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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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good morning, everyone. i am britt moreno. this is the news on friday, november 18th. >> i'm alan gionet. here's what's happening now on the cbs4 morning news. a lot of weather trouble. high country gets a good dose of snow. good for resorts, tough on drivers. what we can expect for the weekend. no, this is not holiday travel lines at the airport already, but rather the effects of weather. we'll explain the trouble for some traveling on united airlines. the temperature dropped enough roads, some places we got a mess. we're going to get a look at the roads now and let you know about the trouble spots. >> we start with a weather alert. temperatures are down right cold. now we are looking at 20 degrees here in denver. there are icy spots because of this. >> ashton tracking the temperatures, tell you what's ahead. joel getting you around the slick spots on the roads. >> first, we're going to check in with jamie leary who is out
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25 and castle pines parkway. good morning, what are conditions like? >> reporter: good morning, britt. it is really icy out now, especially the on and off ramps. within the metro area pretty dry. behind me along i-25, huge glare on the road right now. definitely very icy. as we got further south of town, south of lincoln, it got progressively worse built up on the highways. take it slow this morning. i want to show you what conditions were like yesterday after that snow finally stopped. you're looking at video from i- 25 in douglas county. we had trucks backed up for miles. it was a huge traffic jam yesterday afternoon. after that snow stopped falling and that ice started building up, froze to the highway. trucks backed up for a while. and i have a feeling that as
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morning, it's going to look pretty similar out. that snow is nice, wet and heavy yesterday as it was falling. then it froze to the roads. right now what we're looking at, 20 degrees. it was just 17. it's been fluctuating a little bit. mobile weather lab shows its 20 degrees. feels cold out now. we're going to continue to keep an eye on traffic as it builds up. we have obviously the ground level view here, but for a little bit more detail on what we're looking at, let's check in with joel for the traffic. we had the 80s, so as the snow began to fall, it just melted right away. then all of a sudden temperatures dipped into the 20s and you saw it freeze up, all the moisture that was on the roadway that melted and it became an icy mess. we have not seen enough sunshine or daytime heating to compensate for that. the see that sheen on the
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there. but it's hard to distinguish between the chemicals and ice. right now no accidents that are showing up on the map at least. but that is going to change. got the city of boulder that is on an accident alert still this morning. the drive along 285 is a little bit of a mess, along i-70 chain and passenger traction restrictions in place at the higher elevations. a lot of folk probably looking at traveling into the high country this mornin get set for thanksgiving week. boy, it might be best to hang on until tomorrow until we can get daytime heating to dry things up on the roads. ashton, unfortunately you get on those places exposed, winds come and icy. makes for a tough go in some areas. we will have a lot of sunshine, so by the end of the day the road situation should be much improved and we won't deal with
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this morning and icy spots, but there's no new snow. even in the high country. 22 at cbs4 this morning. 18 commerce city. 17 brighton. 19 in thornton. this is without a doubt the coldest morning so far this season. some mountain areas are colder, leadville at 8, alamosa, it's 6 degrees outside. here's the forecast, by 9:00 a.m. here in the metro area we'll be at 26. by , that's it, despite full sunshine all the cold air associated with yesterday's storm system lingers and we can't warm up until tomorrow and the weekend, looks good. saturday and sunday. we'll show you that weekend forecast coming up. >> unbelievable. dia is trying to recover after they had a hard time de- icing planes quickly enough. >> people were delayed several hours last night because of
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morning. shawn, good morning. how are things moving? >> reporter: britt, good morning. it definitely looks like they have made some improvements from overnight, checking in at the united counter we can see the departures and arrivals. all the departures on time. as more people are coming in and checking in the security line behind me here is moving as fast as it can, but fi for a friday morning it's not surprising to see there are so many people here and of course waiting to go through the tsa line. what we always like to watch is that corner there. if folks have to get out of this main pen and go into the hallway, that's our first sense the tsa line is perhaps a little bit longer than we might want. hearing some of the staff here, they're saying this is pretty much the situation at all three tsa locations. give yourself some time. this may be weather-related or
