver. the skies are quickly clearing. we expect to see a lot of sunshine today. that may help a little bit with these temperatures. englewood 19, aurora 19. these are the coldest temperatures we've had since the beginning of the year, certainly so far this season. leadville is at 9, alamosa at 7. valley locations and high country very cold. 9:00a.m. we'll be at 26. noon 36 and a high of 38. that's it, despite a lot of sunshine we're not going to warm up very much today at all. we'll check the weekend forecast straight ahead. now let's get over to joel. unfortunately i can't be good news happy guy this morning.
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country, you can see how icy it is. unfortunately that's what our roads look like, especially as you get out to the west this morning. denver metro area, road/weather index showing where the snow has fallen. if you look across the denver metro area, a lot of green, and this will be a problem because the roads look just wet, but look at the temperature. do you see it in the lower right-hand-side corner of your screen? they are a sheet of once we get people up to good speeds, then we hit a transition. it will be a mess. we'll be watching it. thank you for that. let's talk more about this, as joel mentioned it is only 20 degrees outside this friday morning. so a reminder to watch out for ice and black ice on the roads. cbs4's jamie leary is in the
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pines. -- castle pines. >> reporter: as you head south of the metro area, it's really nice and dry around the denver area inside, but south of the metro area, south of lincoln it is icy. it got progressively worse as we got further south and out here you're going to see that glare on the roadway. snow was wet and heavy as it fell yesterday afternoon and that left a nice layer of ice, some black ice, too. f bad. take it slow. we're out here keeping an eye on things as traffic builds up. you'll have quite a few accidents this morning. take it nice and easy. nice layer of ice on my car this morning as well. allow yourself some extra time as you're getting to work. mobile weather lab showing 20 degrees, so it is very cold outside. you can see cdot has the plows out working this morning. they also have signage out telling you to watch out for
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we're going keep an eye on the traffic here south of the metro area for you all morning long. live in castle pines, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> thank you, jamie. that snow plow is almost a novelty for us. the trouble with snow in the high country at least is if something goes wrong with one vehicle, it causes a domino yesterday. most of the traffic in the high country was a crawl, if it was even moving at all. >> we're the only car still moving, most of the cars are just stuck. their wheels are turning. i even asked her, what's going on? she's like, i think they can't move. >> the advice drivers were giving us, keep it slow and watch out for the other guy. copper mountain will open for business.
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the welcome home weekend. not only will the lifts start at 9:00 this morning, live music and treats and give- aways. some planes sat without de- icing for long stretches at dia. shawn chitness is live at dia this morning as we check in on whether things have gotten better. shawn. >> reporter: alan, good morning. certainly the situation looking a lot better this morning as bags and check in with united looking pretty good. we checked in on the flights heading out as well as the ones arriving. most of the departures on time. some flights arriving either delayed or canceled. let's look at the scene yesterday, what we were just mentioning, how it was a very difficult situation for folks trying to get out of denver last night because of the issue that united was dealing with. they put out a statement at
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some extended delays because of de-icing and some of the equipment operated by their vendor that was out of service. that obviously caused a huge delay, a passenger explaining a few minutes ago he was trying to go to vancouver and was supposed to leave thursday night, but because of the issues he is going to leave tonight, almost 24 hours after he was supposed to. another thing we want to mention, it's looking pretty good as you get into airport, but keep in mind as you make your way on i-70 and pena boulevard into the airport there is some ice on those roads, so be prepared for that. give yourself a little extra time. we'll be here throughout the morning showing you the different scenes around dia and let you know what the situation is as the hours progress. live at denver international airport, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. >> we'll be asking for questions today. not like this was an early