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friday morning. either way, you are going to want to have extra time to get through tsa because at least for now, it is quite busy. we of course will remain at the airport throughout the morning checking out the different locations and keeping you posted on how things are going. live at dia, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. shawn, thank you. a lot of people there this morning. and this news, president obama is on his way to peru. he said goodbye to german chancellor merkel this morning. on his final overseas presidential trip this week, several other european leaders. he also visited greece. japan's prime minister has become the first foreign leader to meet with president-elect trump as trump works on his transition. here's our andrew spencer with the latest developments this morning. >> reporter: the prime minister of japan, abe, briefly spoke to reporters after his meeting with donald trump thursday. >>(translator): i am convinced that mr. trump is a leader whom i can have great confidence in. >> reporter: the meeting at
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trump is still just the president-elect. abe said before hand he wanted to build trust with the man who would become the u.s. president. while world leaders wonder when the presidency will look like from the outside, trump's transition team is still trying to figure out what it will look like from within. trump offered the job of national security advisor to retired army lieutenant general michael flynn, a high profile trump surrogate during his campaign. this weekend trump meets with one 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney, who did not speak kindly about trump earlier this year. >> here's what i know, donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> reporter: trump senior advisor kellyanne conway indicated the two would be willing to cooperate in the future. i'm andrew spencer reporting. a man is suing the commerce city police department claiming
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while having a diabetic episode behind the wheel. the department was already having issues apparently. our jeff todd tells us the justice department might also be interested. >> reporter: police reports say the driver was erratic, even forcing other cars off the road. that driver says police did not respond correctly. instead, they pepper sprayed him in the face, beat him, and tased him instead of helping him get medical attention. it was two years ago when along tower road near 120th. >> they admit, like, we just went up there and knocked on the window, pulled him out of the car to the ground. boom, start hitting him in the leg. >> reporter: this is allegedly a wound from being hit with a baton. these are marks from where he was tased. >> they went straight to force. >> reporter: carl is still in therapy dealing with the trauma from this event. his attorneys say they want to
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commerce city police. >> it's poor training. as soon as the emt shows up, they recognize the guy has a problem. they talk to him. he explains he has diabetes. >> reporter: he faced three charges, all later dismissed. five officers responded and tried to help restrain him. some have life saving awards from the department. but one officer, kevin lord, shot himself in a hoax last year. lord was arrested, resigned and pled >> you can't have dangerous people like that in police uniform. when you have officers doing the wrong thing and the department knows it, they should fix it. >> reporter: the city told us today it has not yet been served with the lawsuit, so it had no comment. as for the department of justice investigation, so far no recommendations have been put forward. but those are expected in the next few weeks. in commerce city, jeff todd, cbs4 news. a lot coming up this
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u.s. than cancer. what should we do, ahead. a woman has her amazon account hacked. how it happened and what you
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it is a health crisis affecting more people than cancer. now the surgeon general has a recommendation to prevent and treat addiction in this country. dr.murphy says substance abuse is one of the country's most pressing public health issues. our karen morfitt reports on his call to ax. >> reporter: 20 million
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these findings in the surgeon general's report have made alcohol and drug addiction one of his top priorities. >> there are millions of people in the shadows who need help. >> reporter: he says it needs to be treated as a disease, not a character flaw. >> what the science tells us very clearly is addiction is a chronic disease of the brain and we have to treat it and skill as any other chronic illness. >> reporter: the director of counseling at a new york treatment center agrees addicts can be helped with the right care. >> treatment works, we know that. for every dollar that we spend on chemical dependency treatment we save taxpayers $7 in other costs, whether it's hospitalzations, long-term illness, incarceration. >> reporter: the surgeon general says only one in 10
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that has to change. karen morfitt, cbs4 news. let's go to weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's. back nine days ago you called for this storm and it hit. >> it did. and overhit in some areas. we said a trace to 2 inches, and airport. it's 21 degrees outside in downtown denver. the snow is now over and done with. we won't see precipitation here until early next week at the earliest. evergreen, 6.5. steamboat just over 3 inches. conifer, 7 inches. westminster 4 inches. 24 in grand junction.
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18 in limon and 18 in akron. no escaping the cold temperatures now. won't warm up very much today. the best we'll be able to do in the denver, boulder and fort collins areas is upper 30s, close to 40. that's it. it will be a below normal day for a change. then tonight another cold one, including for high school football this evening. overnight lows tonight will drop down into the teens. temperatures tomorrow morning will be similar to where they're at this morning. doppler 4000 just showing a we'll call it mostly sunny. our storm system is in the upper midwest, dakotas, minnesota, iowa, parts of those states are under a blizzard warning from this system that will now move towards the east coast over the weekend, allowing high pressure to build in for us, sunshine and dry weather. next weather maker moving into northern california this weekend, bringing rain and snow. it will be here early next week, not monday, but tuesday. monday night into tuesday. i don't think it will be a huge
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snow, and high school football tonight, joel, it looks cold. bring the blanket, maybe the extra socks out there. look at this, i-25, or i-70 in brighton heading out across the denver metro area, we've had a report of an accident traveling along i-70 there at brighton. a car into a wall. look at the conditions. this is a reminder, elevated portion of highway, you have any wind that comes and keeps the asphalt temperature into the teens. that will make for a brutal drive. i-25 and 20th, a similar situation coming down into town. that's what we're seeing from our cbs4 mousetrap as well. we were trying to move the camera, but it's frozen. all our cameras are frozen, so what you see is what you get. this is true at the tech center as well. you can see the sheen on the roads. this is a mixture of chemicals
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between the two. if you're traveling to an on or off ramp or changing lanes, you'll quickly find out. so keep those speeds down. >> i think the cameras are just doing the mannequin challenge. thanks. a woman says a criminal hacked her amazon account and spent nearly $1,700 in credit in her account. she kept changing the password, but the con artist kept hacking it. our kenneth craig talks to an protect yourself. >> reporter: janet loved shopping on amazon. >> it's easy to have it brought to the door. >> reporter: until a hacker cracked into her account. >> it's all out, you know, theft. it's my money. >> reporter: the criminal changed the phone number on her account, then ordered more than $1,500 in merchandise and had it sent to an out of state address. she changed her password, but
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placed orders as quickly as she canceled them. >> he was placing orders to have sent to himself, while i was on the phone with amazon and a supervisor. and they're watching it take place. >> reporter: amazon won't comment how the hacker got into her account. >> this hacker was relentless. >> yeah, they went beyond the normal scam. >> reporter: a cyber security expert believes the hacker most likely affected with malware that monitored her every key stroke. >> they've got the entire record. same thing, too, if they try to change a password. >> reporter: he says a good way to protect yourself is to use amazon's two-step verification feature. when you log in, a separate code is texted to your phone and must be entered to access the account. >> it's hard to express how maddening that none of it was
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stopped. she got her money back from amazon, but not her ,, ,,
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,, ,, welcome back. blue man group marks a milestone and the king kong franchise gets a reboot, but with a twist. here's your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: a georgia judge ordered bobbi kristina brown's former boyfriend nick gordon to pay $36 million to her state in a wrongful death lawsuit. the judge rules in favor of brown's family, because gordon
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whitney houston and bobby brown. in january 2015, the 22-year- old was discovered face down in a bathtub she shared with gordon. the new trailer for kong skull island is getting major buzz. >> is that a monkey? >> reporter: scientists and soldiers discover kong isn't the only creature on the island in it stars samuel l. jackson and bree larsen. the empire state building was lit up in blue last night to mark the 25th anniversary of the blue man group. members of the group took part in the ceremonial lighting earlier in the day. chris wink is one of the creators. >> i think one of the reasons the slow resonates with people, first of all, the comedy, but the element of surprise. you never know what's going to happen in a blue man show.
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its shows. that's your eye on entertainment, i'm suzanne marques, cbs news, los angeles. let's get to the weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's. ashton. >> good morning. >> travel forecast. watch out for icy roads here in colorado. other than that, we shouldn't have any new problems to deal with. blizzard warnings up in minnesota and dakotas today. down in dallas they'll have thunderstorms that could cause a few delayless. nice on the east coast and all major airports are in good shape. that morning commute, it's metro area. this is up into the high country, chain and passenger traction restrictions in place. roadways are passable and open. that is at the eisenhower and johnson tunnels. lower visibility. kind of a mess. denver area an accident i-70 at brighton and a new one at i-70 and i-225. that will be the story of the morning as we see these
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car activity, i'm sure. 5:25now. coming up, the snow finally here, at least for now. what we can expect as we get closer to the thanksgiving holiday week. president-elect donald trump has offered the job of national security advisor to a close supporter and sharp critic of the obama administration's foreign policy. i'm hena daniels in new york. i'll have more on his transition to the white house coming up. last time stars met, colorado was nice enough to spot dallas a 2-goal lead. av's won five-2, so no harm no foul. in round two yesterday in texas, first period stars on the power play. ritchie puts dallas up 2-0. av's trying to fight back in the second. colorado pulls within one and had a chance late.
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last night. they fall 3-2. >> you know, thought we should have tied that game up. we dominated the third period and it's unfortunate that -- we want to be resilient and i thought we did a good job. >> they'll continue their road trip at minnesota on saturday.
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,, ,,
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,, ,, it is chilly. 16 degrees in denver. a look at the high country near the eisenhower tunnel. traffic is moving along but we
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we have two school closures. revere school district, sedgwick delayed two hours and clear creek delayed two hours. we have these for you at >> we're going keep you covered. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. this is the news. the cold has really settled in. ashton altieri is tracking the temperatures for us. shawn chitness is live at dia where passengers hours. first, let's check in with jamie leary. without the gloves out there, brave. jamie. >> reporter: this is ill advised. you definitely need gloves because it's about 20 degrees. we decided to head west to check out conditions. we're in littleton right now, just off c-470 and university. wanted to show you the intersections.


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