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morning after another decent day in stocks. >> jill wagner is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. jill, happy friday to you. >> reporter: happy friday, good morning, alan and britt. futures are pointing to a little bit of a lower open. yesterday pretty good day, dow gained 35 points. nasdaq rose 39. president-elect trump says he hopes to keep a ford plant from moving to but ford wasn't planning on moving the entire plant. last night mr. trump tweeted, i worked hard with bill ford to keep the plant in kentucky. ford confirms it's no longer moving it out of the country. job market is still strong with
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unemployment benefits is down. amazon smart known app lets ios users scan the bar code and the app will show you what's inside. the online retailer says package x-ray, it will help keep your holiday gifts organized as they pile up. >> kind of neat. what was once a super power is now a real thing. it's so cool. >> see through the box. where is the pleasure of opening things anymore? jill, thanks a lot. today is moving his high profile transition meetings from trump tower in new york to trump national golf course in new jersey, where this weekend he'll meet with a vocal republican opponent. here's hena daniels. >> reporter: as national security advisor, general
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in every foreign policy decision trump makes. in a statement last night, the democrat bashed flynn for his past remarks about jihad. flynn spoke at the republic national convention this summer. >> coddling and displays of empathy towards terrorists is not a these murderers. >> reporter: mr. trump's latest cabinet pick followed his first face to face meeting with a foreign leader since his election. and more meetings with lawmakers favored for key administration posts, including south carolina governor nikki haley. she's reportedly in the running for secretary of state, despite harshly criticizing trump during the primary. >> what i've seen is donald trump is he brings out the
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team says mr. trump is absolutely open to selecting former rauls for top role -- rivals for top roles, among them paul ryan and mitt romney, who also had harsh words during the campaign. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: mr. trump is scheduled to meet with romney in new jersey tomorrow. hena daniels, cbs news. >> with romney up for a job, with you into the like to be in conversation? mike pence met with republican and democratic leaders in congress yesterday. happening tomorrow a state of the art weather satellite built in colorado launches into orbit. >> it will revolutionize the way we forecast your weather here at cbs4. lockheed martin in littleton built it.
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delays the spacecraft is set to blast off from cape canaveral in florida saturday evening. it is the first major upgrade to the u.s. satellite system in 20 years. >> the way noaa describes it is they like to describe it as you're going from standard definition tv to high definition tv. >> it will take pictures five times better and five times faster than wh it can track space weather that can affect gps equipment on earth. cbs4's dave aguilera is in florida now and he'll be live from cap canaveral today and tomorrow. we'll also launch it on our facebook page. soyuz spacecraft is on its
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astronaut peggy witson is now the oldest woman in space. she'll celebrate her 57th birthday. way to go, peggy. happy birthday to her. i'll level with you, you will not want to get out of bed this morning. it's cold at 20 degrees. a customer goes toe to toe with an armed man. we have
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,, ,, ,, happy friday, the centers for disease control says deaths from certain types of cancer are dropping. the cdc studied the five leading causes of death for people under 80 between 2010
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it says potentially preventable deaths from cancer fell 25%. also lower deaths from stroke and heart disease. but deaths from accidental causes including drug overdoses and chronic respiratory disease increased. smokers suffering from chronic kidney disease may not benefit as much from medication as nonsmokers. in a study, people who quit had a slower declining kidney function continued to smoke. scientists are learning more about the secrets of alzheimer's. researchers say a brain protein which is lost as the disease progresses can have a protective effect if reintroduceed. authors say the study, which focused on mice, is a new way of understanding the disease.
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let's go to ashton. [ no audio ] >> mic. >> can you guys hear me? >> we got you. >> go ahead. >> 21 now in denver and live at civic center park. mostly clear skies on top of us. it's one of the reasons why it will be so cold. how much snow did we go yesterday? luke in evergreen conifer, 6.5 as well. highlands ranch 5.3. allenspark 8.5. arvada had almost 6, close to the foothills. westminster had 4 inches. at dia officially 1.7 and of course yesterday's snowfall becomes the first official snow
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third latest on record for denver. single digit in some areas. 15 in avon this morning. yesterday morning we were talking about how much colder it was than the previous morning, wednesday. and it's even colder this morning than yesterday morning. bottom line, it's cold outside. make sure you're prepared as you step out the door. it's the coldest day we've experienced so far this season in the metro area. you can see everything winding down across colorado. what we have left in terms of cloud cover in the mountains will clear today. sunshine state-wide later on. here's the storm system, blizzard warnings in some parts of the upper midwest. sunny here, will take time for temperatures to warm back up. 38 this afternoon, that's it. tonight down to 17. bundle up for any friday night plans. tomorrow 53, followed by 63 on sunday. joel. that looks and will feel better. >> oh, yeah. >> monday night and into
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no problems there. maybe a little rain on tuesday in the metro area. >> unfortunately that's where all the drivers will be next week is heading up into the high country. so keep that in mind. you may want to leave before we get to that tuesday mark. up into the high country now, we have chain and passenger traction restrictions in place. it's because of the conditions we have on the road. you get to the west of town and this is basically what it looks like, too, across the denver metro area of i-70, 6th avenue and 285, look at the drive to conifer now. it will be a tough one, alan watch your speeds this morning, that's going to be your worst enemy. if you haven't had a chance to change out the tires yet, maybe they're getting low on tread, you'll feel that today. >> i know you'll be all over it. thanks. a customer is lucky he didn't get shot in the gunfire inside a convenience store in washington state. surveillance cameras were
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into the gas station. the clerk asked him to take the mask off. the man pulled the gun, a big money. a customer next to him almost got hit when the man fired shots at the clerk. unbelievebly nobody was hurt. the masked man ran off. >> everyone is safe, just leave. you don't want to make it really tough, so just leave. he said, okay, if you move i'm going to kill you. i said, i'm not moving. he left. >> that guy is police still trying to catch up with the man. no nfl football in colorado, but two games on saturday. csu is saying goodbye to hughes stadium. hughes has been home to the rams the last 49 years. tomorrow will mark the 262nd game there, in case you're
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>> the game against utep, we took the lead by a lot, and i remember the air force game when we dominated air force. it was special to me. i like hughes stadium. i also think oncampus stadium will be a lot better. i'm happen they're getting it, but it's a bittersweet moment. >> soon the new stadium. here's michael spencer with what's on tap for the cu buffs in this morning's sports. two wins, that is all that stands between cu and the pac 12 championship game. easier said than done. hosting washington state tomorrow afternoon. let's be honest, the stakes are high. cu is in the top 10 for the first time since 2002 and currently sitting alone on the pac 10 south. washington one of the top offenses. but the buffs can't ask to be
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in our power to be prepared and to go out there and basically play for a pac 12 championship, because if we lose this game, basically everything is in our hands right now, and if we let it go, who knows what will happen. >> 1:30 kick saturday afternoon. on the ice the av's fall in dallas, 3-2.
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,, media is camped out by trump towers elevators watching people come and go. here's our jeanne moos. >> reporter: when donald trump announced for president, it was trump towers escalator that became a star, replicated on
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shine, and shine they do in all of their golden glory, reflecting in their mirror splendor and closing doors, the huddled press. >> mr. smith, mr. smith! >> reporter: going up and down to visit the president-elect. >> what's going on upstairs? >> reporter: like so many, the ceo of fed ex preferred fiddling with his phone than those about to ascend tend to wave or smile. >> what's the word upstairs? >> reporter: or give a thumbs up in lieu of words. sometimes the journalists have to settle for a picture of those above, like south carolina's governor nikki haley, and the camera people have developed strategies. >> it's like the elevator
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>> reporter: heaven help the shooter -- >> number one and four, which way do you go? >> reporter: the crews almost missed rudy giuliani. c span is now streaming the elevator cam live. it's not as cuddlely as the panda game, you do get variety, from trump's ex-wife marla maples to the pizza delivery guy, those shine so bright, no wonder judge shapiro is wearing
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good morning, everyone. i am britt moreno. this is the news on friday, november 18th. >> i'm alan gionet. here's what's happening now on the cbs4 morning news. a lot of weather trouble. high country gets a good dose of snow. good for resorts, tough on drivers. what we can expect for the weekend. no, this is not holiday travel lines at the airport already, but rather the effects of weather. we'll explain the trouble for some traveling on united airlines. the temperature dropped enough roads, some places we got a mess. we're going to get a look at the roads now and let you know about the trouble spots. >> we start with a weather alert. temperatures are down right cold. now we are looking at 20 degrees here in denver. there are icy spots because of this. >> ashton tracking the temperatures, tell you what's ahead. joel getting you around the slick spots on the roads. >> first, we're going to check in with jamie leary who is out


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